Mixing Every Nail Polish in My Brand Together (What Colour Will It Be?👀)
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...this video also included every single other nail polish we've ever made at Holo Taco but I'll spare myself the typing😂
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  • Maryam Khodadad
    Maryam Khodadad

    Her birthday is 2 days after mine lol

  • SurrealKit

    Another option for precise measuring but without waste is by weight.

  • Arshia Mazumder
    Arshia Mazumder

    call it dark matter

  • unbelibrable

    “Holo atcha girl”

  • Brianna Misura
    Brianna Misura

    The FrankenHoloTaco

  • Kalyee Nguyen
    Kalyee Nguyen


  • Bana Abadi
    Bana Abadi

    I love the *WoOoOw*

  • rpearlman123

    Rainbow Berry Silver?

  • Cats uwu
    Cats uwu

    Mixing all the hair dyes in the drug store feels like something safyia would do

  • Moon ShadowDragon
    Moon ShadowDragon

    Name: Galaxy Dragon

  • Evan Alexander Long
    Evan Alexander Long

    Bro I haven’t watched Cristine in like- year and I’m glad to see that she hasn’t changed

  • Пламена Кренчева
    Пламена Кренчева

    The name can be Taco Explosion

  • Dasani Holt
    Dasani Holt

    she should call it not so birthday purple

  • Teja Bitinaite
    Teja Bitinaite

    Franken-taco ;))) 😉😏😏

  • Flamingo Frenzy
    Flamingo Frenzy

    Call it “Holo Moon”, since it gives midnight vibes, and I has lots of holo.

  • Amethyst93

    7:02 I'd kill to have that colour T_T

  • Rihanna Marzo
    Rihanna Marzo

    Her birthday is just 3 days after mine

  • Carina Bolanos
    Carina Bolanos

    the name should be "Fantasizing in a Holo Realm

  • Neorin

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  • Rose Vale
    Rose Vale

    Simply extra sounds amazing

  • XxTasteTheRainbowxXP

    Mix all your overnight oats recipes together

  • Stephania Savercool
    Stephania Savercool

    Strange. Apparently nature just trends towards purple

  • Laurel Traeger
    Laurel Traeger

    Safya should mix everything in the dollar section at Target.

  • iconenthusiast

    Simply coming for Safiya's franken brand

  • Claire Caron
    Claire Caron

    "witchy purple'' is what it should be called

  • Verona Howell
    Verona Howell

    I said not to shut up and let us observe keep talking btw I am 9 in 2021 now I am watching it in 20201 sorry but I love u and I couldn't come to any meet & greet sorry

  • jacqueline zhang
    jacqueline zhang

    Omg I have the perfect name! Franken-Taco! Or Fraken-Holo, your choice!

  • Charlie Kreisenkamp
    Charlie Kreisenkamp

    name: super toco/super holo

  • Thiendrah

    I’m still waiting for you to do what Safiya did when she got her own lipstick line and made her franken-lipstick official. I’m waiting for the official version of mixing 500 holo nail polishes together “allthef@ckingholoinonebottle”

  • Aria bloom
    Aria bloom

    Hola taco bottle

  • cherish

    Srry I'm really late happy birthday

  • Kassie Sloane
    Kassie Sloane

    I think the color should be called Halo Party

  • Cringe Queen
    Cringe Queen

    I think she should make a mix-it collection with all of the shades she made including the one with all the shade and I know that would be really difficult but I know she would be able to do

  • Christopher Ruchel
    Christopher Ruchel

    I think that you should call is "Dust to Holo"

  • Cariads Random Channel
    Cariads Random Channel

    32 holo polishes,32 years old and 32,000 troops in NY harbor

  • Void Gang
    Void Gang

    Ik that if she quit or having a break on yt people would cry i started watching her at the age of 9 and this year im turning 13 ik how much she changed during the years

  • Eva wolf
    Eva wolf

    You should call it Holo Remix

  • The Fab Four Minions
    The Fab Four Minions

    I know this is off topic but I just had the best omelet ever

  • Valentina Goodall
    Valentina Goodall

    Maybe "purple flair" or "midnight"

  • Tiffa Alaniz
    Tiffa Alaniz

    My birthday was 12-15 my hubby didnt see this last oct so i missed out 😭😭😭😭 i wish i could afford these if it wasnt for my depression i know i would have gotton every single collectors box im so sad i didnt . I guess all i can do is to tr and collect them now that i have my meds an can enjoy it 😢

  • Alex Ritch
    Alex Ritch

    Name for the shade: "Cristine's Soul"

  • Elijah Harner
    Elijah Harner

    Just call it guac since it’s extra

  • Kailea Brielle
    Kailea Brielle

    Christene the Holo queen 👑

  • Caleigh Bryant
    Caleigh Bryant

    Mix all of ur tea flavors and drink it

  • A fellow viewer
    A fellow viewer

    Imma name it gala-glam (like it looks like a galaxy ish vibe and the color...idk anymore)

  • Natalie Salter
    Natalie Salter

    happy very late birthday!!! i love you Cristine

  • Eevee Girls
    Eevee Girls

    Hey im new to this channel and just wanted to know, does christine like holographic stuff more or tacos?

  • Nikki B
    Nikki B


  • Quinn

    All of them together is like... galaxy or space or something. Very cool, would buy

  • Win Hong
    Win Hong

    Saafiya polish. 🤣

  • Miss Browny
    Miss Browny

    You can name it dusty winter blue


    Name idea: all the taco

  • stella Simmons
    stella Simmons

    Happy birthday😀😀😀😀😊😊😊😍😍😍😅😅

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    mixing every holo taco nail polish together! several days later: releases new bundle

  • Jessies Joy
    Jessies Joy

    Call it packed tacos 🌮

  • Doggy Daize
    Doggy Daize

    Go full safiya and call it franken holo

  • caitlyn w
    caitlyn w

    i love the fifty shades of grey reference

  • f a y • h e n d r i k s e n
    f a y • h e n d r i k s e n

    Maybe ‘bottle up bish!’ Is a nice name

  • Marybeth Gilbride
    Marybeth Gilbride

    why dont she go thro her comments on cam any more hu christen

  • Bush

    Looks like a midnight bliss

  • Misthi Moorjani
    Misthi Moorjani

    Name - holy holo taco

  • 2028.Caroline Browne
    2028.Caroline Browne

    Now I want her to recreate all the different finishes as it’s own polish that we could buy. Maybe in a collection and call it Simply Mixed

  • ThatOneSamoyed

    Cristine: But there's only one way to find out! Ad: I'm Raphael Warnock Me: 😡

  • Jan Kinnersley
    Jan Kinnersley

    Happy birthday

  • Kai Margaret
    Kai Margaret

    I would love to have this color. It fits my aesthetic do well.

  • Brooke Border
    Brooke Border

    I would name it some thing like “spaced out” or “space girl”, something along those lines

  • Amelia Dubbeldam
    Amelia Dubbeldam

    Ik I’m late but simply everything would be a good name

  • Back Bends And Front Flips
    Back Bends And Front Flips

    I was thinking The Everything Holo Taco

  • R̶a̶n̶d̶o̶m̶ F̶a̶n̶d̶o̶m̶
    R̶a̶n̶d̶o̶m̶ F̶a̶n̶d̶o̶m̶

    Wait we have Safiya's Bury me in lipstick and now we have Cristen's Drown me in polish

  • staycwayc Dunn
    staycwayc Dunn

    Maybe try mixing all your oat flavors together and make ben eat it.

  • Mila Smith
    Mila Smith

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  • Brian Ferris
    Brian Ferris

    We have the same B DAAAAY!!!! No wonder why I connect with this queen so much !!!

  • Kristlin Ruiso
    Kristlin Ruiso

    It could be simply remix

  • Erica Swanger
    Erica Swanger


  • Mason Yost
    Mason Yost

    The extreme HOLO TACO

  • Allyssa Rocha
    Allyssa Rocha

    Holo heaven

  • Amelie Moss
    Amelie Moss

    It should be called taco night

  • Otto Dog
    Otto Dog

    I would so buy it. I would call it purple dusk

  • Thao My Nguyen
    Thao My Nguyen

    I think you should name it with regard to space

  • SoonPing

    Mixing all ur overnight oats

  • Yasmin Beiruti
    Yasmin Beiruti

    Name idea: taco tuesday🤣🤣

  • Addison Sayer
    Addison Sayer

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  • Regina Silva
    Regina Silva

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  • Kayleigh collins
    Kayleigh collins

    I think it should be called "going crazy with chris

  • * Midnight_Magic *
    * Midnight_Magic *

    I know this is REALLY late - but does anyone else like the name “A Blackberry Night”?

  • Minah xx
    Minah xx

    This shade could be called Nebula 🤔

  • Amaze Slimes
    Amaze Slimes

    You should name it Taco hall because you gave a hall to all your nail polishes and taco just because

  • chloe snowy
    chloe snowy

    Holo galaxy

  • M ja
    M ja

    name should be ULTIMATE HOLO

  • Ashlyn Bunting
    Ashlyn Bunting

    "what happens win you mix all of the holo taco nailpolishs" me it will make black like every other thing.

  • milady Pink
    milady Pink

    Cristine you’re Canadian why didn’t you just weigh each colour lol? Still love you my queen!!

  • Sydney Francois
    Sydney Francois


  • Finley Taylor
    Finley Taylor


  • Andressa Guerra Cunha
    Andressa Guerra Cunha

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 4:01, please?

  • iliana gandara
    iliana gandara

    Cristine should do polish mountain but with only holo taco

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    Sophie Struempf

    The shade would be called all to tacos

  • Sarah

    such a relaxing video😎

  • Paula Jaramillo
    Paula Jaramillo

    Am I the only one that like was this fimbed on her birthday or posted on her birthday


    Call the gray creme 'safiyas lipstick'

  • junwee

    PLEASE, THE TOPPERS ALL TOGETHER.... I hope a version of that comes out in a future release because i aM IN LOVE (lest.... I actually just do it manually and mix em up altogether myself ;;;;;)