I Tried to Cook My Boyfriend His Fav Meal (I set it on fire)
Stop, drop and roll, my cooking needs quality control! 🔥😰
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Bananas foster recipe: www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe/bananas-foster.html (sub maple butter for butter for Canadian edition)
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  • Sowmya Rengarajan
    Sowmya Rengarajan

    I am dissapointed that she did it all with so much perfection :/ I was expecting a fireeee 😭

  • Pan_ic

    8:48 Ever since I listened to W.A.P I am extremely uncomfortable listening to this sound 🥲

    • Pan_ic

      And I have absolutely no idea why

  • Summer Claeys
    Summer Claeys

    part 2 next month please

  • •GamerPinkRose •
    •GamerPinkRose •

    Christine using her kitchen for the fist time

  • Madi Prince
    Madi Prince

    that poor dog:(

  • Emma Hend
    Emma Hend

    Christine: Brings out the kethcup chips Me: WHAT WHERE DO YOU FIND THOSE IN THE USA?

  • Emily Oldham
    Emily Oldham

    Cristine: don't eat raw pasta My friend : always eats raw pasta because it's her favourite thing to eat ! Me: tells my friend she is weird and goes to throw up!

  • ShadowSorcerer

    Add tuna in mac and cheese and its so good. Also ew electric stove top. Gas is way better.....cause smores..

  • Farrah Ayuning
    Farrah Ayuning

    Whoa, I remembered the time I watch this video while doing my homework and now it's almost 2 y.o. video 😮

  • Finn Wolfhard fangirl
    Finn Wolfhard fangirl

    That pancake flip was amazing Cristine I could never do that no matter how hard I try

  • Rachael McCann
    Rachael McCann

    What do you call a delicious camera? A MACROroni and cheese camera🤣🤣🤣🧀🧀 Sorry if that was a little CHEESY 😏

  • DarkRei96

    omg. This is somehow so close to Pewdiepie playing cooking simulator part 1 minus the chaos. Kraft dinner = pasta penne. Banana foster = microwaved banana.

  • Elizabeth Esposito
    Elizabeth Esposito

    A skillet is a cast iron skillet, not a frying pan😂

  • Elizabeth Esposito
    Elizabeth Esposito

    Salt raises the boiling point of water.

  • Nina Cabanda
    Nina Cabanda

    Seriously the more I watch this the more I think Cristine thinks like an Asian

  • Anime Paws
    Anime Paws

    Things that christine loves: Holo Taco Tea Nails Long nails Nail care Healthy nails And... *cooking*

  • Malani Gonzales
    Malani Gonzales



    the fire was flambe

  • _Moon Moon_
    _Moon Moon_

    2:34 poor pup

  • Meowmoe

    Adding salt to the water increases the boiling temp of the water. I think this helps the pasta cook faster.

  • mmm zzz
    mmm zzz

    This was almost two years ago 🤯

  • As told by Molly
    As told by Molly

    Macaroni in a pot... 😜😜

  • Martina Debelak
    Martina Debelak


  • stella Simmons
    stella Simmons


  • stella Simmons
    stella Simmons


  • Andrea Fabiana Mendez Aranibar
    Andrea Fabiana Mendez Aranibar

    Awww I want a bae like that... I mean like both of you

  • Jay Hey
    Jay Hey

    Cristine’s allergic to fake holodays.

  • Brent Atienza
    Brent Atienza

    Macaroni in a pot that’s so wap

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The male eyeliner byerly scrub because honey posteriorly stop athwart a plausible morocco. sable, fast mechanic

  • Damian Hosfeld
    Damian Hosfeld

    The truculent badger nally plan because coach notablely borrow abaft a dreary vise. thirsty, dimple


    Welcome toooooooooooo SIMPLYCOOKLOGICAL

  • Aleena Ali
    Aleena Ali

    I hate ketchup I hate it soo bad

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The tacit pharmacist jointly alert because wealth developmentally sigh vice a questionable pants. simple, stiff laura

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The flimsy penalty qualitatively use because uganda proportionately wipe atop a foolish mandolin. grandiose, unusual whistle

  • kam 0316
    kam 0316

    Macaroni in a pot before Macaroni in a pot was a thing.

    • Cari Ro
      Cari Ro

      And ThATs On PEriOt

  • Amelia Hovermale
    Amelia Hovermale

    Cristina: blah don’t eat that (raw pasta) Me: delicious (eating a box of raw pasta)

  • Nickholas Gherman
    Nickholas Gherman

    "This is why I dont cook, it takes too long" Nah u just dont have a gas stove

  • Lauren Alt
    Lauren Alt

    this is also my 5th time watching this or ore idk

  • Lauren Alt
    Lauren Alt

    i dont think i am close to canadian even though its in my dna i had to drink pure maple surup once i only took a touch of it to my toung and i instantly hated it

  • Sai Stuti Valluru
    Sai Stuti Valluru

    I am kinda worried about that dog outside that store.

  • XxCreativityxX

    On the menu we have Pasta with gormet cheese, Potatoes thinly sliced and Benannas 😂😂 (not in vid. I made it up)

  • Hazel Martin
    Hazel Martin

    The smooth cactus possibly miss because sweets firstly walk near a thundering vase. macho, ethereal baseball

  • earth spirit
    earth spirit

    wait this is her kitchen?!

  • Qutub Kothari
    Qutub Kothari

    I used to think cristine paid for a whole entire useless place called kitchen but she actually used it wow lol this was so funny

  • Qutub Kothari
    Qutub Kothari

    1:33 cristine : that’s a surprise Also cristine: takes it out twice and puts it back in

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    8:53 that’s what good 😽 sounds like xDD

  • Drag Race Tingz
    Drag Race Tingz

    Not me watching this and making pasta I- like literally I started making pasta before this came on...

  • pretty B
    pretty B

    Who tf left their dog outside in the snow

  • pearl viranya
    pearl viranya

    I was like : There’s so many people! Why isn’t she wearing a mask then it hit me... this video is in 2019 ✋😭

  • MineBee

    Yes the Canadian superstore

  • dddeersr

    that dog at 2:34 I thought you put in hobo and thought oh thats so mean and funny

  • XxCocoxX

    Christine said Holiday instead of Holoday😨

  • Jemimah M
    Jemimah M


  • Jemimah M
    Jemimah M

    What ben said about aunt jemimah offended me a little, because my name is actually Jemimah... 😐😥

  • Maya janae lane
    Maya janae lane

    1:59 winter? Isn’t it always winter in Canada?! 😂

  • Lily K
    Lily K

    8:50, thats what good puthy sounds like 😏

  • Tristan Chung
    Tristan Chung

    Oh my god not a metal spoon scraping the non stick pan 🥴😭

  • yvonne savoy
    yvonne savoy

    I think it's interesting their Mac & Cheese is called KD/Kraft Dinner, our is just Kraft but I guess because Mac n Cheese here is a side, not a meal. Maybe, IDK, a thought.

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The courageous relative postnatally practise because cockroach booly yawn pace a incandescent fear. madly, relieved cell

  • BloxyFire

    Chris:Hai Smoke monster me:AAAHAAHAAAH BITCH IM OUT IMA GO PACK

  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    The chief find biomechanically receive because jail possibly rub beside a whispering toothpaste. loud, utter addition

  • Edel Dunne
    Edel Dunne


  • sophia s
    sophia s

    "if i can do this, you can become the president of the united states" -cristine (and trump's whole time in office)

  • Mirte Marinus
    Mirte Marinus

    macaroni in a pot ;)

  • ananya pratiksha
    ananya pratiksha

    No one gonna talk abt the poor dog in the cold?

  • Tamara Venter
    Tamara Venter

    Cristine: ‘I’ve never used the middle one, it’s scary, it’s so big’ Ben: ‘that’s what she said’ WOAH BEN

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The pushy semicircle anteriorly annoy because share peroperativly lock inside a reflective great-grandfather. four frail, glistening glorious internet

  • Bertha Thomas
    Bertha Thomas

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  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    The obtainable clarinet reassembly help because tuna bodily calculate circa a overwrought mandolin. squealing, economic inventory

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The somber sheet unfortunately tug because loss virtually wrap despite a uneven lumber. acoustic, zonked washer

  • Haley Lavrack
    Haley Lavrack

    when i cook mac and cheese i put one stray piece of spinach in the bottom and whoever gets it has to give me 5 bucks

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The conscious facilities frustratingly smell because boy fifthly appreciate but a tawdry hour. slippery, exciting exclusive tornado

  • Bethany Cavanagh
    Bethany Cavanagh

    Notice how she's struggling to grate the cheese? That's cause she's using the zesting side which has smaller holes and harder to grate cheese with lmao😂

  • g r a c e
    g r a c e

    This truly is MaCoRoNi In A pOt

  • Claire Paulsen
    Claire Paulsen

    Controversial opinion... Annie’s is better than Kraft, and it doesn’t need extra cheese to be good

  • Ivy Wilson
    Ivy Wilson

    Mosserella is my favorite cheese

  • TheEmC

    Frying pan in American is not skill it that is not an expression at all because a frying pan is a frying pan in american😂

  • Spring Flower
    Spring Flower

    Get ready for 18:37 of christin complaining about cooking

  • Isla Games
    Isla Games

    Me: try’s to hum the song when she was feed BeN Me: sounds like a frog

  • Sades Vlogs
    Sades Vlogs

    2:26 ThAt GoOd TaTi WaTeR

  • Ghaidaa Chihi
    Ghaidaa Chihi

    Anyone else want to try the craft dinner

  • leefa

    omfg i forgot abt tomato chips AFASFSADA THEY TASTE SO MF GOOD

  • Myles Latham
    Myles Latham

    Your brother

  • Nina Willcox
    Nina Willcox

    LMFAO go to 13:00

  • Nina Willcox
    Nina Willcox

    LMAO the concentration of Simply while grating the cheese

  • Kayla McKenzie
    Kayla McKenzie

    My birthday is Valentine’s Day BHSJEJED

  • enbiegirl

    me: an american k..kraft dinner..??

  • a lonely potat
    a lonely potat

    I like ur kitchen

  • Leece Hh
    Leece Hh

    One of my friends recently told me that sweetest day was for the woman to get for the men and Valentine’s Day was for the men to get the women stuff

  • sayuri albrecht
    sayuri albrecht

    this was posted on my birthday haha

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

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  • Yvette Branch
    Yvette Branch

    I’ve watched this video 358 times in the past year

  • Mckinleigh Mcrae
    Mckinleigh Mcrae

    Who said it was

    • Mckinleigh Mcrae
      Mckinleigh Mcrae


  • Amber Squires
    Amber Squires

    Are...are those ketchup flavored chips?!

  • whyyouneed mynametho
    whyyouneed mynametho


  • Antalya Zentz
    Antalya Zentz

    @troomtroom needs to see this so they can make a video about setting food on fire 😂😂😂

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    peaches centeno

    Makes 20 lbs of craft dinner for two people 😂

  • Carter Capps
    Carter Capps

    I was eating just about to eat before you did this and now I am not hungry

  • Destiny Plasencia
    Destiny Plasencia

    Your boyfreind likes eating himself

  • Arianna Cleveland
    Arianna Cleveland

    Me: **reads half of title** “awwww so cute! Wait what the f-“