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  • Rising Sun Gacha
    Rising Sun Gacha

    1:33 That is the whitest I have ever seen her nails! Ofc, yellow nails STILL don't matter.

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    Frankie Dennis Helvang


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    Valentina Molina

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  • Terri Weese
    Terri Weese

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    Stéphanie T-Gagnon

    I really enjoy check these videos now (I'm new here) now I know when I see pell pors is this is her testing Holo Taco stuff or not XD

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    Ewa Bartelak

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    Charli d’amelio

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    4:08 I got an uhhhhh 1.2 out of 10 so a littleeeeee bit low

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    Aleannie Rodriguez

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  • claire blokland
    claire blokland

    My math score is 80% Yes the geo pub quiz was fun And my English is about youtube

  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl

    I got a 95 on my last math quiz, we had a pop quiz in science, and I’m gonna write about talking cats.

  • Ieva Samėnaitė
    Ieva Samėnaitė

    i watch simply nailogical mrsbeast

  • }{IzzaBug}{

    She literally goes into work with two different sets of nails. I appreciate that bc u could never. My adhd could never. These look really cool and I love ur nail vids

  • Lillian Blottie
    Lillian Blottie

    simply: so how is school going me: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Fatimah Adnan
    Fatimah Adnan

    Did anyone notice the black nail polish is holo taco Holo taco was realeased after a couple of vids later

  • Claire Paulsen
    Claire Paulsen

    I got a 97 on my last math test, there was no geography pop quiz, I wrote an essay about how the electoral collage limits freedom, yes I answered these questions 😂

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    Chloe Guo

    Damn that's a lot a stress

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    Pooja Mathur

    2:42, did she just say "BEAUTY" gurus? Where did the BOOTY go? :/

  • The Te
    The Te

    Im in 5th class soooo, I got a 2 in my math exam (I live in Germany)

  • miriii_

    Whenever i feel sad or stressed i always go to simply's content may it be notlogical, nailogical, podlogical, or holo taco. I dont even care if the video is old as long as its cristine's. Gosh, i am so happy to have these content in my life honestly. Love you all simply fam!

  • NotSoGamer Tori
    NotSoGamer Tori

    What grade did you get on your last math exam: *76*

  • mia kivi miamia4325
    mia kivi miamia4325

    Draco malfoy mems

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    scar3630 scar3630

    i watch brandon farris he has a humour channel and its reallly fuckin hectic. i personally love when he does five minute crafts or when he runs recipes though google translate so it makes no sense then he bakes the shit

  • A Angelov
    A Angelov

    Why weren't ur nails yellow in this video

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    Carter Capps

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    Šćûbė thę pūńk

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  • Maria Arcement
    Maria Arcement

    Don’t worry simply. I am a contortionist and my nail polish chips all the time. YoU aRe lUcKy tHaT yOu cAn kEeP yOuR nAiL pOlIsh oN FoR tHAt lOnG!! Mine last about 3 or 4 days at most

  • Ema Fančović
    Ema Fančović

    ok but like ppl pls like this a lot so cristine will see it, about the base coat problem, what if she put on a peel off base coat first and then did a coat of a regular base coat? because then the regular would work as an actual base coat for the nail, and the peel off would work to peel it off

  • jasmine dukes
    jasmine dukes

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  • Niczka W
    Niczka W

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    Shahana M

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    Alyssa George

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    Donna Hood

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    Rachel Grasley

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    Red Randomness

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  • Ozzie The official
    Ozzie The official

    Why did I legit start to cry when I say the flashback to Cristines broken nail 🙁

  • Ozzie The official
    Ozzie The official

    Cristime I had a crisis and I have no friends so I tell you even though you’re probs not gonna see this today I sat on my hand on accident and my nail bent but did not break but it hurt so so so so so so bad so I had no choice but to file it down and it took like years cause my nails so long but yeah

  • Ozzie The official
    Ozzie The official

    5:33 yes. Just yes.

  • Ozzie The official
    Ozzie The official

    On my last math exam it was online I cheated and still got 4 out of 16 correct 👍🏻

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    Ozzie The official

    I feel like I need to answer crostini’s questions idk why but I mostly watch you but I was watched like all ur videos in like 2 months so I been watching Brandon Walsh

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    Baby Girl


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    I’m working on my final Spanish presentation well watching this

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    Hello mutterfucker UwU

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      No way same

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    Scarletto the corneto

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    • Victoria Sergent
      Victoria Sergent

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    Lillian Meaney

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  • CJs Life
    CJs Life

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    Bria Quinn

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    SamLes Creations

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    Anupama Bodhankar

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    Thomasina Jefferson

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    Skyler kahm

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    Marwin nina Navarez

    Tbh i hate school but now when im in online class i miss my friends and school

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      editing crack

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    A Meme

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    Emily Valasek

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      Disha Bansal

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    Rosamay Flowers

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    Yeetus Yoteus McChungus

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    Katie Abel

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    ʟɪɴᴅsᴇʏ ᴄʟᴀʀᴋ

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    Katryna Dolin

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  • Platon Dokhturov
    Platon Dokhturov

    very good deals from online casinos for black friday today you can get free spins! /// между тем к игре в онлайн казино нужно тоже подходить с умом. Само собой, если вы играете в 1хбет то вы ни разу не выиграете деньги, а например если подойти к данному вопросу более глобально тогда можно представлять, что существуют такие как эльдорадо казино, созданные мошенниками и не отвечающие ни за что, а имеются игорные заведения с выданной лицензией, где подкрутка автоматов отсутствует. По-этому не надо решать только по левым сайтам. Перечень лицензионных казино можно посмотреть здесь:

  • Saffron Amelia
    Saffron Amelia

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    Avery Riley

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    Avery Riley

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  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

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  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

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