What's Wrong With My Face
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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike

    Doctor Mike @ your service!

    • W. E.
      W. E.



      Oh hi mike-

    • Cuissa

      This happened to me today! I just woke up with my face half swollen, it wasnt red or anything, but it was puffy all around my eyes and nose. I looked 20 years older with the puff all over my eyes... I'm thinking it was makeup related like Cristine >_

    • Frosted wings
      Frosted wings

      WTH? OMG

    • Iram Zec
      Iram Zec

      Lmao Dr Mike is her

  • Bec

    I honor you get better🐐

  • Ged Terceno
    Ged Terceno

    Hi Cristine! Any updates on your health?

  • Vanessa Lavergne
    Vanessa Lavergne

    i got the exact same kind of reaction to my eyes when i got pregnant😂 what are you hiding?🙄😂😂

  • Trisha Helmer
    Trisha Helmer

    Your face wen is puffed up look like mine from the sun and a cream allergic reaction.

  • Random Zen
    Random Zen

    I've been through that shit (and even worse actually.. couldn't sleep in 3 days because of how red/violet and itchy my whole body was) a month ago and doctors still don't know what caused it so, I hope you found out because it is not a pleasant experience

  • Barbie Twinmom
    Barbie Twinmom

    Did she ever find out the answer? Just now seeing this

  • ii7tar0

    If it goes on your neck go right in to the hospital, im also allergic to allot of stuff and when its on your neck it might make it hard to breath, i fainted once lol

  • Sarah Doucette
    Sarah Doucette

    The same thing happened to my legs but one day it just stopped



  • Christina Mays
    Christina Mays


  • Cassandra Alexis
    Cassandra Alexis

    Something similar happened to me a couple months ago, it turned out I developed an allergy to my cat of nearly 3 years

  • tegan jwdb
    tegan jwdb

    even tho you said dont try this at home on most of your videos i did it i put the same rainbow chrome all over my ace and i took a pic and posted it then i did a full face of makeup and i used a fake metal looking eye shadow and i put it on my eyebrows as a filler i used a rose gold for highliter all over my face and a copper for my bronzer and i looked like a balloon

  • k q u i e t -doll 예민
    k q u i e t -doll 예민

    Maybe it's the fumes from the nail polish...

  • Sprinkelle


  • Kenneth Roady
    Kenneth Roady

    Hello simply I watched your video about what's going on about with the puffy eyes and everything I've had my own experiences with my own body and face you know and I want you to know that's I'm a gal to that likes that glittery Lami nail polish and actually like your Halo Taco nail polish because it's kind of the sparkly shiny type nail polish that I am into really sparkly shiny all glammy and very gorgeous all those colors oh my goodness you're a woman after my own heart anywho when I was younger I had gone to ballet classes and I constantly insisted my mom get me this blue eyeshadow and apparently I was allergic to it because it broke my whole eyelid out and it was a cream type eyeshadow and after first gave me like a allergic reaction I was like you know what this ain't worth having my skin break out I'm just going to get rid of it cuz I can remember through like when I was in ballet when I was younger when we did photo shoots and things like that I would have light blue eyeshadow and of course my mom I talked her into buying this eyeshadow that I mentioned before well apparently because it broke my eyes that I had let my mom know that apparently I must be allergic to what's ever in the makeup whatever it's made out of it was a cream-based I remember that much and it was more than one color of blue so I let my mom know that apparently it's breaking my skin out and and it whatever is in it my skin just can't handle it's something I didn't anticipate for sure just thought maybe sharing that story with the gal who loves sparkly Holo nail polish with flakes of glitter in there of course I love nail polish that is metallic has glitter of any kind and especially if it's pink my favorite color and my mom was allergic to cats so we couldn't actually have cats in the house but I've always loved cats so you really are a gal after my own heart and my mom she also worked for Avon and Mary Kay so she knew her makeup but because of the way my natural blond hair color is and my skin complexion I've got kind of fair-skinned and my gorgeous brown eyes I tend to stick to a more natural pallet that looks Far More Beautiful on my skin and does it make me look really stupid is the best way for me to put it without getting myself in trouble with the LV-home's Community guidelines honestly I left color and I love things that are cute and things that speak to me the spark Joy you might say I prefer wearing more color than I do black I'm more of a fan of wearing all the colors of the rainbow pretty much it don't matter if they're pastel it don't matter if they're bright it don't matter if they're neon it just depends on whatever Sparks Joy I'm pretty much as loud as I want to be or as calm as I want to be and scene can be said with my socks I am not a fan of White socks it don't matter if it has funky print of its mismatching if it's toesox it don't matter I'm going to wear what I'm going to wear I don't have to be some runway model I follow my own fashion trends I'm just quirky like that I don't follow Trends I make them that's how I think because I actually want to own my own business my own Boutique make arts and crafts sell them and also make my own clothing honestly that's the god-given truth because that's actually my plan for my future I realized earlier on when I was younger that I'm really good at sketching and doodling stuff and I do have several designs in my binder I enjoy when I find inspiration to make all these awesome things to make things that are interesting and I think you and I would get along swell when I see you through watching LV-home I see a woman and I'm well aware you're older than me technically in May of 2021 I'm turning 30 the way I see it were 90s babies and we both seem to fall under the same wavelength and the fact that I see from watching your content that you've made on for LV-home and I can see that if we were to meet you and I would get along just swell I like to watch LV-home because both giving all the crazy stuff that's already happened in 2020 and already all the things that are going on in 2021 I had to have something to distract me my dad likes to watch the news in fact using my dad's tablet at this moment my dad lets me borrow his tablet I would buy some of your Holo nail polish but I don't have the means or the money at this moment to buy what I want and unfortunately I'm just going to have to wait you know the one crazy thing I've seen before this one is the one about that that stuff that apparently takes off nail polish that you said the smell of it reminds you of when you worked at your dad's the smell of that paint stripper what I would like to say is the fact that that bottle of that stuff came from China and the covid-19 from China from what we know and everything since the pandemic hit and everything has been screwed up ever since and everybody has gotten sick all around the world I bet you have your own opinions about this whole nonsense that occurred back in 2020 and the political climate even during this time even though it's 20 21 you probably have your own opinion about everything I know that my opinion is simply that I'm fed up of the Democrats and the far left and communist screwing with America because from what I understand it is really going to go to hell in a handbasket it is going to get really bad and that's just me being nice and being honest as well I hope you get well because of what's going on with the pandemic and all you and I both know that the last thing you need to be stressed out or worried about is getting covid-19 and yeah it hasn't been easy for me either I don't think it's been easy on anybody honestly are there towns where I get fed up of listening to the news specially the one that my dad listens to because after a while I'll hear stuff that makes me so freaking mad and then I have to try to ignore it and either go to my room with the tablet or sit where me and my dad had the TV and even though I'm right next to the TV I've got the tablet close by trying to distract me from what is going on the TV trying to keep my blood pressure and stress level and anger is far lower as down as I can so yeah sometimes if I get pissed off enough I can start cussing up a storm there's a mental threshold scenes and once I get pushed past my breaking point and once I get straight out of pure pissed off and yep y'all just trust me cuz unless you've been around me and seen me when I got past my Breaking Point y'all don't realize sometimes it takes me awhile that straight-up piss me off and then sometimes certain things will anger me a lot sooner it just depends on what's Happening watch other many LV-homers and I know one thing you and pretty pastel are one of my many favorites I do hope you get to feeling better here's to hoping that 2021 will be so much better for everyone around the world because you know and I know it that all kinds of you know what is going to hit the ceiling if what my dad thinks is going to occur which it's all honesty given what the Democrats have been up to and the far left and the Communists it's fair enough to say that if things go the way my dad thinks they're going to go yeah I'm not going to say it because I'm thinking that Google is gone to flag it and be like uh oh so yeah any who have a blessed day💅💖💎🦋🌸🎀🌙💿🇺🇸🌟💐.

  • Jenrose

    Aw man eye stuff is the worst. I have sjogrens, allergies, AND I'm immune suppressed so sometimes I get itchy yeast eyelids or other stuff. I've hit the point where I"m always on regular antihistimines, but ALSO low dose steroids, AND I have to take famotidine (it blocks a different kind of histamine) when the other stuff isn't enough. Fun times.

  • Celine Luu
    Celine Luu

    As someone who experienced a random spike in my eczema in 2020 I relate so much, I don't know what kind of coincedence this is but mine also developed around my eyes as a ring and it's very irritating and itchy :(( I feel like I've tried everything from creams to lotion, but even the most basic things like water hurt/burn too. My eyes sometimes get puffy as well but it hasn't reached to the extent where I can't open both of my eyes, obviously there are better days than others. Thanks again for always just showing that it's ok to not be at what you deem as 100% for yourself to accept your own appearance, I often feel really embarassed by my eczema and very othered by people who constantly ask about it. So long story short, thanks.

  • Cherry Pye
    Cherry Pye

    I had the exact same reaction a few years ago. I spent a few days repainting all the rooms in my house but didn't make the connection. My eyes got worse and worse until I ended up in hospital. Doc gave me steroids and said it looks like a reaction to something I had been breathing in.. Paint fumes!

  • Cristina Jimenez
    Cristina Jimenez

    Update please 🥺 we want to know how are you feeling girl

  • Limonlexi Lolo
    Limonlexi Lolo

    Cristin and Ben are really cute together

  • niamh rattigan
    niamh rattigan

    Man what are the chances that the allergies was actully polish fumes so she couldnt continue:(

  • RobloxFan 421
    RobloxFan 421

    I used to get these but on my cheeks

  • Fayth Seal
    Fayth Seal

    I have the same issues you have/had with the swelling. I'm not a doctor so no advice, but its definitely something you should keep searching for answers about. And do go to a doctor who listens to you well.

  • Cerys Evans
    Cerys Evans

    What if it’s the nail oil she uses? I know I’m 4 months late and I’m not really sure if she’s updated us on anything but it could possibly be that?

  • Hypodermic

    Coming here bc i got the same problem😭

  • Lonley Slendy
    Lonley Slendy

    a friend of mine had a problem a bit like that, but it wasnt just on her face. It was all over her body. i have a problem a little bit like it my arms just start going all red and red a bit like the pictures

  • Kala Bell
    Kala Bell

    What eye cream do you use? I recently had similar issues and it was extended exposure irritation or something like that from my eye cream. Just a thought hope you're doing better 🤗

  • Audrey Schilling
    Audrey Schilling

    Who else agrees that that final shot of her outro with beyyyn was adorable? I'm so glad she has that love in her life! Feel better Simply!!!!

  • Mila Smith
    Mila Smith

    you still look beautiful

  • Mila Smith
    Mila Smith

    I hade an allergic reaction to posen ive and woke up with a puffted purple ring arowned my eye and puffed up face

  • Elena Georgiou
    Elena Georgiou

    Love this video and hoping you are well. Had a similar experience this year and it helped to see someone else being positive and beautiful while going through a frustrating circumstance. 💛

  • Anna Luksha
    Anna Luksha

    All I know, is you're lucky to have patch tests vs scratch tests, did them as like an eight year old (and again a couple months ago), it was like ten cat scratches on your back at the same time, then like, four more times. It STINKS.

  • Magical arts
    Magical arts

    Its sad you can't wear makeup because of your reaction not because you need it but because you looked like you were enjoying wearing it

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear

    I hope Dr. Mike or any doctor has given you an answer by now. If all tests are normal, look into antivirals (herpes, including reactived chicken pox's as well as hsv1) can affect the eye and nerve of the face. Another thing is Mast Cell stabilizers (not just plain old antihistamines).

  • lucie Scammell
    lucie Scammell

    omg i had this but only on one eye for about a week and it went away after but never came back! it was horrible i couldn’t sleep it was hot and red and i was so scared it would spread so i feel ur pain cristine 🎀🤍but i still don’t know what it was to this day which is weird but luv from the uk ⭐️❤️

  • Hi I’m weird
    Hi I’m weird

    What’s her tik tok user

  • Bel Quis
    Bel Quis

    What if the cause is a tea?

  • Diannis

    Gods Judgment upon your life! 🙏🏽 You should pray, Repent & Give ur life to Jesus Christ before is too late!

  • mydizzymelody

    Dandelion tea to detox your liver so that you’re not as sensitive to environmental factors. Also lots and lots of probiotics to prevent the rebound, horrendous yeast infection you’re going to get some taking all of the steroids. I know you didn’t ask, but, thought I’d give you some safe alternative to help you cope.

  • Eleonora Carey
    Eleonora Carey

    I had the same thing it was an allergi to a face mask a spa one

  • Azrael Abaddon
    Azrael Abaddon

    Looks like mcas

    • Azrael Abaddon
      Azrael Abaddon

      My friend gets random swelling of her face called angiodema and itching.... It's diagnosed as mcas it's basically a weird allergy to nothing or to something specific, my friend has no allergies except to her own self basically, she gets instant lip filler often lol and says it's super itchy and annoying and like a burn, and chin swelling. Sometimes the swelling makes her skin feel insanely tight She has to take special meds where she gets a shot of I think some immune suppressant every month She's lucky she's not allergic to anything cause she doesn't have to cut out anything in her life but also unlucky she's not allergic to anything cause she can't simply cut out stuff to make it better

  • XxQuilArtzxX

    It actually makes me really happy to see someone being so honest and open and not afraid during something like this. It's really encouraging. Personally, I'm very emotional but I have eczema so I've forced myself to not cry a lot because my face breaks out so awfully. This is so encouraging. I hope you find out the cause so it can be treated for you. Please keep being the amazing person you are and know we care about you

  • natalie0385

    Hello from Ottawa Christine love your channel, any updates?

  • Stacey M
    Stacey M

    As someone whose had cellulitis in their eye you’d know if you had that. The white of your eye swells up as well as the skin on the outside. It was horrible. So now every time I get a cut or whatever I need to make sure I keep and eye on it cause cellulitis can come back. My dad had it for that long it ended in him getting sepsis

  • Samantha A
    Samantha A

    This happened to me. I became allergic to cats out of no where. I grew up with cats

  • Lady Caticorn
    Lady Caticorn

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, Cristine. Have you been tested for Celiac disease/gluten intolerance? My aunt randomly developed Celiac disease, and she now breaks out in hives and swells if there's even a little bit of wheat/gluten in the air. If you haven't looked into it, I'd ask your doc. Celiac disease can manifest in a lot of weird ways!

  • ralyks arotavs
    ralyks arotavs

    The same thing is happening to me except on my mouth

  • Heather Winchell
    Heather Winchell

    I was use it this lash grower to make my lashes nice and big. And my one eye swelled up just like that kinda. Just not red down that far. But it was soooo swollen. I have a stye and the way the dr said it. Like a clogged pore in my eye lashes. They had to numb my eye and flip my lid and cut and drain the stuff out. He said it could come back. But it didn’t. Thank god. Cause it hurt pretty bad. I hope you feel better. And merry Xmas

  • Claire P
    Claire P

    I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me, and I found out it was caused by dust mites. My couch pillows and bed pillows and blankets were triggering it. If you or anyone seeing this has a dust mite allergy, what you have to do is wash all of your linens in hot water, dry in high heat, get hypoallergenic dust covers for your pillows, and don’t lay your head on decorative couch pillows or couch cushions. If you want to watch a movie on the couch or something just go get your bed pillow with the hypoallergenic cover. Wash your linens like that each week. If you have carpet in your house you have to vacuum frequently. Get rid of rugs. Dust surfaces with something disposable frequently.

  • True Blossom
    True Blossom

    Tell me why I would get the same thing in high school 😳

  • summer is awesome
    summer is awesome

    In case my other long ass comment never get seen. THIS MIGHT BE A GENE RELATED ISSUE. GET YOUR DNA CHECKED FOR SYNDROMES!!

  • summer is awesome
    summer is awesome

    Hey Cristine, I just had a sudden thought I’d like to share about your condition, which you’ve previously shared with us. Ive recently been studying syndromes in my science class and thought maybe your skin condition is a result of a triggered gene, which is causing these infections. If it’s the case, you likely never experienced it before cuz this gene was dormant and now that it’s active, it’s sporadically affecting you. This wouldn’t show through on normal allergy patch tests so maybe get your genes analyzed to see if you possibly have developed some type of syndrome? (For instance, there are syndromes which can affect how your body produces white blood cells resulting in skin infections similar to what you experience. It’s caused by changes in your DNA, which affects how your proteins are made, which affects concentrations of certain naturally found toxins and so on. And when speaking on the complex asf DNA science, I think you can infer how many diff ways it could change to maybe, perhaps cause your skin issues.) Just a random bathroom thought. All the best! (Posting again for a higher chance you’ll see it. And that’s on mafs ;)

  • Mertz Family
    Mertz Family

    i feel sorry for you : )

  • Kynlee

    she looks like my agriculture teacher who got stung by a bee a few months ago

  • Lyn gacha
    Lyn gacha

    my stepdad had similar experiences when he was younger. it happened because he was allergic to cats. idk if it is that but that is a personal story

  • Tiffany Caskinette
    Tiffany Caskinette

    I'm allergic to mushrooms and I bloated up like that and went into anaphylaxis 😂😂😂👌💪 but also autoimmune disorders can cause the swelling

  • Trillian BROADHEAD
    Trillian BROADHEAD

    I know this isn’t the same, but I had mumps when I was little, and it’s basically where your cheek/neck area swells up and it hurts to eat and talk 😬



  • bizzyfit

    wasn't familiar with Dr. Mike until now. Thank you 😉

  • bizzyfit

    I hope it's something that has an easy, safe fix, hope you're okay.

  • {Sunny}

  • Onibi Onna
    Onibi Onna

    as someone with a mystery illness myself, hope it gets figured out soon

  • tommy rower
    tommy rower

    I get this when I’m near a cat x

  • Haylee Fine
    Haylee Fine

    You should do an update. I'm curious if you found out what was going on

  • leefa

    what have you've been doing this week? Christene: steroids

  • Rachel Anne
    Rachel Anne

    I hope you’re feeling better, I know how awful it is to have to be shuttled around to different doctors and no one knows what’s wrong. I hope you’re able to find good doctors and a good treatment plan ❤️

  • Jinx Lyn
    Jinx Lyn

    My face kinda does the same thing. Unfortunately my dermatologists gave up on me for a while since they used everything they thought would help. It mostly starts on my cheeks and spreads up to my eyes a little. It happens randomly sometimes but usually when I stay anywhere that’s not my home or when the seasons change. I’m sorry that it happens to you. It feels awful and is really a self esteem killer. Especially since I have scars. It’s right where crows feet would be, so the skin there splits open sometimes, not fun. Sorry for ranting, but it does make me feel a bit better that it doesn’t just happen to me.

  • Snowywolfpack UwU
    Snowywolfpack UwU

    You that one bhg from bug lifes?:O

  • Summer Guhn
    Summer Guhn

    It’s orbital cellulitis I got it before

  • Marcela Rodríguez R.
    Marcela Rodríguez R.

    Stupid 2020!!! Why simply? why?

  • Julijana Shilipetar
    Julijana Shilipetar

    this looks like me after 9 hours of no sleep through the night and 3 rounds of morphen at the er

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia

    Maybe you have allergies or your allergic to something because My sister has allergies and that happens to her

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    You should make a purple holo taco nailpolish in different shades

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Could it possibly be from when u did the full face of multichrome 2 years ago in 2018. I mean it would be a late reaction but idk

  • Krishnokoli1000

    As of now, I am also under steroids for some unknown eye infection... can feel what u went through... ❤

  • Kassandra Furtado
    Kassandra Furtado

    I love your attitude you're hillarious

  • Tenzin Bhotia
    Tenzin Bhotia


  • CoolKynliUnicorn

    That's what happened when I touch tree nuts my eyes get all puffy. I had to go to the doctor a couple days later to see what i was allergic to. I had to get 11 needles in my back.

  • Rob Idink
    Rob Idink

    I actually got pink eye, which only stopped after I threw out all my face products, and then stopped using everything for weeks, only washing my face with water

  • Dog Dog
    Dog Dog

    The intro is so iconic that nobody has even *thought* of changing it

  • Norah Williams
    Norah Williams

    My mom had a similar reaction to vitamin D supplements


    2020 is the bad year every

  • wondering mind
    wondering mind

    Hey not a doctor here mate 😉 but i had d same thing .... it was an auto immune response and mostly psorasis and because we are staying indoors vitamin d is low so had to take zinc and vit d ....

  • Lia Visser
    Lia Visser

    Try not to be around your cats properly allergic to your cat

  • Lia Visser
    Lia Visser

    you're allergic to something you are a something and if you don't treat that earlier if you can if you will

  • Liberty Eve
    Liberty Eve

    It might be the kind of makeup you use! I've had similar issues with mascara

  • Kate Byrne
    Kate Byrne

    Is there an update? I’d love to hear what the outcome was!

    • Ar_lina

      3 months ago when she released the chrome Holo Tacos

    • Ar_lina

      @Kate Byrne when she released the New Holo Products I think it was the chrome one, she gave us a face update

    • Kate Byrne
      Kate Byrne

      @Helen D I haven’t heard anything but tbh I haven’t really looked 😩

    • Vivian Vargas
      Vivian Vargas

      @Helen D still nothing!

    • Helen D
      Helen D

      Same! Does anyone know??

  • Gwen Learn
    Gwen Learn

    I was just chilling and listening, but when I herd she stoped wearing nail polish I was soooo surprised

  • Natalia Arlovoskaya
    Natalia Arlovoskaya

    Hopefully, it's not a zebra!

  • Alanna McDuffie
    Alanna McDuffie

    Hey it might be lupus. My dad has it and sometimes his eyes get rashy

  • SKYY

    Omgg it’s the oats! Lol imagine

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid

    I hope you find the diagnosis I hope you get well soon permanently. I know you’re not gonna like this but there is a small possibility that your eyes could be puffing up because of how often you are being in contact with the chemicals in the products you use on your nails...

  • Iva Kaderková
    Iva Kaderková

    Omg, I've been through this 🤦‍♀️ Luckily having a "non-toxic" household fixed it but I had to use nothing but water for a month and get rid of everything that wasn't unscented "non-toxic" soap, vinegar, citric acid and Shea butter.... Now that my skin has calmed down and has been fine for two years I sometimes wear some makeup - but only the basic kind - fat+pigment or mineral powders 😂

  • Li Sheng Liew
    Li Sheng Liew

    Hi Cristine, I think you might be suffering from severe Angioedema, which people with Eczema are very commonly associated with, I am having it right now too and I am planning to head to the doctors tomorrow. Get well soon.

  • Claire Polet
    Claire Polet

    J'espère que ça va maintenant ! A new life update ? Maybe on social media ?

  • masha

    I have bad vision and an eye swelling/tumor but I don’t have irritation and redness like you but it SUCKS balls sad

  • Mylastestaddiction

    Lol glad to see Dr. Mike commented! Lol

  • hopeykins

    I have a friend that has some kind of rash come up on her eyelids, red and kind of crusty. She uses a CPAP and believes it'd be interesting to know if you do as well. Her theory is it's some kind of bacteria that can live in the cpap machine. Good luck with finding out what's causing it!

  • Teagie Weagie
    Teagie Weagie

    plese plese plese ❤️This