What's Wrong With My Face
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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor Mike

    Doctor Mike @ your service!

    • Cuissa

      This happened to me today! I just woke up with my face half swollen, it wasnt red or anything, but it was puffy all around my eyes and nose. I looked 20 years older with the puff all over my eyes... I'm thinking it was makeup related like Cristine >_

    • frostyvwings

      WTH? OMG

    • Iram Zec
      Iram Zec

      Lmao Dr Mike is her

    • l o n e r
      l o n e r


    • r i
      r i

      I think i have an abnormal heartbeat

  • SoffieSoftly

    I hope everything turns out okay!

  • Olivia Docherty
    Olivia Docherty

    Okay but I've been having a very similar issue!!! All they gave me was allergy meds and a cortisone cream, which I am hesitant to use because of its association with skin thinning...thanks for sharing

  • JaiyDiamond

    Why do you look like benedict cumberbatch

  • ReptileGirlRocks

    Have you checked your blood pressure? I know that in the past there have been people who had the symptoms of an allergic reaction when they have a spike in blood pressure. I recently had a really bad allergic reaction to an unknown substance as well, and I suffer from high bp

  • Poli

    I have had the same thing, but I never found out what it was

  • Tamara Todorovska
    Tamara Todorovska

    Ajm sov sari aj vat for you tu bi betr

  • lil chey
    lil chey

    Looks like something I seen online that had to do with natural oils

  • jonasfan9878

    I am gonna miss the mandatory narcissistic montages tho

  • Leslie Thompson
    Leslie Thompson

    I had a similar reaction when I was living in an apartment with mold. It's no fun! Feel for you :) (Note: I also have a penicillin allergy, so the mold allergy makes a little bit of sense)

    • Leslie Thompson
      Leslie Thompson

      My eyes is the first place it shows up when the mold spores come in through my sinuses. So they get super swollen like that if it goes untreated.

  • Drawing Freak
    Drawing Freak

    She talks about not even knowing if its an allergy and i just think of the one thing she didnt mention 'HER TEA'

  • Malyese Hudda
    Malyese Hudda

    My dad got super puffy about 6 months (a little after my mom started chemo) and we honestly thought he was allergic to something, the doctors did too. 5 months after it got worse and worse the swelling went to his throat and he could barely breathe. he had to get an ambulance so he wouldn’t die (to say it bluntly) and he ended up being allergic to the medication that was given him to treat his symptoms. He went to a different hospital and they diagnosed he has fatal immune system meaning his body is basically attacking him. He has Medication now and he’s starting to walk better.. just.. do not let this go too far. You need to get the right help. If a doctor says idk to you, you go to the next. Im just telling you what happened to my father so maybe you could see if you have the same condition. Get help immediately. Love you Cristine, stay safe. ❤️

  • Ivone Portillo
    Ivone Portillo

    She says “I am not making this video to get medical advice from the comment section...” *open the comment section.. “You have...” “I know what you have...” “You should do this...”

  • Potatuh

    I know I’m not a doctor but congestion could be part of it. I know that when I’m congested my eyes get puffy. I’m not saying that that’s all of it but that could be part of it.

  • Anna G
    Anna G

    Maybe there is something in the polish so you should do an ion cleanse to get all of the toxins out

  • Gehgw Gwtst
    Gehgw Gwtst

    I think its nail polish...😭 jk....

  • jacquesix

    It's your eczema. 💐

  • ßėrřý _Ašh
    ßėrřý _Ašh

    Have you put a charcoal face mask?

  • Dancing with A
    Dancing with A

    Cristine you do not want glasses because they are the most annoying and expensive things ever!!!! I love your channel

  • Emily Norman
    Emily Norman

    I’m a new watcher. You’re adorable!

  • Alexandra Belle
    Alexandra Belle

    Systemic Lupus Erythematous?

  • Necility

    I've been going through something very similar, but only with 1 eye! I hope that you can make an update once you know what it is as my doctor's haven't found it out either. tbh I feel the same as you where I don't like everyone telling me what I have and stuff but if I knew what you had, I'd definitely ask my doctor to check for that same thing because it's so similar. pls don't reply with possible diagnoses just like u wouldn't tell simply what she might have :)

    • Necility

      @Lextasy been checked and that's not it. I appreciate it, but I mentioned in my comment twice that I don't want diagnoses. just wanted to let Cristine know there's more undiagnosed people out here.

    • Lextasy

      Someone else said their bf’s mom had something like that and it turned out to be an autoimmune disease.



  • Zoey Joseph
    Zoey Joseph

    Found out I was allergic to 100% polyester fabric by sleeping in a quilt completely made of the dumb stuff, couldn't figure out what it was, my whole face swole up, had to get a steroid shot in my butt, yee haw!

  • Kristian Salinas
    Kristian Salinas

    Sending you well wishes and good vibes. You got this! We’re here for you!

  • Rachel Klarman
    Rachel Klarman

    Anyone realize how short her nails r?

  • evelepic216

    Love you Cristine! Also, 100% this means more Beyynnnn nail videos. So many banana looks. So many. 🍌🍌

  • TotxllyNotConor2

    I say the title of this video to myself every time I look in the mirror ;)

  • Michael Blake
    Michael Blake

    What about an auto immune disease?

  • Kayla

    Oh crap. I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago! Didn’t get to the point of swelling like that but it was terrible! Please keep updating on this for those of us who have been through something similar

  • Lexa Marie
    Lexa Marie

    Are you on Lamictal or Lamotrigine? There’s something called Stevens-Johnson syndrome that can happen but it is super rare. Then again I’m sure your family med dr would’ve thought of that if you are on it even if it’s been a while. Or I’ve heard of Lupus doing this. Either way I so appreciate you being so open and honest. Hoping you’ll find the cause and it can be cured or treated easily. Feel better soon!

  • Iris Klingenschmid
    Iris Klingenschmid

    Oh god... Get well soon!

  • hannah Griffith
    hannah Griffith

    We love you Cristine. Sending you the best of wishes!

  • Merima Kubat
    Merima Kubat

    No simply not logical the hospital wishes on LV-homer

  • jadebonsaitree blue
    jadebonsaitree blue

    have you tried drinking water?

  • Liz Frantz
    Liz Frantz

    The way you described the pain/feeling itchy, it sounds like vasculitis aka Disney rash. It's a disease that affects blood vessels and can also manifest around/near/in the eyes. I don't want to be giving out medical advice, I only know my own experience with it. That being said, I hope you figure it out and are able to at least get control over it so you can start feeling better.

  • Poo Is Nice
    Poo Is Nice

    I live how she has the same intro as 4 years ago when I last watched her lmao

  • Hannah Owens
    Hannah Owens

    My entire face did this not a super super long time ago and it would peel a little then it would look the exact same - like it shed a layer, look raw, then would itch and burn and puff. I only use cetaphil face wash and I rarely wear makeup now :/

  • BillyMadisonsShampoo

    Girl..bless ur heart. Looks painful...brightside the hottest doctor on earth commented. Yummy hes so dreamy lmao

  • Tara Deal
    Tara Deal

    I hope that things get better for you and you find out what’s going on!!!

  • xMykie Dreamx
    xMykie Dreamx

    I miss the OG Nail art

  • Hailey B
    Hailey B

    My face looked the exact same over summer break.

  • hadia akhtar
    hadia akhtar

    Obviously , This thing isn't in our hands , so we shouldn't be embarassed if we're suffering firm anything like this !!

  • Lina Garibay
    Lina Garibay

    Been thru this with me and later my daughter. It was just a bunch of guesses. I'm 41 still don't know why I get flare ups.

  • laura kelly
    laura kelly

    Maybe your allergic to holo

  • Jody Wilson
    Jody Wilson

    My own tears will cause red rings and swelling around my eyes. It feels like the skin is on fire. I hope it all works out for you.

  • Jason

    Cristine, I can't say how much I truly appreciate your candor and personality. I originally came for the nail art, and stayed because I find you so endearing. I love your sense of humor, and your general love of the things you do. You'll get nothing but respect from me, and this video made me love and appreciate you all the more.

  • ʚluvnoteɞ

    *cries in american healthcare*

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Your eyes look puffed up 😬😬😬

  • Mattie Marlette
    Mattie Marlette

    Please keep us updated! I am going through something like this right now, its basically a mystery. Thanks

    • Necility

      me too! everything she talked about was super relatable and it's somewhat comforting knowing there's more people that haven't had a diagnosis yet

  • Ilayda

    I am not sure if it is the same thing but I have histamine intolerance and the same thing happens to me. Please make sure to tell your doctor to check your body for histamine intolerance and I have heard that it is not simple to understand if it is actually histamine intolerance or not so please make sure you will see a couple of different doctors. Get well soon!

  • Bellatae1095

    I have this it’s not as bad I just get red around my eyes and it’s like peeling n burns cus of makeup 😂so yeahh I just thought my eyes were weird

  • Vallory Redner
    Vallory Redner

    I think it's stress related lol stress can cause weird symptoms and things to happen to your body! Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon! 🥰🙏🏽💗🌠

  • Vipul Jain
    Vipul Jain

    Petition for Ben to make a tik tok

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia

    So what are you allergic to then? You did tests and such correct?

  • Irene Rodríguez
    Irene Rodríguez

    Have doctors tried to see if chilli or something like that affect...?

  • Julia Ruszkowska
    Julia Ruszkowska

    I have atopic skin so stuff like that happens to me all the time. This summer i had the biggest flare up that i ever experienced and it was so bad, i really feel you. I felt like my whole face was one huge red pillow that i couldnt get rid off. And the pain, it somehow feels even worse than it looks. after 20 years of dermatologic problems i have one advise: dont stress out! Stress is the biggest factor in dermatologic problems, so you have to keep calm ever if you feel like shit. Its already great that you are not ashamed! Dont worry, you’ll be fine!

  • Stephanie Huesler
    Stephanie Huesler

    A friend has a similar problem, and she found out she is allergic to histamines. Have you seen a nutritionist? I hope you find out soon, because the most frustrating thing is NOT knowing... not being able to educate yourself toward a particular goal... Get well!!

  • mm Dana
    mm Dana

    Why don't you try mineral eyeshadow?

  • Ochako Uraraka
    Ochako Uraraka

    Imagine if it’s the cats 🐈

  • apurva

    Omg he actually commented

  • Kaydi Roberts
    Kaydi Roberts

    I had this it stopped I needed eye drops

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane

    TSW and MW, NMT that's all I will say.

  • Ashar Fazal
    Ashar Fazal

    OMG ARE YOU OK? D: BTW she's naked only true fans understand by what I mean with "naked"

  • Natalie Sirota
    Natalie Sirota

    Have you been tested for HAE - Hereditary AngioEdema or even Allergic AngioEdema? C1 blood testing! Check out HAEa.org It can actually become life threatening if the swells close off your airway. Flares can be caused from various issues: food, environment, stress, etc. Please talk with an immunologist ASAP!

  • Sonya White
    Sonya White

    Maybe you are allergic to the cats I get the same puffy itch eyes where I get around cats

  • Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Johnson

    I’m so sorry you are going through this as well, I have been struggling with very similar issues since 2017 as well :( it’s so painful and makes it hard to want to leave home. Aquafor is a godsend for the sting, prayers you will get answers ❤️

  • Claire Pella
    Claire Pella

    Oh my goodness....I get almost the EXACT same reaction as you. But along with the swelling around my eyes my throat gets suuuper itchy. I’ll be going to a Dr soon as it is no way to live. I totally understand the frustration.

  • maggie waldman
    maggie waldman

    seems like how i describe my eczema

  • Kemma Kelly
    Kemma Kelly

    I had hives on my hands and lips, it would flare up for 6 months and this was a couple years ago too. It eventually went away and im feeling like its just a ticking time bomb because no doctor could tell me what it was

  • Yoyo Ducky
    Yoyo Ducky

    Dude 2020 is just trying to knock EVERYONE for a loop! I've been having unexplainable sinus problems that popped up just this year that I've never had problems to this extent before! I feel you, its sooo frustrating!! At first I thought I had a sinus infection, but we ruled that out and antihistamines don't do squat, I've been changing how I do everything throughout the year with no positive results! Ugh. I've finally givin in to going to a specialist next week, hoping and praying both our weird problems will be resolved! ❤

  • Ninja Hunt3r
    Ninja Hunt3r

    hope you feel better soon Christine! thank you for sharing this with us ❤❤

  • Hey, It's Jen
    Hey, It's Jen

    That is happening to my sister as well, it is the third time it happened. She is 9yrs old, And we took her to the doctor, but they dont know what causes this reaction...

  • Sakura & Melon
    Sakura & Melon


  • NOMY 26
    NOMY 26

    The moment i started watching the video i realised... wait, you got that puffy thing on your eye since yesterday too... i am scared and i dont even know what your emergency was

  • Pipe Cleaner Crafts B
    Pipe Cleaner Crafts B

    Oh, Christine, so awful, get better soon!

  • Kim Tyler
    Kim Tyler

    I hope the doctors find the problem. This is the first video I have ever watched of yours it just popped up. The moment I saw your eyes I thought of lupus, seen it before.

  • LIL Duck And Friends
    LIL Duck And Friends

    Mhmmmm cats 🐈

  • Marci-Betty

    Lets just hope it's not alergy againts cats or tea :D altho hope youre doing better

  • missy gonzales
    missy gonzales

    anyone know what happened? she hasn’t updated

    • Kelsey

      She did an update in the multichrome collection box launch video. They still don't know what's causing it.

  • Fie Bontrager
    Fie Bontrager

    Have you guys seen how expensive her nail polish is??

  • Crystal Woodward
    Crystal Woodward

    The amount of time you spend in contact with the chemicals in nailpolish and fumes could be combining to create the allergy. I get the same things with certain brands of resin

  • Non-Binary Novels
    Non-Binary Novels

    I feel so horrible for her :( I've watched her for years, and it hurts to see her jump clips and see tear streaks down her face and her wiping her eyes. Painful or not, it sucks to see such a goofy person cry.

  • Bethany H
    Bethany H

    Rewatched your DIY Dip Powder video and all those chemicals made your eyes burn 😭😭

  • A**holes Watching Movies
    A**holes Watching Movies

    My 85 year old grandmother was on steroids and decided to go back to college! She never graduated high school let alone started college, but she wanted to "go back." It lasted for about a week, and then she got off them and was a miserable old cow again. But don't worry, we're contractually obligated to love her!

  • Nanda Rox
    Nanda Rox

    I'm allergic to bullshit. This whole year has messed my allergies up.

  • Elizabeth Palmer
    Elizabeth Palmer

    I have a couple different health issues that are really dragging on with diagnosis and treatment so i definitely appreciate seeing this. Its nice that you're so open with this. This shit is just so draining and annoying and its nice to know that im not the only one. I mean obviously im not. But its nice to hear it from someone i look up to so much.

    • A**holes Watching Movies
      A**holes Watching Movies

      Big hugs. Hopefully they get to the bottom of things soon.

  • Mr.hi265

    The pollen count is high this year so maybe it could be allergies. I’m sayin all this from bad experience though, it hurt my face so much. Mine is elm, poison ivy (obvi), certain grasses, and poison oak!

  • Eva Chen
    Eva Chen

    I’m very surprised that Cristine remembered all those complicated medical names-

  • GeorgeNotFound lover
    GeorgeNotFound lover

    Aha I know how you feel, when allergy season comes around my eyes get itchy they hurt and they get puffy. I hate it...

  • Meipon

    When I got my chronic guts thing it took a lot on me not being able to be more than 5 meters from a toilet, now after fainting 4th time when I get a iv drop I can’t get that treatment so now I’m back to before. I hope you find it out and get it treated, and thank you for updates Cristine

  • Wild child Hale
    Wild child Hale

    if your eating/drinking anything with aspartame you maybe having an allergic reaction! ITS A TOXIN

  • Heather Foster
    Heather Foster

    Since you said we can share stories, here's mine! I started having unexplained swelling that I can link back to living in a moldy house. My eyes became very sensitive, so much that I couldn't step outside without tearing up. No antihistamines ever had any effect on the swelling. I still haven't figured my own situation out completely, but I'm concentrating on mold avoidance and I also discovered a salicylate intolerance. Salicylates are in many beauty products and foods. Turns out switching to all natural beauty products and trying to eat really healthy was actually making me worse 😂 I hope you find answers soon!!

  • Edahel

    Okay but I can't be the only one wanting to take her pillows and stroke them

  • Titan Griever
    Titan Griever

    Simply: "...if you're doctor Mike, call me" I mean, WHO doesn't want to be diagnosed by doc Mike eh?

  • technocatification

    .... the cats..

  • Jody Marie
    Jody Marie

    And yeah, it is appreciated, you sharing this. I have kind of the opposite issue, its my actual eyes that have been burning. First it was only during the day, like once a week. Now it's starting to happen when I'm sleeping.

  • Jody Marie
    Jody Marie

    Omg that's gotta suck :(

  • Alyssa Passè
    Alyssa Passè

    It’s like me. I went to the hospital so many times because my arms,legs and lips was swollen up for no reason.And I when to chop and the doctor me medicine.He said I have Hereditary angioedema. And he gave me medicine.I have to take medicine everything taste bad

  • a.

    wait that happened to my eyes too. but one at a time. one eye got swollen like that then a month later the other one got swollen. i never got told what it was the doctors never really payed attention & here in the US well medical care isn’t free so i never really went back to ask or try to get treated more.