How Long Does Toe Nail Polish Last?
This took way longer than expected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Watch me repaint my unkempt toe nails in great satisfaction:
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    Simply Nailogical

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    • Foxla Frola
      Foxla Frola

      Ppl with foot fedish be like

    • Eve hyland
      Eve hyland

      What a goof you are lol and I'm a even bigger goof for sitting watching the whole video. 😂🤣❤️

    • charmaine harvey
      charmaine harvey

      we have a mole/freckle in the same place on our pinky toes and on the same foot as well

    • little rat
      little rat

      We have the same pinkie toe

    • Selyn Selyn
      Selyn Selyn


  • iiVanilazy

    Like: toe polish Comment: toe nail polish

  • Trin_Towers

    it’s the grey’s anatomy joke for me

  • Abigayle Prince
    Abigayle Prince

    I repaint my toenails like every other week.

  • Reaper Man
    Reaper Man

    i came here because of Nailbomb. ROCK ON VIETNAM

  • Lizzy 01258
    Lizzy 01258

    My mom didn't technically do a manicure, she just put regular ass nail polish, and it's been there even before my little brother was born 😳

  • Lolli

    i wear toenail polish cuz of skl dress codes and stuff but i dont put a base coat so it doesnt chip. and it lasts pretty long each time before i reapply it

  • eldiaz

    "If you're watching this then you're gross!" Yeah, I have no idea why I'm watching this! I HATE feet! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl

    I haven’t cut my toenails since like last year

  • Pixel Moon Gaming
    Pixel Moon Gaming

    Some how I had nail polish on my toe and I barely ever wear shoes/socks and it didn’t chip but I got annoyed so I took it off

  • Nightsgrow

    How come i never see nail people use nail scissor? It’s always only the clippers

  • Meegee_cat

    Week five : GOD HER FACE

  • Selina Thoma
    Selina Thoma

    Honestly, I once had toenail polish on for a year+, even tho Im barefeet most of the time, cuz I just kept forgetting abt it 😂😂

  • Vi

    Me just being a dancer and literally having the worst looking feet in the world be like 👁👄👁

  • Kinny

    this just makes me want to test how long nail polish will last on my nails...

  • Julianna Goodman
    Julianna Goodman

    ill bet 20 dollers if its all gone in like 2 months

  • Andrea Isabel Chen Sze Ern
    Andrea Isabel Chen Sze Ern

    Sometimes my manicure lasts like 2 weeks and my toenails last.... 1day.

  • Nathaly Amaya
    Nathaly Amaya

    My feet are wired my second finger is bigger than the rest

  • Brandelynne Freleng
    Brandelynne Freleng

    I’m a month into my self done holo taco pedicure and I have 0 chips. I wonder if my toenail polish will make it the full year...

    • Brandelynne Freleng
      Brandelynne Freleng

      @Necility lol thank you, first chip actually happened last night, but it was tiny.

    • Necility

      I'm rooting for u lol

  • Rapley

    I stubbed one of my pinkie toes so bad the nail split in two and never properly grew back. I eventually ripped one of the halves off and it hasn’t grown back. How tf are your toe nails actually good

  • Tiffany Ross
    Tiffany Ross

    Girl your stuff is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE

  • Abi World
    Abi World

    SKREW PEEL OFF BASE COAT! Use Toe Nail Polish everybody!

  • Christopher Coleman
    Christopher Coleman

    see my grandma only once a year and every time when I see her, I paint her toenails. She doesn’t remove the nail polish until it comes off itself (she says it reminds her of the time we spent together) and she gives regular updates on how well the nail polish is holding on

    • Necility

      did you just copy and paste one of the top comments? it's not too nice to steal such a wholesome story.

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Fun fact sometimes the day after I do my toes my socks give the nail polish texture it's weird

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    My toe nail polish has lasted months I used no top coat sadly I just used pink nail polish hot pink glitter

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    I do my toes bc I get to use my right hand for both instead of my left hand on my right hand bc it gets tricky so yeah

  • Rose Animations
    Rose Animations

    My sister painted cheep frozen nail polish on my toes and I still have it even though she painted it in like September and I mostly NEVER wear shoes or socks

  • Bethany Rundle
    Bethany Rundle

    I wish you sold gel polish. Your polish is gorgeous. But I only ever use gels.

  • Zobia Zaman
    Zobia Zaman

    Thanks to safiya naaygrd don't know the correct spelling but now you are my fav channel

  • Hannah Pepin
    Hannah Pepin

    Adds oil to remove oil; this is why men get confused with us 🥴😭 i do the same routine but it just sounds funny

  • Music Of The Arts1234567890a
    Music Of The Arts1234567890a

    Why did she randomly take a bath with all her clothes on that's another fetish that's going to get people all worked up.

  • Zarah Hammer
    Zarah Hammer

    Soo 6 months isn't crazy to me bc my freshman year you weren't allowed to wear open toed shoes and I had drum practice everyday and football Thursday and Friday night. I had a pedicure that lasted me like a year and a half bc I could only wear tennis shoes, even though I'm someone who hate shoes so much I drive barefoot Thanks for coming to my rant of stupidity it's like 4am I'm tired

  • ash M
    ash M

    This video was....something.

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    My toe nail polish lasts for like a month or two

  • Yallena Morgan
    Yallena Morgan


  • Liv Holdeman
    Liv Holdeman


  • Onion Man
    Onion Man

    My toe nail polish: *lasts one day*

  • Lexa Marie
    Lexa Marie

    So when I was in my late teens, both big toes had nails so ingrown they removed the entire nail on both. Took years to grow to a length that looked semi- normal but they are still so fucked up (now 30). I always keep them painted but they are so thick and grow so incredibly slowly, this experiment would take more than five years


    I recently started an experiment to see how long gel polish on my toenails will last. Taking inspiration from you I'm also taking daily photos lol


      @Necility I'm only 3 weeks in. I'm seeing the polish grow out a tiny bit. No chipping yet though 😂

    • Necility

      how's it going so far? how many weeks r u in? :D

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos

    No tienes que hacer no mamen con su video 👎🤬

  • Dogs and Cats
    Dogs and Cats

    My toe nail Polish has lasted 2 years until it grew out by the end of 2 years guess they grow out slow

  • Jessica Austin
    Jessica Austin

    I can’t explain why I love this video so much. Maybe as a single mom I identify with The Who cares about my toes. Then the daily blogging of it is much bigger commitment than painting them, haha.

    • Jessica Austin
      Jessica Austin

      Sorry weekly

  • Sophie L
    Sophie L

    I kinda love you lol

  • Misha Patel
    Misha Patel

    Did she make a Grey's Anatomy refernce

  • Keala Huynh
    Keala Huynh

    I painted my toe nails in the beginning of quarantine, and it's been 7 months, and it's not even all gone yet

  • Desiree R Rudnik
    Desiree R Rudnik

    My gel nail polish on my toes grows out within a MONTH

  • Its yo gurl RoRo
    Its yo gurl RoRo

    Your nails literally lasted longer than my pregnancy

  • RH - 06CT 798146 Beatty Fleming Sr PS
    RH - 06CT 798146 Beatty Fleming Sr PS

    Namaste bitches Me lol😆😂

  • Lor Ish weird -w-
    Lor Ish weird -w-

    More like 5 days for me since I’m super active 😂

  • LPS LoLo
    LPS LoLo

    I'm betting nothing! I'm broke.😶

  • Keeley Eubanks
    Keeley Eubanks

    12:37 her youtuber merch nails video?

  • Ayden Gardenhire
    Ayden Gardenhire

    1 year

  • Anja Atanasova
    Anja Atanasova

    A week

  • Mr.Bunny _Bear
    Mr.Bunny _Bear

    That toe lapse looks like so many different kind of feet

  • Mr.Bunny _Bear
    Mr.Bunny _Bear

    The big toe really be hanging on

  • Fuzzy Bunny
    Fuzzy Bunny

    Gurl I see u using a holo toco glass nail file

  • Aubrey Laws
    Aubrey Laws

    We have the same type of feet

  • kxizukii

    My toenail polish lasted 3 months-

  • Illona 11
    Illona 11

    Not complaining, but did anyone notice how her eyebrows just got thicker and thicker and also darker and darker 😔🙌🙌

  • Lori Martin
    Lori Martin

    I bet all the money in the wold it will last a year. Guess I’m the richest person in the world....

  • live laugh and make vlogs
    live laugh and make vlogs

    I lost my pinky toe nail when I was five and it hurts really bad so I’m glad it didn’t happen to you

  • Imagine Dragons Biggest fan
    Imagine Dragons Biggest fan

    My toe nail polish lasted and still is on since March

  • Lily

    Greys anatomy refrence

  • Ninja Lindqvist Lundsten
    Ninja Lindqvist Lundsten

    I have the same cat clock as you 😹

  • Brian Mealor
    Brian Mealor

    So i was in singing lessons and my perfectly heathy toe nail just popped off

  • kawaii xx
    kawaii xx

    Did you make an eating out of the nail polish?

  • Angelina Valadez Stayton
    Angelina Valadez Stayton


  • Nidhi S.
    Nidhi S.

    Is kinda fasinating

  • Carley 1664
    Carley 1664

    I was eating during this video and I didn't feel anything!!??😂😂😂

  • ・ゆみ Yumi・
    ・ゆみ Yumi・

    No one : Absolutely no one : Christine : *takes care of her toe nails more than I take care of myself*

  • Aleena Sotelo
    Aleena Sotelo

    Little did she now u really wouldn't be able to do yoga with other people any more

  • Sukhjit Kaur
    Sukhjit Kaur

    I have applied it last month and it is like I applied it last day

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato

    I will bet you 100 dollars it will come off if does not come off 100 dollars (not actually lol) you can pay me now I need robux

  • BraveTheWave

    That glitter is going to make it last much longer though 😂 Also, my toe polish never chips like hers, it grows, and then when I get bored of it, I redo them. Normally after 3 months.

  • lal0v3 love
    lal0v3 love

    every time i see my brother scratched me i feel the pain the boy went when i scratched him

  • x xxDANCESxx x
    x xxDANCESxx x

    i remember the first video i watched on this channel was when she made a nail polish cake and made her bf or husband throw up...

  • Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
    Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity

    Looks like her toes some gained weight😂

  • Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
    Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity

    The longest ever that my toe nail polish stayed on was 4-5 months. I too got lazy to remove it so I let it stay on and chip off on its own 😳

  • Maduci Didi
    Maduci Didi

    Dont worry i have flat feey too

  • Marissa Zang
    Marissa Zang

    Old question: how long will toe nail polish last New question: How long will COVID last

  • Jackie Boyajyan
    Jackie Boyajyan

    why was this video so funny watching at 2 am

  • Dramione Worshipper
    Dramione Worshipper

    If I put nail polish on my hands I feels like it go after a month barely my toe nails though I can use the same polish it’ll stay on forever I don’t even remember when I put it o

  • Silly Kitty
    Silly Kitty

    My mom has realy slow growing toenails that for some reason have a lot of ridges (she won't tell me on that one) she's had the same nail polish on for 4 months and it hasent chipped just grown out a little

  • Elena Flynn
    Elena Flynn

    This was the first video of hers that I ever saw and I was so confused that I subscribed immediately

  • Douglas Deaton
    Douglas Deaton


  • Randi Landon
    Randi Landon

    One time mine stayed for like 5 months novlie

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    Ximena Noriega

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    Ximena Noriega


  • Ximena Noriega
    Ximena Noriega


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    Kadence Sutton

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  • Grey-Hood-girl

    What is the name of the shade she is wearing ? The blue on the miniature ? Please if someone know !

  • Abigail Siemens
    Abigail Siemens

    Did anyone get the greys anatomy joke when she was cutting her toes at 5:59 I mean 6:13

    • Abigail Siemens
      Abigail Siemens

      I mean 6:13

  • dirtbike bunny
    dirtbike bunny

    Love you Christine ❤️

  • Sarah Perkins
    Sarah Perkins

    It's funny but I actually will only paint my toenails at the beginning of summer and just touch them up until August and then really just ignore them unless it's to trim them or if I get a hangnail or something like that and I still have polish on them when I get ready for sandal season a year later. So its then that I will remove the polish and start over again. I live in New England so my sandal season is really only about 3 or 4 months if we're lucky. So I already knew that it would last a year and I normally have more polish than that left over at the end but I do touch it up for the 4 months of summer weather so that could be part of that.

  • SxnnyFlowxer_YT


  • SxnnyFlowxer_YT

    He should bet 20 doll hairs u should also bet 20 doll hairs

  • Beatrice Bumhead
    Beatrice Bumhead

    When he asks to send toe pics and he gets this

  • ・Pizza Puggs・
    ・Pizza Puggs・

    My dads stayed for 1 year and a half- He exposed his feet so much.

  • Mariya Sweet
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  • Mariya Sweet
    Mariya Sweet

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