The Worst Nail Art On the Internet (Simply Review)
2019 nail art is CANCELLED.
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  • Gay. baconYT2
    Gay. baconYT2

    10:25 My mind: **** B E A D S

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    Norma's adventures


  • Ellie and James Coyne
    Ellie and James Coyne

    Nail sunny arecweird

  • Nelle Salinas
    Nelle Salinas

    I like how I watch a bunch of nail art shiz and yet I only own one dollar tree nail polish bottle from 2012 smh

  • Nelle Salinas
    Nelle Salinas

    I feel ✨u n c o m f y✨

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W

    Is this the same printing machine you tried ,this one looks like the same machine ?

  • Manny Luna
    Manny Luna

    At 3:59 drag queens Rupaul, Willam, Trixie Mattel, and two others I can’t quite pin point on the bottom left of the video 🤣

  • Eliana Molina
    Eliana Molina

    :43-45 = ASMR

  • Jaslyn Roblox
    Jaslyn Roblox

    Cristeane : I think we found an account fo worst nail art in the world Me:I think we found the dumbest LV-home channel in the world Troom troom:AnYWayS

  • Lexa Marie
    Lexa Marie

    Should’ve tried nail art fails and worst nail art fails, there are so many bad ones lol

  • Hilla Ahonen
    Hilla Ahonen

    in almost every video of hers I hear "menchie. stop licking your bed."

  • Elani Elani
    Elani Elani

    Omg you look like stevey from shitts creek

  • 26 - Trisha Sandhu A
    26 - Trisha Sandhu A

    Woah that's so cool!!!!❤️😍

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    Allyssa Knack

    It is bad nail art 😄🤣🤣🤣

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    Miikayla Perez

    She said Stab a bitch

  • Chloe Hamilton
    Chloe Hamilton

    Her saying who is Olaf Every one saying ahhhhhhhhhh

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    Chicken Paws kookie

    What happens when you ran out contents ideas? This.

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    Fuzz Buzz


  • yeah ok sure
    yeah ok sure

    Lolllll on the birth nail the top comments were in Hebrew and I just kept staring at the screen not getting what's unusual



  • Emma Turner
    Emma Turner

    It you google weirdest nail art Simply Nailogical is the first one that comes up! 😂😂


    Hi I love your videos... my name is Emme

  • Emma Fries
    Emma Fries

    I looked at what was sensored with black glitter and I hate it is so inappropriate

  • Melanie W
    Melanie W

    Im watching this at 8.31 at night...

  • Orli Baker
    Orli Baker

    Her:Who is Olaf? Me: :0:0:0:0:0

  • d a d d y !
    d a d d y !

    imagine biting the teeth nails

    • Jessica S. Buchanan
      Jessica S. Buchanan


  • Frogger Spotter
    Frogger Spotter

    Hey if you wanna mess up a 🐜 ant mentality it put one in a like fish tank with some sugar and wait like an hour then let it loose 😄😃

  • Mimi K
    Mimi K

    Cristine is such a troll in the recent videos ive been watching, i half expected her to start looking at her old videos. 😄

  • Abby McCallum
    Abby McCallum

    Omgg where do I know that sound from that was near the start ahh when it said “ worst nail art on the internet? “ anyone know?

  • Mochi_King _07
    Mochi_King _07

    No one: Menchie: 👁👅👁🛌

  • Clover Wabbit
    Clover Wabbit

    the "stab a bitch" nail is my favorite

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato

    Olaf is the snowman from frozen I thought everyone knew that lol

  • Sunny C.
    Sunny C.

    I want my name back

  • Ekaterina Bolgova
    Ekaterina Bolgova

    Question: why did the gov make english so stupid

  • Brandy Anne
    Brandy Anne

    Her saying who’s Olaf killed me

  • Carol Mathis
    Carol Mathis

    OOOOOh brain nails! I heard you say it!

  • Tyler Albert
    Tyler Albert

    I love when she says....... BEN 🤗

  • •gacha x bella•
    •gacha x bella•

    Me: sitting in my bed Menchi licks bed... Me:😔🥺😔🥺♥️cute I wish I could not look like a freak when I lick my bed she look so cute ♥️

  • Gina Victoria
    Gina Victoria

    I kept waiting for cristine to start reacreating one of them the whole video ._.

  • Ariday Velazquez
    Ariday Velazquez

    We do not wear a hairnet while giving birth 🙃 I’m not sure about c-sections because I had a natural but induced labor but yeah

  • Stella Does Stuff
    Stella Does Stuff

    i dont know why i got so TRIGGERED when she said 'whos olaf?' HES THE BEST FRICKIN SNOWMAN EVER, THATS WHO HE IS

  • Malia Tortilla
    Malia Tortilla

    Today I got burned by Wendy’s chili.

  • Isla MacQueen
    Isla MacQueen

    I literally ran straight to the comments when I heard you say whose Olaf? Hopefully you were just joking 😤

  • Puggy Girl!!!!!!
    Puggy Girl!!!!!!

    It killed me when she said who’s Olaf? I love you simply nailogical

  • bovinegirl

    Actually... Birth... YUK!!! Not because of Nail Sunny but because I think birth is pretty gross all around. Why I'm still child free @40.

  • bovinegirl

    Ewww @ nose job the most.

  • bovinegirl

    The ring finger on tool hand was a flathead screwdriver

  • PiercedBitxh Aila
    PiercedBitxh Aila

    LV-home has been suggesting this video for a year now... &I’ve always ignored it... but now? I guess I’ll try just bc I’m tired of seeing it.

  • .

    I have the same starbucks cup!

  • Oh Look it’s a Burrito! 3,000
    Oh Look it’s a Burrito! 3,000

    Them: *Puts ants in nails* *AntsCanada Would like to know your location*

  • Alondra Molina sa
    Alondra Molina sa

    Or stab a Bitch 😂😂😂

  • Maggie Roberts
    Maggie Roberts

    Simply:Menchie stop licking your bed. Menchie:BUT IT CHIMKEN! MOM!!!!

  • lovely for you
    lovely for you

    i was watching this then got a notification that u posted on snap

  • Xayshalope

    The part where she has a stroke when they are drilling off the super long nails made me die so hard

  • ItsTempo Edits
    ItsTempo Edits

    How don’t know who is olaf

  • •Sweetly•

    I love your videos

  • SUPER SARA qxz
    SUPER SARA qxz

    4:23 looking at that color scheme and the sharp ends I think that's a Freddy Krueger inspired nail art, from A Nightmare On Elm Street

  • Kayla Gray
    Kayla Gray

    Christine Olaf is a snowman from a 2013 movie called frozen lol

  • ً

    10:58 PADS AND TAMPONS...? UM

  • Pearl pie
    Pearl pie

    *gasp*i learned that penis nails are a trend?!?!

  • Mireya Ramirez
    Mireya Ramirez

    Unpopular opinion: I kinda liked the oyster nails

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    Mahnoor Younis

    She didn't know who Olaf is😱😱😱😱

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    Ava Anderson

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    herve tshiyombo

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    damon gang boi

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    Pika Gamer girl 125

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  • sunnyy.

    5:43 idk how u call them but my grandpa used to fish with em

  • Marlene Ysip
    Marlene Ysip

    HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW OLAF FROM FROZEN! I’m heart broken....T^T

  • that music chic aka coco
    that music chic aka coco

    thank u for making me smile i was crying about john lennon earlier

  • • Milkshxke •
    • Milkshxke •

    7:57 Kylie Jenner who?

  • lola munchkin
    lola munchkin

    Who is olaf ?! What kind o question...? You hadn't watched frozen? It's a 2013 movie!and it has a sequel!!!!!!!!

  • China bajee Shaik
    China bajee Shaik

    Christine who is Olaf? Me being a frozen lover how do you not know who Olaf is !😱

  • SooYoung Lee
    SooYoung Lee

    I am dying lol she is so funny I love her!!!!

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day

    The thumb nail tho

  • Cookie-bear Pablo1279
    Cookie-bear Pablo1279

    Simplynail logical is a worse nail art Chanel

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    Eloïse Basso

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    Aoi Hoshiko

    "No Nail Sunny No Life" Game:👁👄👁 only weebs will understand

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    Melissa Lemus

    After crying for an hour this made my day better :)

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    Patricia Maxey

    Simply 2019:”Or stab a bitch.”.

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    Diya Dewitt


  • arianne1022

    The "I cut my nails and made Olaf" is funny

  • Dayla Day
    Dayla Day

    I would love to see you go to the absolute worst nail selon in your area

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    Amy Elrick

    From frozen

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    Jass W

    Olaf from Elsa! A cult classic

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    Sir Animosity

    It’s just not worth getting angry about it

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    twdg obsessed

    13:21 and thats why simply doesn't want kids

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    Rob Mullick

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    Mirjana Nikolic

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    You should react to “ugly to pretty nails” I know it’s a mean name but it’s very satisfying

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    i hate how people kill ants everyday and get angry when someone trap ants in their nails 🙄

    • 「artsyplantzz」

      ikr like,,,theyre just ants

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  • Dariela Valdez
    Dariela Valdez

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    Riley H

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    The Apple

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    6 E 150019 SANJANA MENTE

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    Rosa Farrell's Life in Random

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    Daniella Hunt

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    Pepper Spikes

    i think the puns she made in this video are some of my favorites of all the puns she’s made