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Guess this whole channel is a ~*~SIMulation~*~
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  • Chelsea Hall
    Chelsea Hall

    She is so great as simply gamelogical

  • Drey_ Tv
    Drey_ Tv

    Did she get this pet pass for FREE?

  • Doorway Sniffer
    Doorway Sniffer

    Cristine please play the sims 2 instead, I think you would enjoy it much more since its actually difficult

  • thetazzclass

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  • Esla 188
    Esla 188

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  • Chelsea Hall
    Chelsea Hall


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    Remember when this was a nail Channel -Ben from a other video

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    Maisie the sloth

    Dont do the totorials

  • nasty one
    nasty one


  • girljrt

    My new fave channel!!!! Nail art brought me here but your personality made me stay! Lol T.T

  • Jennifer Matherne
    Jennifer Matherne

    Where is our part 2?

  • Amy Ezop
    Amy Ezop

    why did ben’s sim voice sound like cristine’s dad

  • cloudy night
    cloudy night

    uhh girl you really said " im soory I need to dress you it takes time" hahahah

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    10:57 im starting to understand why i never heard of this game before based on the level of social in the game

  • derek

    1:09 black mirror anyone? XD

  • Alisana Darling
    Alisana Darling

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 Cristine: how do you win this game? Me: there's no winning the game😂😂

  • Pastel Fox
    Pastel Fox

    The sim: slow vagila Christine: slow vagina yep that's it

  • Loving LMAC
    Loving LMAC

    I'm gonna need a series simply

  • isqbella

    I remember when this was uploaded lol

  • Ellie Animates
    Ellie Animates

    Cristine was really sleeping on how pretty she actually is

  • Madelynn g World
    Madelynn g World

    They talk simish

  • Zoe Edwards
    Zoe Edwards

    When she put the down makeup on her sim I was looking at her face expecting it to appear there 😂😂😂😂 is that bad? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  • Annie Chrysanthou
    Annie Chrysanthou

    PlAy animal crossing plz.

  • Doofs

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  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    The helpless advertisement intralysosomally tie because belt intialy smoke out a joyous peony. stereotyped, puny home

  • Vikitty XD
    Vikitty XD

    I can relate with the no finding your hair thing. My hair is longer than Cristin's and is also kinda flat

  • Fxrnweh

    Should we tell her there's a way to make tea.🍵🍵🍵

  • Phersephøn Nølthstin
    Phersephøn Nølthstin

    What version of The Sims is this does anybody know?

    • Spooky seasonn
      Spooky seasonn

      Sims 4 cats and dogs

  • Ema Košir
    Ema Košir

    Brooo when is she gonna blink with her eyelid😳

  • kitty levins
    kitty levins

    Yo I was so lost I thought Alex's name was greet 😂 I forgot greet was a word

  • {Sunny}

    me watching this: I NEED TO HELP HER!!

  • Michaela Wood
    Michaela Wood

    Can cristine bring this back? This is great

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    Blazej jeka

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  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The male mirror neurally pray because sunflower uncommonly bless out a overrated trip. outstanding, public sousaphone

  • mars

    8:09 pretty sure menchi is way chubbier

  • Layaa Eche'
    Layaa Eche'

    Hi I am your biggest fan ever and like I love your videos so much that I can watch them every day like four months a year and a day

  • Fiona draws
    Fiona draws

    I didn't get the sims till 2020 but cats and dog used to be free? Now its 20 dollars plus a extra 10 dollar set to go with it

  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    The courageous colt histomorphometrically juggle because business clinicopathologically bolt between a wacky rocket. public, ruddy jogging

  • ZK Y
    ZK Y

    Holo, there's an Influencer career 🙆🏾‍♀️ I think an extension pack. And you can check fan creations in the Gallery if you know the fans' game names or just search SimplyNailogical

  • Nightwolf 1121
    Nightwolf 1121

    Im commin for ya holo

  • Derek O'Connor
    Derek O'Connor

    At 7:10 I was waiting for your Sim to get on the computer and start playing The Sims again

  • Jagai Mandal
    Jagai Mandal

    I want to say that you should play roblox

  • Jagai Mandal
    Jagai Mandal

    The walking is so funny 🤣🤣🤣 I was laughing the whole video for the walk 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ocean Breezeyy
    Ocean Breezeyy

    12:07 I don’t know why that made me laugh so hard. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Irene katsa
    Irene katsa


  • Luci MacKrelle
    Luci MacKrelle

    As someone who's been playing video games since she was 9, The Sims since she was 12, seeing someone about her age play this for the first time is WEIRD. Would LOVE a series of Simply playing popular games for the first time. Maybe over on Ben's channel? :3

  • Pandagurl364

    I think ive watched this but i dont basically brand new content!

  • Spooky Sparky
    Spooky Sparky

    You remind me of laurenzside

  • stonecold wolfqueen
    stonecold wolfqueen

    Should we tel her that the language is called simlish 😂😂😂

  • Rose _Lee
    Rose _Lee

    NGL, just made me want to download Sims again... why? 😂

  • Lizarkت

    You end the game by having ChiLdReN

  • Crimson Flower
    Crimson Flower

    holy shiet i laugh every time im watching this

  • GamerGirlsRule1771

    Is that a pool?!*gasp* THATS THE BIGGEST POOL EVE-oh wait that’s a river .-.

  • iPatch

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  • Mel Rocek
    Mel Rocek

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  • Simple Cherry
    Simple Cherry

    You I look tired and old Me bc you are

  • Carmen De Santos
    Carmen De Santos

    holo, u should make an among us vid

  • Madyson chanel
    Madyson chanel

    What computer are you using because I can't get it on mine i have a chrome book

  • Lazari {Creepypasta} devil, human hybrid
    Lazari {Creepypasta} devil, human hybrid

    Am I the only one that forgot about this video??

  • Suki Holmes
    Suki Holmes

    make jen and you dad

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    10:57 I'm literally DEAD

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    Allyssa Knack

    The sims character looks exactly like you 🤣🤣

  • LaNozomi

    I want more videos when you play Sims 4 !! T_T

  • LillieX

    Oh my goddd I'm cringing because every LV-home over the age of 20 don't know how to play the sims

  • J

    Lmao yall remember the movie Little Nicky? Why does her sim character give those vibes when it walks?!?!🤣🤣

  • Terra Storm
    Terra Storm

    why is this hilarious 😂

  • rat lord
    rat lord

    when she put the subtitles on when the sims were dancing i lost it

  • Lilyen Crandall
    Lilyen Crandall

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  • Lily Davis
    Lily Davis

    As of when writing this, this video came out exactly 1 year ago

  • simply snailogical
    simply snailogical

    “Slow vagina, yea sure” - cristine 2019

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    sharmilla natad

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  • Yuh


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    Katrina Hosteen

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    Brailyn Stewart

    she turned british im soory

  • Ethan Schlosser
    Ethan Schlosser

    Second episode?

  • Monica Reisch
    Monica Reisch

    “Oh we have thick a body type first EH!”

  • Alea Pacheco
    Alea Pacheco

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  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    Anyone gonna talk about the intro...

  • Aroha Te moananui
    Aroha Te moananui

    Is she trying to redo and finally be cool

    • Aroha Te moananui
      Aroha Te moananui


  • Erika Banderas
    Erika Banderas

    Me watching this old video because I have nothing else to do lol also beeeeennnn I want teaaaaa to hah

  • Layla

    Srry and eh Cristine is the most Canadian that I've ever heard.

  • little-did-sheknow

    When she translates the simlish I CANT

  • last first
    last first

    i deeply cringed at the nail polish thing

  • Justine Jayco
    Justine Jayco

    i died at glossy necks

  • Elisa Venya
    Elisa Venya

    No offense but whenever I look up any internet celebrity sim in the gallery. Well to me they all look the same and nothing like the actual internet celebrity or LV-homer. I feel like people make them to what looks ideal to them and not what they actually look like.

  • Raigen Huss
    Raigen Huss

    Did anyone else get sad when Sim Ben was uncomfortable? Just me? Okay 😞

  • Rayna MacKinnon-Morris
    Rayna MacKinnon-Morris

    your much prettier than ur sim

  • I'm a heck
    I'm a heck

    SIMply Nailogical

  • EmilyGame Plays
    EmilyGame Plays

    In this game you can rescue and adopt cats and dogs if you go to bridelton bay to the light house and you have to have a good relationship with them to adopt them ... stay safe and can you download custom content please and do a second part please . Part 2 ... stay safe love ya 💗💓💕🐈🐈

  • Erin Fulford
    Erin Fulford

    Cristine:“I’m done with roommates I’m thirty years old” The friends cast: 👁👄👁

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    Ashley.M miller

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    Lala Hhhh

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  • Hailey Irene
    Hailey Irene

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    Angelic Knight

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  • QueenLemon


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    The language sims speak is called simolean idk how to spell it

  • růžová brambora
    růžová brambora

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    TheSuperDolphin Gaming

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