Testing Steam-off Nail Polish Remover
Today I blindly shove my hands into a dark alien dome and pray that my nails don't get vaporized!
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  • Kaila Fiallos
    Kaila Fiallos

    Me: Wanting the machine to beep so Ben will be quiet. No one: .....

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    GG - 04CM 838222 Conestoga PS

    🙏 BEN

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  • ShadowSorcerer

    They do have medicine for eczema When i was little I had it around my nose so i went to the doctor and he prescribed me a cream and within like a year or two it was gone..

  • Butta Smooth
    Butta Smooth

    your not suppose to touch the acetone at the bottom x_X

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  • duck telepathy
    duck telepathy

    I actually find steaming nails off to be the best way for me to remove dip acrylic or fake nails. But I’m cheap, so I just pour a little acetone in a plastic baggie, set it in a bowl of warm water, and stick my hand in the bag along with a paper towel. It’s not as fancy as a machine but 3 minutes later, clean nails! 😂

  • See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!
    See my Yandere playlist and look out 4 updates!

    12:55 me when my bf starts talking about Dnd XD

  • Knara Knara
    Knara Knara

    They have tried and failed just wanna say thank you to *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM my account has been recovered from my haters

  • Knara Knara
    Knara Knara

    They have tried and failed just wanna say thank you to *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM my account has been recovered from my haters

  • California Doll
    California Doll

    To much unnecessary talking and trying to be funny. Just get to the point!

  • Sara Grace
    Sara Grace

    Funny how I just got an add for this on Snapchat and ran to your channel to see if you’ve done a video for it yet says a lot about me

  • Bre Mue
    Bre Mue

    Can you use the Holo Taco Base coat with Acrylic/dip polish too?? I mainly use these but would love to not be so harsh on my nails taking them off

  • Brianna Hampton
    Brianna Hampton

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    Hailey B.

    Wow Ben is such a good boyfriend 🤣 the fact that he's even just agreed at this point to let her paint his nails this many times without even needing an explanation is real commitment 🤣

  • Stephanie Meyer
    Stephanie Meyer

    I have a steam off thing. I’m not sure about the one you have but mine says not to actually touch the acetone. So it will steam it off without coming into full blown contact with the nails like a cotton ball and foil.

  • Rosita Tayari
    Rosita Tayari

    Now they have a podcast

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    Rosie Jost

    I’ve named my newborn baby quail (chicken) after you...

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    EVHR Ah

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    Heidi Talbot

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    Heidi Talbot

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    Joshi Joshi

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  • Joshi Joshi
    Joshi Joshi

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  • Miss B
    Miss B

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  • Miss B
    Miss B

    I've been to nail salons that do a bowl of warm diluted acetone

  • Aadyasha

    Steam: Exists Cristine: I cAn HeAr YoU

  • junk0_3noshima_


  • ChocolateAndTea UwU
    ChocolateAndTea UwU

    If your using acetone for this 😲😲😲 Oof this will go into your lungs and is really not good

  • VånaiilaΔwaffer

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    Hėłłø Gåçhä

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    Qutub Kothari

    The moment I heard her talk about human hands i knew she was gonna say beyyyyyyynnnnn

  • Summer Barnes
    Summer Barnes

    Your fingers are not supposed to touch the acetone

  • alli bernardini
    alli bernardini

    for my excema i make a homemade lotion that consists of 2 tablespoons sweet almond oil 1 tablespoon beeswax 2 tablespoon shea butter essential oils if you want now boil those in a jar in a pot of boiling water then put that in a tub since i used this mixture i dont have excema anymore and if any spots show up put this lotion on it once a day :)

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    Tijana Djokic

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    florence lampron

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    Akshra Dube

    In an operation theatre... Me while a surgery by a doctor... 0:57 Doctor: You have 48 seconds to live Me: watches this ...... OMG!! Doctor: I don't want people telling me a fake doctor!! I'll Hide!! ...... Doctor after 5 minutes..... Entered the room.... Doctor: You still alive bro? Me: 17:09

  • Nana _ Sachi
    Nana _ Sachi

    Thanks Ben, i'm studying that in my economics class 👌🏻

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    Hareena Minnu

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    Karen Sc

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  • Alejandra Quesada
    Alejandra Quesada

    Christine you know that breathing in nail polish remover for too long can probably kill you

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    Stuti Jain

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    Orla Blakey

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    Dutchess Of Salt

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    Yes its true I'm an ARMY

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    Jaclyn Jenkins

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    Trash Animations

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  • Elyssa Silverstein
    Elyssa Silverstein

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  • Elyssa Silverstein
    Elyssa Silverstein

    your intro & outro of the polish dripping is so satisfying !!!! 😍😍

  • PandaGirl


  • masu M
    masu M

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    Catherine Rose


  • Catherine Rose
    Catherine Rose


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    Chicken Paws kookie

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    ꧁AnnZ Draws꧂

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    Pure Trash The Dead Fish

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    Tim Olana

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    Damsel in Distress

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