I Googled Myself and found the tea
They say to find yourself by looking inwards but why not look it up on Google
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  • Rumman Raya
    Rumman Raya


  • Kazi Nawroz
    Kazi Nawroz

    i guess christine being a child actress at first maked u confertable infront of camera. just imagine her being camera shy i don't think she will be that comfertable and funny. thanks cristine

  • Noel TheTree
    Noel TheTree

    6:20 verbal tic: calls a "topcoat" a "taco". No she calls it a glossy taco get your shit together. (Also not really what a vocal tic is but ok.)

  • Kirstie Samnath
    Kirstie Samnath

    i love your videos simply nailogical

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    Niczka W

    You kinda look like one of the twins from I think „patent trap” Im not sure if that’s the name of the movie but I loooooooove it and you kinda look like one of them

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    Kara Flame

    so around 10:24 ish it says that Cristine's total grade on social blade is a A- now its a B+ what has changed?

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    Ari's Edits

    OMG this was posted on my birthday last year!! (just a funfact ig)

  • xxpretty_sheepxx

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  • Loren Whidby
    Loren Whidby

    Cristine is so sweet. She's an undercover good person. Underneath the dark humor and swearing wool chrysalis, there is a beautiful Canadian butterfly. Never change.

  • Yihan Qin
    Yihan Qin

    All hail tea lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aishwarya Teddy

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  • Mcky McObvious
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    I'm completely terrified of googling myself, I literally don't want to know

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    Bts fan #7

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    Chili Women

    Where is her hoodie from?

    • Chili Women
      Chili Women

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    Jackie Jaj

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    • Kelsey

      The hoodie is not her merch. I'm pretty sure is from Teddy Fresh

  • cotton :3
    cotton :3


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    Dilip Dhanecha

    Cristine is a libra like meeeeeee.

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    Rebeka Pusztai

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    Rebeka Pusztai

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