I Googled Myself and found the tea
They say to find yourself by looking inwards but why not look it up on Google
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    Leona Morrissey

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    Heyy bitch

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    Dove Jensen

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    Dove Jensen

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    Ekra Ali

    you are bron on 1988 and my mom too and i am her daughter of 11 years 😂 you and my mom are of same age .I love you nail art video lots of love from India ❤️

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    Wild thigz

    Tbh, you should maybe stay away from reddit. It's really toxic and people are really mean for no reason. I posted a picture of my kitten (on a leash) in our backyard and someone started saying I don't care about the environment and that she was running around killing birds and fish. I posted it on a sub reddit about cats :(

  • Phoebe’s Fish tanks
    Phoebe’s Fish tanks

    Cristen, one of the reasons we really love you is because you talk to us like we’re your friends not your customers (even though most of us are holo taco customers) and of course we love your cats 😊and you

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    emmy Rain

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    Iva Fisher

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    Corinne Gordon

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    Desire van Graan

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    Charlotte Whitney

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    Reddit has a problem with misogyny. You don't like girly feminine stuff, your content is about being fun & "quirky" rather than being classically "pretty" (which is kind of boring), and you work in STEM. you're basically reddit's ideal woman. The fact you don't want to get married or have kids takes you into reddit goddess territory.

  • きょ

    i just feel like cristine thinks she's gonna have a lot of hate, but what is there to hate? there are no strong political opinions on this channel, she doesn't talk about sensitive topic, she is mature, she doesn't get into drama with other famous people, she has a dayjob, she's a hard worker, and if you like her videos she's fun and entertaining, but if you don't there really isn't much you can complain about her channel. stan an unproblematic queen.

  • Lisa Leone
    Lisa Leone

    I know this is an old video but wanted to say..... I found you through Safiya and I'm surprised I didn't find you sooner since I love nail art, booty gooroos, science, debunking (both the kind where you challenge a claim AND the kind where you just kick people out of bed), childrens' toys, tea, overnight oats, snark, and last but NEVER least.... kittehs!!!!. I think you're hilarious and engaging and relatable. Which I guess means I am also completely insane? Oh, and I have a peelie collection. Not a whole bag, mind you, but I do have some from special occasions that other people find it weird that I saved. Oh well. We don't need those kinds of people in our lives. Thank you, kindred spirit!

  • Bradley Byrne
    Bradley Byrne

    I feel like Ben and Julien are on the opposite ends of the Aries spectrum

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    Iva Fisher

    Honestly I really respect how she is open about money and her finances. She isn’t a youtuber who is bragging about how much she makes but she also isn’t trying to down play it and act like she doesn’t make money off it. It’s really refreshing to see.

  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    "I bet none of you remember the commercials I was in" I live in France, and the secrets game thing ad ran for so long, my sister and I quoted it for years! Your ads shall never be forgotten Cristine

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    Kazi Nawroz

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    Noel TheTree

    6:20 verbal tic: calls a "topcoat" a "taco". No she calls it a glossy taco get your shit together. (Also not really what a vocal tic is but ok.)

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    Kirstie Samnath

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    that one Narnian

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