I Instruct My Boyfriend To Paint My Nails But In French
Aide-moi à me débarrasser de mon copain 😇
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  • Feubrune

    Re: the "neither male nor female" question. First my credentials: I'm non-binary, and while I was born in Germany, I lived in France for about 13 years, so I'm fluent in French, though it's a bit rusty since I moved back to Germany. Also, I'm doing my best to explain it as well as I can for those who don't speak French. There is no formally accepted gender neutral pronoun. As far as the académie française is concerned, there is only male and female. However, what Ben said about the gender binary is true, and so we've invented ways to refer to people in a gender neutral way. There is no "they/them" pronoun in French, but we do use neopronouns. The most common one is "iel", which is a combination of "il" (he) and "elle" (she). There are other ones, such as ael, ol, ille, but they're less common. "iel" is the most widely accepted one. Actually, Twitter has started incorporating "iel" into its French site recently, instead of writing "il/elle". Now, in French, every adjective and some verbs have a different ending depending on the gender of the noun, and again, traditionally, there's only male and female endings. Let's take an easy example: the adjective "petit", meaning small or young. The male form is "petit", the female form is "petite". What we do is just kinda mashing both forms together, and separating the male and female endings with a dot. So we would write "petit.e" instead of "petit/petite". This only really works in writing, though. When speaking, personally, I use the male form to refer to myself, because it's considered "less gendered" than the female form, if that makes sense? So when speaking, I'd say "quand j'étais petit" (when I was younger), but in writing I'd use "quand j'étais petit.e". /** Side note: the male form is considered gender neutral in a way because the male plural form of an adjective is used as an all encompassing plural form. For example, when there's a group with only men, you'd say "Ils sont petits". (They're small/short). When it's a group with only women, you'd say "Elles sont petites" (They're small/short). However, when there's both men and women, even when there's more women then men (even when there's only one man and the others are women), you always default to the male form and male plural pronoun. This is something that some of us try to avoid, though, and for a group with mixed genders, we started using the pronoun "iels" (a combination of "ils" and "elles") and the gender neutral form of the adjective. **/ This can get a bit clunky with longer adjectives, for example "heureux", which means happy. The male form is "heureux", and the female form is "heureuse", so the mashed together gender neutral form would be "heureux.se". But we don't have anything else at the moment and probably never will. Also, what I and a lot of other non-binary people tend to do is avoid using gendered language altogether. There are adjectives, for example, where the male and female form is the same. "jeune", for example, which means young. So, instead of saying "quand j'étais petit.e", I'll favor "quand j'étais jeune" because it flows better. This isn't always possible though, and requires a lot of mental gymnastics at times. So yeah, that was your short lesson on using gender neutral language in gendered langauges.

    • Lillian O'Bannon
      Lillian O'Bannon

      I'm taking french in school right now and I have always wondered how non-binary people refer to themselves in french so this was really interesting and informative. Thank you :)

    • Kayleigh

      Feubrune - Thank you so much for explaining this! My French teacher didn’t know an answer but now I have one! I am a female but one of my friends isn’t. Fortunaly we live in a country where the words don’t really have a gender :) Edit: I am Dutch for people wondering :)

    • Stephanie J
      Stephanie J

      oy that's a lot to keep track of

    • Valentine Candela
      Valentine Candela

      @Maggy from France ça se démocratise de plus en plus, apprends le c'est cool pour bien genrer 👌

    • Bruh

      Feubrune I wonder if there’s also some way that none binary Spanish people use. I have a friend who is gender fluid, (they use they/them pronouns btw) and we’re both currently taking Spanish as a second language. They also plan on using Spanish and visiting Spain in the future. There is a word for none binary in Spanish, but just like most things in the language it’s gendered.

  • Freya Larsen
    Freya Larsen

    My langue is parfait

  • Tyler Nolen
    Tyler Nolen

    Apparently, non-binary people don’t really have a gender-neutral word to use for theirselves in France- and some other places- for that reason, so I’ve heard. I know, it’s dumb; glad there’s still something good for us in America.

  • Cookie Gal
    Cookie Gal

    "A lot of French words are gendered" Same thing with Spanish. For example the sky, the sun, the sea, and male while the moon, the stars, the earth, are female. Though what is odd is the "Cielo", the sky, is gendered as male yet it's a female name in Spanish. This is why a white receptionist woman at my school thought I was a boy when she read my name but didn't look at my school ID picture or my school info. So I ended up on the male nomination ballot for Homecoming my freshman year.

  • Berta 009
    Berta 009

    La ventana, la silla, el objeto

  • Malika Brabant
    Malika Brabant

    im a french canadien and this made my day especially when ben said are you the cheese

  • Daphné Doris Auger
    Daphné Doris Auger

    J'adore ton accent, trop mignon! So cute to see you trying to speak french, not bad at all, love your accent! From your french canadian neighbour, xx

  • Anna m
    Anna m

    Am I the only one who lowkeye thinks that they sound like they are speaking Simlish...?

  • Kiera Marshall
    Kiera Marshall

    Ben when he was doing the ‘I, you, we, he, she etc.’ thing with the verbs, as well as him always referencing cheese, for some reason has me in histerics. We need more of french Ben!!!

  • Hillevi Tjarks
    Hillevi Tjarks

    "in french every word is gendered!" me, a german: ohoho do i have new for you

  • Hands off my macaroni
    Hands off my macaroni

    “Are you the *c h e e s e* ?” “Perfect like the *y o g u r t* “

  • Laili Bree
    Laili Bree

    Pleaseeeeeee do this again!!!!

  • •LilieGvs•

    merci pour cette vidéo c'est genial de voir des personnes qui parlent habituellement anglais essayer de parler francais je me suis bien amusée a la regarder ! thank you for this video it's great to see people who usually speak english try to speak french i had fun watching it!

  • Nervous Toucan
    Nervous Toucan

    8:30 Ben your Aries is showing.

  • Labeaute Acessible
    Labeaute Acessible

    Watching this as a native French is HI-LA-RIOUS !

  • Hadley John
    Hadley John


  • Loz Brook
    Loz Brook

    Did anyone translate the french sentence in the description lol nvm it was 'help me get rid of my boyfriend'

  • Kimberleyske

    Je suis trop contente !! Ma langue maternelle 😍😍😍😍😍

  • De Konijnenwinkel
    De Konijnenwinkel

    im 0% Frens but my dother is 5% Frens 95% dutch ;w;

  • J Downs
    J Downs

    ben conjugates every noun like the kid who clearly didn't do his homework and has to give his answers to the class.

  • Toffs Rose
    Toffs Rose

    Honestly Spanish has a few words that are like Spanish..

  • Temika Mackintosh
    Temika Mackintosh

    Me australian learning french. Yes it is je suis dessolè

  • Zahava Kaplan
    Zahava Kaplan

    They look like they have so much fun

  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith

    Gatineau/Hull is definitely not romantic lol

  • Kiiten Giirl
    Kiiten Giirl

    christine: how do you say meal in french? beyn: me remove she remove he remove we remove you remove they remove (etc)

  • Lolli

    ben just randomly conjugating has messed up the language for me

  • alo

    lmao the conjugation got me

  • strawberry cow
    strawberry cow

    As someone who speaks Spanish YES everything is female like why la casa like why is a house Female why is la sala A LIVING ROOM FEMALE?? Why is la créeme FEMALE ¿PORQUE UNA Y CREMA NIÑA??? *panics in Spanish*

  • bat c4t
    bat c4t

    They only other laungage I can speak is German and it's just one phrase Dein augen sind wie sternee (dine ow-gen sin-ed win sh-ty-ner) which translates into your eyes are like stars

  • Ender Floof
    Ender Floof

    I'm also Canadian. And I stopped taking french in grade 6 because it was difficult for me to learn it as a secondary language.

  • Léa

    I'm French and it's soooooo funny omg 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hope 3
    Hope 3

    I've watched this video like 5 times and I laugh every time

  • jade

    talking about the gendered thing,, I have a Spanish speaking family, and its also gendered there so as a genderfluid person Idk how to use certain words as in "encantada(o)" (nice to meet you)

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie

    English is my second language and my brain is so confused that I sometimes think in English too xD

  • Josh Hammond
    Josh Hammond

    Ben in English: a simplydadlogical taxman Ben in French: L'ARIES!!

  • Rosemary Metallic
    Rosemary Metallic


  • Karzeł XD
    Karzeł XD

    What the why is my name in french Peut lol

  • Shalene Theron
    Shalene Theron

    I speak 3 languages 🤗

  • Shalene Theron
    Shalene Theron

    Le tea Pronounce like l’été

  • Lyora Cohen
    Lyora Cohen

    Hello you two, I would like to say that I follow you guys since 4 years and as a French, this video was hilarious. And for the "gender for objects" there's no real reason probably prettier pronounced like that. Voilà 👀

  • Rebah Solomon
    Rebah Solomon

    Aren’t there languages out there that have neuter pronouns? I know Latin had neuter declensions, but not sure if any modern Romance languages (or other languages) do. Maybe French could adopt a neuter pronoun for non-gender identifiers?

  • Jane Lee
    Jane Lee

    Taco brillant

    • Jane Lee
      Jane Lee

      it is a glossy taco in french

  • Amélie Perron
    Amélie Perron

    Le Quebec est tellement une belle province 😍

  • SaltyPlayer Noob
    SaltyPlayer Noob

    My favorite part has to be at 12:00

  • Pads

    Romans decided the words’ gender! 😂 and now all romanic languages (French, for example) are gendered. It sucks, because you can’t really adapt it for non-binary people (or just, you know. If there’s a group of men and women, you refer to group only in masculine... Language teachers try to convince us masculine can be used as neutral, but I think it’s ✨bullshit✨) like you can in English (they/them, and neutral adjectives).

  • Allyson Smith
    Allyson Smith

    3:36 I'm a French Canadian from Québec and I approuve Ben's message

  • Myra

    I watched this again and I think in the beginning I heard zyler in the background, and 2nd half of the video was full of menchie, love that!

  • The Skyrim Inquisitor
    The Skyrim Inquisitor

    Hmm the chair is also female in serbian but the table is male. The more you know

  • hiimtokyo

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  • trinity the trombone
    trinity the trombone

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  • Clea Jakubczak
    Clea Jakubczak

    Your accent are so cute haha

  • Mi ya
    Mi ya

    Je parle littéralement français quasiment toute ma vie, mais je ne peux m'empêcher de lire le sous-titrage 😂

  • Lia Lee
    Lia Lee

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  • emma3400 emma3400
    emma3400 emma3400

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  • Chinchira

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  • Pseudonym Cosplay
    Pseudonym Cosplay

    AlIeNs ArE eXtRaOrDiNaRy

  • Katelyn Smith
    Katelyn Smith

    I don’t know anything of the french language except for a few words, but I did learn spanish for 3 years. It was really interesting to hear words that sounded similar lol

  • Alexis Bor
    Alexis Bor

    Things are also gendered in Spanish, that’s why English is easier for almost every non-english speaking country hahaha you don’t have to learn the gender of every object around you

  • JadeInABox

    Funnily enough, I think Ben's accent is more accurate than Cristine's, though Cristine has much better vocabulary and communication.

  • Whim_si_cal

    you also know that fallout song where its starts with ''boys, Boys!'' just me translating it to garcon, garcon! and i feel like im the typical handlebar moustache villian

  • Whim_si_cal

    i am currently in a french class course 1 and my teacher is doing it from home so at school we have to watch a zoom call on the presenter but i love french and i am genderfluid but prefer they/them or he/him and i got a little stressed when i learned that all nouns (and so on other words) are either feminine or masculine and yeah so im so glad that the pinned comment on this video is so thoughtful

  • Jordan Krys
    Jordan Krys

    See, I speak ALBERTA french. Which is like... France french with Canadian words mixed in but I sound like I’m the most provincial farmboy. It’s... terrible....

  • Apollo The Wolf
    Apollo The Wolf

    I got kinda annoyed that Ben pronounced "tu" like to, two, or too in English. *Looks at my progress in Busuu* I'm only 3% fluent in French...

  • Yvette Branch
    Yvette Branch

    Cristine: Hablando francés Yo que aprendí un poquito de español: 👁👄👁

  • Tiffany Leclair
    Tiffany Leclair

    Just to confuse everyone, the french made the vagina a male pronoun.. "le vagin" ..do with this what you will :p

    • Rebecca Kolisnyk
      Rebecca Kolisnyk

      o.0 that is mind boggling. But an interesting fact

  • Maïa Aa
    Maïa Aa

    Je suis française et je suis morte de rire vous êtes adorables (T.T ) (I’m french and I laughed so hard you’re so adorable (ToT))

  • Vasundhra

    French is actually my 2 1/2th language lol...My mother tongue is Hindi, I know English as the 2nd language and I know a little bit of French so 1/2 ❤️❤️

  • Verity Newcomb
    Verity Newcomb

    what is fax machine?

  • Chocolatine LPS
    Chocolatine LPS

    Well unfortunately in French there are only two genders. Because even plural has a gender. So you can’t identify without a gender in French, that’s why I prefer English, it’s even easier because objects have no gender in English....I’m better at English then French, and I’ve been speaking French my whole life...if that’s not a good example of how complicated French is, I don’t know what it is....

  • Cassandre B
    Cassandre B

    C'est fou que leur vision du français soit aussi calqué sur la France... alors qu'il y a une culture française québécoise aussi riche dans leur propre pays!!! Ça démontre bien la relation que le Canada et le Québec entretient 😒

  • Vera Shek
    Vera Shek

    i dont know why but cristine saying “bonjour, mon cherie” (idek if i spelt that right but you get the gist) gave me chills lol

  • Laurle

    In polish everything has gender so for me it's nothing special when another language also has it

  • Minty

    In Russian (also a gendered language) the words have a gender based on how they end. e.g. words ending in -о -ое are usually neutral gendered, -а -я ending words are usually female and -и -им are usually male.

  • fuck2016

    French is gorgeous even though they are joking it sounds so lovely

  • Cookiee _
    Cookiee _

    İts actually hard for us frenchs too 😂 For example when there is a groupe of 99 female and just 1 male, we still say “ils” which means male them 😂 So french is sexist too 😂

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    Ferdous A. Hossain

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    Noemie Lestage

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  • Canalul cu Detoate al Alyssei
    Canalul cu Detoate al Alyssei

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  • P M
    P M

    you can say « iel » for a non binary person, it is a mix of il (he) and elle (she) but we don’t use it for objects

  • Dounia Rajab
    Dounia Rajab

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  • Ari

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    Shelby King

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    Silver Nightcore

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  • BluePhoenix2p

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  • Okami mata
    Okami mata

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  • fussick

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  • Jérôme Calamia
    Jérôme Calamia

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    Marlem Alfaro

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  • Violet Catriona
    Violet Catriona

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  • Sarah Moores
    Sarah Moores

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  • Marilou Chagnon
    Marilou Chagnon

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  • Petar Bogdanović
    Petar Bogdanović

    Words that are written the samen(or have the same pronunciation) are called homonyms. In Serbian it's even worse then in French. We have the word "luk" meaning either onion, arch or bow (weapon)... Yeah i don't know who decided on those words.

  • ksoo.smile

    I don't speak french but this video is very funny! If some of you two knows how to talk in italian, I could never feel offended as italian people, I am. Btw this is a great video! Love and support from ITALY

  • Deolinda Rosa Do Vale
    Deolinda Rosa Do Vale

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  • Tessie Desmarais Lafrance
    Tessie Desmarais Lafrance

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