I Instruct My Boyfriend To Paint My Nails But In French
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  • Feubrune

    Re: the "neither male nor female" question. First my credentials: I'm non-binary, and while I was born in Germany, I lived in France for about 13 years, so I'm fluent in French, though it's a bit rusty since I moved back to Germany. Also, I'm doing my best to explain it as well as I can for those who don't speak French. There is no formally accepted gender neutral pronoun. As far as the académie française is concerned, there is only male and female. However, what Ben said about the gender binary is true, and so we've invented ways to refer to people in a gender neutral way. There is no "they/them" pronoun in French, but we do use neopronouns. The most common one is "iel", which is a combination of "il" (he) and "elle" (she). There are other ones, such as ael, ol, ille, but they're less common. "iel" is the most widely accepted one. Actually, Twitter has started incorporating "iel" into its French site recently, instead of writing "il/elle". Now, in French, every adjective and some verbs have a different ending depending on the gender of the noun, and again, traditionally, there's only male and female endings. Let's take an easy example: the adjective "petit", meaning small or young. The male form is "petit", the female form is "petite". What we do is just kinda mashing both forms together, and separating the male and female endings with a dot. So we would write "petit.e" instead of "petit/petite". This only really works in writing, though. When speaking, personally, I use the male form to refer to myself, because it's considered "less gendered" than the female form, if that makes sense? So when speaking, I'd say "quand j'étais petit" (when I was younger), but in writing I'd use "quand j'étais petit.e". /** Side note: the male form is considered gender neutral in a way because the male plural form of an adjective is used as an all encompassing plural form. For example, when there's a group with only men, you'd say "Ils sont petits". (They're small/short). When it's a group with only women, you'd say "Elles sont petites" (They're small/short). However, when there's both men and women, even when there's more women then men (even when there's only one man and the others are women), you always default to the male form and male plural pronoun. This is something that some of us try to avoid, though, and for a group with mixed genders, we started using the pronoun "iels" (a combination of "ils" and "elles") and the gender neutral form of the adjective. **/ This can get a bit clunky with longer adjectives, for example "heureux", which means happy. The male form is "heureux", and the female form is "heureuse", so the mashed together gender neutral form would be "heureux.se". But we don't have anything else at the moment and probably never will. Also, what I and a lot of other non-binary people tend to do is avoid using gendered language altogether. There are adjectives, for example, where the male and female form is the same. "jeune", for example, which means young. So, instead of saying "quand j'étais petit.e", I'll favor "quand j'étais jeune" because it flows better. This isn't always possible though, and requires a lot of mental gymnastics at times. So yeah, that was your short lesson on using gender neutral language in gendered langauges.

    • Anna Dejneka
      Anna Dejneka

      Yeah, its pretty much the same for Slavic languages. My native tongue is Czech and everything has a gender. Since we dont have any “neutral” pronouns, Ive heard non-binary people use the masculine form for themselves. It is probably the easiest way around this, since creating new forms is pretty hard in Czech. But I could be wrong because I never met anyone nonbinary. But, for English speakers, we dont see things gendered. Like, even tho chair in Czech is feminine, we dont really percieve it like that. Its just a chair. And genders are just a matter of grammar, which also helps the language to be richer and complex

    • Artemis015

      I say "eux". While it technically implies plurality, it basically translates to "they/them".

    • Alanna Peoples
      Alanna Peoples


    • Hal Douglas
      Hal Douglas

      va bra it's well known in the lgbtqia community in many french speaking places. i suggest trying to be considerate instead of calling bullcrap when you yourself aren't educated in the particular area and likely wouldn't have been exposed to that form of language. have a nice day.

    • Lillian O'Bannon
      Lillian O'Bannon

      I'm taking french in school right now and I have always wondered how non-binary people refer to themselves in french so this was really interesting and informative. Thank you :)

  • Sarah Ruiz
    Sarah Ruiz

    Salut, je suis française et je trouve que tu te débrouilles bien !

  • Chelseaaa

    Im laughing so hard😂 Im also from ottawa, have you ever been to the nail supply stores here? if you havent, would you ever consider making a video of you trying out their stuff?

  • leola lottie
    leola lottie

    'Are you the cheese?' LOL


    3:34 I am from Québec. I am québécoise and I agree with that 😹

  • kathrine henigman
    kathrine henigman

    Just 10/10 for ben in the video. He's just a representation of every Canadian trying to speak/understand French.

  • Clara Piront
    Clara Piront

    Salut Christine! Je viens de Belgique et parle français. Je trouves que tu maitrises assez bien le français donc pas de souci! Je pense que tu n’as offensé aucun francophone😇 Le français est ma langue maternelle mais je continue à faire des fautes donc pour des personnes ne parlant pas français en temps normal, il est tout à fait normal de faire des erreurs😜

  • Valentiine5_ makeup
    Valentiine5_ makeup

    yes enfin une vidéo en français 😂

  • Sarah Izzah
    Sarah Izzah

    And then we (chicken?) Ben : Gimme the chicken 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I cracked up so bad i choked

  • Erin Winkleman
    Erin Winkleman

    it’s the same with spanish objects are also gendered like la silla= the chair. but la is for feminine things

  • Amelie Moss
    Amelie Moss

    Ben’s random sentences about the aliens and cheese and où le croissant? Was like the examples in French class

  • stella weinbrenner
    stella weinbrenner

    for once in my life im glad i learned french

  • Esther Coelho
    Esther Coelho

    Male Female Neuter My English is quite bad sorry

  • Hannah Ashah
    Hannah Ashah

    Me watching this living in ✨QuEbEc✨

  • shelterd Newb
    shelterd Newb

    As a former French immersion student who hasn't spoken French in a solid 10 years since gr 12, this was hilarious. And my French was and still is terrible but I understood what you were saying and you def speak more than me 😆

  • Mari cedillo
    Mari cedillo

    I speak Spanish watching a Canadian channel that speaks English doing a Talking French. NAIZ

  • Jodie Sundborg
    Jodie Sundborg

    3:35 I'm from Quebec and I feel personally insulted

  • O.E B
    O.E B

    4:28 Non-binary usually choose the pronoun « iel » which is a mix of « il » and « elle ».

  • M Swczynska
    M Swczynska

    Tu te débrouilles très bien en Français ! Bravo

  • Anna P
    Anna P

    I’m from the US and took French 4 years at my highschool only cause I loved the teacher so much lol I’m not fluent at all but I know a good bit!

  • tyskaxv

    How tf is there 0.0% polish viewers when im polish ?

  • Imagine Dahlia
    Imagine Dahlia

    I speak Portuguese so I kind of understand a little bit of French. But your French accent is beautiful! Cristine saying her name in a French accent: CCCCCCRRRRRRRISTINE

  • HOLO there
    HOLO there


  • eikcim 1728
    eikcim 1728

    3:20 **intense flashbacks**

  • Jerf Fuzz
    Jerf Fuzz


  • Alice

    Je suis francophone et cette vidéo était vraiment drôle ahaha Ton français est pas mauvais !

  • Lauryne THEOPHILE
    Lauryne THEOPHILE

    Hey! I'm part of the 0.8% French, and now from a very long time. I can't wait looking at the whole video haha !

    • Lauryne THEOPHILE
      Lauryne THEOPHILE

      And I didn't feel offended, I just laugh as fuck ( un petit "fuck up", I will totally use this expression now haha)

    • Lauryne THEOPHILE
      Lauryne THEOPHILE

      Nooo Cristine, "courbature" is not "curve" Curve = courbe Courbature = aches xD

  • jules

    i havent spoken french in 3 years and i still understand that lol

  • Emilie Miloud
    Emilie Miloud

    Salut Christine, je suis française et cette vidéo m'a beaucoup faite rire! Tu te débrouilles très bien en français pour quelqu'un qui ne pratique pas souvent la langue. J'adorerais que tu fasses une nouvelle vidéo en français (il y a littéralement le mot français dans chaque phrase :') ), et il faudrait que Ben soit là aussi. Merci beaucoup pour ce moment qui m'a redonnée le sourire!

  • Frédérique Laurin
    Frédérique Laurin

    Hey ! I’m French ! For « thank you for subscribing to my channel » you can say « Merci de vous abonner à ma chaîne ».Et oui, nous avons du thé, nous ne buvons pas que du vin :D

  • Margot Kerlero de Rosbo
    Margot Kerlero de Rosbo

    The only thing I demand right now, is for english people to stop laughing about our accent 😭😭 I understood more the subtitles than their french speaking 😂 (Déso pour les fautes je suis française et le niveau d'anglais en France est réellement pathétique, ce n'est pour le coup pas un cliché... Oups)

  • Kai Tan
    Kai Tan

    in polish objects have genders as well, for example, a house- male, wall-female

  • Alexandra Gerst
    Alexandra Gerst

    J'ai beaucoup aimé cette vidéo ! Et votre français est plutôt bon haha c'est une de mes chanel préférée 😁

  • Anne So
    Anne So

    This video is hilarious! It's interesting to have your point of view about my native 👅 For us in French, genders for objects is common, and even us, have hard time explaining why it is a male or female word lol I've been asked this question several times by friends from abroad, but we were born with it and it is normal to consider a chair as feminine and a parc/garden as masculine for ex. We do not question the gender of a word lol since it's logical for us. And I totally understand your vision about genders being useless for nouns etc... plus genders make our language more complicated to learn 😅 Also, for words that have a fair amount of significations, English as the same problem lol, but it's more an oral thing : air/hair, beach/b*tch (this last one is particularly tricky for us to pronounce 😂 and can cause awkward situations lmao) Anyway, thank you for this funny video and shout out to your good French level ! 👌

  • Savy S&S Squad
    Savy S&S Squad

    I knew she was French! :o

  • Gabish G
    Gabish G

    as a french person, you did pretty well!

  • Jade Herpailler
    Jade Herpailler

    XD vous êtes trop mignon 🥰 et vous parlez plutôt bien français, c’était compréhensible 👏

  • Lauren Martin
    Lauren Martin

    I moved from the UK to France a month ago with my Partner and am now practising the language daily (obviously). This was a fun video to watch.

  • Le-oreojuicybuttcrack

    Im french and yup our language is really hard 😭❤️

  • ines garde
    ines garde

    i love how bens just talking with menchie standing on his shoulders

  • Nya Park
    Nya Park

    That was so funny !! I’m French and I enjoyed to watch this video. The problem in France, we don’t speak that much English... So... well Anyway thank you for your video !! Haha

  • Doudeh

    Je fais partie des 0% de français abonnés (je vois cette vidéo que maintenant 😬) et ton niveau de français est très bon et plus que comprehensible contrairement à ce que certains ont dit ! Rien d'offensant dans cette vidéo vous m'avez fait beaucoup rire 😊

  • Mireille Plante Rossignol
    Mireille Plante Rossignol

    Bravo! Tu parle très bien Français . C'était satisfaisant de vous voir galerez avec vos mots . (un petit fuc* up) ma tuer de rire! XD

  • Anabelle Costa Champagne
    Anabelle Costa Champagne

    Je suis à Montreal actually ☺ Donc pas besoin de traduire la video. Car contrairement au canada anglais, nous sommes kinda obligés d'apprendre. 😊

  • lulitta sousi
    lulitta sousi

    Because they are depressed 😭😭😭

  • lulitta sousi
    lulitta sousi

    Im the 0,8% French

  • Mlle Number13
    Mlle Number13

    Parfait mean yogourt?! No, I’m French and we say yaourt... where did you ear it ?

  • Zahida Khan
    Zahida Khan

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  • Clara mntt
    Clara mntt

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  • Karina Dalton
    Karina Dalton

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  • J Sec
    J Sec

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  • marie-kim touchette
    marie-kim touchette

    Je suis française ! Je viens du Québec (Canada) ! Tu as bien réussi à parler la langue.

  • Zoe Hewson
    Zoe Hewson

    why can i understand you more then any french listening assignment i did at school

  • alexisis22

    Je viens du Québec, donc le français est ma langue maternelle 😊

  • Anne-Marie Dubeau
    Anne-Marie Dubeau

    Bonjour de Québec!

  • Anna Hebting
    Anna Hebting

    Thank you I’m french fluent in English and both of you remind me my Erasmus and mates trying to speak french. ❤️ I’m LITERALLY laughing out loud, particularly the conjugations of Ben. ❤️

  • Ines Abdelkefi
    Ines Abdelkefi

    I'm french :D

  • Ysaure Fally
    Ysaure Fally

    Hey guys! I’m from Belgium so I speak french and you seriously killed me🤣 no worries in my opinion you didn’t offended french people ! we like to hear strangers this is so cute Btw your level is not so bad 😘

  • Anne-julie Fortier
    Anne-julie Fortier

    I’m from Quebec and it’s so funny 😂

  • Sandy Kitunetoshi
    Sandy Kitunetoshi

    my two years of french is finally useful

  • Orileaf

    I'M the 0,8% FRENCH

  • pietra

    "all objects are gendered!" *laughs in portuguese*

  • pauline ghomari
    pauline ghomari

    As a french person I find this video absolutely adorable and hilarious. I never understood why foreigners thought French is so classy but French with an English/American accent is lovely

  • Just Me
    Just Me

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  • koukou

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  • Léonie Drouet
    Léonie Drouet

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  • Meladel

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  • meedusaee

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  • Cendre Covfefe
    Cendre Covfefe


  • Geneviève Roussel
    Geneviève Roussel

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  • Ally lnr
    Ally lnr

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    Valentine Labous

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    Laurane A

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  • Clémentine

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  • Victoria's Area
    Victoria's Area

    I am French and I have been watching your videos for at least 5 years. this video was too hilarious!😂 (we say "french manucure" in French, everything has a genre because we don't have a neutral :-( we say "la tempête" (the storm) « la nuit » (the night) « la catastrophe » or « le désastre » (the disaster) but « le soleil »(the sun) « un arc-en-ciel » (a rainbow) « un arbre » (a tree)... and « my channel » = « ma chaîne » ;-) you can ask me if you have questions about French).

  • Victoria's Area
    Victoria's Area

    I am French and I have been watching your videos for at least 5 years. this video was too hilarious!😂 (we say "french manucure" in French, everything has a genre because we don't have a neutral :-( we say "la tempête" (the storm) « la nuit » (the night) « la catastrophe » or « le désastre » (the disaster) but « le soleil »(the sun) « un arc-en-ciel » (a rainbow) « un arbre » (a tree)... and « my channel » = « ma chaîne » ;-) you can ask me if you have questions about French).

  • foreign Cee
    foreign Cee

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  • Madison Organ
    Madison Organ

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  • Moly Léveillée
    Moly Léveillée

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  • Ro Bri
    Ro Bri

    Quebecer here !! I'm a bit offended about ben saying our accent is not cute ahahha

  • Adèle Desm
    Adèle Desm

    FR: Je suis 100% Française et j'adore ce concept. Nous non plus on ne comprends pas pourquoi les objets ont un genre. Pour une personne non-binaire on dit iel ou ellui. EN: I am 100% French and I love this idea. We don't understand either why objects have genders in French. For a non-binary person we will say "iel/ellui" for they/them. And we don't have a french equivalent to "their" because we gender this word not according to the person who possess something but according to the thing that is possessed. Example: it's their chair = c'est sa chaise. Because the chair is a feminine object. It's weird.

  • SamOuraiNovae

    Bonjour je suis l’une de vos abonnées française 👋😂 j’adore vos vidéos, et j’ai beaucoup aimé celle-ci ❤️

  • Olivier Orston
    Olivier Orston

    "Courvature" is a super fancy way to say curve. "Courbe" is more common. ;) Tools is masculine. Un outil. taco lustré (glossy taco) when Ben mades jokes about milk. He said "c'est pas...lait" which is unintentionally perfect. "lait" means milk but is also a commonly used word for "ugly" so he said "it's not ugly" "peel" is éplucher. My favorite was when she said the coat was too thick. she said "épais" like...(thought she was gonna say you) épais (means thick) is a very commonly used insult to say "stupid" (you're so thick)

  • Maisson Shaheen
    Maisson Shaheen

    je suis egyptienne français est mon triplé langue je connais most plus de la vidéo bon pour toi de me rappeler ça langue ❤️❤️

  • Olivier Orston
    Olivier Orston

    French-Canadian native here (3mins in): I've heard Christine speaks bits of French in the past and the 4-1-1 on this situation. Christine is in Vancouver I think? Which is not a French speaking province. 99% of people don't really expect any Canadians to understand and speak French, expect in the province of Quebec (the only French province of Canada) and some parts of New Brunswick (which is strongly bilingual). The only people who would expect it are kind of mean purist Frenchies (my English bff and I used to call them language cops). Ontario has some cities that are moderately French/ bilingual due to the proximity, but it is mostly an English Province. From a strongly judging French perspective, sure, Christine's French isn't "great". As she says, her syntax his meek and her vocabulary is simple. From a objective perspective, I find Christine's French super impressive. She speaks better French than ALMOST ALL Anglophones I've ever met that weren't born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Bon travail Christine. :) Edit: 2 secs. later Ben insulted my province. f**k them. (j.k.) He's clearly traumatized by his French classes when he had to conjugate so many words in so many ways. :P

    • sugarshoes78

      Lol they’re in Ontario.. Ottawa maybe?

  • Music Mayhem
    Music Mayhem

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    Marie-Maxim Laprise

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    Ana-Maria Corjos

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  • Ana-Maria Corjos
    Ana-Maria Corjos

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    Laurene Palmisano

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