Testing the Nail Art Printing Robot (I'm being replaced)
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    ROUND 2 - I went up against the robot! Watch my follow-up video HUMAN VS ROBOT: who can do nail art better?🤔🤔🤔 lv-home.info/the/fJxve6eWmWJnyqk/video.html

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      divora dawit

      print jen and freak the hell outta her

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      Elyse Almquist

      with your nail printer you should print banana's on your nails and then print banana's on ben's nails ( to be extra special do it on his birth day) btw i love your chanel you are so funny and i love watching your vids!!!!

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      Martyna Kściuk

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      Simply Nailogical DUHHHHHHH HUMan

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    Joanna M

    Omg is good I don’t but that on Amazon 🤣

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    Aadhya Reddy Podduturi(Student)

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    Miss B

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    Miss B

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