Painting My Nails at the Gym (gEtTing iN sHaPe)
I got 10 moves to get your nails in shape FAST !!
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♥ Pink polish: Cirque Colors - Retail Therapy
♥ Orange polish: Cirque Colors - Boozy Brunch
♥ Peel-off base coat:
♥ Quick-dry glossy top coat:
Elliptical machine (wow look at me linking, true fitness gOOru): (not the exact model as I think mine (M5) is just in Canada? lol idk)
ON MY OTHER HAND: she skipped the gym
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♥ 10 French tip designs that aren't boring AF:
♥ Best peel-off base coat?:
♥ Best black polish?:
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  • • RainnbowMermaid •
    • RainnbowMermaid •

    We all do yoga everyday😂

  • Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené
    Alba de Miguel-Zaragoza Gené

    Cristine: Am I ok? Me: No you're, not, but continue

  • Ella McMillen
    Ella McMillen

    *102 bpm* "why is my heart rate so high already?" me, with a resting heart rate of 130: ha

  • Sammy_sand_Utube Yt
    Sammy_sand_Utube Yt

    “When you want to be healthy but also want to look good” pretty sure exercising makes you look better 🤔

  • Alexis C
    Alexis C

    🚨SIMPLY PLEEEAAASSSEEE🚨 I know you’re giving credit to mykie because you probably got the idea from her.....BUT SHE NEVER GAVE THE PROPER CREDIT....and since it looks like she NEVER WILL, can you please link the original creator, KENNETH SENEGAL, in your bio😭😭 Edit: I’m not trying to come from a disrespectful place or sound like a hater!!😭I just know you to be more respectful and understanding, and I think if you saw this comment and saw the date of his video you would do the right thing and add Kenneth to the credits 🤞🏾🤞🏾

  • The only lauryn with a Y
    The only lauryn with a Y

    this aged really badly 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Alexia Hrincu
    Alexia Hrincu

    cristine at 102bpm: im dying me at 160: well

  • Demi Brown
    Demi Brown

    Cristine: Drink tea! Me: *Drinks tea Cristine: Buy Holo Taco! Me: *Buys Holo Taco Cristine: Do your nails at the gym! Me: *Does nails at the gym Cristine: 😮

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    I’m so weak I can’t workout 😭🤣

  • Allison
    Allison I know you saw Glam and Gore do this, but the actual originator was Kenneth Senegal and she did not credit him. Learned that from Spankie Valentine aka SWOOP in her video about Mykie. This is by no means hate or criticism to you Cristine because you did credit the person you were inspired by. They just didn’t credit their own inspiration and I wanted to put it out there in case no one else had yet in the comment section.

  • Ozzy, Honey and me!
    Ozzy, Honey and me!

    I'm watching this whilst on the same machine as her

  • Jonathan Lau
    Jonathan Lau

    Cristine said woohoo 3:56... troom troom...

  • Ava Putnam
    Ava Putnam

    I think that it’s bad that some people don’t treat women and girls fairly. For example, in schools they don’t let girls have all of the same sports boys do. They don’t have to play against boys ( I think that would be a little more fair though.) but the girls could have their own teams. It’s not like they can’t do sports period.

    • Ruby Two shoes
      Ruby Two shoes

      They already have women’s and girls sports teams this makes no sense

  • Amanda Cooke
    Amanda Cooke

    Rewatching and realizing Cristine said 12 fluid ounces lost if she spilled her nail polish lol. That would be a cup and a half of polish. That would be like 30 bottles of polish.

  • Danielle King
    Danielle King

    "You know what I like to resist? Exercising." GURLLLLL YOU HAVE NO IDEA

  • Mrs. Unique
    Mrs. Unique

    1:27 what's the song I like it I hear something like slap that back very very much 😂😂

  • lil egg
    lil egg

    Holo tacos logo was in the down right edge before she even released it. Wow

  • Livie Hollander
    Livie Hollander

    Thank you Ben for listening/ understanding how toxic messages of diet culture and weight loss promotion are, especially for women.

  • Play and Create
    Play and Create

    Who else is watching in quarantine? Nothing else to do!!😂

  • Jocelyn

    What is the name of the nail polish in 0:21 ? I LOVE ITT

  • Ulrike Pollok
    Ulrike Pollok

    I want my very own Beeeyyyn :D

  • keylen lozano
    keylen lozano

    I wana see you do a session of acrylic nails

  • Meg Leverington
    Meg Leverington

    God,only if Christine new what was gonna hit her in 2020

    • bubblekpop

      This was in the beginner in 2019 let her enjoy 2019😂

  • Lenci Lenci
    Lenci Lenci

    I had a nightmare that you worked for troom troom 😵😣😂🤦

    • bubblekpop

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  • Yaz Başarslan
    Yaz Başarslan

    Cristine in 2019: mini home gym Cristine in quarantine: full on home gym

  • sopagalaz

    She has come so far and she actually got in shape, damn

  • nessaann27

    Cristine with no H: "you know I try to be healthy but my mind is so sick." Me: doesn't laugh right away bc I'm thinking about how I should work out more and then the awkward silence forces me to realize what she said and I genuinely ~wheeeeze~

  • Hey, It's Syrup V3
    Hey, It's Syrup V3

    *moments before quarantine..:*

  • Pernille Kristensen
    Pernille Kristensen

    What do you mean I'm not in shape?! Round is a shape! (Btw, I'm not round, (no offence) I'm a stick)

  • Hilal Sena TÜRK
    Hilal Sena TÜRK

    This is cristine making dad jokes for 15 minutes straight loll

  • AutumnLeaves

    I think we can all tell who edits theses videos :0

  • illreyes

    Is that Holo Taco liquid latex??

  • forever animals
    forever animals

    I just realized we both use the same acetone

  • Emily Lightfoot
    Emily Lightfoot

    Haha I’m just causally rewatching simply videos and when Christine said “hey you, yeah you” my Siri activated...🧐 I was so confused then Siri said hey and disappeared....(mmmk?)

  • Lisa Bootland
    Lisa Bootland

    I have the exact same cup with the straw and I was drinking it whilst watching this video

  • Francisco J. F.
    Francisco J. F.

    "We need to go hard in 2019..." because we will be in Quarantine in 2020!!! :( Oh the ironyy

  • Issa H
    Issa H

    Seeing this vs now makes you realize how buff Cristine is now lol. Good job girl!

  • Ruby Earles
    Ruby Earles

    When my dad asks me to find a workout video 😂

  • glitchcore_chihiro

    revisiting the first simply vid i ever watched :0

  • Lia DeGennaro
    Lia DeGennaro

    Relationship goals

  • fuzzy ._.floof
    fuzzy ._.floof

    is that what that was ben... BEYYN


    Christine: and eating healthier foods Me : eats Pringle

  • ItsjustJordanCy a
    ItsjustJordanCy a

    Girl I think I’m sporty spice

  • Goldie _Gacha
    Goldie _Gacha

    Everyone else expect cristine: You have such a good husband!!! Cristine: I got me a tea-slave daddy!!!

    • Lia DeGennaro
      Lia DeGennaro

      @Goldie _Gacha its ok letting ya know

    • Goldie _Gacha
      Goldie _Gacha

      Lia DeGennaro Geez I didn’t know!!!!

    • Lia DeGennaro
      Lia DeGennaro

      they are not married

  • Goldie _Gacha
    Goldie _Gacha

    Troom Troom they be being jealoussss

  • Goldie _Gacha
    Goldie _Gacha

    iM a HoLoSeXuAl Kids:tat a bad word ooooooo Me: watch Simply Nailogical she gonna show you real meaning!

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    Bella Martin

    You know how you just said my what let me tell you watched it sick of your s***

    • phamz2697

      i had a stroke trying to read that

  • Kaylee Hensley
    Kaylee Hensley

    You don’t look 30 and Ben without a beard looks 20

  • Sasi Lilly
    Sasi Lilly

    Girl, you have such an amazing condition, its making me jealous. I’d pass out on that thing in like 10 minutes. You’ve been moving for like an hour. Lordy 😅

  • Leilani Gutierrez
    Leilani Gutierrez

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    Mary Fowler

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    Kylee Thomas

    3:24 Beyyyn's just mad that a machine is getting more action than him😯😯

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    Caris m

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    Eliza Tan

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    Lee Bee

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    abby huss

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    robin sweeney


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    Gurl, one year later and you're SHREDDED

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    Kira DiSabatino

    "Look im a dog!" i watched that part multiple times and died laughing.

  • gachaidiot


    • gachaidiot

      @Ozzy, Honey and me! That was 4 months ago I don't remember XD

    • Ozzy, Honey and me!
      Ozzy, Honey and me!

      What are you talking about?

  • Sionnanful

    I'm so happy to see a LV-homer that _can't_ run. Like..I have horrendously flat feed (thx dad,) so running actually hurts my feet to the point I could do serious damage. I'd love to try elliptical tho, cuz they seem generally good for people with flat feet while also getting most other parts of the body.

  • The Randomness Corner
    The Randomness Corner

    If she titled this something like “I lost 12 fluid oz in 2 minutes!” I would probably be like “nOt YoU tOo CrIsTiNe!”

  • Lance

    what was that pose??? 😂😭😂 1:17

  • jeffy miller
    jeffy miller

    That mini gym would be helpful because the cronavirius

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    Adeline Gomez

    Is this where the simply podlogical room is?

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    Corey Schadeck

    2020: the video evidence of the soon to be SimplyPodLogical room and the early stages of SimplyFitLogical journey to a weightlifting superwoman. 💪🏼☕️💓💓

  • Vicki Bannister
    Vicki Bannister

    who's here after her health based podcast 😭 mom has grown so much

  • Rowen Black
    Rowen Black

    So she’s been working out since then and I noticed how much stronger shes gotten you can see the muscle on her now

  • 101WasArt

    When people say you’ve changed in your eyes you think they are saying that in a mean way but in my eyes I think people are just impressed how someone can change like that, and sometimes that inspires other people

  • Emily Mahler
    Emily Mahler

    Same I have flat feet too!

  • Scienceisme

    Cristine: Look I'm a dog! Wait, no .. . . " Me: _but weren't you already one?_

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    Sudhiksha Pinisetti

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    Ghostly Goth Girlfriend

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    Hector Santos

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    Aubrey Runnalls

    I'm a mix of cristine, jenna marbles, and julien Solomita

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    Its Nevaya

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  • Rexer Guy
    Rexer Guy

    The longest bike ride i'v ever done was 20 miles round-trip

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    Tara Malloy

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    Potato Meow

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    TobyTheEnglish ToySpaniel

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    Rachel Stiba17

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  • Rachel Stiba17
    Rachel Stiba17

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  • Amy__drawings__


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    Jan 26, 2020 Painting my nails while swimming

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  • ASMR gold
    ASMR gold

    Not trying to afend u in any way but I recognised that u have lost wait becouse when u did nail techneaks on cakes u had more wait and u r a lot slimer know

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    Ishal Ahmed

    I say that your new year resolution should be no swearing btw new year 2020

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  • Silver Nightcore
    Silver Nightcore

    Now, -Bad- nail jokes! What is the best job for a nail tech? Filing! What did the sponge say to the nail polish? ‘You have made a _gradient_ mistake.’ *TBC*

  • Saint Draconis
    Saint Draconis

    Did...somwant actually called you fat? what? I honestly dont see much of a diference between old you and 2019 you physically, the only real diference i see is you seemed to wear more baggy clothes or bigger clothes than your size wich, yeah, can see make people think your fat, but seems more a case of just dressing that gave that aparence, also can understand this was also the time you dont felt comfortable on camera, so you dont wanted wear somthing too adjusted, but yeah, no fat. Only real diference i see is you dont ask much help to open bottles of nail polish anymore.

  • Kara Biel
    Kara Biel

    I so need a treadmill for my house, but can't find a decent one for someone that can only afford maybe 100$ one time😩😵

  • Elsiksmith

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  • Floof

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  • Daliah Meadow
    Daliah Meadow

    I’m super into fitness, so weight and stuff interests me specifically because of that. If you ever make a video about living a healthier lifestyle, I’d be so interested. I love hearing about this stuff and it’s cool to see youtubers outside of the fitness community talk about their lifestyle when it comes to working out/eating

  • Bellaiscooooollll

    Cristine: does peace signs* Beyyyyn: ... Me: oh shit this girl on crack again

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    kira madison

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    jen jen

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