Painting My Nails Upside Down
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  • this_that_spla

    I flipped my phone cuz I thought it was upside down... but you were the one upside down!?! 👁👄👁

  • Lisa Alves
    Lisa Alves

    Gravity starring George Clooney and Simply

  • Laila Mamesh
    Laila Mamesh

    bruh wtf is this lol

  • Abhisikta Gupta
    Abhisikta Gupta

    The fact that Zyler is my age, or even a few days older than me 👁👄👁

  • Alexis S.
    Alexis S.

    32 year old laaadyyyyy

  • Ella Cooper
    Ella Cooper

    Cristine: Don't try this at home Me: Hey now, don't try it at home. Hey now, don't try it, don't you dare try it...

  • personal account
    personal account

    You should do a face update, it looks pretty bad in this video

  • Joanna G.
    Joanna G.

    if only i could hit that like button more than once xD

  • wayfindering

    is anyone going to talk about that adorable spider man reference I know i'm not the only one old enough to get it

  • Auraxebella


  • Randomness With Eva
    Randomness With Eva

    Everyone: *talking about cristine etc.* Me: "her shoes light up!"

  • Chloe Haakmeester
    Chloe Haakmeester

    cristine: aaaaah my back hurts so baddddd cristine upside down: oooooh my back feels so great me (a gymnast): my back hurts and i’m always upside downnnnn

  • Well wouldn’t You like to know
    Well wouldn’t You like to know

    Christine has a big butt.

  • Holly McGolly
    Holly McGolly

    I live for this chaos.

  • Phoebe Dent
    Phoebe Dent

    Anyone else think this looks like the nail polish mixer from the num noms milkshake bar thing? 😂😂

  • Trouble 21
    Trouble 21

    I love your shoes 😁😁😁🤣

  • Corina Wohlfert
    Corina Wohlfert

    Love that she is using Julian fanny pack and he wears her polish all the time! Just friends supporting friends!!

  • Holy God
    Holy God

    coming from a certified psychopath, yes there is blood in the brain.

  • Tropical Purple
    Tropical Purple

    “Is there blood in your brain” Well no shit 😂

  • JasmineRosetea

    I wonder if making a cat clock holo works 🤔

  • kameswari pentapati
    kameswari pentapati


  • Jill Davey
    Jill Davey

    Why are u my mom tho

  • niamh rattigan
    niamh rattigan

    Me:Oh this is gonna be GOOD "sips tea loudly and obnoxiously"

  • DanielBarrassxx

    You could whip your HAIR!!

  • Serena Elsasser
    Serena Elsasser

    I love how Ben is just in the back judging her lol.

  • yourkawaiibestfriend hehe
    yourkawaiibestfriend hehe

    She said two birds stoned at once

    • yourkawaiibestfriend hehe
      yourkawaiibestfriend hehe

      Get it

  • L. S.
    L. S.

    Don't do drugs kids! Just put your head upside down and you'll be high like a kite👍

  • ckbeau13

    Can you please do more fun videos we miss them

  • r a v e n
    r a v e n

    The tables have turned...

  • jessica buenrostro
    jessica buenrostro

    I'm really late on this video but...... did she.... did she just do it to 'em?? lol

  • Deaco Malfoyy
    Deaco Malfoyy

    Christine: when I’m right side up my backs like, AhA ThE pReSsUrE, and when I’m upside down it’s like, AhAHhH, sO NiCeeeEEe. Ad: “LeTs Do SoMe YoGa! StArT bY dOiNg SnAiL PoSe!

  • julie is fat okurr
    julie is fat okurr

    Christina: i wanna hang out with the vamps. Me: Lets watch Vampire diares originals and legecies

    • Maggot St. Pierre
      Maggot St. Pierre


  • { n!ghtmare t3ddy }
    { n!ghtmare t3ddy }

    Is there blood.... in your brain? -simply nailogical 2020

  • Drishti Mishra
    Drishti Mishra

    are you guys married now or are you still have that staying together forever thing 💕

  • darci peeps
    darci peeps

    When I had only seen the outtakes of this video, I thought she was high 😂

  • Tyler

    Ignore the light up shoes I am in love with those shoes 👇


    Someone please agree with me. I think Moriah Elizabeth and Simply Nailogical should make a video together. Simply could paint Moriah's nail. Like if you want to see this happened. Plsssss they are my favourite LV-homers

  • Cheryl Temes Ledbetter
    Cheryl Temes Ledbetter

    anyone else debating on whether to watch the video upside-down or not?

  • My Big Boi Philip
    My Big Boi Philip

    Kristien "why not get two birds stoned at once?" 2 stoner birds: "yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!"

  • Kyle Small
    Kyle Small

    You just said a Rickyism 😂😂😂

  • Paige Karim
    Paige Karim

    Am I the only one who said Yes when she said are we ready 🤣❤️

  • Killua Zoldyck
    Killua Zoldyck

    But can you do this?!?!

  • Jackson Loomis
    Jackson Loomis

    Cristine has reached THAT point of quarantine 😂😂😂

  • Sky

    I don't understand why every singel time I hear your intro it reminds me of p.h intro

  • kate

    I tried to eat upside down and the food spilled on the floor

  • Marissa Zang
    Marissa Zang

    I live upside down... imma gymnast

  • Marianne Morel-Flowerday
    Marianne Morel-Flowerday

    where the watermark tho :0

  • Piper Playz
    Piper Playz

    Listen, anyone that’s having a bad day, I can make you feel better about something bad that happened to me today :). Anyways, my led lights fell down, I dropped my James Charles pallet on the ground and it broke, and my cat is missing :’)

  • Kimayan Sutton
    Kimayan Sutton


  • Karin Chambers
    Karin Chambers

    😂 is he nAkEy???

  • picknbeansmamma
    picknbeansmamma cute, a little kiss from Beeyynnn... 💕

  • katilia16

    Aside from the many layers of amazing ness and well thought out instructions this tutorial provides, THAT GLUTE DEFINITION GIRL.

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Jenna AND Julien energy

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Duuude the nail file could have hit your eye

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    The light up shoes ❤️

  • Mousy Lousey
    Mousy Lousey

    I wonder did she get a headache after this video

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    It's actually good that you can't use your hands to swing forward.

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Every time you slam back onto the ground my spine cringes

  • Journey Diane
    Journey Diane

    Is in your brain

  • TeaTime Edits
    TeaTime Edits

    My sister got me your nail polish for Christmas eeeee its so pretty! I got purple and magenta:o

  • jessie mayfield
    jessie mayfield

    As crazy as this was I was wondering why does she but a little table for when she’s upside down lol

  • Ela Tomic
    Ela Tomic

    My mom is 44

  • Cassi Tomlinson
    Cassi Tomlinson

    7:36 *Cristine casually telling us f*ck you in sign language*😂😂😂

  • S Stanley
    S Stanley

    I like yoy

  • Bree Morrison
    Bree Morrison

    zyler put his paw on her face like mum plz stop now

  • Kait R
    Kait R

    Anyone else replay that sweet kiss a million times 😩😍

  • anormal person
    anormal person

    I just thought her name was cristina gein 😭😭😭

  • Marleigh

    I’m getting light headed just by watching his lol Edit: that or it’s 5:37 am and I am sleep deprived

  • blem


  • Jade Kaneshiro
    Jade Kaneshiro

    I used to play on one of these when I was little

  • Cheshirely Smiles
    Cheshirely Smiles

    2020 has cristine like PS: 3 camera angles?! were so blessed

  • Thomas Ibrahim
    Thomas Ibrahim


  • frogsummoner


  • Mango

    5:38 cristine I’m afraid not there is only a fluid that helps to cushion the brain


    why dont you try painting your nail blind folde next no xd

  • Lamar & Adam vlogs
    Lamar & Adam vlogs

    at 8:24 I covered my screen because I am halal 🤗🥰😁😝

  • Keziah Struyk
    Keziah Struyk

    Who else screenshoted at 1:03 and zoomed in 😏🤣

  • Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag
    Hobi's Tiny Heart Bag

    I’m feeling like this video is sponsored by the chair company but ok...

  • ash S
    ash S


  • L. Mason
    L. Mason

    Simply Astronomical

  • Ceski

    Me: **has a taco as my PFP** **finds out about this channel** Also me: 👁️👄👁️

  • Kristen Cervantes
    Kristen Cervantes

    “Get 2 birds stoned at once” is not getting enough attention

  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio Kageyama

    My aunt has that thing

  • Cheyenne Mullens
    Cheyenne Mullens

    "lets get two birds stoned at once: me: woah how high they gonna be:) everyone:)*face slap*

  • Annah Moss
    Annah Moss

    Honey booboo how do you not get blood in head

  • Sammo7046

    I had to watch this at 2x speed because it stressed me out so bad 😂 please be careful Simply! We love you!

  • branfeather

    First thought seeing the fanny pack "why isn't she wearing it upside down so nothing falls out?"

  • Flamingo Pink
    Flamingo Pink

    “I love the smell of wet dog in the evening.” -> “I love the smell of dry cat in the morning.”

    • Flamingo Pink
      Flamingo Pink

      Oh wow, highlighted comment - cool!

  • Emily Butler
    Emily Butler

    You should be Mrs. Conehead for Halloween.

  • Candle Lynx
    Candle Lynx

    2:55 - 3:00 this got me 😂

  • themuffinman

    Tell me she did not look like Monaca from UDG Daganronpa in the intro

  • •Koyamber•

    Cristine: "Is there blood in your brain?" Blood is supplied to the brain, face, and scalp via two major sets of vessels: the right and left common carotid arteries and the right and left vertebral arteries. The common carotid arteries have two divisions. The external carotid arteries supply the face and scalp with blood. Cristine: "What are words?" A unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation, that functions as a principal carrier of meaning. Words are composed of one or more morphemes and are either the smallest units susceptible of independent use or consist of two or three such units combined under certain linking conditions, as with the loss of primary accent that distinguishes the one-word TEAhe 🤗☕

  • Tiana Gupta
    Tiana Gupta

    Simply - Does blood go to your brain? Me - **Opens google faster than light** Does blood go to your brain? Final Answer - Yes it does!

  • Cierra G
    Cierra G

    Off topic...HER SHOES LIGHTS UP

  • Akshra Dube
    Akshra Dube

    Actually getting upside-down or 180 degrees down is beneficial for back and brain power. I am saying this because this is an important pose/asana in Yoga!!!

  • Deseree Herman
    Deseree Herman

    When Ben kissed Cristine upside down, definite spider man vibes

  • sharky

    *”why not get two birds stoned at once?”*

  • Lizard Poo
    Lizard Poo

    I feel dizzy just watching

  • The Apple
    The Apple

    Girl you sound so quiet in this video. You doing ok?

  • mimi rose
    mimi rose

    when zyler is older than u :0