Painting my Self-Portrait with Nail Polish (Bob Ross can bite me)
We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents (:
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  • Ronnie Ashline
    Ronnie Ashline

    “Dad let’s revisit our escape plan” 🤣

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    4:08 that's rly good

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    *Why did I expect "hello friends and welcome back to bad makeup science"*

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    fun fact cristine, theres a watercolor artist who illustrates childrens books but he uses tea if he doesent have any water

  • Wilber pIG
    Wilber pIG

    She is actually good at art 4:07 Not kidding

  • Alejandra Ruge
    Alejandra Ruge

    Woaah, I never thought someone could make a reference to McLuhan ("the medium is the message") And make it sound funny

  • messibessi11

    He looks like a jacked Harry Potter

  • The smallest snorkeler ever
    The smallest snorkeler ever


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    TifAndy Horse Lover

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    Laura Carthew

    Honestly I love the final art piece.

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    Mem Liaj


  • Kristen Stuebner
    Kristen Stuebner

    Christie: im going to paint a picture of my as my sock from but now IM SOCK ROSS

  • Sawdas life
    Sawdas life

    cristine : I am going to draw you like one of my french girls . Jack: what have i done

  • Nikita Sunshine
    Nikita Sunshine

    The simply sick is my faaaavvvvorite!!! It came out way better than I expected

  • Nikita Sunshine
    Nikita Sunshine

    This inspired me to paint with nail polish!!!!!

  • Knife Bird
    Knife Bird

    Well I guess Cristine doesn’t call Ben daddy, his confusion was intense when she did 😂

  • Katherine Lachcik
    Katherine Lachcik

    Omgggg. I was kind of digging the menchie painting. Then the face reveal.

  • Kaitlin Prost
    Kaitlin Prost

    "Paint me like one of your f*ck boys" 🤣🤣❤

  • divora dawit
    divora dawit

    is it bad that i think the ben & banana 🍌 picture is good 😌

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    Gracie Lees

    i have never related so much to a fellow sock in my life

  • Atticus They , then
    Atticus They , then

    This might be one of my favorite episodes of your craziness it’s so stupid that it’s good🤪

  • Mae Brodsky
    Mae Brodsky

    what do I think? not bad

    • Atticus They , then
      Atticus They , then

      “ what do you think? Not bad” yeah it’s hilarious 😂

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Love the art

    • Atticus They , then
      Atticus They , then

      Me too🤩

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    This will be Interesting. Is nail polish a good substitute for paint? MAybe this vid we will find the answer. (I'm ignoring the fact my autocorrect did that to maybe)

  • Azula Fire nation
    Azula Fire nation

    For some reason something so chaotic makes e concentrate.... so that’s why I watch simplynailogical while I do my nails

  • rohith 46
    rohith 46

    7:02 is he talking about Jk Rowling?

  • Shahana M
    Shahana M

    I laughed so hard I actually peed myself

  • Cameron Butler
    Cameron Butler

    has anyone noticed that she really likes using this yellow crayola polish :D

  • Aleena Mathews
    Aleena Mathews


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    Katarina Dragić

    Cristin you ar rili gooooood. Simpli Sock

  • Izzy Brennan
    Izzy Brennan

    When I first saw this video I thought she was going to tell Ben she was going to paint him 😂

  • Nugget Nugget
    Nugget Nugget

    Simply sock

  • Shelbye Webb
    Shelbye Webb

    "Paint me like on of your f***bois." 😂😂😂😂😂

  • That B
    That B

    You could argue that a character’s sexuality doesn’t need to be explicit to be implied. Also the idea that straight is the standard and that gay has to be established is a problem in itself but I know that’s not what you meant and I get the sentiment of nothing beyond the text.

  • Chi x Star RB
    Chi x Star RB

    She has more nail polish and three nail stores that are five stars combined LOL not a comment love your channel

  • Denaris Feilda
    Denaris Feilda

    So noone is gonna talk about Ben's shirt!

  • Feather tail
    Feather tail

    *when a nail artist with little experience with painting is better than you-*

  • WolfBaby 93
    WolfBaby 93

    Ngl, I kinda love your self portrait.

  • carson james
    carson james

    bob ross will suck all your art skills from you from his vapier sqwirls

  • Yoana Balasheva
    Yoana Balasheva

    I actually like the paintings.... Weird...

  • penguins 123
    penguins 123

    Bob ross cannot bite you because your made of nail polish and nail polish is not safe to EAT.

  • S.B McRose
    S.B McRose

    Simply sock is my fave

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    Kelly Crab

    its 2020 and for some reson i felt so SAFiStAcAEd when i clicked on this XD

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  • Baylee Mckittrick
    Baylee Mckittrick

    Bob Ross is amazing how dare you. who even are you?? GFYS

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen

    The art that she painted with the nail varnish (I’m from the UK so I don’t say polish I say varnish) was really grate

  • Legacy of Lore
    Legacy of Lore

    Nobody gon' talk about all the kink in this video? No? Cool

  • •Cookie Aesthetics•
    •Cookie Aesthetics•


  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P

    Before I even watch this why

  • Emily DeJesus
    Emily DeJesus

    This video is making me think a lot about life.

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    trinity fleagle

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  • sugar kookie
    sugar kookie

    love that even if this is mainly for entertainment cristine is still so much better in drawing than i an

  • Jie Wu
    Jie Wu

    Lol the cat painting wasn’t even that bad ....... UNTIL SHE ADDED THE FACE

  • Chiara Luna Drowned
    Chiara Luna Drowned

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    Sunflower Squad

    Oh yeah joana ceddia did this recently

  • SociallyAwkwardSnail _
    SociallyAwkwardSnail _

    That’s it! Order to not have panic attack from having to many assignments I should just paint some bob ross after school

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    Allyssa Knack

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    i feel like her paintings were actually kinda cute i liked them

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    P M

    it looks pretty good actually wtf

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    Unfolded Heart46

    She's so quiet in this one! I love it!😑😌❣

  • Angry Grandma
    Angry Grandma

    Everyone, place your bets for how much each painting will sell for on eBay!!!

  • Ashley Bellerose
    Ashley Bellerose

    Christine follow a Bob ross tutorial with nail polish

  • David Church
    David Church

    I am home alone

  • vlad

    I like to make semi realistic cartoonish illustrations of plants, and I'M EXTREMELY UNDECIDED and I make a simple plant in 8-12 hours, I draw the same line 20 times until I like it, AND IT TAKES YEARS TO PICK COLORS 😂😂😂

  • Talia Elias
    Talia Elias

    wait what do u mean bob can bite u he can bite u in a cannibalism way or in a mean way or in a way i dont wanna say

  • Mad Dance
    Mad Dance

    cristine est meilleure que bob ross, l'huile pour bébé alors qu'elle est délicate coule toujours sur le doigt tandis que cristine la reine des sciences s'est transformée en cristine la reine de la peinture

  • Celeste Piña
    Celeste Piña

    Trying to watch as many Simply Nailogical videos as I can to distract me from the pain of my monthly. Tysm Cristine for being there and making me laugh. Even though you probably won’t see this comment.

  • Beth Palmer-Brown
    Beth Palmer-Brown

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  • Lil Śøap
    Lil Śøap

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    Mia :3

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  • theo fairy
    theo fairy

    Cristine actually paints so well Q_Q... T_T i cant really control liquids. Being a nail artist certainly helps if you wanna switch to painting instead (the cat painting was very cute and could have been completed w background and sold hehe )and omggg the expression on the ben portrait is so lively T_T and the autoportrait - The idea is A+++ and reminded me of the HUMAN sock video i have seen yesterday Q_Q

  • Zoe Reichard
    Zoe Reichard

    my favorite was all :)😊

  • Nova Cornucopia
    Nova Cornucopia

    I literally just watched the fashion week video with the picture she uses for her self portrait. I’m binge watching her 😂

  • two hearts in one home
    two hearts in one home

    When I looked at the title I was like he can't bite you he's goneeeeeeeeee :(((((

  • Dasti 05
    Dasti 05

    Am I the onely one who sea in this picture that ben is about to put this whole banana in his mouth 😂😂

  • barbara

    Cristine: says "subject" me: immediately starts singing Hamilton.

  • lyra

    I’m sorry I toothbrush I wanna was the last day of school I gotta I wanna was a time of time I was gonna was your a second time to go eat with your dad I love 💕 you have a great 👍 was a good day tiff I wanna was your day and we were going out for dinner and I was like a little rat and I’m gonna was a little rascal so she can come over to my dads home and get ready we’re gonna eat dinner I wanna is your birthday and I have my friends house so I gotta was like your a mom and a boy 👦🏻 is a good night and you have babydoll right now you are just so sad 😭 pute is that one ☝️ was the best game in a while so fun and so fun omg 😱 was a great 👍 morning my friend who has the pink pink house 🏡 was the pink milk 🥛 is the one ☝️ is the blue and hybrid pink milk 🥛 was the one ☝️ is the one ☝️ was a good game but I gotta life is not something to do you say you wanna is your day to be my friends amp

  • lyra


  • lyra


  • lyra


  • Lolli

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  • Lolli

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  • avdr3y


  • avdr3y

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    Holly Ward

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    Cookiee _

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    Nicole Graczyk

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    عسل عبد الكريم عبد الوهاب

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    Steve the roblox gammer

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    SLynn Henson

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    Kayla Clark

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  • _Night Light_
    _Night Light_

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    Amma K

    How did she make the upper drips stop exactly before where her head starts in the image?? Greetings from a re-watch spree in 2020

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    Rashida Mohamad

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    Super Duper

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    Suzy Queue

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