Painting my Self-Portrait with Nail Polish (Bob Ross can bite me)
We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents (:
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♥ An artist does not focus on the shade names but rather the shade focuses on the artist
ON MY HANDS, as painted during a power outage:
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  • sugar kookie
    sugar kookie

    love that even if this is mainly for entertainment cristine is still so much better in drawing than i an

  • Danica Ignacio
    Danica Ignacio

    Tip: Instead of calling it abstract, call it expressionism. You'll get more credibility xD

  • Jie Wu
    Jie Wu

    Lol the cat painting wasn’t even that bad ....... UNTIL SHE ADDED THE FACE

  • Chiara Luna Drowned
    Chiara Luna Drowned

    "Paint me like one of your F*ckboys."

  • Sunflower Squad
    Sunflower Squad

    Oh yeah joana ceddia did this recently

  • You_Local_ Weirdo_
    You_Local_ Weirdo_

    That’s it! Order to not have panic attack from having to many assignments I should just paint some bob ross after school

  • mayday & kyky
    mayday & kyky

    Simply sock

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    yes it looks like you 🤣🤣🤣

  • Azora

    i feel like her paintings were actually kinda cute i liked them

  • P M
    P M

    it looks pretty good actually wtf

  • Unfolded Heart46
    Unfolded Heart46

    She's so quiet in this one! I love it!😑😌❣

  • Angry Grandma
    Angry Grandma

    Everyone, place your bets for how much each painting will sell for on eBay!!!

  • Ashley Bellerose
    Ashley Bellerose

    Christine follow a Bob ross tutorial with nail polish

  • David Church
    David Church

    I am home alone

  • vlad

    I like to make semi realistic cartoonish illustrations of plants, and I'M EXTREMELY UNDECIDED and I make a simple plant in 8-12 hours, I draw the same line 20 times until I like it, AND IT TAKES YEARS TO PICK COLORS 😂😂😂

  • Talia Elias
    Talia Elias

    wait what do u mean bob can bite u he can bite u in a cannibalism way or in a mean way or in a way i dont wanna say

  • Mad Dance
    Mad Dance

    cristine est meilleure que bob ross, l'huile pour bébé alors qu'elle est délicate coule toujours sur le doigt tandis que cristine la reine des sciences s'est transformée en cristine la reine de la peinture

  • Celeste Piña
    Celeste Piña

    Trying to watch as many Simply Nailogical videos as I can to distract me from the pain of my monthly. Tysm Cristine for being there and making me laugh. Even though you probably won’t see this comment.

  • Beth Palmer-Brown
    Beth Palmer-Brown

    I love the simply sock!!!

  • Lil Śøap
    Lil Śøap

    Hi I love it bids and u make me happy!

  • ბარბარე ვარაზი
    ბარბარე ვარაზი

    this is the most sentimental sock i've ever seen

  • Mia :3
    Mia :3

    da vinki

  • theo fairy
    theo fairy

    Cristine actually paints so well Q_Q... T_T i cant really control liquids. Being a nail artist certainly helps if you wanna switch to painting instead (the cat painting was very cute and could have been completed w background and sold hehe )and omggg the expression on the ben portrait is so lively T_T and the autoportrait - The idea is A+++ and reminded me of the HUMAN sock video i have seen yesterday Q_Q

  • Zoe Reichard
    Zoe Reichard

    my favorite was all :)😊

  • Nova Cornucopia
    Nova Cornucopia

    I literally just watched the fashion week video with the picture she uses for her self portrait. I’m binge watching her 😂

  • Potato Aesthetic
    Potato Aesthetic

    When I looked at the title I was like he can't bite you he's goneeeeeeeeee :(((((

  • Dasti 05
    Dasti 05

    Am I the onely one who sea in this picture that ben is about to put this whole banana in his mouth 😂😂

  • barbara

    Cristine: says "subject" me: immediately starts singing Hamilton.

  • pînk milk
    pînk milk

    I’m sorry I toothbrush I wanna was the last day of school I gotta I wanna was a time of time I was gonna was your a second time to go eat with your dad I love 💕 you have a great 👍 was a good day tiff I wanna was your day and we were going out for dinner and I was like a little rat and I’m gonna was a little rascal so she can come over to my dads home and get ready we’re gonna eat dinner I wanna is your birthday and I have my friends house so I gotta was like your a mom and a boy 👦🏻 is a good night and you have babydoll right now you are just so sad 😭 pute is that one ☝️ was the best game in a while so fun and so fun omg 😱 was a great 👍 morning my friend who has the pink pink house 🏡 was the pink milk 🥛 is the one ☝️ is the blue and hybrid pink milk 🥛 was the one ☝️ is the one ☝️ was a good game but I gotta life is not something to do you say you wanna is your day to be my friends amp

  • pînk milk
    pînk milk


  • pînk milk
    pînk milk


  • pînk milk
    pînk milk


  • Lolli

    cristine's actually not a bad artist

  • Lolli

    im still wondering whether starbucks is secretly sponsoring cristine with tea lol

  • lily ann
    lily ann

    its actually pretty good.......

  • LFR2 LFR2
    LFR2 LFR2


  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross

    Do you challenge me mortal?

  • Fox Squad
    Fox Squad

    Dat goooood

  • potatopouf


  • potatopouf

    i actually really love her pieces tbh

  • Holly Ward
    Holly Ward

    What I hate the most is that she could actually sell these for like $200 on eBay and actually sell them

  • Cookiee _
    Cookiee _

    İ WANT the sock canvas right noww !!

  • Nicole Graczyk
    Nicole Graczyk

    watching in 2020: Christine predicted cats

  • Asal's miracals
    Asal's miracals

    I think u did a great job w/ beyyyn painting It's my fav

  • Steve the roblox gammer
    Steve the roblox gammer

    That portrait of her cat was amazing

  • SLynn Henson
    SLynn Henson

    "I don't believe in being realistic...except when it comes to your and future..." Haha AGREED!

  • Kayla Clark
    Kayla Clark

    Menchie in the background during the intro omf. So cuteee

  • _Night Light_
    _Night Light_

    "Paint me like one of your fuckboys" 😂

  • Amma K
    Amma K

    How did she make the upper drips stop exactly before where her head starts in the image?? Greetings from a re-watch spree in 2020

  • Rashida Mohamad
    Rashida Mohamad

    can do more

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper

    Omg, the silver glitter polish in her self portrait looks so nice! I want it 😭

  • Suzy Kitten
    Suzy Kitten

    Menchie holding her pose @ 3:15 while looking up at mommy?! Such a good girl!!! So beautiful!

  • Jeffrey & Stephanie Snead
    Jeffrey & Stephanie Snead

    She is really good at this you go girl!!

  • Anushka Sana
    Anushka Sana

    Joana kinda did this

  • JayKay

    That dam babys apron is killing me 😂😂😂😂

  • Enya Revoy
    Enya Revoy

    Ah, simpler times

  • Heavenly Bliss
    Heavenly Bliss

    1:15 "I'm gonna paint you like one of my french girls" "but I'm British" Had me on the floor

  • Jesse Worden
    Jesse Worden

    Just pause at 0:59

  • Ella Wong
    Ella Wong

    I watched this on my period , and i absolutely regret it

  • Lumi Sheen
    Lumi Sheen

    Do nail art again do a bob ross painting on yours(or bens) nails

  • Naomi Dies
    Naomi Dies

    You probably won’t see this because I realize this video was made 1 year ago but you should make a video where you follow a bob ross video but put it on your nails.

  • AllieAngel6 :3
    AllieAngel6 :3

    Her art actually looks good I thought it would be terrible but-NVM I TAKE IT BACK BEN LOOKS LIKE A DEMON

  • ꧁sad kawaii꧂
    ꧁sad kawaii꧂

    Cristine: i’m an independent collective artistry collective- woman- *depends on beYYn for tea*

  • Remy Steele
    Remy Steele

    Is no one talking about the fact that her art is actually good😂

  • Ajilong Muyodi
    Ajilong Muyodi

    @JoannaCeddia is QUAKING IN HER BOOTS.😂😂😂

  • Eri Komori
    Eri Komori

    I guess she does do nail "art"


    Menchie looks like my cat from a distance lol cute

  • Hailey Lam
    Hailey Lam

    there can only be one solution for this beautiful masterpiece. Christine is secretly BOB ROSS. :OOOOO

  • Tea_rex Taylor
    Tea_rex Taylor


    • Esme Fewtrill
      Esme Fewtrill


  • Hxneyvxbes

    Artist can do anything art

  • Jennaration

    I legit would pay lots of money for all the art, the menchie one is actually amazing and the sock one is too, and even the Ben one But you left out zyler and I am sad about that

  • Leen bani
    Leen bani


  • Melonsz 🍈 🍉
    Melonsz 🍈 🍉

    My holosexual people out there

  • megan g
    megan g

    Why does that look better then anything I’ve ever painted?😂

  • Tara Stanković
    Tara Stanković

    Bob Ross and Cristine are the 2 most different people ever

  • Fo4 Fingers
    Fo4 Fingers

    Ben was holding the banana in... specific places

  • Dezzy Cream
    Dezzy Cream

    Why does her art look a bit decent and make scene when she explains what they mean

  • Maanvi S
    Maanvi S

    why do i actually like this

  • Christine Holzinger
    Christine Holzinger

    She is actually really good

  • Makayla Meade
    Makayla Meade


  • Dead by daylight Fails and success
    Dead by daylight Fails and success

    Mix a little water with acrylic paint or till it is liquid enough to drip

  • Hayley Williams
    Hayley Williams

    i laughed so hard at this i needed to get my inhaler

  • Pandia 427
    Pandia 427


  • Haylen Wilson
    Haylen Wilson

    I laughed so hard I scared the literal crap out of my dog

  • Helga G. Pataki
    Helga G. Pataki

    Where do you get the background music from? I liked the piano jazz🎶

  • sanjana and shriya
    sanjana and shriya

    Does anyone watch her video over and over again 😂

  • Air riA
    Air riA

    Cris your art is actually fire-

  • Sophia Nguyen
    Sophia Nguyen

    The last one with the dripping technique is actually a good idea-

  • Julie Choudhary
    Julie Choudhary

    The 🍌is such a good model.

  • Shangan 3
    Shangan 3

    Simply sock

  • Mila Oyama
    Mila Oyama

    i saw this meme ir was like "get a boyfriend that dont tell u tht u look better without makeup, get one that tells u "DAMN tht highlight tho my cuteass glazed doughnut" i love beyyns version "ur eyes look good today" its somehow sweeter

  • Rachel Nance
    Rachel Nance

    Bob softly replies "Just a gentle little nibble"

  • Maddy Wood
    Maddy Wood

    While some have decided that adulthood is painting with nail polish, I have decided it is clipping your toenails w h i l e your'e wathching Netflix instead of at 3 am when you need sleep and also coffee at the same time.

  • Fox Aiden
    Fox Aiden

    Who saw in 2020 Joana Ceddia did the same

  • Maddy Groffenberg
    Maddy Groffenberg

    Okay tell me why I've seen every single one of your videos except this one #simplysnapchat to the save

  • carla castillo
    carla castillo

    Cristine:did bob ross think about that *sips tea in shade*

  • Evelyn.R.M Vids
    Evelyn.R.M Vids

    I remember this was the very first video I watched of Cristine and I was like wth but now I watch it again and I'm still like wth 🤣🤣🤣

  • lenija un laura
    lenija un laura

    Are u pegnant

  • Patt H
    Patt H

    Who's watching in 2020? 🥰

  • Amber Stools
    Amber Stools

    Why is Zylar always out of the picture 😂