Reacting To My Old Pride Nail Art Video (and Recreating It)
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  • Lõvely Flowër
    Lõvely Flowër


  • Curie Thota
    Curie Thota

    13:20 I saw those eyes Cristine. Are you coming out with Nail Lube soon (please please call it that)

  • Liberty Flagg
    Liberty Flagg

    I believe in doing what you want

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith

    this came out five years ago??? I saw it when It came out

  • Ferdousi Khanam
    Ferdousi Khanam

    A rainbow in a rainbow

  • may dawn
    may dawn

    i'm very gay and i think "holosexual" is fv**ing hilarious 😂 but i can see why that comes across differently coming from a straight woman. i appreciate you being vulnerable and showing your personal growth ❤️

  • Migle Migle
    Migle Migle

    2020 simply😸

  • Koko Studio
    Koko Studio

    So proud of you cristine💜 thank you 🌈

  • Max M
    Max M

    as a gay american, i welcome the “Homosexual Nation” title

  • Yaz Random
    Yaz Random

    when you do thick coats of polish hw do you not end up with bubbles?

  • Elisa DeCesare
    Elisa DeCesare

    Me watching this in 2020 seeing that gay marriage is being taken away from us again

  • Kaya Kelly
    Kaya Kelly

    um im new to cristine's channel, im here from safia. Does this mean shes not actually holosexual? pl explain.

  • McKenna Revis
    McKenna Revis

    Who’s gonna tell her they’re trying to take it away again?

  • McKenna Revis
    McKenna Revis

    Simply sassy

  • Natalie Sirota
    Natalie Sirota

    New here but want EVERYTHING Holo Taco. Where are the T-shirts? We need T-shirts and definitely hoodies! Also, gotta get the manicure set: duo chrome cuticle pusher and tweezers +++ with that cool Holo Taco logo!

  • The Clever Dog Company Eryn Dilks
    The Clever Dog Company Eryn Dilks

    Am American. Can confirm, these nails are the representation of what America TRULY stands for. Freedom and Justice for ALL.

  • Rainbow Osprey
    Rainbow Osprey

    Hey, nb aroace here. Thanks for the support :) I don’t think the holosexual thing is in any way offensive, it’s, to me, one of the integral parts of the channel

  • Kelly Evans
    Kelly Evans

    me (often not an intellectual): dont shake the camera you'll make her mess up also me (at myself): dumba**

  • Kelly Evans
    Kelly Evans

    "Look how amazing they are... i almost don't want to make them american" LMAO!!!

  • Ivy Desch
    Ivy Desch

    we only had 5 years. theyre just taking it away. why are my rights political?

  • Sadness

    Holy crap she's reacted to this video twice now

  • Whatzername

    I really appreciate this being posted now because of how Obergefell is in danger, wish that was talked about in the video, but none the less i enjoyed it thoroughly

  • Anastasia ۵
    Anastasia ۵

    1:57 if that isn't me every time i watch/hear her intro

  • AnHeC

    I'm not offended. I just find that tiptoeing very stupid. But that is your problem. Not mine. If you wish to be offended by everything have at it. As a classical libertarian I find the present pseudo correctness to be a nasty parody of what they claim to stand for.

    • Ruby Red
      Ruby Red

      I agree that some people take political correctness too far sometimes, but idk the way you wrote this comment rubs me the wrong way. This whole attitude of "it's not my problem I can say what I want." It seems to me that we should at least try to understand WHY someone is offended before making a judgement like that, instead automatically writing off anyone who's offended at something as oversensitive. If you really listen to what someone has to say and then decide that you still disagree and still want to say whatever you want to say, fine, but at least look at things on a case-by-case basis instead of automatically dismissing someone's comments. (And for the record I don't think the term "holosexual" is offensive.) Also, it seems to me that your libertarianism isn't relevant to a conversation about political correctness unless people are advocating for you not being LEGALLY allowed to say something, which isn't usually the case. Saying that you SHOUDN'T say something isn't the same thing as saying you shouldn't be ABLE to say something. Just because someone thinks something is offensive doesn't mean they think it should be illegal to say. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism. You can say whatever you want but everyone else is allowed to say why they think it's wrong.

  • Eve xoxoxo
    Eve xoxoxo

    Simply u should make ur own holo toco protective peel to put around ur nail

  • Cora Shubin
    Cora Shubin

    Were born in the same month as me my brithday to day

  • Antonio

    im simping for you again simply

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack


  • bottomofastairwell

    omg, now that the holo rainbow colors have restocked and i got them all, i can't WAIT to do those rainbows

  • Felicia Johnson
    Felicia Johnson


  • Kati Britvec
    Kati Britvec

    rename "super glossy taco" to "hard shell" and the peel off to "soft shell" please and thank you

  • Annette Lee
    Annette Lee

    I really appreciate that you're for Black Lives Matter, but could I suggest saying it in a less offhanded way next time (if there is a next time)? Love you lots and very proud of your growth as a LV-homer and as a person

  • stella

    Christine: 2020 has been a complete dumpster fire, with coronavirus, murdur, police brutality, donald trump; she just included him in the mix like hes just as bad as the other stuff this is why i'm subscribed 😂😂😂

    • stella

      @bottomofastairwell oh i agree completely. he is just as bad as all the other things. worse, actually. sorry I didnt phrase that correctly.

    • bottomofastairwell

      pretty sure he is. maybe worse. he encourages all his supporters to live incredibly recklessly during a pandemic so that it spreads even faster/is worse, and then when he actually gets sicks, he gets the best medical care in the country, whie actively trying to deny people healthcare. oh, and got to do whatever he wanted while ill, while other pople are dying alone in isolation, and then to top it off, acted like the disease wasn't a big deal, because he got better so quick, despite the fact that almost no one else on the planet could get the same level of care he got.... wtf

  • Rachelle Keyes
    Rachelle Keyes

    do another polish mountain with every polish you own now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sedona Cheloha
    Sedona Cheloha

    i just wanna say, i really appreciate you addressing the holosexual thing. i was never really offended, but i do remember definitely being put-off by those comments and kind of alienated. so thanks for saying something, much love

  • Brianna Ferris
    Brianna Ferris

    Are you a Biden support Christean?

  • Finlie Ward-Nichols
    Finlie Ward-Nichols

    almkst 10 minutes in and Cristine is oretty much saying "Fuck Trump"

  • Regina Diggory
    Regina Diggory

    I will never comprehend how and why the lines in the pride flag are straight

  • indigoastronaut

    why dont u make polishmountain with all ur polish

  • Foxx Girl
    Foxx Girl

    My cat is pissed I’ve been home for months

  • sxlar. moonlxght
    sxlar. moonlxght

    Does anyone think she should do polish mountain with only holo taco?

  • Tessa K -
    Tessa K -

    Cristine, you need to just get nail vinals of the things you paint on your nails a lot and cant paint very well

  • Tessa K -
    Tessa K -

    I am a lesbian, and i am 100% fine with the holosexual jokes. Ive called myself a holosexual before. But the coming out as holosexual thing did kinda bother me just because of the amount of times ive tried to come out but chickened out do to slightly homophobia from my father. Its very hard to come out and i feel like jokes about shouldnt be made. Other than that youve been perfectly fine

  • Hailey Berrie
    Hailey Berrie

    I don’t hate got ppl I don’t like what they stand up for and what they do

    • Hailey Berrie
      Hailey Berrie

      @Ruby Red I meant gay

    • Ruby Red
      Ruby Red

      And what is it that "got ppl" do exactly?

  • Liesl VW
    Liesl VW

    Gay marriage has been legal in South Africa since 2006. Love is love.

  • ummul huda
    ummul huda

    2020 simply

  • Erin Yell
    Erin Yell

    I wish you were my Cool Aunt Cristine^tm 😭 I'm too old to be your daughter (I'm 22, it would be weird) but honestly you seem so cool and chill

  • Noah Albert
    Noah Albert

    Did anyone ever notice that another one of her holo taco nail polish set look like pride flags

  • J M
    J M

    I personally have a gay cousin who is married to a guy, he's nice, and I think he is part of the reason I was able to figure out that I'm Bi/Lesbian, my Pan/Non Bianary friend in 5th grade also really helped me, I support every gay and straight person, so long as they have there reasons, but if they are being anti-gay/straight for no reason it makes me upset

  • •⃠F⃠u⃠c⃠k⃠•⃠O⃠f⃠f⃠•⃠

    I'm just laughing while drinking my propel in bed. Then i start watching this and im like, "wow, I mean I did just watch my rights be debated on live tv the other day, why not get in the mood-" *P R O P E L*

  • Hxney Rxses
    Hxney Rxses

    I think she focuses more on being funny in her old videos

  • DragonFruiTea

    Homophobes: iTs UnAtUrAl Me: tell that to the other 449 species that show signs of homosexuality. Lions adopt abandoned cubs. Female penguins get male penguins to fertilize the egg to raise with their female lover. It’s actually adorable, some zoos have little gay penguins and the interactions are SO DAMN CUTE.

  • Pham Nhung
    Pham Nhung


  • Brenda R
    Brenda R

    “Maybe you’re pet is really happy you’ve been home for months” Me: 🥺 my dog died two weeks before quarantine

  • C Cat
    C Cat


  • Delilah Bender
    Delilah Bender

    The media has been pretty depressing lately, : (names things that can kill you) Donald Trump, etc

  • ꧁S t i c h e s _ The therian꧂
    ꧁S t i c h e s _ The therian꧂

    I forgot she lived in Canada 🇨🇦

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    U should use one nail and use all ur nail polishes on it might take a year or two

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley


  • Chris Oregon
    Chris Oregon

    and now here they are illegalizing same sex marriage!

    • Ava Lightwood
      Ava Lightwood

      Same. I hate it here

    • Chris Oregon
      Chris Oregon

      i hate america

  • Camryn Graves
    Camryn Graves

    I WOULD JUST LIKE TO POINT OUT. That in order for her to see these things about herself she didn’t have to go through a scandal.

  • Eddy Valdez
    Eddy Valdez

    Do I need you guys like Donald Trump

  • Allie Mcbride
    Allie Mcbride

    It makes more since to have the stars in the top left corner like on the American flag and not the bottom right corner (and I know it's probably harder to do)

  • Crystal Shaw
    Crystal Shaw

    She respects BLM & GAY RIGHTS... Name a more respectful youtuber I'll wait (yes ik it's more bit just roll with it)

  • Christy

    She looks more like her sister back then than now tbh lol

  • Mubarak Alshamsi
    Mubarak Alshamsi

    I like the 2020

  • Microwaveyyy

    Dont lick the rainbow, *taste* the rainbow.

  • Emme McGinnis
    Emme McGinnis

    Just wanted to say that while I can see why some people would be offended, I definitely was not ever offended by halosexual, I legit think it's funny but I also admire you for your openness and honesty

  • Hella Mellow
    Hella Mellow


  • That One
    That One

    Eh no im a guy who likes dick and I think people who are offended by “holosexual” are stupid. You should take the offended ppl into account, but don’t dramatically change your content for a couple people.

  • Nalia Garcia
    Nalia Garcia

    Well, I wouldn’t say anyone who isn’t a liberal is considered an a**hole. I feel like that’s generalizing and isn’t really fair. I am, for one, accepting and not hateful to anyone who is gay, etc. And I am not liberal. I also know that trump supports the lgbtq community (you can look that up). So Ig I’m just confused. He said he will do everything in his power to protect the lgbtq community. Why does the community still hate him?? Genuine question, I just don’t understand. I’d love to talk!

    • Nalia Garcia
      Nalia Garcia

      Kelsey also, The reason transgender people cannot join the military is not for discrimination reasons, but money reasons. The average Joe who has joined gets their healthcare paid for. But trans ppl’s healthcare costs are significantly higher Bc of all the extra procedures and things they need. There’s just no money to cover the extra medical bills. Here’s an article that helps explain:

    • Nalia Garcia
      Nalia Garcia

      I understand your frustration. But I have to say, Biden and Obama have openly come out and said that they do not support gay marriage. They said they feel as though marriage should be between a man and a woman and that’s that. So do you not support either side running for office? Because that’s completely understandable. But if you support Biden then that’s slightly hypocritical to your statement. Biden has said some really not ok things about gay/lgbtq marriage. And to address your other points made; Trump has not allowed employees to be fired Bc of their gender identities (but if you have an article or video link of him saying that then I am open to watch it and discuss.) And the reasoning for him allowing health care workers to deny transgender people health care is for certain reasons and cases. Although, I am not 100% on this, but I’m pretty sure it’s Bc the male and female anatomy is very different. If the trans person-who was born a male but transitioned to female-states that they are a female and gives no disclosure of transitioning and says their symptoms are xyz, then the healthcare workers will treat it like any other case w a female. They won’t look for some possible problems Bc a female wouldn’t have all of the same health issues as a male would. Such as prostate cancer. This can cause false diagnoses, etc. so I’m assuming they can deny service to you if you don’t disclose that. BUT I’m not 100% on that, so I’m open to discussion!

    • Kelsey

      He's a liar because he has literally tried and succeeded to reverse almost every single law that has protected the lgbtq community. Laws such as employers being able to fire someone for being transgendered or gay, allowing business owners to deny service to gay people, allowing health care workers to deny care for someone if they think they are gay (even if that person is dying they can refuse to help which is completely ridiculous), and kicking transgendered people out of the military. These are just a few. These are laws the Obama administration has created and as soon as Trump got into office he went to work in reversing them. He does not give a shit about the lgbtq community.

  • Julia S
    Julia S

    We're trying! We're working real hard to get our shit together! Promise! 🤞

  • Julia S
    Julia S

    oof young cristine was a little rough around the edges. it's okay, I was a bit abrasive when I was younger too

  • Sabastion

    thank you for making this it is so nice to see people supporting the lgdtq+ community when there are so many that hate us for no reason. (p.s. i just think your funny and I get where you were coming from when you made the jokes you did)

  • Leah Grifall
    Leah Grifall

    Honestly, I’m kind of sad you’re not calling us holosexuals anymore. I’m one of your longtime subscribers and honestly if anyone is offended by a fanbase called holosexuals I think they’re the problem. I’m definitely not against anyone lgbtq but I think the name is completely fine. We miss the holosexual fanbase name!

  • Julia Lopez-Bellido
    Julia Lopez-Bellido

    Did anyone else think she had a Baja blast next to her

  • Ella Shields
    Ella Shields

    I love you this is amazing also black lives matter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💘💘💘💝💝💝💕💕💕💞💞💞💓💓💓💗💗💗

  • Those 28 stab wounds
    Those 28 stab wounds

    I'm about as straight as a round about. I lean towards girls and holo

  • Nelleh Hellen
    Nelleh Hellen

    I’m a Christian and I go to a Christian school and I COMPLETELY support lgtbq+ but one rat in my class doesn’t 🤢 but don’t worry i wasn’t afraid to 🤜🏽👦🏻

    • ur mom tEeHeE
      ur mom tEeHeE

      lol😂 i can bring a broom too

  • Hazera Begum
    Hazera Begum

    The stars ✨ on the 2015 nails r more accurate but the 2020 nails look 👀 more fresh 👄

  • Hazera Begum
    Hazera Begum

    I'm a robot I have no gender lol 😂

  • NoName No
    NoName No

    filing your nails in two directions!? shook!

  • ryuredwings

    "And America... Please get your sh*t together!" Me, watching this in October 2020: 😬😬😬

  • George Mimi
    George Mimi

    Cristine:I never spoken to a homophobic or seen them as a person Imagine your WHOLE family is homophobic and you come out bi...

  • ashlyn miller
    ashlyn miller

    12:30 exactly! It’s easier to tell someone what they are doing wrong then ending their career. Literally.

  • Adrian Vaughn
    Adrian Vaughn

    Cristine for president 2020

  • Adrian Vaughn
    Adrian Vaughn

    Human rights are not opinions ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Amy Abushwisha
    Amy Abushwisha

    I LOVE how she added BLM in it🖤🖤 #BLM #BLAC #ANTI-RASICIM #LGBTQ+

  • Amy Abushwisha
    Amy Abushwisha


  • that gay girl
    that gay girl

    18:45 me the first time I got a long-distance girlfriend

  • Hailee Seabolt
    Hailee Seabolt

    we love a canadian supporting the problems with the us

  • Madelyn MacDonald
    Madelyn MacDonald

    im bi its not offensive btw

  • Gabrielle KAPLAN
    Gabrielle KAPLAN

    choo choo! All aboard ally excpress! (get it lol)

  • GamingLesBean

    im les TT

  • çevirtheK

    I'm homocurious and I think the term holosexual is fun and fine

  • Justeen Vajgrt
    Justeen Vajgrt

    Imagine trying to do the stars on your dominant hand

  • Addi

    "and america, please get your sh** together" -cristine 2020

  • Marcelino Dreams
    Marcelino Dreams

    I’m sorry but I don’t think we need to apologize for everything. I am a gay man who found the whole halosexual thing cute. Even the coming out thing.

  • Marcelino Dreams
    Marcelino Dreams

    Love this. Course the world feels like it’s ending now. I’m also a male fan and a gay one. Thank you for being you.

  • Azwa Fitri
    Azwa Fitri

    Ok but why does cristine look younger in her newer videos?