Reacting To My Old Pride Nail Art Video (and Recreating It)
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  • ImGonnaWinWin

    Omg this gives me mad nostalgia

  • Erin Marrash
    Erin Marrash

    Could use star shaped glitters

  • Maddie L
    Maddie L

    She is acknowledging the US’s problems and she isn’t even American...

  • Toco Cat
    Toco Cat

    When she said that she’s never met a homophobic person I was like “Must be nice, I live with homophobic people and it sucks ass” 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • Miss Browny
    Miss Browny

    OMG I'm gay!!!!!


    U should call us simply children B) now I don’t think that’s offensive

  • FailedArtKid

    I remember watching the original gay american flag video ages ago (not exactly when it came out, but long enough ago that I still considered myself a kid), and I remember how it made me feel so much safer. This video really captured that feeling again, in a new way. Now, Cristine isn't only discussing gay marriage, but equal rights, blm, and giving a nod to JKR's shitty take on gender identity. I might not be the little girl I was when I saw that first video anymore, but I'm definitely a proud man who isn't ashamed to admit I like holo nail polish

  • molly

    i’m bi and i never found the holosexual thing offensive but the coming out part kinda feels like mocking what lgbtq people have to do

  • StRx_Lojy

    this was posted a day before my bday

  • Shi Figueroa
    Shi Figueroa

    she showed the different versions of the pride flag and my support grew 100000000 times more for her

    • Shi Figueroa
      Shi Figueroa


  • Shi Figueroa
    Shi Figueroa

    we love growth and someone for basic human rights. also, this video made my heart really happy (as a lesbian) also, Black Lives Matter.

  • Reagan Obert
    Reagan Obert

    2020 simply

  • hope lily
    hope lily

    For me it’s family. Yeah uh I’m not coming out as genderfluid after I first came out as liking women.

  • Jasmine IsCool
    Jasmine IsCool

    9:52 Literally everyone in America: 👁👄👁

  • jade koehler
    jade koehler

    She should do all of the pride flags one day I would love to see that

  • Imogen McCabe
    Imogen McCabe

    I’m a Christian but I am not against same sex marriage. I just want to let people know that not all Christian’s are like that most of those people are extremely old fashioned! Love is love!

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    I remember first seeing your videos when I was in school and my salon teacher said to look at nail art tutorials and I found one of yours, it didn't have your face in it just a voiceover and for some reason I thought you were a blonde American girl because of your voice lol (i think it sounded higher than it does now) then you blew up a couple years later and I still watch you lol

  • Vixen Ligon
    Vixen Ligon

    I simply adored how it turned out without the American flag thing. The stripes looked amazing. Just wow

  • Nrg Bunni
    Nrg Bunni

    Should have stuck sequin stars on instead of painting them on if you have trouble painting small details

  • Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson

    My gran is homophobic and I'm pansexual so when I'm with her I just have to hear her going on about how it's wrong

    • Lisa Thompson
      Lisa Thompson

      @Madalyn Casey thanks for the consern but I haven't seen her in over a year because of the pandemic

    • Madalyn Casey
      Madalyn Casey

      im so sorry. she should be careful you could put her in a home.

  • AlphaAlphi

    I was the 6% of the men that watched this when it came out 🥰 although now I consider myself non-binary sooo uhhh character development 🥳

    • Baguette Gott
      Baguette Gott

      That IS character development. We stan.

  • Water drops
    Water drops

    This channel makes me feel so safe

  • Julie Jankova
    Julie Jankova

    Im okay with someone calling me holosexual, couse guess what i am okay with someone calling me homosexual too


    bruh we still dont have our shit together...

    • Claire :]
      Claire :]

      lmao ikr

  • Bella

    U shoulve made the lines uneven cuz its not supposed to be straight LMAO

  • piglet goals
    piglet goals

    Ok i am done with this apoligising for everything BS. Nobody should have to apologise for every dam thing they did. When did it become a thing that noone could be offended. Someone will always be offended by something. So what get over it move on. Life has moved forwards for 1000's of years despite people being offended. I AM OFFENDED... ok ...and? If you cannot deal with a little bit of offence in your life then good luck with your future because life is not always fair. Get a thicker skin toughen up and stop whinging about every piddly ass issue. I am so sick of having to listen to everyones disclaimers

    • piglet goals
      piglet goals

      @ur mom EXTREMELY loud audible YAWN!

    • ur mom
      ur mom

      also I think you can handle your mind annoyance at disclaimers if it makes someone feel more comfortable in this world

    • ur mom
      ur mom

      @piglet goals it's about rejecting the idea of a society of assumed heteronormativity and challenging straight people who are disrespectful of the lgbtq+ community. people feeling like they are being disrespected is valid and there's nothing wrong with a creator wanting to acknowledge that.

    • piglet goals
      piglet goals

      @ur mom I stay firmly with my opinion. If people don't learn to lighten up this world will be a very sad and humourless place.

    • piglet goals
      piglet goals

      @ur mom Why because my opinion does not line up with the masses. Well let's see now. I am Bisexual loud and proud since i realised in the 90s. My mother is Gay and has lived with her partner since i was 14 years old. My nephew is Trans and my neice is gay. I would say we have quite the range in there.

  • young veins
    young veins

    Cristine, this video made me so happy!! I've been following you for at least 6 years now I think, and I was definitely around when you made that "coming out as a holosexual" joke which made me really uncomfortable as a non binary lesbian from Russia, where coming out is something extremely dangerous and terrifying. still, I knew that as a canadian straight cis girl you just didn't realize the weight of your words, and I definitely noticed that you haven't been using this word for a while now so that's why I'm confident in supporting you. but you actually making a statement about it is really really important to me and the whole community! thank you

  • Piper Mahon
    Piper Mahon

    technically holo is pro lgbtq because its rainbow, so bein you is being suportive

  • Charlee Dimauro
    Charlee Dimauro

    I came out and My aunt told me if I ever got a girlfriend she would disown me ....

    • ur mom
      ur mom

      i hope you stay safe and know you're loved!

    • Charlee Dimauro
      Charlee Dimauro

      Omg thank you ❤️❤️❤️

    • Claire :]
      Claire :]

      omg im so sorry to hear that i wish you the best of luck ❤️❤️ lots of love 🥺❤️❤️

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan Jones

    Your channel is already supporting pride cuz you love every color of the rainbow aka HOLO

  • natalie claus
    natalie claus

    “America get your shit together” I’m re-watching this less than 2 weeks into 2021 and OH BOY that line is more prescient than before

  • Darian Ward
    Darian Ward

    Australian people don't have an accent I should know I'm australian

  • danutza

    how many hours did it take you to make your nails?

  • Jacquie Lacanienta
    Jacquie Lacanienta

    I really appreciate this video. You are such an amazing person and LV-homer. Thank you

  • White Gem
    White Gem

    Def an amazing vid and no problem in celebrating something that amazing. However Christine stay out of American politics thank you🙃

  • Kawaii Polar
    Kawaii Polar

    Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights I could go on forever.

    • Tabby Animations
      Tabby Animations

      @Kawaii Polar of course. People should be able to be who they truly are I don’t see anything wrong with it❤️

    • Kawaii Polar
      Kawaii Polar

      @Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago anything for the fellow trans people :D

    • Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago
      Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago

      Hello I’m a trans man. Thank you for believing in us

    • Kawaii Polar
      Kawaii Polar

      @Tabby Animations thank you for being that way!

    • Tabby Animations
      Tabby Animations

      👏YES👏 (I’m straight and cis but I support!)

  • Little daydream
    Little daydream

    "It's much better to educate than hate on people who just don't know better" ✨🏳️‍🌈I love this channel🏳️‍🌈✨

  • Molly Simpson
    Molly Simpson

    this year has been so long 😭 I thought this was a video from like, 2 years ago. Then she started talking about covid and everything and I can't believe this is such a recent video

  • Olivia Rossbach
    Olivia Rossbach

    lgbt comunity like meh comment

  • Random_boi_500

    You’re so lucky to not meet these people but also it’s amazing that even when you have never experienced bigotry you still acknowledge it! I know it seems like the bare minimum (and I believe it is) but many people still fail to achieve that low bar

  • Limonlexi Lolo
    Limonlexi Lolo

    The glossy taco part is the best

  • Limonlexi Lolo
    Limonlexi Lolo

    Your doing the rainbow wrong it’s red orange yellow green blue and purple not yellow orange red purple blue Green

    • Tabby Animations
      Tabby Animations

      She did do it right actully....

    • xSunnySidex

      I think she was trying to make it lightest colors on the outside and darkest in the middle

  • Dearyvette TN
    Dearyvette TN

    The nails are as nice as the dunk on the haters. Also..... 🎊Happy Coup Year 🎉‼️ It just got sh!itter 💩 over here 😒🇺🇸👈

  • Vivian Grandy
    Vivian Grandy

    This WAS supposed to be a nail video, there is nothing wrong with the word "HOLOSEXUAL" people just too it too far smh

  • Blue Finch
    Blue Finch

    My parents, I’m so lucky, they are supportive of gay rights but they’re literally the only people in my family who are

  • Vivian Grandy
    Vivian Grandy

    I love how her face is so beet red viewing her video lol

  • Stien Dumoulin
    Stien Dumoulin

    The Donald Trump comment (0:30) in her introduction just got a whole different connotation...

  • Indu Mishra
    Indu Mishra

    Who thinks Cristine should take out holo Taco nail vinynals??

  • Aliszka

    *Cristine talking about stopping the discrimination of LGBTQ+* Polish people and government: I think not thats sad :c

  • Baby Angle
    Baby Angle

    My brother told me a joke once. He said something..And all i remember..Was the word "LGBBQ" Like a barbecue XD

    • Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago
      Gravel.Soup • 12 years ago

      My brother says abcd community. He’s only joking though

  • Ariela Cruz
    Ariela Cruz


    • Ariela Cruz
      Ariela Cruz

      @Alastor But with a gun u right u right

    • Alastor But with a gun
      Alastor But with a gun

      no, cancel culture should be a thing, but not used in the way it's used is bad, if somebody is a pedophile, then they should be cancelled, but if somebody drinks a healthy drink (true story) they shouldn't be cancelled

  • Never_ Aariii
    Never_ Aariii

    Lol when i first I thought she was a CHETTO MAN supporter but I’m happy sh e ain’t

  • NotSoGamer Tori
    NotSoGamer Tori

    Simply: I’ve never seen or interacted with people against gay marriage and basic human rights Me: *Oh try living in the Deep South of Texas👍🙁*

  • Veronica Mollod
    Veronica Mollod

    I think that you did it better in 2020 which proves that you can still do nail art. (-:

  • Darilyn Monstone
    Darilyn Monstone

    We love you gurl!

  • vera

    2020 Simply did it better!

  • starlifiimi

    I'm gonna get so much hate for this but let's roll with it. I don't think "fake" or "joke" sexualities are a bad thing. Usually they start of and have the intention of being used as jokes (like animesexual, tatersexual, and, well, holosexual). But when these things become serious, like people literally identify as such and want themselves protected, or even use them as an excuse to use slurs and discriminative language, it becomes a problem. I'd be okay with someone saying "lMfAo iM hOlOsExUaLLllLllL", but if it becomes their serious identity then it's a mockery of actual LGBT people/identities. I think that holosexual would've been fine if it wasn't used seriously.

    • Alastor But with a gun
      Alastor But with a gun

      holosexual has and isn't being treated seriously, though.

  • Katarzyna Lukasiewicz
    Katarzyna Lukasiewicz

    Aren't you scared your nails are not going to break. Do you wear a mask whilst paint your nails, its pretty poisoned...

  • SamTheHam


  • Bailey Ward
    Bailey Ward

    As a demiromantic asexual nonbinary person, this video makes me smile. I’ve watched and rewatched it countless times. I’m still half-closeted, so the coming out jokes were a little sensitive for me, but I still love your content and the messages you promote! Thank you for “offending the anti-gay Americans” 😂😂😂 Love is love and everyone is valid 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Christopher Cahill
    Christopher Cahill


  • Back Bends And Front Flips
    Back Bends And Front Flips

    Heyyyyy Cristine idk how to spell your name so don't mind it if its wrong but Anyways I have a question for you How much nail polish did you use in your intro/thumbnail? You spilled aLoT of it my mom would get soooooooooooooo mad at me if I did that

  • Rachel G.
    Rachel G.

    5:47 that did not age well...Shane...LOL

  • Katie O'Brien
    Katie O'Brien

    You're so so apologetic! As a member of the lgbtqia+ community, I was in no way offended! 💗💗

  • SaltreaSpirit `
    SaltreaSpirit `

    I'm actually really happy right now :D my enby heart is melting :] Shout out to all my Enby Friends! 💛⬜💜🖤

  • shirin moini
    shirin moini

    We love educated simply

  • aiden siessmayer
    aiden siessmayer

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww ily cris w no h


    I'm pan and it makes me very happy to know my idol supports LGBTQ+ I love you're videos and you didn't need to apologise and I have never been offended by you're jokes. Love you stay strong and keep doing what you're doing!

  • Victoria Donaldson
    Victoria Donaldson

    Who dare u make it straight

  • Natalie Eaton
    Natalie Eaton

    Im so jealous youve never had to deal with homophobes in real life isjdjshsh

  • LPS Phoenix
    LPS Phoenix

    20/20 simply

  • Ash Mohamed
    Ash Mohamed

    Simply nailogical: the CEO of too much nail polish whether on the nail or on the shelf

  • Lana Leeson
    Lana Leeson

    Shameful horrible things e.g. Corona, police brutality,... And trump (I now love her even more) ❤️ ❤️

  • Oshin vishwakarma
    Oshin vishwakarma

    Her:or you have been painting your nails rainbow Me:looks at my rainbow nail art..

  • Sleeping Babie
    Sleeping Babie

    I swear, the day Simply Nailogical makes an apology video, is the day LV-home collapses.

  • tr rahman
    tr rahman

    I bet You are not getting married because someone commented about it.

  • Uh Kat
    Uh Kat

    Yep theroy comfomfermed. Simply supports biden

    • Uh Kat
      Uh Kat

      @dogsbox44 it was a joke 😭😭😭

    • dogsbox44

      simply is canadian lol

  • Random stuff with Izzy
    Random stuff with Izzy

    I got a nail art add

  • Laura Harrison
    Laura Harrison


  • Erin Fulford
    Erin Fulford

    I’ve never thought holosexual was ever offensive, I still don’t and as someone who is LGTBQ+ I really never saw an issue with saying holosexual.

  • Maddy Curley
    Maddy Curley

    Honestly she reminds me of Jenna, you can really, truly see the growth she has made as a person and taking responsibility for her pst actions and she recognizes that what she has done in the past may affect people. One of my favorite youtubers and I will always stand by Cristine like I will for Jenna.

  • Cora Lundquist
    Cora Lundquist

    She mentioned JK ROWLING what happened to her

    • Cora Lundquist
      Cora Lundquist

      @Lotus oh ok thanks I was confused

    • Lotus

      JK Rowling has been on a thing about attacking Transgender people on twitter.

  • Weird Weirdo
    Weird Weirdo

    Cristine said queer rights 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • ꧁ ενεryτнιпg • мιпι ꧂
    ꧁ ενεryτнιпg • мιпι ꧂


  • Carter Capps
    Carter Capps

    i am closeted trans guy i wish i was not scared of my dads parents

  • Sofialca 2009
    Sofialca 2009

    2020 simply

  • CheshieD

    Wtf 1.4K dislikes???

  • Mels Vibez
    Mels Vibez

    Awwwe you did nothing wrong you don’t have to apologise that much but at least your learning some people get offended by your British accent but I find it funny I am British and a lot of people don’t sound like that but a few people do since you want to learn maybe warn people you don’t wanna be offensive ppl rlly do be trying to cancel you tho ilysm keep on going with your vids!

  • lizzie

    As a child actress her acting skills we’re definitely top notch back then

  • máma tiempo completo
    máma tiempo completo

    I love you as 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • A A
    A A

    Pray the straight away

  • GrGr K
    GrGr K

    the way u described ur family is the complete opposite of mine

  • I_love_mcyt

    Haha lol in 5 years you're gonna react to this and think its cringy

  • Hailey Mercer
    Hailey Mercer

    Hi you will probably not see this Simply... I love to watch your videos but I am a 12 year family are family and I know how to use a gun...( I can shoot bullseye at 100 yards...out shot all the other boys and girls in my hunter safety!!) but what I am trying to say is that I don’t support lgbhq+ I think that is how you say it... but anyways like I said my family and I don’t support it but you can love who you want....I am friends with some people that are lgbhq+ but they know that I don’t support that but that does not come between us... so please if you see this can you give me a shout out

    • Hailey Mercer
      Hailey Mercer

      @Lotus I would never do something g like that...

    • Lotus

      Imagine thinking she's gonna shout you out when you're literally talking out against what shes promoting here in this video.

    • Chef Sporty
      Chef Sporty

      she’s not giving you a freaking shout out, you’re barely doing the bare minimum

  • xXDripping_MoonXx

    🏳️‍🌈I support LGBTQ+🏳️‍🌈

  • MiniCarbz Langhoff
    MiniCarbz Langhoff

    Yes my hamster was so happy that i was Home she died☹️

  • Nidal Koumiza
    Nidal Koumiza

    Lol Dear old Christine you don't know what's coming for you

  • _ luvwhydontwe _
    _ luvwhydontwe _

    You just called me a bitch, but I still love you simply. You are still my fave youtuber. I am not a homophobic, but being gay is against my religion. I will not become or support gay people, but I dont care if you are gay. It doesnt change who you are.

    • Leo C
      Leo C

      @_ luvwhydontwe _ well you can't really "become" gay, people are just born that way but what religion doesn't teach their followers to love unconditionally, especially for those who are just living their own lives that in no way affect you like lgbtq people?

    • _ luvwhydontwe _
      _ luvwhydontwe _

      @Alastor But with a gun the funny thing is I'm not tho. I have many friends that are gay and I support them. I just wouldnt become gay myself.

    • Alastor But with a gun
      Alastor But with a gun

      if you don't support gay people or your religion is anti-gay you're probably homophobic

    • Maddi Grace
      Maddi Grace

      If being gay is against your religion then you are homophobic love, But that’s okay there’s always room to grow and find your own educated opinion. Happy holodays

  • Kk it’s Kenzie
    Kk it’s Kenzie

    I am from America

  • Jeffrey Baker
    Jeffrey Baker

    The successful sort unquestionably twist because door thermodynamically increase in a sloppy witness. grumpy, knotty dresser