How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?
Will this challenge relieve my quarantine anxiety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • SayHelloToOblivion

    I had a smile plastered to my face the whole time watching this. Too funny. 😅

  • SilvaraDragontear

    I sleep with a weighted blanket/comforter every night & it works pretty well, sure my deppression, adhd & autism wins against the blanket some nights but for the most part I sleep better with it. I got mine from a doctor as a medical device so it was way cheaper than the blankets you find online. If my doctor hadn’t written it out to me as a medical device I would not be able to afford a weightedblanket. Got to try different versions of weightedblankets. There were some that had chains and those ballpitballs in them. I told my doc pretty much as soon as she put that kind of blanket on me that it would not do because my adhd would spend a whole week nights on squishing those balls instead of sleeping. Instead I got the kind Cristine has in the video, mine weighs 8 kg, I tried 10 kg but it was way to heavy and made me panicky instead of calm, instead of feeling like someone was hugging me & keeping me safe it felt vaguely like sleepparalys so I noped out on anything heavier that 8kg. So if one weight does not work for you try either a heavier or a lighter one, don’t give up.

  • Isabella Golden
    Isabella Golden

    Me trying to get out of bed in the morning

  • ScrambledEggz

    6 blankets made her delirious- poor soul

  • Ariela Filipe
    Ariela Filipe

    that was my burthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina M. G.
    Christina M. G.

    bruh she basically pushed me off

  • Hey it's keria
    Hey it's keria

    The oceanic headlight apparently applaud because park coronally frame modulo a hateful belt. squalid, smoggy guitar

  • big ol' meanie
    big ol' meanie

    i got a weighted blanket ad on this video

  • Lilly Wolfe
    Lilly Wolfe

    I made my own weighted blanket by putting 4 regular blankets on top of eachother

  • H Q 123P
    H Q 123P

    The zoldyck household be like

  • SamLes Creations
    SamLes Creations

    Can you paint your nails from underneath all of those blankets? Maybe take a little lamp or clip on light with you. :P

  • SamLes Creations
    SamLes Creations

    XD this is so funny

  • isqbella

    they should’ve titled it *cristine & ben being children for 14 minutes 26 seconds*

  • Treasure _adream1
    Treasure _adream1

    Omg I just realized that Christine and I have the same notebook! 😂

  • Karen Richards
    Karen Richards

    I would definitely take one of these blankets, I have been wanting to try a weighted blanket for a long time in hopes it will help me sleep

  • Slixillia

    252 pounds- yeesh

  • Elle Pletz
    Elle Pletz

    When you forget your glossy taco

  • Kinsey Rice
    Kinsey Rice

    I love them 🥰! They help me feel safe when I’m sleeping.

  • Tova Street
    Tova Street

    oh my gosh I think I am going to die from laughing

  • Jay

    you should try "how many cats is too many"

  • Joren Schmieder
    Joren Schmieder


  • Emma Ehle
    Emma Ehle

    I haven’t been here since beginning of 2019 and she had a HUGE glow up like wow!

  • Echo Doux
    Echo Doux

    Da comfort cishets fo today

  • Baboom

    oof I can't even afford one. GO ANXIETY XD

  • random_account.77

    Wow first thing I noticed in the intro is that it’s the pansexual flag

  • Dina S
    Dina S

    Any update if they are all getting used or were they given away?

  • Draco Storm
    Draco Storm

    "I don't wanna be able to get up" Have you tried depression? Works a treat

  • Shayde_In_Life

    Watching this while making a batman themed weighted blanket for my very anxious bean of a friend, its currently 6kg

  • Sato

    I actually bought one 2 days ago from my Christmas money It will arrive tomorrow tho I have complex ptsd and anxiety and don't sleep every 2 or 3th night And I'm pretty sure it might help And the blanked was super cheap I paid 40 bucks

    • Sato

      @Kikoushii Oh I actually didn't thought about that Thanks you so much!

    • Kikoushii

      Warning that they do take a while to get used to! (Maybe a couple of days to weeks) (I also got a blanket with my Christmas money 😀)

  • Eloy67 Gonzalez
    Eloy67 Gonzalez

    On one part I thought that she was sitting but she was actually bending her leg

  • life of christy
    life of christy

    this is channel is not a nail channel anymore :) but its still a purfect channel

  • Leila Degner
    Leila Degner

    me wondering if simply is pan bc of her new intro

  • Stephanie Civic
    Stephanie Civic

    God bless Ben. He's always a good sport too!

  • kai

  • Paige Roarr
    Paige Roarr

    Can you donate one of these to me 😂 😂 😂 seriously tho 🤔😭

  • Emilia T
    Emilia T

    i want these two to collaborate with evan and katelyn

  • cute little unicorn so cute
    cute little unicorn so cute

    and i say i always wanted to know hiow can eat as much very hot things for 24 hours see ya

  • cute little unicorn so cute
    cute little unicorn so cute

    ;o i cant say anything

  • Maidenstear

    Idk why i decided go watch this right after dragging myself out of bed at 5:30 am for work after a bad night's I'm just jealous, sad and cold :(

  • Crazygirl1202

    I- 1:56-2:04 Why is no one talking about this? 😂

  • Carol Talj
    Carol Talj

    Who else is watching this video in 2021

  • Alexis Jones
    Alexis Jones

    I love how Ben did the Superman while giggling uncontrollably

  • Alexis Jones
    Alexis Jones

    I love watching Ben and Christine having fun bc I feel like I’m a part of it & I have fun too 😌

  • Mackenzie G
    Mackenzie G

    Anyone else notice how stunning she looks. Like wow, I can't believe even during a quarantine how healthy and illuminating she looks. 👏

    • ItsmeBianca

      Shess so holo cooo

    • Aya 010
      Aya 010


    • Im Peach
      Im Peach


  • Keira M.
    Keira M.

    Body goals !!!❤️

  • Ariela Cruz
    Ariela Cruz

    yes dear

  • Braxton Wolfe
    Braxton Wolfe

    11:55 the cat is making me die

  • Gisella H
    Gisella H

    If you pause at 5:55 🤣😂

  • Sarah Ruesler
    Sarah Ruesler

    Ben looked so comfy laying on top of all the blankets (and simply lol)

  • laschelle mendes
    laschelle mendes

    Christine is a friking math genius !!😂😂

  • Evelyn Morrow
    Evelyn Morrow

    Damn your buff as he'll like damn girl

  • Simply_squirrel

    Me sitting here in my weighted blanket: 👁👄👁

  • Dan Murnaghan
    Dan Murnaghan

    Who thinks that cristine needs a holo weighted blanket

  • Riley Kutach
    Riley Kutach

    6:20 is when they start putting on the blankets

  • World's Okay-est Person
    World's Okay-est Person

    3:35 15 pounds of beads, 3 pounds of blanket material....

  • Adele Harris
    Adele Harris

    The colors of the nail polish is the pan flag and that is all I can think about

  • Evelyn Higgins
    Evelyn Higgins

    His face tho-2:16

  • Grace Adams
    Grace Adams

    me watching this under a weighted blanket: 👁👄👁

  • Emili Saksman
    Emili Saksman

    Ok you are now my queen

  • Liza Minichello
    Liza Minichello

    Weighted blanket mountain

  • Becky and Brooklyn
    Becky and Brooklyn

    I just got a weighted blanket for my anxiety and panic attacks and nightmares


    Video starts at 6:10

  • Little Froogy
    Little Froogy

    I got a weighted blanket off wish for 15 bucks and it is AMAZING

  • Raven Scorpious
    Raven Scorpious

    Look at zyler in the back 😂


    sibdndbdbdbdbffbfhhf I googled torture a couple of months ago 😂

  • rita aessila
    rita aessila

    06:01 your Wellcome:)

  • yoongles

    ben calling cristinw dear makes me wanna cry it’s so sweet

  • R Darkstorm
    R Darkstorm

    Weighted blankets are super great for people with sensory issues. Sometimes I can't be touched but I need a hug.

  • Natalie's Little Nation
    Natalie's Little Nation

    I haven’t been able to sleep for months and I got a weighted blanket this Christmas and I haven’t slept better in my entire life

  • Emily Schuh
    Emily Schuh

    ben calling cristine dear is so adorable🥰🥺

  • Erika Knapp
    Erika Knapp

    Thank you Simply! This is the reason I asked for a weighted blanket for C(h)ristmas and I got one and I love it!

  • Eliza O
    Eliza O

    Merry Christmas and stay safe

  • Aiai Aiai
    Aiai Aiai

    Imagine sleeping with 14 weighted blankets and once you’re all cozied up u realise u forgot to turn off the lights

  • Julian

    I got mine for 40 dollars and it comes with a velvet cover and weighted mask

  • Ieva A
    Ieva A

    I bhot 20 of dhose blankets and i can not get up

  • Uniskate 12
    Uniskate 12

    My oldest sister got a weighted blanket for her birthday, Woow!

  • CharlieChaori18

    You are my anxiety demon wiggleing out of the blankets to get me 😂😂😂

  • Adelle Castaneda
    Adelle Castaneda

    bens too thickkkk lamo

  • Itz_Michelle UwU
    Itz_Michelle UwU

    strong girl

  • amrutashaharkar

    do a somthing amzing fo the holidays

  • Olivia-Poppy Rudd
    Olivia-Poppy Rudd

    christine : looks at ben me : thinks ben will have 14 blankets on him ben : lays on top of christine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tesla Davis
    Tesla Davis

    Ik that this was months ago I as wondering if I could have one f you have on bc if suffers from anxiety and I was wondering if you could get me one :) .... Pssst your my fav youtuber :>

  • Midnight Dusk
    Midnight Dusk

    Lets pray for the neighbors 😅

  • payton davis
    payton davis

    My claustrophobia could never

  • Suri Parvizi
    Suri Parvizi


  • Daisy Paws
    Daisy Paws

    Ben has a very contagious laugh

  • Laura Harrison
    Laura Harrison

    That's th pan flag

  • Jade Martin
    Jade Martin

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  • Nasha Chambers
    Nasha Chambers

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  • kyeong lee
    kyeong lee

    The like bicycle allegedly bolt because law inevitably present between a coherent business. receptive, necessary tights

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    Nadine Persad

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  • Swofz

    Why didn’t you fold them over .... coulda had 28

  • Baby Dahl
    Baby Dahl

    Right after she posted this video i purchased the Soft 'Luxury' blanket she put in the description. I didn't even read reviews, i figured Simply has never steered me wrong and she does her research so i trust her. Best Decision Ever! My husband and i both love our blankets. (I bought him one too.) Thank you!!!

  • Amaeツ

    Then why if you rearrange the words “The meaning of life” you can get “The final game of nil”

  • ItzFrøstyBłiss

    I’m so weak my claustrophobia would be like: IM STUCK

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    Ochaco Uraraka


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    randomness channel


  • CrystalPlays

    Now make Ben do it. ;)

  • Beckie

    I'm sure your giveaway is over now but I just saw this video 😂 sigh. Oh well, love your stuff!!

  • Gillian Garcia
    Gillian Garcia

    Now i know she makes money for sureeeee