How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?
Will this challenge relieve my quarantine anxiety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • The lovely life of Nevaeh
    The lovely life of Nevaeh

    was i the only one who got an ad for weighted blankets just me ok 😭😔

  • Pawzilla

    *This video has taught us that Cristine is strong.*

  • Blakeley Read
    Blakeley Read


  • Quin Shelton
    Quin Shelton

    okay 100 layers of weighted blankets is way too expensive but what about 100 layers of regular blankets? 🤔

  • Gatcha Gossip Girl
    Gatcha Gossip Girl

    I have a weighted blanket for my Sensory Prosesing Disorder (SPD) and my autism

  • Moira Donahoe
    Moira Donahoe

    New Challenge: How many cups of tea can Cristine

  • Dani Wyse
    Dani Wyse

    Ahhhh yes content 😌

  • Anna Marie2468
    Anna Marie2468

    The colours of the polish in the intro are the colours of the pansexual flag

  • Kaitlyn Moore
    Kaitlyn Moore

    So for anyone who wants one but can’t afford $100, these are $30-$50 at Walmart’s in the states. The price varies on the time of the year. I got mine after Christmas last year for $30.

  • Nohemy Key
    Nohemy Key

    How can she do that when I can’t even get up when nothing is on me

  • Cadence Hodges
    Cadence Hodges

    Christine lifted weights? Welp I think that it is safe to say that we learned something new today-

  • - Leafy -
    - Leafy -

    That would just make me feel claustrophobic

  • Mochi Michu
    Mochi Michu

    Christine is very strong😌

  • Tiffany m Ferrant
    Tiffany m Ferrant

    Me watching this, as I snuggle deeper and deeper underneath my weighted blanket 🤣💙

  • Ai K
    Ai K

    Life alert I have 14 weight blankets on me and I can’t get up

  • Daniela Mancheen
    Daniela Mancheen

    her cat sitting in the chair at 12:00 is so cute


    What is the point in these things ? Not asking from a negative point of view just want to know the purpose / use if these blankets .

  • Rodel Garcia
    Rodel Garcia

    wow,, from nails to weighted blankets... speaking of weighted blankets ... look what I found on the internet .. kind of cool and unique weighted blankets:

  • chumg chia
    chumg chia

    I kind of wanted one after watching these... it’sSimpley Not logical

  • Navaeha Marcantonio
    Navaeha Marcantonio

    Woah Ben u better be careful By those super swift math skills sounds to me like she’s been hanging out with your brother a lot 😬😬😬

  • Bernardo Fronza
    Bernardo Fronza

    9:24 "so i'm gonna be waiting how long?" 💀

  • Caylee Charvat
    Caylee Charvat

    You know how you were saying "help I've fallen under weighted blankets and can't get up" My friend says "Help I've fallen and I choose not to get up" Kinda dark but funny

  • Ginny Niver
    Ginny Niver

    I'm so glad she's okay! It's a cool idea but I'm worried being squished!

  • Petra Davidson
    Petra Davidson

    could say it's a weight off your shoulders

  • Jillian Searight
    Jillian Searight

    can i have a weighted blanket?

  • Chloé Bémouth
    Chloé Bémouth

    Cristine : Possède 14 couverture lestée. Moi : Pleure parce que j'ai pas les sous pour en acheter une 😭

  • lukas Caro
    lukas Caro

    ;-; my autistic ass cant even afford 1

  • Purple Boi
    Purple Boi

    I watched this while being under a weighted blanket

  • Kika Polackova
    Kika Polackova

    i think the can by : holo by Christin

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy

    I know quarantine is hiring us all hard but I didn’t know it would come to this....

  • Willsie And CO.
    Willsie And CO.

    Oml you look like my gym coach, I swear look her up, her name is Jackie thiel from Ann Richards 😳

  • Anthony Ferguson
    Anthony Ferguson

    She bought it at sam's club

  • lydia evans
    lydia evans

    Lol she said two at once

  • J Denton
    J Denton

    Waited blanket + heated blanket= STONKS

  • Mica Gladding
    Mica Gladding

    They are both so immensely cute and I really hope one day I can experience something like this

  • Jimin Kim
    Jimin Kim

    i felt the weight on me during this whole vid... lmaooo

  • Anita Marie
    Anita Marie

    *laying under my weighted blanket* 👁👄👁

  • Abby Henning
    Abby Henning

    the thing that bothers me the most is she is laying on one that she could have put on top of her and the ones under her head

  • Ivy_ Dragon
    Ivy_ Dragon

    What do you mean? The meaning of life is 42.

  • Lilly Rigby
    Lilly Rigby

    Omggg! You’ve gotta do that again but then pour a load of holo nail polish on you, let it dry and become one with the holo taco!

  • BeccaLife

    Do they live in an apartment? How do they have so much space?

  • Rasia Morales
    Rasia Morales

    this is so historical im so proud

  • Nova Lights
    Nova Lights

    Are we just not going to talk about the bad boyfriend joke no ok

  • Chad Eichhorn
    Chad Eichhorn

    Where can I buy that couch/bench with the shelf in it??

  • Crystal Scott
    Crystal Scott

    I have a Weighted blanket

  • Nat

    aw they’re an aries x libra couple 🥺

  • Caroline Tyler
    Caroline Tyler

    Uhhh can we have a moment for how cool your couch looks.

  • Lilly Barber
    Lilly Barber

    christine: alright everybody le- ad: G R A M E R L Y

  • LunaTheMoonlitWolf

    My anxiety says ✨y e s✨ My claustrophobia says ✨n o✨

  • Molly Marthaller
    Molly Marthaller

    Asian blankets are half as expensive as a weighted blanket . Comfy , warm & heavy (:

  • jenin bader
    jenin bader

    watching her lay like that hurts to watch I could not keep watching

  • Freddy

    this is definitely someone's fetish

  • Samantha Minshall
    Samantha Minshall

    When you get a weighted blanket ad during this video...

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Weighted blankets hurt

  • Marty H
    Marty H

    this is content i have been looking for

  • metro skyes
    metro skyes

    You can just fold them long ways and double your blanket count

  • Tropixelate

    Do you still have those? I can’t afford one but I always wanted one 🥺 so if you have any extra ✨☺️

  • Amaya Smith
    Amaya Smith

    Please help me with stress

  • Itz_Sophi._. Mocha
    Itz_Sophi._. Mocha

    I thought of labor when Christine was getting out🤣🤣 either her coming out of the womb in the movements or her giving birth with the sounds

  • Ρεβέκκα Λυτρίδου
    Ρεβέκκα Λυτρίδου

    Hahahahhaha i keep laughing this is so funny

  • ShArA ༒
    ShArA ༒

    I was dying when I saw Ben on top of the blankets -😂😂

  • Kiley Van Der Kleij
    Kiley Van Der Kleij

    Christine has gone from simply nailogical to simply punlogical. 😂

  • Mayonnaise on Björk
    Mayonnaise on Björk

    I can't breathe

  • Magical mistyLps Films
    Magical mistyLps Films

    Christine : weighted blankets cost a lot of money! Why’s you nail polish like half of that?!

  • Audrey Hernet
    Audrey Hernet

    i happened to get a weighted blankets ads while watching this video

  • Tim Lempicki
    Tim Lempicki

    You should have folded the blankets in half to get even more weight lol

  • Paedyn Sellars
    Paedyn Sellars

    That dirty joke though XD

  • coco puff
    coco puff

    im watching this on the toilet eating a sandwich

  • Fiesty feathers Studios
    Fiesty feathers Studios

    Now simply is like me. Beast

  • Kenzie Elizabeth
    Kenzie Elizabeth

    i never really watch christines videos anymore and i dont know why. i found this so enjoyable and i was smiling the entire time.

  • Evelyn Reyes
    Evelyn Reyes

    If you wanna get rid of a weighted blanket, you can send it my way lol

  • number one cool chick
    number one cool chick

    ¨Yes dear,¨ that is what my dad says to me.

  • Blueiscute57

    ♊️ ☪️an actually hear colours, ♊️ was trying to decide what colour your voice was and ♊️ realized, that guess what, YOUR VOICE SOUNDS HOLO.

  • Pixelverse 12
    Pixelverse 12

    When teachers say you’ll use math in real life, now you know what they mean😉

  • Camille M
    Camille M

    the things we do in quarantine, man

  • Spoeky

    I have this exact type of weighted blanket

  • Brynne 1129
    Brynne 1129

    I just really enjoy seeing yall are just such good friends like wow role models

  • Hidden Wolf
    Hidden Wolf

    When you are really cold in the winter and it's snowing

  • The Amazing
    The Amazing

    Simply: how many cat’s till I can’t get up Ben: ......

  • Kotep Demon 87
    Kotep Demon 87

    Y'all she's a math problem 😂!

  • Melany Gomez
    Melany Gomez

    Omg am I late to join the giveaway

  • Tommy Meyer
    Tommy Meyer

    Love this video

  • ShadowSorcerer

    Why do you have so many..... I need one of those. Been wanting one for awhile lol.

  • Ann DeWitt
    Ann DeWitt

    dbz abridged

  • Paint Pog
    Paint Pog

    ah yes, how much blankets until heat exhaustion

  • banana Sundae
    banana Sundae

    Seller:so how much uncomfortable restriction do you wan- Christine:iLl TaKE yOuR eNtIRe sTocK

    • Talia Kogan
      Talia Kogan

      *Cristine this need more likes!

  • Geert De boer
    Geert De boer

    Explanation for Cristine’s hilarious laugh in this video. If there is a lot of weight on your chest your “true laugh” as people call it comes out. It’s fk hilarious to try with friends

  • Chloe Hoopes
    Chloe Hoopes

    omg the thought of this makes me have an anxiety attack

  • Alyssa States
    Alyssa States

    i might be dumb but maybe someone can explain to me.. when she weighed the blanket it looked like the scale said 1.8 and not 18?

  • Duchess

    It really bothers me that she has her shoes on the blankets.

  • Chicken Paws kookie
    Chicken Paws kookie

    Mabye you can like do your nails with like peel off basecoat until your hands are sore

  • Mariz Samir
    Mariz Samir

    That video really drew a smile on my face 💝

  • Gravity ERA
    Gravity ERA

    Coming back on this to know the brand. What's the white one she used in a grey plush cover? The brand.

  • Emerald Princess
    Emerald Princess

    Are you a Virgo lol

  • Xx silent eclipse xX
    Xx silent eclipse xX

    You guys have seen so much happier recently it's so amazing seeing someone I've watched for years grow to be the wonderful person that you are! Stay happy also, make sure to take care of the cats

  • Bakugou Katsuki
    Bakugou Katsuki

    Came back after 3 years and this is what I came back to..... AND I LOVE IT ❤ you've grown so much 😊

  • Nightsgrow

    Ben is so funny 😂

  • Azlynne Edwards
    Azlynne Edwards

    Under pressure! Pushin down on me, pushin down on you

  • Sulfuric Acid
    Sulfuric Acid

    Awwweeee so adorable when she kissed his forehead

  • Samantha DeVries
    Samantha DeVries

    Me, sore after sleeping under one weighted blanket