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♥ Holo Taco Unicorn Skin Collection box set - $60 (USD) ***LIMITED EDITION and LIMITED QUANTITIES of box***
♥ 3 Iridescent Flakie toppers polishes - $13
♥ 2 new crème polishes, Indigo Away and Not Milky White -$11
Note: The collection box set is limited edition and there will not be a restock. The individual polishes are not limited edition, and will restock if sold out so long as supplies and materials are available.
***UPDATE MARCH 15: The collection box set sold out within 12 hours of launch! The 3 Unicorn Skin toppers and 2 crème polishes will be restocked as individual polishes. Thank you guys for your support💞***
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♥ Glossy Taco or Super Glossy Taco, for that super smooth glossy finish and to make your nail polish last longer without chipping: holota.co/sosoglossy
♥ Flakie Holo Taco (back in stock after 7 months of dry supply!): www.holotaco.com/products/flakie-holo-taco
♥ Long-Lasting Base coat: holota.co/simplylonglastingbase
♥ Smoothing Base coat: holota.co/simplysmoothingbase
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2017: bit.ly/UnicornSkinTests
2016: bit.ly/UltimateUnicornNails
2016: bit.ly/UnicornVeins
Allure article: www.allure.com/story/iridescent-nail-art-trend
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  • Simply Peterlogical Holosexual
    Simply Peterlogical Holosexual


  • Simply Peterlogical Holosexual
    Simply Peterlogical Holosexual

    Holo from 2021

  • Donky Camel
    Donky Camel

    A charlie reference in 2021... Me: vivid flashbacks to 2009

  • Donky Camel
    Donky Camel

    Can you do a collab with Royalty Soaps? She loves holo too!

  • Unni Krishnan.A
    Unni Krishnan.A

    This is one of my favourite from holo taco. But my mamma won't allow me to buy it 😭

  • Sophia Sframeli
    Sophia Sframeli

    I love your nail polishes! I wish they shipped to Mauritius

  • Shannon Cross
    Shannon Cross

    Whats the diffrence from super glossy taco and glossy taco?

  • Rebecca Mallon
    Rebecca Mallon

    I low-key wish she named the white shade "Not Milk?" Missed opportunity!

  • Leah

    Cristine, your nail polish kicks ass! It’s so full of life and the pigments are amazing!! I’ve been playing with Nail polish since I was a teenager and it never gets old. Girl you are my sprint animal!🦄💅

  • Ava E
    Ava E

    Four Holo Taco Cremes + Three Holo Taco... uh... Holo Tacos + Three Holo Taco Unicorn Skins = 36 possible combinations In conclusion, Cristine can just take all of my money. I wasn't using it anyway.

  • Rebeka Ficek
    Rebeka Ficek

    I got Solar and Cosmic the other day, and when I opened the shipping box, I thought they were Zyler the Cat and Menchie the Cat polishes by accident. They weren’t. But in less light, they look orange and pink.

  • Sherrie Asbury
    Sherrie Asbury

    Do you make the hollo taco nail polishes?

  • •Otaku Zara•
    •Otaku Zara•

    We just received our holo taco and me and my little siblings are ecstatic to try them!

  • SamLes Creations
    SamLes Creations

    Omfg that viral joke and that long pause xD

  • Ziva


  • Alt F4
    Alt F4

    I'm so here for this virus joke D:

  • XxGamerKillGirlxX -
    XxGamerKillGirlxX -

    As well as a deep purple indigo nailpolish for the darkness in you~ Yes~

  • Nancy Robson
    Nancy Robson

    i wish i could afford ;)

  • • RainnbowMermaid •
    • RainnbowMermaid •

    Just realized this come out just as quarantine started 😳

  • Impossible 28
    Impossible 28

    I am dying to order some Holo Taco but $20 shipping...oof. I know it's free over $95 but that's a lot to spend on nail polish.

  • playrewindff

    I love using the smoothing base coat with solar unicorn skin topper and a matte top coat. It looks like frosted mother of pearl!!

  • playrewindff

    I really wanted this box :/

  • Jansi Manikarnika
    Jansi Manikarnika

    Shifty shifty oh so pretty Loved that

  • Lyla’s Comedy
    Lyla’s Comedy

    I love how she put nail polish thinner in not milky white

  • Devani Renee Ortman
    Devani Renee Ortman

    Here’s what nail polish reminds me of: Indigo polish: Indigo Eyes White polish: Milky Way Rainbow holo glitter polish: Unicorn trail

  • younis malik
    younis malik

    u do not deliver it in pakisan 😖😲😤

  • MindTheGap

    It felt illegal when she put holo taco over unicorn skin.

  • Hello

    New Unicorn Skin origin theory: The unicorns had eczema.

  • Gabrielle Powell
    Gabrielle Powell

    Hope you resell the box and some point my mom loved Unicorns and painting her nails I just started my job when the Holo Taco came out. I know it's just a box but I would love to own it. Today marks tree years since she passed maybe that's why it's all I been thinking about.

  • Sophia Henderson
    Sophia Henderson

    Wow she be complaining about nail polish not being one coat yet she suggest two coats on her own product

  • KatThorn


  • E Soren
    E Soren

    Ohhh what would they look like over metallic nails?

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Unicorn skin is pretty

  • Wombat Person
    Wombat Person

    The Charlie the Unicorn reference gave me an aneurism

  • Anis Naseri
    Anis Naseri

    What's the song on 06:00?

  • Belen Perez
    Belen Perez

    Do a giveaway pls

  • Jozie Charles
    Jozie Charles

    “It’s fully opaque in two to three coats” Lol I’ve never had a nail polish that wasn’t.

  • That Idiot Katherine
    That Idiot Katherine

    I wonder if these are coming out later-

    • Kelsey

      What do you mean? They're already out. Hence the video....

  • Ferdousi Khanam
    Ferdousi Khanam

    These are really pretty but my fave is still the holodays collection. I need a black holo polish

  • Abby Diaries
    Abby Diaries

    I wish Holo Taco can be available in the Philippines :( I have been following you for a while I wish I could get any of your polish :(((( The resellers sell the set for 100 dollars and I could not afford it :((

  • Creative Crafting with Krisann
    Creative Crafting with Krisann

    Navy purple is an actual color and it looks almost exactly like that just tinted more with magenta instead of purple

  • Lisa Morrow
    Lisa Morrow

    Just bought them so excited

  • Rachael McMillan
    Rachael McMillan

    if anyone sees this and can tell what that combo is at 9:41...i’m thinking it’s one coat black w cosmic unicorn skin?? if anyone knows i’ll love u forever

  • Rippleffects

    Watching your vids while I wait for my nails to dry 💅

  • Srushti Kulkarni
    Srushti Kulkarni

    I wish I could buy all of them

  • Nana Banana
    Nana Banana

    The thumbs down are the people who can’t get them xD

  • Donna Whetstine
    Donna Whetstine

    Love this set . Now ya need to create a glow in the dark top coat of holo taco for even more effects in the dark area. Halloween .? Love to see a set of glitter colors running into Valentines day with reds a pinks too.? Ty for sharing and like your video's too...

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :) ... And now I'm posting this comment on several of your other videos in hopes that you'll see this... So no longer are odds as one in twenty thousand... they are now FIVE in twenty thousand!

  • faroshscale

    Cristine: LOOK MENCHIE IT'S HERE Menchie: 👁👄👁

  • Bryanne Benard
    Bryanne Benard

    Solar is my *FAVORITE* 💿💿💿💿🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🙌

  • Bryanne Benard
    Bryanne Benard

    Got this and the rainbow box collection and actually everything you own lol my man and I are huge fans & this is by far the *best* polish I’ve ever used! Her base coats are incredible and last for me forever & I’m hard as hell on my nails lol trust me. I’ve been searching for years & years for polish like this! The protective peel, the top coat, the unicorn skins, the white, one coat black, indigo away, blue tea or whatever, I have them all😭😭🙏🙏🙏I’m so blessed & grateful for these babies & if you’re hesitating to get these, def go & get you some!! Unicorn skins make every single look amazing! The ONLY other things I don’t own, YET! Haha is Menchie polish (Zyler is amazing & I’m wearing that over orange drink, with green taffy on my other fingers, & they are so bomb) the extra glossy taco I need still too! I just came to say how much I love these and how much these changed my life & mood about my nails! Love the box & the customer service with you guys! Definitely helped myself & my boyfriend love you both & we love these polishes! He def helps me and gets involved in what I’m into as well so this is amazing. Sorry for the long comment. Love love love you guys! GO GET HER POLISHES!!! The white is the bomb! I can’t say enough good things but my fingers are cramping!!😭😂🙏💿💿💿🌮🌮🌮

  • luz cruz
    luz cruz

    Love theme

  • 3A02 Chan Amelia Chin Nga
    3A02 Chan Amelia Chin Nga

    I can’t find the collection because I can only find the single nail polishes

    • 3A02 Chan Amelia Chin Nga
      3A02 Chan Amelia Chin Nga

      And omg it costs $450 in HK dollars!!!!!😭😭😢

    • 3A02 Chan Amelia Chin Nga
      3A02 Chan Amelia Chin Nga

      Sorry I forgot you said it was limited edition

  • Gia Patel
    Gia Patel

    Hey Kristine I figured out a new nickname for you Kristine the nail queen

  • agony of it all
    agony of it all

    Was just gifted Indigo Away and I have to say that this is as indigo as I am green. No indigo in sight just a lot of purple. Not impressed at all

  • Areti Demetriou
    Areti Demetriou

    Why do you not ship to greece?

  • Fatima

    She should come out with a yellow holo polish called “yellow nails don’t matter”

  • Naomi Greene
    Naomi Greene

    i love unicorns and i've heard about your polish but havent tried it so i will definitely be checking out the unicorn skin polishes

  • alwaysyouramanda

    With an infinite number of costs, the possibilities really are endless! 🤪 currently obsessed!

  • Alix Night
    Alix Night

    When you find out way too late about this collection and stare at the box wistfully wishing it would come back

  • Friends Fan
    Friends Fan

    6:35 AnD iT's TiMe FoR sOmE dRiP pOrN

  • xxxduh_its _ingridxxx
    xxxduh_its _ingridxxx

    Hear me out...... Limited edition bottle shaped tocos holo tocos :D

  • stacy Gloomson
    stacy Gloomson


  • Judy Walker
    Judy Walker

    Is anyone else having trouble finding the unicorn collection on the website? I can't find it, only the anniversary collection is on the site and it's out of stock? How do we go about getting the unicorn collection as a set? Buying them individually is pricey.

    • Doro Parker
      Doro Parker

      The boxes always sell out within some days. They are always limited. 🦄Unicorn skin is not cheap, this is true. Quality is really good though. I got a drugstore top coat for 3 Euro / 8 ml with shimmering glitter kind of unicorn skin in it. My delivery was on the way and I wanted to try if the 3 Euro stuff was like unicorn skin. It has shimmering flakes of green and pink but they were not equally all over the nail. It is like one big flake, some small and five at the edge, sticking out. I tried on swatches and on my nails, added thinner... Not so much fun. They did not put in small metal mixing balls and so of course the flakes and top coat can not mix properly as it should be. Holo Taco unicorn skin is 13 Euro / 12 ml. It is fun to apply and fun to look at. You just paint your nails and there it is. Flakes are equally all over the nails, shimmer in different colours and nothing sticks out. Really great experience. I think the empty bottles of holo taco are so wonderful. If there is a design price for perfect beauty, form and function of nail polish bottles, Cristine would win. Why did nobody create a matte grip before? Goes without saying that holo taco got the mixing metal balls in unicorn skin and colour polish. Just glossy taco has none. So, just for statistics... Prismatic top coat is 1 Euro / 2,6 ml Holo Taco unicorn skin 1 Euro / 0,92 ml Plus shipping costs Well, it is a difference in price but holo taco is just great and feels like a treat. Feels better than eating chips and chocolate. Just get a luxury unicorn skin on your nails. 💅🦄😘

  • Alexis

    Lol viral

  • Kacy Janna
    Kacy Janna

    She has some of the best nail polishes I’ve never seen and I thank you-

  • Suzie Phillips
    Suzie Phillips

    2:56. What is the base coat under the topper?? It looks like a purple shade!! Very pretty shade of a dark purple!!

  • Aliza's Diys
    Aliza's Diys

    Please supply these to Pakistan too with cash on delivery.

    • Angela

      Some countries do not allow nail polish to be shipped

  • jessica pennington
    jessica pennington

    And I frikin LOVe then!!!

  • Shay Shay
    Shay Shay

    Oh my god, there have been 3 holo taco collections in quarantine

  • jessica pennington
    jessica pennington

    Just ordered these!!! Omg I can’t wait!!

  • story weeb
    story weeb

    Oops I put the toilet paper to the side and forgot about it now I have an extra peice of tp...

  • Alyssa C
    Alyssa C

    I got not milky white, party punch, play rose, and aurara unicorn skin. And there amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Gretchen Wertz
    Gretchen Wertz

    how was this only four months ago it feels like it’s been like. 6 or 7 months

  • Katmuss Woodwind
    Katmuss Woodwind

    I mean I'd say I'm a holosexual... With a MAJOR Unicorn Skin Fetish...

  • Crissy Sims
    Crissy Sims

    THE SKINS LOOK FABULOUS IN ANY LIGHTING. But my linear needs phone flash or direct sunlight.

  • Emma Pearson
    Emma Pearson

    Not milky white is like heavy whipping cream! 😂

  • Aznad Cavallo
    Aznad Cavallo

    Want but postage to Aus is $30 :( are u working on international postage?

    • Angela

      They’ve talked about shipping costs in a podcast. They can’t really do anything about international shipping costs especially being nail polish

  • kcckieJ


  • Taisha Lashey
    Taisha Lashey

    We need gel polish. I’m a nail tech and love your polish. But I needdddddd gel polishhhhhhh

  • Shiloh Plays Adopt me
    Shiloh Plays Adopt me

    Who wants to buy all the nail polish..?

  • strawberryystarz aj
    strawberryystarz aj

    We love a good pi-polar nail polish

  • Annie G
    Annie G

    Like Holo is cool but UNICORN SKIN IS MY FAVOURITE THING.... omg.

  • Kulbir Kaur
    Kulbir Kaur

    Why cristine why? Why wont you ship to India? Would you like if somebody puts an H in your name? No right, i also dont like it when you dont ship to india. 😥 Dont you want indians to have beautiful nails? @simplynailogical

    • Victoria O
      Victoria O

      I think it can also be bc of regulations. SOme countries don't allow some chemicals in their countries and some of those might be in her nail polish. There might also be another technical reason idk.

    • Bobbie

      I think it's because of the Covid. I'm not sure tho

  • Rachel Reine
    Rachel Reine

    I pro baby will sound crazy BUT she sorta looks like the girl who plays LEXI GREY in GREYS ANATOMY.........

  • Steefje.075

    The glossy taco’s are sold out 😒😖

  • Lilymoon

    I promised myself that if I get a higher grade this semester (still doing school online cuz my college is year round lol) I will get myself this set.



  • prasad raghavan
    prasad raghavan

    u must be rich, i thought u are just sponsoring the brand, omg, u are the owner of HOLO TACO, wow, simply wow , anyways all the best for ur journey and hi ben

    • Angela

      Why do you care if she’s rich? Not your business

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C

    Hi, Christine! You are lovely, and your polishes look *amazing.* I am dying to get your Aurora Unicorn Skin, but I do my own acrylic dip powder nails on the reg - does it work well over acrylic powder? Presuming I put a UV gel topcoat over it?

  • april guzman
    april guzman

    i wanna try your polish. its incredibly, unbelievably, gorgeous! and you my dear, you sparkle like your unicorn skin, simply beautiful!! 🌈🦄🎵🎶 ima unicorn bitch, ima unicorn bitch 🎶🎵🦄🌈 great song ♡!!

  • CollzVlogz

    Simply nail logical you are not alone because you have ben

  • • Maddy and Kiley Waffles •
    • Maddy and Kiley Waffles •

    Me: LoOk LaNdEn ItS uNiCoRn Landen (my brother): wHaT tHe fUcK tHaTs So UnReAl

  • Maria Aguirre
    Maria Aguirre

    You talk too much but i wanna watch it

  • S Chan
    S Chan

    One Coat Black is sold out :(

  • Nascifer Tape Machine
    Nascifer Tape Machine

    I'll buy if u do nano nail polish holo

  • Pockey the pug
    Pockey the pug

    I wish I could buy your nail polish myself! I’m in 5th grade so I obviously don’t have a lot of money and my own credit card :( When I’m a teenager I will definitely buy your polishes! Have a good day, Cristine :) - Number one biggest fan

  • Steve the roblox gammer
    Steve the roblox gammer

    I am a holosexual I think of this as who is this buitiful bitch so happy about her dam nail polish XD I am obsessed with holo and nail polish

  • Caroline Gordon
    Caroline Gordon

    i'm non-binary, and nail polish is the only thing i like that is feminine. love ur vids

    • Angela

      Omg shut up

  • Emma Corley
    Emma Corley

    so adorable how she fangirls over nail polish. love u Cris!