Staying Home With My Cats
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  • S N
    S N

    The dislike probabbly just their cat jealous looking at menchie and zyler

  • Alison Eliot
    Alison Eliot

    Menchie and Zyler are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Rasia Morales
    Rasia Morales

    i can smell that smell when cats sleep from here

  • that one Narnian
    that one Narnian

    who's here in 2021 thinking how innocent we all were then?


    Menchi looks like cristine, zyler looks like Ben Cristene likes menchi, Ben likes zyler But Menchi likes Ben, zyler likes cristene 👆🏻one thing I came to know after watching this Chanel for 3 years.😂😂

  • Donodile

    This video is a cat lover's dream, even if they don't fully know Simply.

  • Oksana H
    Oksana H

    If your cat aggressively squints at you and blinks at you, that's their way of showing affection!

  • Abhirami Vs
    Abhirami Vs

    9:55 "She just winked"-Cristine

  • Sowmya Rengarajan
    Sowmya Rengarajan

    I am not a cat person. But this just made my day 💯 Menchie and Zyler are ❤️ Ufff 🥺

    • aly afnan
      aly afnan

      you speak urdu

  • Sakshi Vaidya
    Sakshi Vaidya

    8:56 My heart ahhhhh😭💕💕

  • Harry Potter For life
    Harry Potter For life

    Menchie is so active and Zeiler is just not Sorry if I spelled their names wrong

  • rose_tea

    Menchie in the covers was so cute❤️. That's all I want to do right now😔

  • Sage Mchale
    Sage Mchale

    3:39 the meow really got me 🥺

  • Akari Catto
    Akari Catto

    I’m in a really bad place at the moment as I lost $1000 due to an extremely stupid mistake that I’ve made today. Watching this video relaxes me a little bit. Thank you Christine.

  • Ruby Two shoes
    Ruby Two shoes


  • eri.komori

    This was the most calming 12 minutes of my life

  • aberu

    i love the vibe, cuteness and wholesome-ness of this video. i feel like i'm in a spa, a cat spa.

  • Crissy Sims
    Crissy Sims

    More Bens shoulders , sniffing (add camera sniffing) and paw & bean bean licking please 🙏🙏

  • Crissy Sims
    Crissy Sims

    More please!!

  • Jesus Keilly
    Jesus Keilly

    Menchie is the cutest little thing

  • mars

    why does Christine sound softer- less of the baddie vibes

  • Emily Patterson
    Emily Patterson

    my cat loves this video

  • Tara Kirkpatrick
    Tara Kirkpatrick

    This was 8 months ago...

  • grim the gost
    grim the gost

    Me thinking about jenna ;^;

  • Aishu Vigna
    Aishu Vigna

    Me watching this over and over again in quarantine realizing that some of these clips would make great memes ( no offence to Menchie and Zyler tho. My heart melted watching this )

  • Frieda Boes
    Frieda Boes

    I know what you mean. I have a cat too and sometimes I think he smiles at me too❤️❤️🐱

  • Song Bird
    Song Bird

    Remember when us social distancing was supposed to be temporary to slow the spread? That was fun news 8 months ago.

  • Abhisikta Gupta
    Abhisikta Gupta

    I don't understand how I watched almost a 12 minute long video about cats cause I'm not really a cat person, and neither is my family, but Menchie and Zyler are the only cats I think are so adorable. Holo bless Menchie and Zyler, you are the cutest cats and you're lucky to have such loving parents, BTW, Menchie in the blanket and Menchie with BEYYYN and Zyler lying down were my favourite parts 😘😘

  • Robyn C
    Robyn C

    dang this was posted the day i lost my job because of covid. I was wondering why i missed it..i guess i was a bit distracted

  • hurleygirly629

    Cristine you should make another round of holo taco polishes next year for the cats called “menchie gang” that’s green like her eyes and “circus cat” that’s dark and sophisticated to match zyler’s personality.

  • Claudia McAllister
    Claudia McAllister

    Menchies nose looks like a little cute strawberry and because of this I now want a menchies and zyler of my own

  • Jessica Ingenbrandt
    Jessica Ingenbrandt

    Mid-November, 2020: watching this for probably the 5th time. So comforting 🥰

  • brahim et-tassafi
    brahim et-tassafi

    i like your cat

  • Crazy Loop
    Crazy Loop

    The fact that over 500 people have this video a thumbs down what’s not to like here

  • Mallory Fallon
    Mallory Fallon

    Question from a fellow cat owner. How do you get your cats to be so calm all the time??? My cat is 1 1/2 and he is sometimes really sweet and calm and we’re trying to make it where he’s like almost all the time. But he’s really hyper sometimes. Any suggestions??????

  • Mallory Fallon
    Mallory Fallon


  • Seekingeden

    Sweet video. I could watch cats all day. So mesmerizing.

  • ana cabrera
    ana cabrera

    I'm a very stress doctor from México, i just rewach Jennas vid and yours, i need the beautiful cats and dogs for My mental heald!!!!

  • AJ Johnson
    AJ Johnson

    I fucking love zyler!!!!! I always loved orange cats the most!!!

  • Anita Rathod
    Anita Rathod

    Basically Zyler is Cat Beyyyyn and Menchie is Cat Cristine. Menchie is very funny and chaotic like Cristine while Zyler is responsible like Beyyyyn. Whenever I write Ben my autocorrect makes it Beyyyyn. I think my autocorrect likes calling him Beyyyyn Btw I wrote his name properly after many tries cuz my autocorrect wouldn't stop changing it to Beyyyyn

  • baby satan
    baby satan

    can I be ur adopted child

  • Catherine Pronovost
    Catherine Pronovost

    I love this video, it's so cute

  • Lynsay Golis
    Lynsay Golis

    that vid was so relaxing. I love kitties!!!!

  • sing612

    Awwww! Menchie was so cute when Ben kissed her and she licked his ear back!

  • Natalie Ruelas
    Natalie Ruelas

    Omg your so right they look sooooooooo happy when they see you awwwwwwwwww ❤️btw zyler the orange one is the cuter one in my opinion

  • Sarah Byrne
    Sarah Byrne

    Are u okay in the start ur voice sounded like you were dying inside🥺

  • Carly E
    Carly E

    Menchie is a god damn model 👏🏻

  • Sarah Lincove
    Sarah Lincove

    adorable but tragic what happened to you (other than everything)

  • Rosie

    GET ANOTHER KITTEN copy paste so she sees

  • Anushka Singh
    Anushka Singh

    Wholesome content ❤️❤️

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    You are officially the crazy cat lady🤣🤣🤣

  • Ava melia
    Ava melia

    Menchie on Ben’s shoulder is literally the sweetest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍☺️

  • Meli Figueroa
    Meli Figueroa


  • Story Box
    Story Box

    3:23looks kind of creepy

  • Nely Saraswati
    Nely Saraswati

    This is my favorite video lol

  • J.V.R.

    I'm sorry to say this Cristine, but Menchie stole your man! lol

  • Pure Trash The Dead Fish
    Pure Trash The Dead Fish

    So coot

  • Anri Demurral
    Anri Demurral

    As a mother of 3 gorgeous cats this is my fav video of all time 3rd time watching it

  • a person
    a person

    LMAO menchi when she has her eyes all the way open looks so shocked and surprised 😂😂😂

  • Zaily Moon
    Zaily Moon

    Is you still bored ? I am 😫

  • It's me ya boi
    It's me ya boi

    I'm gonna send this to my parents and try to convince them to let me get a cat lol

  • Miz Kriss
    Miz Kriss

    Ugh so cuteeeeeeeee 💖

  • ReverieRose

    I would love a part 2...:

  • Abby Otterstrom
    Abby Otterstrom

    screech of curtness

  • Greanbean Cereal
    Greanbean Cereal

    this was the most satisfying vid it really relaxed my nerves and what not3> thank youuu kitties

  • Cate McAlpine
    Cate McAlpine

    My heart has been a little bit broken ever since Jenna stopped posting a few months ago. Watching your videos Cristine has made me feel so much better. You provide the same loving, wonderful, supportive content that Jenna did. I am just sorry I didnt find you sooner.

  • Hellobadkitty

    When your cat gives you a slow blink it means they are saying I Love You...

  • heart !
    heart !

    please.... if you have footage of them pawing... share it

  • Lupita Delao
    Lupita Delao

    So cute

  • Lupita Delao
    Lupita Delao

    You're cats are so cute

  • Ava Putnam
    Ava Putnam

    I think menchi smiled when she was num nom princess.

  • Tashayla Ihnken
    Tashayla Ihnken

    She sounds so nice and innocent in this video it’s throwing me off wtf is happening

  • Sydney Pavelik
    Sydney Pavelik

    This made me want to paint my nails Menchie The Cat 💕😂

  • Katmuss Woodwind
    Katmuss Woodwind

    Cristine your family is so lovely and just right. Menchie cuddling up to Ben was heartstoppingly gorgeously sweet

  • Katmuss Woodwind
    Katmuss Woodwind

    Dammit. How did I miss this?! I was so stressed out back then...

  • Natalie Strada
    Natalie Strada

    is it just me but I feel like she is depressed

  • Bri

    6:18 me hiding from the world

  • Queen K , Xo
    Queen K , Xo

    Munchie is such a DADDYS girl😍❤️

  • Christiana Soto
    Christiana Soto

    this is teh best video created

  • fairy subliminals
    fairy subliminals

    10/10 nap material. calming music and imagery, very easy and nice to fall asleep to.

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :) ... And now I'm posting this comment on several of your other videos in hopes that you'll see this... So no longer are odds as one in twenty thousand... they are now FIVE in twenty thousand!

  • Jen G
    Jen G

    Christine: everyday there’s increasingly bad news and it just seems to get worse.. Me in Fall 2020: Oh hon...

  • Corpse Wyfe
    Corpse Wyfe

    5:12 grumpy menchie❤️

  • Ken 1138
    Ken 1138

    That was amazing and relaxing. You should absolutely do more of these

  • Mairead Hanlon
    Mairead Hanlon

    I feel like I'm cheating on my cat by watching this

    • Julia Palomo
      Julia Palomo

      U r and she/he will find out and stike a revenge will u sleep

  • drlhosnejahan2013

    Zyler is literally the cutest cat ever

  • Tami Taylor
    Tami Taylor

    Your fur babies are so adorable I have two myself I couldn’t live without them 😍

  • abigail Maniac
    abigail Maniac

    Sitting at home drinking tea with my two babies at well as instructed mommy logical. 😋stay safe😘

  • Bubbie the cat
    Bubbie the cat

    12:18 zyler looks so freaking cute I love it

  • Scuzzlebutt

    if my cat loved me like Menchie loves Ben, i’d be less miserable

  • Nightmare Sam
    Nightmare Sam

    Many people are like 'I love Menchie. ' And I am here like, 'Sure she is cute... BUT ZYLER!!!' 😻 TEAM ZYLER

  • Masabah Saeed
    Masabah Saeed

    This is it. I'm buying a cat!

  • TheJadedRose

    All the little slow-blink kitty kisses lets you know how happy and comfy these cats are

  • Eva Doodnath
    Eva Doodnath

    I just watched a 12 minute video of cats being cute. i don’t regret anything

  • Rainbow Harts
    Rainbow Harts


  • Đąrk.tø.łıght

    Zyler is like Marble, he's a chill dude but sometimes he turns on the cute and the playful. Menchie is like Kermit, Peach and Bunny. Very playful and food driven.

  • Kelie Yoho
    Kelie Yoho

    I'm not a cat person, but any time I see these two I forget that.

  • Leanne H
    Leanne H


  • Priya Vlogs
    Priya Vlogs

    I didn't know Zyler was cuter than menchie Sorry no hate menchie love you too

  • R S
    R S

    This video felt like twice as long but in the best way possible. So relaxing, it's like time slowed down blissfully while I was watching this :')