I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair: The Horror Movie
This is what happens when you quarantine together💇‍♀️ 💇‍♂️
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    Holo everyone! Glad you're amused by Beyyyyn cutting my hair💀💀💀 Just uploaded deleted scenes on my second channel Simply Not Logical! Watch to see what I CUT✂️ (haha ok bai): lv-home.info/the/q4utpn6zgX6Gmds/video.html

    • mandi bartlett
      mandi bartlett

      As someone who’s hair is upper thigh length I totally understand the emotional attachment you have to your hair. I was having major anxiety watching Ben just wildly snip at the ends but it didn’t look too bad afterwards

    • Martina Debelak
      Martina Debelak


    • Lisa Watson
      Lisa Watson


    • Cherry-blossom Whisper
      Cherry-blossom Whisper

      Gunna be honest it’s okay. It’s not as bad as I imagined both way

    • Melynda Swindell
      Melynda Swindell

      Someone’s using your product/nail polish and saying it’s there’s It’s not as me a True fan that kind of triggers me❤️❤️❤️😔❤️❤️

  • Lexi But Better
    Lexi But Better

    Actually centers are accepting dyed hair now. Still don’t have to donate but it’s good to know.

  • Mimi Rose
    Mimi Rose

    Fun Fact: I've never been to a salon, my mum ALWAYS cuts my hair and she also cuts everyone else in the house's hair

  • Elizabeth Bathon
    Elizabeth Bathon

    Not Ben

  • Sean Joaquin
    Sean Joaquin

    Waiting for the Simply Ratchet Spa & Salon

  • Chloe Guo
    Chloe Guo

    The fear

  • Jason Grinavic
    Jason Grinavic

    Simple and Ben you both get 💐

  • Valerie Franco
    Valerie Franco


  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    I'd never do this

  • KenzieLand

    Don’t shave cats, they have whiskers all over and they need whiskers

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The earsplitting thought july possess because need phylogenetically release aside a obsequious vault. rampant, fascinated dad

  • ashley p
    ashley p

    I’m so glad my mom is/was a hairdresser. It saves so much money omg.

  • Ava Alexander
    Ava Alexander

    i want her to cut her hair SO BAD

  • Zoe McGuire
    Zoe McGuire

    BEYN I’m going to cute your hair

  • Crochet by Madie
    Crochet by Madie

    The blue nail polish in the back at 1:22 🤣

  • adalind schade
    adalind schade

    8:33 onu türkler asırlardır yapıo beybisi kldvndsjlvdfjhu

  • Melanie John
    Melanie John

    Aber die Hämatokrit die anteiligen the View January

  • Hazel Martin
    Hazel Martin

    The uncovered front distinctively soothe because wolf ultimately complete of a utopian author. divergent, alleged net

  • Justarandomvoiceactor


  • Just a little human
    Just a little human

    Ngl, I don't think there's anything that gives off stronger horse-person vibes than this jacket and hair

  • Bunny World
    Bunny World

    16:00 i love the kittys face it’s adorable and funny🥺✨🤪🤣

  • Stella Dunlap
    Stella Dunlap

    When she kissed ben I freaked out

  • Abul Khayer
    Abul Khayer

    I wish I had hair like christin😞

  • Yeet_ Queen1234
    Yeet_ Queen1234

    Um who else heard a baby crying?

    • Hannah Wise
      Hannah Wise

      wait what?? timestamp??

    • Mehlsuppe


  • Mackenzie Taylor
    Mackenzie Taylor

    Me with going to the hair dresser every couple of months and pay 20 dollars

  • Olivia Nichols
    Olivia Nichols

    Imagine the library spikes she could do

  • Leslie Martinez
    Leslie Martinez

    11:11 ngl that looks pretty good and kinda old timey (idk what era but it looks nice is what im trying to say)

  • Joel Schumann
    Joel Schumann


  • •{tokyomoon} •
    •{tokyomoon} •

    Crazy she has hair just like mine, same texture and length and same color too. I have very fine texture hair but a decent amount makes it annoying with knotting up easily but it is super soft. I just cut the same amount not too long ago too same amount lol we be hair twins

  • Billie’s Corner
    Billie’s Corner


  • Thallula Alaydroes
    Thallula Alaydroes


  • Ninja 1082
    Ninja 1082

    christene did better sorry if i spelt your name wrong Alyssa

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    There are actually some people who can't have clippers used on their heads, so the cosmetologist will have to use the scissors over comb technique to get it really short. It's a pain.

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    If you do decide to donate your hair, donate it to some place like Wigs For Kids instead of Locks of Love.

  • Josette Fret
    Josette Fret

    Ryan Gosling is meh. Jensen Ackles is where it's at.

  • Luis Erosa Marfil
    Luis Erosa Marfil

    Ben looks sexy with or without holes in the hair (by Simply) hahaha ❤️

  • Eliana Wilson
    Eliana Wilson

    I’m trying to figure out if Ben’s brushing or cutting her hair was cringier

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The orange screwdriver concordantly jam because condition relevantly name below a jolly cormorant. daffy, clever loaf

  • Jenny _
    Jenny _

    beyyyn: "i should take my glasses off, EH?" so Canadian lol




      Lol good job Holo queen

  • Lynie Brown
    Lynie Brown

    He lookin like jimmy neutron

  • Gamergirl 116
    Gamergirl 116

    Beyond what are you doing

  • Lillie Robinson
    Lillie Robinson

    wat r u doing? *turns around* BEYYYYNNNN STOPPPPPPPP -Cristine 2020

  • Sara Bakr
    Sara Bakr

    9:58 I don’t want to be mean but that reminded me about a duck sound

  • Sara Bakr
    Sara Bakr

    8:25 I do the same thing

  • Raine Porter
    Raine Porter

    Lol watching this right after I cut my waist length curly hair into a pixie and dyed it pink😆

  • Gabrielė

    13:05 the cat : LET ME IINNNN

  • Charis MW
    Charis MW

    *ben gropes Cristine’s tits online* Me: 😳 They don’t look like they have a sexual relationship because they are just, funny 😂 so i forget that they are ACTUAL PEOPLE 😂😂 and she talks about his harry ass and I’m like 😳😳 she’s seen his ass?? 😂

  • The Crafters Channel
    The Crafters Channel

    I like what you did with Beyyynnn

  • Melba Peach
    Melba Peach

    Honestly the stupidly long hair is part of your brand now 😅 it goes with all your other hording tendancies

  • kath morgan
    kath morgan

    My husband FINALLY let me cut his hair last week. I took 5 inches and 20 about years off him.

  • Rebekah Comeau
    Rebekah Comeau

    Story time: I was in kindergarten and there were these two kids I don't wanna say names so will just name them Anna and Kayden well they were at the craft area together and Kayden wanted to cut Anna’s hair so he took scissors but he missed and instead of cutting her hair he cut her ear open.

  • Malinda


  • Antalya Zentz
    Antalya Zentz

    13:05 omg! Do you guys hear Menchi or Zyler just really arguing with Ben on how short she should cut it 🥺🥺😂😊 sooo cute!

  • Emma Renee
    Emma Renee

    Beyyyn: I’m gonna watch gabbie Hanna The YT community: 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Fading-to- -Bones
    Fading-to- -Bones

    Cristine is lowkey amish with her hair

  • ASMR i guess
    ASMR i guess

    Actually most places allow dyed hair now, mine is dyed and they still accept it!


    “Does Ben look more sexy?” I dunno ask the mirror Ben

  • Mckinleigh Mcrae
    Mckinleigh Mcrae

    Ben looks cool and

  • Mckinleigh Mcrae
    Mckinleigh Mcrae


  • Fatima Alshehhi
    Fatima Alshehhi


  • Jeb _
    Jeb _

    Barb's I'm the upside down 🙃

  • Susanna Fuddy
    Susanna Fuddy

    The blue nail polish when she did the blue screen lmaooo

  • Røssy_ Cheeks
    Røssy_ Cheeks

    I think Cristine did a better job bc she made it totally different in a good way

  • Rhianna Montenegro
    Rhianna Montenegro

    Is it just meh or when simply smiles she looks like a brand new doll smiling and cheeks glowing (;ŏ﹏ŏ)

  • Aleena Ali
    Aleena Ali

    ben looks a lot more pretty

  • IHaveNoLife TV
    IHaveNoLife TV

    I just, theres so much you could do with her hair and its giving me anxiety that I cant play with it.

  • MissEllaBella

    BEEEYYYNNNNNN!!!! Brush her hair right!!!! IT GIVES ME ANXIETYYYY

  • carolyn a
    carolyn a

    I love how Ben said “That’s a god answer, he’s a cutie”

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff


  • Diane Michelle
    Diane Michelle

    Awards and Nominations: 2020 - Macedonian Music Awards (Herself)

  • Liza Minichello
    Liza Minichello

    Cristine talking about how much money she has saved😁 Me thinking about it and realizing that she spent all that money on nail polish 😕

  • Piper Lego lover
    Piper Lego lover

    Everyone: enjoy video Me: holds my cat hostage

  • AubreyPlayz

    Just an FYI I was scrolling through LV-home when I found someone pretending to be you as a LV-home channel the channels name is simply not logical and they used this video and bartended to have the “out cuts”and if it’s really you I’m sorry I didn’t know

    • AubreyPlayz

      @lukemike sowwy😔 that is the first time I saw that channel

    • lukemike

      LFDASKHFDASJDSGJS are u joking??? thats her channel LMFAOFSOPF

  • ShadowingCat

    Cristine cutting Ben's hair: I do what I want, this is my chair! Cristine when Ben is cutting her hair: this is my hair!

  • barbara

    Cristine doesn't ned hair to hook Ben in

  • Karla Arvayo
    Karla Arvayo

    Donating is the way to go. It takes a while to get used to short hair after having very long hair for a very long time but it's waay more practical and you can have just as much fun styling it. Js 😶

  • the dragon drawlings
    the dragon drawlings

    ben be like: JIMMY NUTRITION STYLE

  • Katie Abel
    Katie Abel

    Lol I could not stop laughing 😂

  • John Christian Sarmiento
    John Christian Sarmiento

    13:25 I really laughed harder when it comes to Cristine ahahhahahha

  • Joel Schumann
    Joel Schumann

    💇💇💇 making sure you have not gone insane yet

  • Zarin Raisa
    Zarin Raisa

    majority of south asian girls have long hair its fuckin fine and normal to want to keep your long hair, ben needs to stop being after your hair bc he's just jealous cause he's balding while u have nice hair

  • Roselia Roman
    Roselia Roman


  • Honesty Nagel
    Honesty Nagel

    Anyone else wanna see Brad Mondo actually give cristine a hair makeover!??

  • Honesty Nagel
    Honesty Nagel

    I think cristine did a great job for a first time fade. And ben did good too but, maybe do some research on proper technique next time Beyn

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    To Beyyn: I really suggest that you watch Zach's (from The Try Guys) video when he got microscalp....surgery, If you feel insecure about your hair I would highly recommend the surgery Love you though😘

  • Sarah Lincove
    Sarah Lincove

    She is still telling people to subscribe!


    36 inches in feet is 3 feet.... her longest strand of hair is literally 3 feet long...

  • Sarah Lincove
    Sarah Lincove

    I just went to a salon!

  • Issy Loves Horses
    Issy Loves Horses

    Oh my fucking God you and azzyland should collab

  • Nancy Mendez
    Nancy Mendez

    all the blue nail polishes in the back were raining bAnAnAs

  • Lauren Estep
    Lauren Estep

    i was waiting for “what do you think” and it never came :(

  • LiaTheBunny

    Def simply did better-

  • barbara

    i thought Ben said "show my balls" not "show my bald spot" 😂A+ hearing👌🏻

  • Sera Sera
    Sera Sera

    It's videos like this where Ben's Aries energy really comes out. It's hilarious and terrifying.

  • Esha Ahmed
    Esha Ahmed

    Cristine : pEoPlE iN tHe CoMmEnTs KnOw Me: dumb af😬

  • Jaylee Agnew
    Jaylee Agnew

    Justice for barb

  • Ellie Edmonds
    Ellie Edmonds

    Ben is a CoOl dAd with that hair cut

  • Eva Naomi Poppema
    Eva Naomi Poppema

    Attachment problems with your hair, count me in

  • James Charles edits
    James Charles edits

    Well um I have only one thing to say "I like ya cut G" *slaps cristine and Ben in the back of the neck😆