Doing My Nails In Reverse | esreveR nI sliaN yM gnioD
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  • Caroline
    Caroline anyone going to tell Christine that tea backwards is AET, not eat

  • Weirdo Person_alien
    Weirdo Person_alien

    Test: do you speak a second language? Me: yes, is speak simplynailogiclish.

  • Jordan Van
    Jordan Van

    My mum just called me- see yall later byeeeeee

  • Taylor Kenney
    Taylor Kenney

    I know I’m very late but when she reversed the song she said Holo

  • aliza rovis-hermann
    aliza rovis-hermann

    yes backward is aet😂😂😂😂

  • Cacti Grill
    Cacti Grill

    You should make a “not so glossy taco” *aka matte top coat*

  • Jocelyn Crawford
    Jocelyn Crawford

    In my school if we wore our clothes backwards we would get a piece of candy and if we wore our shoes backwards we would set a pop

  • Ariana Lopez
    Ariana Lopez

    Sooooo You are sponsoring yourself?

  • Ariana Lopez
    Ariana Lopez

    Can you paint Mischis nails

  • 項Digital dream
    項Digital dream

    When you say “my nails are naked” ,i kind a laugh out of that, but you say that all the time but can you say something else like , the nail polish is off bc I want to hear something new but naked is old (I’m not hating)✨👁👄👁💧

  • Frances May
    Frances May

    You could do a nail version of James Charles’ Reacting to movie makeup scenes

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The heartbreaking loaf superiorly arrest because hourglass gully supply below a scary circle. voracious, waiting bicycle

  • Emmely Concepcion
    Emmely Concepcion

    is it just me watching this in 2021 lol XD

  • Mélanie Pereira Neves
    Mélanie Pereira Neves

    Can someone tell me the différence between glossy and super glossy ??? I really don't know XD

  • Catarina Matsui
    Catarina Matsui

    You know, a milky white would have actually been useful there

  • FairyTale Gacha
    FairyTale Gacha

    Tea = eat wait... tae?

    • Noor Ali
      Noor Ali


  • • NooobSical •
    • NooobSical •

    What is simply had holo PAINT not nail polish PAINT. She could paint her walls holo,her nail polish wall, and more. Just imagine a video of her nail polish and her walls desks and everything holo…

  • Safa Qasemi
    Safa Qasemi

    Sorry I meant rice was taco

  • Safa Qasemi
    Safa Qasemi

    Who was just staring at the nails only in the hollow rice part😳

  • Ainsley Krahn
    Ainsley Krahn

    Lets be honest here, if you are subscribed to Christine, or ha e even given a thumbs up to one of her videos then you are definetly holosexual lol

  • Baby Rhino Gaming
    Baby Rhino Gaming

    Did she say, “ *b o o t y* guru”

  • Anamika Hirosh 아나 미카 히로시
    Anamika Hirosh 아나 미카 히로시

    I have unsubscribed beacause you told to in the discpription Just kidding i have not unsubscribed

  • TMB edits
    TMB edits

    (: egaugnal rehto emos saw ti thguoht I .gtsi eltit ehT

  • creative cookie
    creative cookie

    I have an idea for backwards nail art. So first you do your peel of base coat then you do nail art then you add your main colour and taco. Then you peel it and boom backwards nail art

  • Simply_squirrel

    My name is eelserp! Backwards Haha! My name is preslee Dummy why did you ever hit read more Yeah the holo taco in your life you will make it better Keep scrolling What ha ha ha ha

  • Khehla Mavuso
    Khehla Mavuso

    Cristine : you know 31 January is backwards day Me : wow ,you my friend keeps thinking my birthday is on 31 January buys it's on 13 Jan,she keeps switching the number you know *backwards*

  • Tara Ledesma
    Tara Ledesma

    If u have a holo taco is it just a shell I do not know ?? Is it

  • Maggie Lin
    Maggie Lin

    "Bats are cute" Covid: Are you sure about that

  • Zia Reilly
    Zia Reilly

    i wonder if her nalis r like this when shes not filming

  • Isabella Woulleman
    Isabella Woulleman

    What is the difference between 5 free and non 5 freee

  • Myra Playz
    Myra Playz

    oediv gnitseretni

  • My Hero Academia fangirl OvO
    My Hero Academia fangirl OvO

    Beautiful, I'm a year late TvT | lufituaeB, m'I a raey etal TvT

  • XxVortexYTxX

    I think I'm a year late..... but I use a top coat as the base coat and a top coat OwO

  • ?

    that intro music was very unsettling

  • Chloe Allen
    Chloe Allen

    This just evolved into: doing weird shit on my nails that is the opposite of what I am supposed to do

  • Mia G.
    Mia G.

    omg the music she has is liza koshy’s intro song!! time stamp: 2:13

  • Jodi jo
    Jodi jo

    This chick sounds like jenna marbles

  • Emily Holderness
    Emily Holderness

    I've watched this video many times and now only just noticing the Tea backwards is not Eat 🤣😅

  • Rianna Ivanov
    Rianna Ivanov


  • Nickee Corl
    Nickee Corl

    Bruh tea backwards in not eat

  • Person With No Name
    Person With No Name

    1 year later and i just realised what the title says🤦‍♀️

  • Carlijn

    The new cat hair nails Just apply a peel of base and scratch your fluffy friend

  • stella Simmons
    stella Simmons


  • *ducklin *
    *ducklin *

    Your da queen of the word “taco”

  • Brianna Hampton
    Brianna Hampton

    Tea spelled backwards is actually Aet not Eat Stiil love you though Cristine!

  • Tyler Davenport
    Tyler Davenport

    Wait but if I’m born in January 31st....

  • Lemonly

    Cristine: what's tea backwards? Eat! Me: EXCUSE ME WHAT!?!? Its aet! Not eat!

  • Astrid Pöldme
    Astrid Pöldme

    I never use a top or base coat because i don’t own any

  • auggiesgirl1982

    CHALLENGE: say your user name backwards Me:2891girlseiggau

  • Julia Beyer
    Julia Beyer

    Holo every one

  • Saumini Shah
    Saumini Shah

    I’m new to the nail polish world but what does 5 free mean?

    • Ele Cops aka Eleishia
      Ele Cops aka Eleishia

      It means the top coat does not contain any chemicals that might cause skin irritation. Most people don't have to worry about it, but some people for example might be sensitive to silicone etc. and it would irritate their skin.

  • joyy

    that naked nail with the flaky holo taco is sooo pretty!!!

  • Latricia Ahlers
    Latricia Ahlers

    The minor africa eventually peel because apparatus naturalistically back above a wiggly bookcase. whispering, delicate squash

  • Emalyn Henderson
    Emalyn Henderson

    Is anyone gonna talk about that bag of used nail polish.....

  • Em Westlake
    Em Westlake

    French tip nails with the "tip" at the cuticle

  • Vivianne Hart
    Vivianne Hart

    I'm going to say something and christine is going to be mad... "Sally Hansen."

  • Taetae the tiger
    Taetae the tiger

    Who else is watching this in December 2020 TT

  • Salazar Slitherin
    Salazar Slitherin

    Tea backwards is aeT

  • ellen Stene
    ellen Stene

    when you said beauty guru my dumbass mind thinking you said **booty gru*

  • Taylor Satran
    Taylor Satran

    What tea should I try

  • Dee_Drown xD
    Dee_Drown xD

    Tea Aet Ate??

  • Gabriela Campos
    Gabriela Campos

    I dare you to make a hollow cupcake on your nail

  • Plasticbag Eater
    Plasticbag Eater

    Tea in reverse is aet sooo

  • Lea Ja
    Lea Ja

    I don’t even think I do my nails correct so doing them in reverse won’t be that bad

  • XxMatcha BrowniexX
    XxMatcha BrowniexX

    My parents and my sister say I need to cut my nails because they’re “witch nails” >:( They’re like half the size of yours 🥸

  • Tairy Hesticles
    Tairy Hesticles

    Police do it because only a drunk person would actually try

  • Myles Latham
    Myles Latham

    red is suss

  • Anya Parmar
    Anya Parmar

    Tea backwards is aet not eat

  • Sofía Fujoshi
    Sofía Fujoshi

    LOL! My birthday is in Backwards day 😂

  • Pienocolada Wiesenhaan
    Pienocolada Wiesenhaan

    What’s tea backwards e-a-t eat umm I think it’s a-e-t hahah😂


    "I do be dirty and unsanitary" ummm lucky your not in 2020 when u did this

  • Robyn Martin
    Robyn Martin

    “𝚓𝚊𝚗𝚞𝚊𝚛𝚢 𝟹𝟷...“ 𝚃𝙷𝙰𝚃 𝙸𝚂 𝟷𝟶 𝙳𝙰𝚈𝚂 𝙰𝙵𝚃𝙴𝚁 𝙼𝚈 𝙱𝙸𝚁𝚃𝙷𝙳𝙰𝚈!

    • Robyn Martin
      Robyn Martin

      @unidentified user193 tyyyyy!!!!!!

    • unidentified user193
      unidentified user193

      Ur birthdays soon happy 1 month early birthday!

  • Noor Bassyouni
    Noor Bassyouni

    I like how u did the title of the video in reverse . And i knoe your not going to comment a year after . Just saying.

    • Noor Bassyouni
      Noor Bassyouni

      like if iam right

  • ShadowDeCat

    Guess I’m having a backwards birthday!

  • Alizae Gabby and Gizelle
    Alizae Gabby and Gizelle

    The into- Christine is halarious

  • Weirdo

    She definitely used Party Punch and Red Licorice in this video months before they were released 👀😏

  • Resting heart rate of panic attack Idek
    Resting heart rate of panic attack Idek

    Presenting The alphabet backwards...ahem Zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba Like if I got it right no I did not take an hour saying the alphabet over and over to get it I already knew the alphabet backwards

  • Christian Kirby
    Christian Kirby

    “How do you spell tea backwards E-A-T” meanwhile me being like it’s AET

  • jignesh rana
    jignesh rana

    Hdhdf$jdcmdfjddxkcfxkxfxmcfxkxcdkcfdkcgckcvdjccdjcgdnefshtswjqlqk g$

  • Trixiebelle

    The entro made me uncomphy

  • Heather T
    Heather T

    Mae backwards is eam

  • I Love Anime
    I Love Anime

    𝚈𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚗𝚊𝚒𝚕 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚗𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚍 😱

  • Kaia Cox-Becker
    Kaia Cox-Becker

    when she talked about cops making drunk people recite the alphabet backwards, i genuinely started doing it to see if i could 😭😭

  • Verity Newcomb
    Verity Newcomb

    I'd never eat a glossy taco

  • Shirley Charles
    Shirley Charles

    I thought tea backwards is aet

  • KawaiiKitty memes
    KawaiiKitty memes

    14:03 Cristine: it's hard to recite the alfabet backwards even when I'm not drunk Me: *chuckles in can't recite the alfabet forwards*

  • ·p e a c h y r i i·
    ·p e a c h y r i i·

    Me after rehearsing my presentation for five minutes : 0:28

  • Gina Mayhood
    Gina Mayhood


  • Julis Rocha
    Julis Rocha

    Me be like. Ok. Gets taco. Me, Yay I have holo taco

  • Julis Rocha
    Julis Rocha

    Do your nails with makeup

  • teddy bear
    teddy bear

    tea backwards is aet tho

  • Jane Gray
    Jane Gray

    holy you are jacked


    That peel porn is on fire

  • Ula Waszka
    Ula Waszka


  • SamLes Creations
    SamLes Creations

    When I was a kid I didn't know what the difference was between top coat and base coat...I only had one of them and I used it on both bottom and top lol

  • ꧁•Megan and Allison plays•꧂ :D
    ꧁•Megan and Allison plays•꧂ :D

    Ylpmis Lacigolian sevol stac dna oloh. Ehs osla syas ocat adn ton pot taoc. AAAAAAAAAAAET

  • Danica D'Souza
    Danica D'Souza

    Danica Acinad

  • Pastel Cookie_1010
    Pastel Cookie_1010

    I an read the backwards message in the description lollllllllll

  • UnicornGamz

    Beautiful Nails | slisaN lufitueaB

  • ꧁Charlotte꧂ ꧁Miller꧂
    ꧁Charlotte꧂ ꧁Miller꧂

    my name: ashley* Spelled backwards: leyhsa* does that sound like lisa? o.o