Doing My Nails In Reverse | esreveR nI sliaN yM gnioD
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  • Rose Oliver
    Rose Oliver

    um... tea back wards is aet... not eat 🤣👌 (not hating btw)

  • CaptainAliciaEff

    Backwards nail vinyls should have been putting a vinyl on wet polish and peeling it off

  • Charlotte Haigh
    Charlotte Haigh

    Gutted you don't deliver to cyprus on your website:(

  • Lacie Turner
    Lacie Turner

    My name is lacie so eical i looked it up and it said dertermined and strong mined

  • Jacqueline Montes
    Jacqueline Montes

    Yessss I did wear my clothes backwards

  • Emily Janet
    Emily Janet

    Eye spy unicorn skins on the other hand??

  • Natalie Angel
    Natalie Angel

    Write my name backwards.... Eilatan

  • Brenna Smith
    Brenna Smith

    This is a science fair project right here

  • Almaa

    I watched an ad about something reverse before this video

  • MrBeebleboose L
    MrBeebleboose L

    Cristine: works for the government- Also Cristine: Tea spelled backwards T-A-E EAT (honey it’s it’s aet)

  • Kate Moore
    Kate Moore

    I'm new to all this nail stuff. What does "5-free" mean?

  • Catty - ROBLOX
    Catty - ROBLOX

    Who else noticed that “ reverse “ backwards is -escrever- in Portuguese ??? ( it means writing )

  • Fatima Ahmed safi
    Fatima Ahmed safi

    6:29 6:30

  • XxThat PanGurlxX
    XxThat PanGurlxX

    She didint say peel porn 😱😭😭😭

  • Tarana's World
    Tarana's World

    Can somone tell me, in which video did she announce the glass nail file and the cuticle pusher? (Not in the holo taco LV-home channel, in this channel)

  • Moonlit Magician
    Moonlit Magician

    Cristine: What's TEA in backwards? Cristine: E-A-T... EAT!! Me: 👀👄... Cristine: Stay in school kids! Stay in school.

  • Georgie Price
    Georgie Price

    I got in trouble the other day because I was walking around the house saying bake that shit for a minute 😏😏💅🏻💅🏻

  • Welll Helllooo thereee
    Welll Helllooo thereee

    “It didn’t dent on day two” sees dent 😰😰😰

  • Welll Helllooo thereee
    Welll Helllooo thereee

    Wait so those 2 in 1 top and base coat weren’t lying🤥? 😰😰😰

  • Jaslyn Roblox
    Jaslyn Roblox

    Umm who’s gonna tell her ... that tea backwords is aet

  • Mariana Gonçalves
    Mariana Gonçalves

    I wish it was easier for me buy holo taco's products, I live in Brazil :(

  • •Cookie Aesthetics•
    •Cookie Aesthetics•

    Goodbye is my holo if u know what I mean ;)

  • Carrot Car
    Carrot Car

    Eodiv Taerg a si siht

  • Ocean Breezeyy
    Ocean Breezeyy

    Could someone please explain what 5-free is?

  • shitty knickers
    shitty knickers

    yeah o oooooooo

  • Namratha .M .Hiremath
    Namratha .M .Hiremath

    Do your nails alphabet order

  • Strawberryx Jimin
    Strawberryx Jimin

    Write your name backwards....too bad my name is Lana😭

  • Vaishnavi Shetkar
    Vaishnavi Shetkar


  • Mark Delano
    Mark Delano


  • SaylorBaylor

    T - A E - E A -T yes e a t

  • D Lenae
    D Lenae

    When I first watched im like, of there are so many different expensive nail polishes. I thought she just liked Holo Taco. Butno she sells them!! Ahhh okay

  • Hope’s Dreams
    Hope’s Dreams

    My name already confuses teachers... if I wrote it backwards I think they’d send me to the principal... Dzhuliya is confusing, Ayiluhzd is even worse. Although it’s somehow easier to pronounce...

  • Hali Soulier
    Hali Soulier

    please do polish mountain with your own nail polish brand! HALO TACO MOUNTAIN!

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Nice eciN

  • Jac Buttafuoco
    Jac Buttafuoco

    I actually use basecoat as the first layer of topcoat on my thumb nails. They are so big that transfer is in evitable so I just use the base because I don’t feel bad wasting a little bit to wipe off the color

  • Leah is not gay
    Leah is not gay

    How does Tea backwards turn into Eat.. IT'S "AET" NOT EAT.

  • Mariele Riolu
    Mariele Riolu

    I have an idea, first base coat and than glossy coat ( Sorry my bad English 😅 )

  • Almasa Hasasa
    Almasa Hasasa

    2:13 that background music reminded me of Liza koshi's intro

  • Mattie Patel
    Mattie Patel

    My dog only noticed my phone when the peel porn came on

  • IttzZari

    Hello just testing out my new keyboard!

  • Poet Steele
    Poet Steele

    15:45 hahahaha hollow from the other side

  • Gabrielle De Villiers
    Gabrielle De Villiers

    Do your nails in alphabetical order

  • SucreSkull

    why are there no comments about how zyler is back there instead of menchie?? it really is a crazy reverse world!!!

  • Sara Lucero
    Sara Lucero

    Hi I love your videos And can you doing everything you do rivers for the whole day

  • Isabelle Michell-Moylan
    Isabelle Michell-Moylan

    The amount of dedication in the backwards intro!!!!

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Now I want try this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Josie Flynn
    Josie Flynn

    Eat is not tea backwards lol it’s aet lol love u gurl. DONT EAT THE TEA.

  • BeccaLife

    Who doesn't wear base coat or too coat?

  • Jazzy TV
    Jazzy TV

    HOLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Matthew Lu
    Matthew Lu

    When you talk about your top coats. I hear you say “fie” or five. Free? What does that mean?

    • A. Trace
      A. Trace

      Following because I too am curious. Especially because I was torn between the 2 when I ordered the other day because I didn't know the difference!!! I figured the super glossy was shinier? Ugh.

  • Addison L
    Addison L

    I’m not sure if this was intended or not but when she’s talking about the new polishes it sounds like she’s doing an infomercial which seems like a very funny Christine thing do to do I’m here for it

  • Jenna Stevens
    Jenna Stevens

    ahhhh she put jenna marbles as a beauty guruuuuu. im crying dont mind me

  • •Midnight__ Sky50•
    •Midnight__ Sky50•

    Tea=aet um what haha I love this channel it’s funny

  • SiIent Steps
    SiIent Steps

    I lost it when she started singing Hello 😂😂😂


    You go to the gym (2019) I can’t go to the gym (2020)


    I did my Nairobi today with out a top coat or base coat

  • ꧁Maxxine• Slasher꧂
    ꧁Maxxine• Slasher꧂

    Ok so I haven't been here long and I don't do my nails often, but can someone tell me what 5-free is?

  • A Zimmermann
    A Zimmermann

    The title of this video gave me simpsons “yvan eht nioj” vibes 😆🥰

  • Hannah Austin
    Hannah Austin

    why did that outro give me anxiety.. kinda like the wii theme song without any breaks

  • Benji Roskes
    Benji Roskes

    Opposite peel porn anyone?

  • artluver94c

    Am I the only one who wanted her to put a coat of nail polish over the leftover nail polish after she pulled off the stencil?

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    The nails you started with were sooo boo-tea-ful was that a glossy taco making It all glittery? Or was that the polish itself.

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy

    Ummm tea backwards isn't eat it's aet. So no clue what it will actually be.

  • Abbey Phillips
    Abbey Phillips

    I would but the halo taco nail polish but it is too expensive

  • Pixel super gaming princess
    Pixel super gaming princess

    norp leeP nrop*

  • lubi syed
    lubi syed

    lubi is my name pronounced as{ lobi}

  • Paige Simons
    Paige Simons

    The struggle with the nail vinyl 😭😭😭😭😭

  • really what is that makeup
    really what is that makeup

    Actually March 13 should be backwards day because the numbers are 313 backwards and forwards

  • Rosalie Firpo-Cappiello
    Rosalie Firpo-Cappiello

    even though i knew what it said even though there was no need i still read the second part of the title backwards just to make sure

  • Leo Reid
    Leo Reid

    Whose watching this in quarantine?

  • Viola Alva
    Viola Alva

    am i the only one who just puts nailpolish without anything else like base coat, top coat and stuff?

  • Edward Green
    Edward Green

    2:14 I heard the liza koshy into song omg 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Emilia Feild
    Emilia Feild

    face the nail polish wall, put your hands behind your back, and paint your nails....backwards....

  • Rose Taylor
    Rose Taylor

    wtf does 5-free mean XD

  • Nutella _Lover400
    Nutella _Lover400

    You didn’t do “what’s on my other hand” I was waiting for that I wanted to see your beautiful hollow nails but I didn’t get a chance to see them

  • Maanasa Miriyala
    Maanasa Miriyala

    How is nobody talking about gow the nailbrush is LOOBI and paints the underside red like a Louis Vuitton shoe has red on the underside? A coinkydink, i think not. 👁 👄 👁

  • Kylie and Johnny O.
    Kylie and Johnny O.

    esreveR nI sliaN yM gnioD Translated: Doing my nails in reverse.

  • Liannasupergirl

    it doesnt really bother me if polishes are 5 free. Because whats NOT in your NAIL POLISH, is in the rest of the products you use lol.

  • Emilia Diane
    Emilia Diane

    Cristine: I cant wait to leave work at 8am! Me, a nightshift healthcare worker: 😳☠️😅

  • Brenda Herrera
    Brenda Herrera

    Anyone look at the cat behind her

  • Ari's Edits
    Ari's Edits

    This video turned 1. years old yesterday

  • It's Elise
    It's Elise

    exactly 1 year ago. wow.

  • Xanny_Trolz

    Rumor has it she still writes her orders like "Tae" and we don't think she's ever gonna realize her life was a lie 😔

  • Evie

    lol siht daer nac ouy fi ekiL

  • Danna Gregory
    Danna Gregory

    Tea=aeT anyone else notice she spelled that wrong lol

  • Soulxjoy

    Is she wearing the aurora unicorn skin on her other hand?

  • my ability to name things
    my ability to name things

    Do you ever want to put on a peel off base coat then add a holo taco then add a like a super glossy taco then peel it off and turn it into jewelry or something? Edit: I dont even know if I said what I should've but you get the idea!

  • XxPanda's eat BambooxX
    XxPanda's eat BambooxX

    How old is she i think she is 35 i think cuz she looks like an old lady OnO i didnt mean to offend anyone i just wanna know how old is she

  • Lara Vrlazic
    Lara Vrlazic

    ...... My b day is on Jan. 31st... ... So many questions 😂

  • Johnny Stardust
    Johnny Stardust

    Water marble Backwards?

  • Cydney Faith
    Cydney Faith

    the alphabet backwards is a trick question. only a drunk person would try.

  • FridaFridayPlays

    Remember when she would actually do nails 😌💅✨

  • Heather Allen
    Heather Allen

    Love the peeks of the Holo Taco Unicorn Skins on her other hand!

    • Heather Allen
      Heather Allen

      You’re excused.

    • Old Lady Central
      Old Lady Central

      Excuse me...

  • Brynn Marie
    Brynn Marie

    If January 31st is backwards day instead of getting one year old I must be getting one year younger (January 31st is my bday)

  • Nicole Mcmillan
    Nicole Mcmillan

    I've accidentally used base coat instead of tho coat. I had hairy nails. But I use mostly gel polishes. Don't have the patience to wait for it to dry..

    • Old Lady Central
      Old Lady Central

      Tho coat? The fuck

  • hiba awan
    hiba awan yawyna.siht.koot.em.etiuq.gnol.ot.od.os.zlp.tnod.erongi.ti

  • Gina Mayhood
    Gina Mayhood

    Do your nails 100 layer of nail polish and then wear them around

    • Gina Mayhood
      Gina Mayhood


    • Gina Mayhood
      Gina Mayhood

      So you better just mind your own business cuz you don't know who the hell I am and I will beat you so leave me alone

    • Gina Mayhood
      Gina Mayhood

      If you're going to call me a hoe make sure you put thick in front of it

    • Gina Mayhood
      Gina Mayhood

      How old do you like five just shut your mouth

    • Gina Mayhood
      Gina Mayhood

      All I did was do a suggestion and you have to call me freaking stupid you're so pathetic

  • Joyce Abou-Khalil
    Joyce Abou-Khalil

    *ocat yssolg*

    • Old Lady Central
      Old Lady Central

      Bich wat

  • Violet McLeish
    Violet McLeish

    Jame's Charles :Meh Pewdiepie: Meh Joey:Meh Simply Nailogical: Hola**** yas hun!

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    Tim Olana

    What is five free;-: