Baking a Cake with TEA (no nail polish)
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  • dasfdas fadas
    dasfdas fadas

    The jefree impersonating is FUCKINGN funny

  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl

    There’s inedible plastic that may be harmful to consume in my drink? Eh, whatever, it’s pretty.

  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl

    I love the fact that she had to specify that there was no nail polish in the cake

  • Mees

    Ben:Turns on mixer Simply:BEEEYYNYYNYNNNN

  • Giselle Zortea
    Giselle Zortea

    Anyone else confused when they said “ it’s not like a bag of milk”

  • potato bunny
    potato bunny

    The crack an egg on your head awoke a very deeply buried memory

  • Mik Kurzhal
    Mik Kurzhal

    I actually made this cake for Christmas. It tastes like an "essence of tea" banana bread with sweet cream icing. Also, it requires SO. MUCH. BUTTER.

  • Sara Hafertepen
    Sara Hafertepen

    4:17 or do anyone....

  • xSunnySidex

    I’ve actually had that cake before there’s a small British cafe in my city and I went and had the earl grey cake it wasn’t the best cake I’ve ever had but it was ok over I give it a 6/10

  • Lisa Sigurdson
    Lisa Sigurdson

    I keep forgetting that it is 2021

  • _Moon Moon_
    _Moon Moon_

    The frosting looks really good

  • Jacob D Rice
    Jacob D Rice

    I would love to see a Julen and Beyyn collab. The two greatest chefs of our generation!

  • Ziana

    Oh, she's the same age as me, only I'm 1 month and 10 days older than her. (9/7/1988 is my bday). Yes, I'm just now seeing this. it's called binge-watching things that have been in my watch later list.

  • Sammy.nothing.but. Weird
    Sammy.nothing.but. Weird

    Why dont u make a tea ice-cream or a nail polish ice cream ( y'all said something to do with ice cream so i had an idea)

  • Theo Boslem
    Theo Boslem

    It isn’t Minchie it’s Mint Tea

  • Debbie Schoen
    Debbie Schoen

    Watch out she's got a knife

  • Frances May
    Frances May

    💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰here are your loot bags

  • Mikayla Craghead
    Mikayla Craghead

    i love how they danced to the alarm

  • Krystal Hernandez Montes
    Krystal Hernandez Montes

    everyone on their birthday: i want world peace cristine:I WANT TEA AND HOLO🤣💿

  • Suchitra Joshi
    Suchitra Joshi

    I really love how Cristine and Ben are so ground to earth and so wise.. even if Cristine is a complete crackhead.. HAPPY absolutely belated BIRTHDAY!!

  • marine oopmarice
    marine oopmarice

    u guys not married sorry if that offends you

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    "where do you want it?".... "In my mouth".

  • Maddie Nilsson
    Maddie Nilsson

    i know i’m late lol. but can we talk about how they had two copyrighted songs in the video lol

  • Mohd Afiq Mat Razai
    Mohd Afiq Mat Razai

    Wait I just realised, did they use Fahrenheit out of courtesy for the American viewers? Because I thought Canadians use Celsius 😄

  • Loggie Plays
    Loggie Plays

    I have HOLO silverwear


    In intro Ben copied jefree star 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ton Chawit
    Ton Chawit

    Is it me or christen should be from the UK

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The efficient pendulum happily pass because acrylic culturally arrange athwart a debonair patricia. uninterested, dramatic meeting

  • olivia lorenz
    olivia lorenz

    I think Ben should get a cooking channel

  • Keychain2015

    this gives me major Jenna Marbles vibes

  • Ava Milligan
    Ava Milligan

    Ben: What about a Farari? I wouldn’t want to drive one of those in public.

  • Rory gang nl
    Rory gang nl

    Looks like the tea flavourd beer kicked in at christine

  • Fernanda Osorio
    Fernanda Osorio

    2:18 was that a reference to Melanie Martinez

  • Ronell’s Art
    Ronell’s Art

    The reason why ben likes hockey is because if u add the letters c and a subtracted by the square root of 31 and then multiply it simply and get canada

  • Mee mee Foster
    Mee mee Foster

    NEW BRAND IDEA::: quick dry frosting lol

  • _Blythsie

    Still waiting for overnight oats with tea 🙃

  • •peachii •
    •peachii •

    I can't forget the fact that this is the "most child friendly LV-home channel ever" 😂😂

  • AtchaLucy

    🥚 You found the Easter egg

  • Bryce Valladares
    Bryce Valladares

    Should someone tell her that David left the company in 2016? It’s kinda like telling Olaf about summer, I don’t have the heart!!

  • Saumini Shah
    Saumini Shah

    We need more of Ben makes

  • MortCalypso

    15:43 is comedy/editing genius


    7:34 IM DIEING 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Denigames 2020
    Denigames 2020

    Where is my loot bag cristine???

  • Rose Boucher
    Rose Boucher

    I feel like she’s been 30 for about 3 years now!

  • Paradise Plays
    Paradise Plays

    I am litterally watching this on my birthday

  • sophiecheyne

    cristine- no tiers ben! boris johnson - am i a joke to you?

  • Froggy

    Beyyyn is balding!! :O

  • Cinnamxoon

    She should use luster dust (an edible glitter/shimmer)

  • Hong Dinh
    Hong Dinh

    Davids tea blog?!

  • Garlic animation
    Garlic animation

    "No open the top of the bag it's not like a bag of milk" - Ben 2020

  • Reata Moore
    Reata Moore

    Not me watching thro all their videos cuz their cute together 🥰😂


    Im actually drank 2 different teas today FOR THE HOLOSEXTUALS 💿💿💿💿💿

  • Devon Russell
    Devon Russell

    Cristine's mentality with her nail polish brand: extremely detail oriented, much effort, maximum quality Cristine's mentality with baking: YoU dOnT nEeD tO mEaSuRe, ThAtS jUsT lIkE a LiE oF lIfE

  • Paisley Gallagher
    Paisley Gallagher


  • Chicken Lady
    Chicken Lady

    you and evan and katlyn should do a colab and when they do the work you drink tea except for pouring the HOLO

  • Teddy bear
    Teddy bear

    cristine rotenberg And Ben Mazowita Are the best partners ever!

  • Teddy bear
    Teddy bear

    Did you know if you search " how to bake a cake with tea" her video is the first to pop up

  • Clair Doran
    Clair Doran

    Happy birthday 🎂🎂

  • Emmy Sandoval
    Emmy Sandoval

    I feel terrible, I might have COVID-19 (I got tested today) these videos just make me feel 10 times better. Cristine (with no "H"), please keep making funny videos with Ben! :)

  • Rubygloom 1
    Rubygloom 1

    4:13 not Cristine wishing for lock down 😂😂

  • Sky High
    Sky High

    Simply: not wanting to leave the house Coronavirus: *ITS NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE*

  • Naomi Martinez
    Naomi Martinez

    Omg lol my birthday is the day after hers (18)!!

  • jasmine dukes
    jasmine dukes

    The unnatural bakery histologically confuse because tire invariably pour atop a funny ocean. afraid, cute drama

  • Gianna Fu
    Gianna Fu

    the frickin jeffree star intro lol "hi, how are ya"

  • PhoeniX _city9876
    PhoeniX _city9876

    Well so far I haven't seen anyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, which makes me abit upset but I just wanted to say *happy birthday!!!!* we love u Christien, Ben and da kitties😁😘❤️

  • Gracie Anderson
    Gracie Anderson

    17:04 does Ben say that ocake ?😂

  • Rose Monet
    Rose Monet

    I love tea girl

  • Arielle Hiwale
    Arielle Hiwale

    Happy brithday simply

  • esperanza lares
    esperanza lares

    Ben needs a baking channel 🎂

  • DaEpicRIRI

    2:20 me vibing

  • Chloee French
    Chloee French

    ben looks even more like a dad when he bakes

  • that girl J J
    that girl J J

    Christine : can I try? Ben : gives her the knife* Christine : puts knife in bens face* never give me the knife that was your first mistake Ben: internal panic* heh😅

  • Giorgia Amanda Castriota Scanderbeg
    Giorgia Amanda Castriota Scanderbeg

    if they had a penny for every unedible cake they made on the channel, they'll have 2 pennies. Which is not much, but that's weird it happened twice. 😹

  • alyssa hartman
    alyssa hartman

    From the same supplier? Like as in cows?

  • Ziggy Hopps
    Ziggy Hopps

    No simplyBENlogical!

  • Annie H.
    Annie H.

    is the code still active 😭

    • Hp Trrs
      Hp Trrs

      Check 😅

  • Lillianna Jimenez
    Lillianna Jimenez

    then they need to stay home

  • Renee Brown
    Renee Brown

    Wow! The only LV-home couple that hasn't bro-... *vigorously knocks on wood*

  • * GachaAnarchy *
    * GachaAnarchy *

    Crack an frozen egg on a child’s head it will probably give them a concussion I had to hit one with a hammer to crack it

    • * GachaAnarchy *
      * GachaAnarchy *

      @Marie HP nope

    • Marie HP
      Marie HP

      Was it an ostrich egg or something? 😂

  • Math Mania
    Math Mania

    Love Ben's Laugh

  • Neetika Pendse
    Neetika Pendse

    "Where do you you want it" "In my mouth" THATS WHAT SHE SAIDDDD

    • Kashish Gandhi
      Kashish Gandhi

      🙄literally how immature are you

  • Aleena Ali
    Aleena Ali

    Mom and dad dancing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vishalla James
    Vishalla James

    Who thinks Ben should create Ben's Baking Channel

  • chimi_kid 1o8
    chimi_kid 1o8

    I feel like an underrated dialog in this video is Beyn: did you have an easy bake oven growing up? Cristine: mhmm! Beyn: then why aren’t you better at baking things? Cristine: *look of disgust* cause society tried it and they failed

  • Mindightmoon

    Im just sipping my tea

  • Gwen Learn
    Gwen Learn

    All I was thinking is will this be good and is it possible to make holo icing

  • jaelyn keara b
    jaelyn keara b

    G L A W S Y

  • divora dawit
    divora dawit

    birthday 🥳

  • divora dawit
    divora dawit

    ben is so upset

  • Keychain2015

    This is kind of Simply's version of Jenna when she got a package from Sally's Jenna got a package from Sally and Cristine got a code from David... We stan

  • Lu Machado
    Lu Machado

    12:44 OMG 😂😂😂😂

  • Melissa Chan
    Melissa Chan

    Cristine is to knives as Safiya is to blowtorches

  • ialso1der

    I really just want more Ben cooking content. 🤣

  • Manic Freeman
    Manic Freeman

    It bothers me so much that they didn't frost the sides. Is that a Canadian thing or a this cake in particular thing or are ben and cristine just insane

  • Makenna West
    Makenna West

    I would not trust Christine with a knife

  • Lina Ravenclaw student
    Lina Ravenclaw student

    Now I want tea but im to lazy to get up

  • Meghan Spencer
    Meghan Spencer

    Did everyone else miss Ben quoting "Bring it on"? Nobody: Ben: Bend...and snap!

    • whyyouneed mynametho
      whyyouneed mynametho

      Or legally blonde

  • Kathleen Hyman
    Kathleen Hyman

    Milk in a bag??? Sorry im from america lol

  • None of your business None of your business
    None of your business None of your business

    iTs NoT a PrObLiM AnY MoRe

  • K's World
    K's World

    christine looks so gross when she licked it :/

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