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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    All the dislikes are from the drug store

    • That nail girl
      That nail girl


    • Shannon Balogh
      Shannon Balogh

      Haha wouldn't put it past them! I don't understand what drug stores can't do nail polish that's amazing

    • Megan Merrells
      Megan Merrells


    • Jay Bee
      Jay Bee

      🤣🤣 You are so funny for using Ben!

    • Sara

      I have normal nails!! Happy to be a lab rat for your nail polish any day 💅🏻

  • The Te
    The Te

    Wenn the first closeup of party punch came in I considered dimming the brightness down a little!⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️

  • Bernadette Jesionek
    Bernadette Jesionek

    I can confirm the elevator light is great for holo taco :D

  • #bella moonlight
    #bella moonlight

    The GRAY H💿L💿 is my faforite bc gray is my foforite color💀☻🦍🦝🐺🐘🦏🐨🐀🐚🦈🥈⛸🏐⚾️🎲🌑🌚🛹🌫🌬🌪🎛🎤🖱🖨🎙🎥🔦📞📟🎧💿💾📷🎞📼🗞📰📓💱💲✒🖊📎🖇🔗⚖⚙🔩🔧⚔🗡🛠⚒⛏🔨🗑🗄🔬🔭📡🧷🛒🔙🔚🔛🔜🔝☑✔✖➕➖➗➰➿〰️©️®️⚫🔘🔲🔳🏴🏴‍☠️

  • Unni Krishnan.A
    Unni Krishnan.A

    Is this an ad channel or cristine channel?🙄

  • Padmé Amidala
    Padmé Amidala

    I am party punch but the holo glitters arent showing thru :( still a beautiful color because it is still glittery

  • safa kamal
    safa kamal



    1:03 or maybe its for your acrilic nail artist mom

  • Nathan Seth Pinto
    Nathan Seth Pinto

    Imagine someone actually counted all the glitters 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Wren Long
    Wren Long

    Times Cristine says "jam-packed" count: 1,000,000,000,000,000

  • alright

    Christine should make a Holoday V2 collection

  • Mckinleigh Mcrae
    Mckinleigh Mcrae


  • Suzie Phillips
    Suzie Phillips

    Thank you Ben!!

  • Suzie Phillips
    Suzie Phillips

    Sorry for below message, my phone decided to send it while I was typing!! I am waiting on the FedEx guy to deliver my order of of Multi Chrome!!!! I have already got these!! I always get compliments when wearing any of the Holo Taco. A lady heard me tell the woman in front of me how to order my Party Punch. She said, "I have to ask, you just told the lady in front of you that you put TACOS on your nails???" I told her how you got the name! Has Ben ever forgot you painted his nails & gone to work?? Years ago, my boyfriend had fallen asleep so I amused myself by painting his nails & putting eye shadow, liner, & mascara. We overslept & he just grabbed a t-shirt & ran out. I didn't go to work until 1 P.M. & got a call from him at 8 A.M. He said, "Bring me a new t-shirt & something to get this stuff off my nails & eyes!!" I said, "You forgot to take that off??" Yep, he forgot & also had gabbed my Foxy Lady t-shirt! Needless to say he was catching flack from the guys he worked with!!

  • Suzie Phillips
    Suzie Phillips

    I current have the One coat Black, Red Liqoru

  • Jordyn Richard
    Jordyn Richard

    I just ask my Aunt for rainbow snow and munchies the cat and super glossy taco

  • Vedha Vembar
    Vedha Vembar

    you should include your nail growth serum so we could grow our nails as long as yours!

  • Madalina Subaru
    Madalina Subaru

    3:49 bitch made a holo french flag. XD hmmmm, coincidence!? i think not!

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Oh my gosh Cristine there’s so much holo

  • Dunnia López
    Dunnia López

    Ben is such a a nice person, I love him

  • Abby Brown
    Abby Brown

    Yep definitely buying

  • Harriet Campbell
    Harriet Campbell

    Holo taco could use younger and older hand models to show what it looks like on different types of nails. Also they could start showing it on different ethnicities to show what it looks like on everyone. Amazing polishes as always though👍👀📀💿

  • Hunter J
    Hunter J

    I love how she talks about EVERYTHING about the product, everything wrong, everything good, tips etc,. Even coming down to how many coats she recommends! it’s very refreshing to see the seller talking about the good and wrong things about the product! I love how transparent she is!

  • DreamOfMe

    *Find yourself a boyfriend like Beyynn.*

  • bobbie schluter
    bobbie schluter

    my sister spilt my play rose in the floor so i took it up to myself and counted how many clusters were in there i counted 3869 peices of glitter chunks and 4026 finer glitter

    • bobbie schluter
      bobbie schluter

      but that isn’t it in the hole bottle cute in the amount that was spilt which was probably 2 uses

  • Alaina Holmberg
    Alaina Holmberg

    I just got mine for my bday and I LOVE IT!! So thank you. Your the best

  • leah Willeford
    leah Willeford

    Can you please please make another holoday collection

  • sneha reddy
    sneha reddy

    Can we get a Beyyynn collection ❤ . Love u Cristine

  • little-did-sheknow

    Ben at the end I canttttt

  • Harshita Maddi
    Harshita Maddi

    Watching these videos are therapeutic ❤️❤️❤️

  • LogicianMagician

    Just look at the like to dislike ratio man! There are 130K likes and ONLY 999 dislikesssss!!!!!! That's how much we love Cristine and Holo Taco 💿🌮💅

  • LogicianMagician

    3:48 that looks more like a French nail polish collection than a holiday one. Lol

  • Ellie K
    Ellie K

    I was just doing my hwork writing about holidays and I wrote HOLODAYS 😆

  • Kytsune-Izzie

    I would like a gold and silver nail polish not just a sheer one, I would like a thick one like the black and white, would love using them for stamping and designs 🤩

  • Alyssa C
    Alyssa C

    Thanks Ben

  • Asenia Zhekova
    Asenia Zhekova

    13:04 sper into the daylight and let it go

  • Bima Loxley
    Bima Loxley

    Does this polish come off harder than the rainbow? Because of the glitter bits?

  • Anime Logic
    Anime Logic

    I’m going too need to get my nice nail polish from you XD I only uses dollar store polish don’t think I ever experienced real holo

  • Liz Kelly
    Liz Kelly

    I love your intros but it makes me not wanna watch the video when you show us all the colors in the intro! I feel like "well she showed them in the intro, why watch the whole video?" I have no logic behind this lol

  • nkp650

    Just got my first ever Holo Taco nail polishes in the mail today! Just painted my nails and love it. 😊 Thanks, Christine!

  • Suzie Phillips
    Suzie Phillips

    I laughed after you asked the kitty if he was excited for the holidays!! He had his face stuck in the kitty bed s if to say, "Thrilled!! Can't you see how thrilled I am!!" My kitties are the reason we do not put up a Christmas tree anymore!! The last time was in 2001!!! I had 4 then, kitties, not Christmas trees, and they would get up on the dryer or table. Like kids at an amusement park, they waited their turn to get that butt wiggle going & leap onto the tree!! Every cat owned knows what a butt wiggle is!! I honestly believe it gives them a little extra power in their jump!! I spent most of the time picking the tree up & finding Christmas balls all over the house!! Now we have a guy I call Frosty!! I found Frosty in Big Lots about a week before Christmas!! Frosty is a snowman that stands about 1 1/2 feet tall. He is white with a blue scarf around his neck & has a blue top hat on. He feels like a regular stuffed animal until you feel, & see, his tummy!! His tummy is a clear plastic, round bowl. He has an electric cord about back. You plug him in & his tummy bowl is full of regular tiny Christmas lights that are either solid colors or they can blink or they do the "chase" where each bulb goes on & then off around Frosty's tummy. I brought Frosty home & stood him up in the living room. At first the cats were scared if Frosty, "What is that?? Isabella, you are the oldest, go see what he is!!" She did the "creep & crawl" where she gets on her stomach and creeps over to Frosty. Frosty was set on solid color lights. She sniffed him and gave him a tiny shove--all while running away!! Sometimes Frosty returns to his normal standing position & other times he is down for the count!! When baby Max came along he will walk by Frosty and look to see if I am watching--nope, she isn't looking and Max would do the backward kick as he walked by!! Frosty returns every Thanksgiving and leaves after the New Year!!

  • Hayley Smith
    Hayley Smith

    i love seeing ben wear the nail polish and not being afraid to wear it in public. i feel as though some people unfortunately would feel like it interferes w their “masculinity” but he just rocks it.

  • Aliza's Diys
    Aliza's Diys

    Please supply these to Pakistan too with cash on delivery.

  • Scadia

    October is soon, I'd love a collection for spoopy season Orange with red Holo glitter Black with purple Holo glitter Neon green with black Holo glitter etc All can be mixed and matched Maybe a dark winter collection of other dark colors other than black to make the Holo pop. all flat rich colors, think ox blood, midnight blue, dark emerald/Hunter green, eggplant, and a single bottle of flaky Holo taco. For spring those libra opal nails you did last year would be great! Summer. Alllll the holo neons that maybe don't need a white base coat to be come opaque. The Holo should help that right? I hate all the work just to try and get neon nails to look good.

  • Chelle Nalehp
    Chelle Nalehp

    BUT WHATS THE SILVER EYE LINER YOU'RE USING?@!?!?!? bc this video is old i have a feeling i'll never get answer and now I MIGHT DIE !

  • Abbiepgc03

    I know I’m a little late to the party but I just order midnight spark and I’m so excited! It’s supposed to come in the mail in two days and I seriously can’t wait!

  • Claudia Carranza
    Claudia Carranza


  • Rochalle Racine
    Rochalle Racine

    How did I miss the “we are literally causing a world wide holo flakie shortage” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dee Paull
    Dee Paull

    I know this video is from last November, but hear me out. I bought the rainbow collection when it was released, and along with it I bought the long lasting base coat. It was crazy expensive. But I've never used a nail polish so thick and so good, I hardly have to use more than one coat of the colours, and the holos are *chef's kiss*. And that long lasting base coat? I use my hands more than Cristine (sorry, gal, but it be true). I ride a horse 4 days a week, do all the work regarding the care of said horse, I garden, I do dishes with no gloves, a chunk of the housework (my choice), and I type for a living, and with the long lasting base, this nail polish does. not. chip. off. (I also think it had to do with the quality of the colour polish and the quality of the top coats, which are also incredible). So I don't care how long things take to produce. The quality is off the charts, and worth every penny with the ridiculous exchange rate (#canadiandollarblues). So thank you, Cristine, for making something of amazing quality. (Is currently wearing Blue Freezie with Solar Unicorn Skin, going on day 6 with no touch ups).

  • Kushi P
    Kushi P

    blackpink fans got surprised when cristine said play rose

  • The Skeleton Friend
    The Skeleton Friend

    Ben is so secure, wearing that polish everywhere. Wholesome af

  • Silvery Blue
    Silvery Blue

    The light blue and rosegold one is my favorite!

  • Swasthik Suresh
    Swasthik Suresh

    And nail powder

  • Swasthik Suresh
    Swasthik Suresh

    Multi chrome !!!!!! Green to purple

  • Byron Flores
    Byron Flores

    I swear come Halloween we're gonna see a new no better version of black holo witch.

  • Ameerah Ava
    Ameerah Ava

    Slowly we,the holosexuals will take over the world and make it holo.😉

  • Tooba khalid
    Tooba khalid

    Get ready for "who is here after the rainbow collection" comments

  • CosmicKeyframe Productions
    CosmicKeyframe Productions

    One day I hope we can get a blue collection. I swear it’s so hard to find good turquoise/cyan polishes. Hell if she does turquoise it be interesting to also introduce a crackle effect taco to really get that fun patterned look of a turquoise

  • 5arahcorn -
    5arahcorn -

    Omggg so so so so sooo sad that I can’t paint my nails therefor I can’t get theseeee😭😭😭

  • Liz Kelly
    Liz Kelly

    Damn I didn't realize ben was so buff!

  • Lana _
    Lana _

    Holo taco does not ship to my country😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andrea's Originals
    Andrea's Originals

    Ben and his painted nails has me in stitches.

  • Lenthe Schutten
    Lenthe Schutten

    Can you make a video explaining how to apply it correctly with the (peel off) basecoat, leveling base coat, cream polish, holo taco, glossy taco and maybe some nice designs?

  • Jennifer Porter
    Jennifer Porter


  • Jennifer Porter
    Jennifer Porter

    Mah fav holo git is rose gold

  • Valaeie

    After watching this my eyes have started to burn but it's worth it to see all the beautiful holo.

  • Asia Ford
    Asia Ford

    this collection is your best yet! I want so bad :'(

  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens

    I got the first collection for my bday and peely base and glossy taco for Christmas so no way am I getting another collection for another year but DANG PARTY PUNCH IS BEAUTIFUL

  • Eduardo Manrique
    Eduardo Manrique

    Dad’s looking real swolle.

  • Infinity Life
    Infinity Life

    One black coat it's a dream come true! I want to buy one!

  • Aditi Bala
    Aditi Bala

    play rose

  • Cassie Kilbarger
    Cassie Kilbarger

    I wish these had been around when I was getting married. I went to a salon and got a holo gel manicure, thinking it'd be the long lasting option. It was chipped the next day, ie my wedding day (though my nails don't do gel well anyways... I should have known). Then on our honeymoon, we were in a cruise so I was like, yeah let's get a manicure since my manicure was looking a mess by then. She ruined my nails for months by grating the gel polish off. I digress, these beautiful Holo Taco polishes would have been a God send because I would have been able to just touch up/cover up/redo anything that was going wrong.

  • nana3bx

    How long does it take for glossy taco to dry?

  • Samara Sodhi
    Samara Sodhi


  • Samantha Enrico
    Samantha Enrico

    Does the peely base coat fill nail ridges at all? I’m thinking of ordering some HOLO and not sure which base coat would be best. I want the ridge filling benefits with a peely base.... is that possible? Can the 2 different base coats be used together? A peely base with a ridge filler over top?

  • Victoria Sciancalepore
    Victoria Sciancalepore

    The music when Ben is wearing the Holo Taco collection for a week is so funny, I legit almost pissed my pants. omfg.

  • Asparagus McCarty
    Asparagus McCarty

    I love how she’s like: “this is my child, oh you too Menchie”

  • Asparagus McCarty
    Asparagus McCarty

    Literally she’s getting a paycheck in the mail cause we are on our asses watching her videos 😅

  • QuEeN Of Flames Glittering Holo Wings
    QuEeN Of Flames Glittering Holo Wings


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    Okay. So I just watched "more than 20 minute" ads one after the other ON PURPOSE. What is happening? And I actually think it's worth it. Someone please explain. BEEEYYYNNN!!!!

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    Can we talk about the holo in the sun? Because...... 😳😳😳😳😳

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    Rushita Binji

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    Queen Devious

    I wanna see a gradient of the light blue and the indigo

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    Kaeden Penty

    please make a holo taco toque, just a plain black with the logo, would be super cute

  • Aixa

    I want you to ship to Mexico especially Guadalajara

  • S K
    S K

    Ben is the best husband/boyfriend for wearing your polish for a week. Honestly #relationshipgoals

  • Allyson brunette
    Allyson brunette

    Play rosé and midnight spark I want soo bad.

  • Emily Bennett
    Emily Bennett

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  • Smol Dorito
    Smol Dorito

    Watching this video is so satisfying just looking at all the pretty holos

  • Lexi Jolee
    Lexi Jolee

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  • Lizzy Zdziebkowski
    Lizzy Zdziebkowski

    I got the play rosé nail polish yesterday for my birthday! It’s beautiful and my new fave nail polish

  • Reeba Beeba
    Reeba Beeba

    I absolutely love how thoroughly you explain the products, how to use them, and how to maintain them. Im looking forward to purchasing some unicorn skin if still available

  • Jocelyn Raguine Loya
    Jocelyn Raguine Loya

    Its beautiful but how about the smoothing for a base coat did it take of by acetone? I don't know

  • Ioane Gvasalia
    Ioane Gvasalia

    Bet there will be a Holoween collection in sep/oct

  • love bug adventures
    love bug adventures

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    Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc

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    Santina Saviline

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    Kathy Zelaya

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    Manishika Purohit

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