The Scariest Nails On the Internet (Simply Review)
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    You know what’s really scary? Deforestation. I just planted 12,000 trees thanks to you guys who watch my videos! Join or share #teamtrees to help the internet raise $20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees by 2020🌲🌲🌲:

    • i love sssniprewolf alax
      i love sssniprewolf alax


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      Olivia Guzman

      1:28 bettel juice

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      🥰 Mr Beast 6000 Whoooooo

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      hannah froelich

      Its Allready 2020

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      Kayla Zavala

      Holo and “ Logan Paul” is actually betel juice

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    AAA Videos

    6:42 that is litarally me!

  • Cheryl Rivers
    Cheryl Rivers

    Simply: Nail art is scary! Covid - 19: Just wait!

  • Pawz

    4:36 i was actually laughing

  • MyMoon 1616
    MyMoon 1616

    I hated when I was rushing to get to the bus stop on my first day of 6th grade and closed my finger in my front door and had to get to school so I went, get yelled at by the nurse for not getting a pass first. She GAVE ME A ICE PACK, A BLUMMING ICE PACK. I went to my friend during second period and she told me that it would turn purple and fall off I was devastated and cried for the whole period. As she said it fell off. As it grew back it pushed into the skin under a normal nail and it hurt so much. I kept the nail in a snack bag and used to ask people if they wanted to see my nail peely and when they saw they looked at me in complete terror. But I’m now in 9th and still to this day have the nail in the bag but I decided I wanted friends so I didn’t show anyone😂

  • kavishya niruni
    kavishya niruni

    I can truly relate to horror movie stuff she said, I just go and read the movie plot, and I’m good with it. But SOMETIMES THAT IS ENOUGH TO GIVE ME NIGHTMARES!! 👾👾

  • Delta Trooper
    Delta Trooper


  • Dana Miller
    Dana Miller

    Trump will be ten times the president than a lot of these and I’m tired of hearing that he is so bad

  • _itznightz_

    Cristine: Is there anything in this? Ben: It's poison 😂😂 no but i actually love you simply. you made me stop crying and that's hard to do

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    Stella Dunlap

    Happy H💿L💿WEEN!!!!!

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    Monster Boi

    0:42 I finally have an answer for that Cristine... GET A BUCKET AND A MOP FOR THIS WET ASS PU$$AY WAP WAP WAP.... I’m so sorry.

  • Nina Ganß
    Nina Ganß

    1:28 No Cristine, it's Beatlejuice!!! I could hate you for that, but I still love you

  • Toxic TheSkulldoggo
    Toxic TheSkulldoggo

    1:37 that's Beetlejuice btw-)

  • GlitteryFun!

    1:22 it’s meant to be cards cutting into her nails

  • B Burke
    B Burke

    love your vidoes

  • Gacha_ Chill_568
    Gacha_ Chill_568

    One time my nail broke in half. It was on a table and It was my thumb too is was awful!!

  • Maisey Haigh
    Maisey Haigh

    OMG what you haven't seen IT! What is wrong with you! TBH it's not even that scary I was so scared to watch it and then I watched it and I was like oh that wasn't scary you need to watch it

  • drawingsupersimply C
    drawingsupersimply C

    and u didn’t even do them 😭😭

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    Jaime Davies


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    Seliye Morgenstern

    Well, I wasn't expecting your grave before 2063, but here it is!

  • K's World
    K's World


  • K's World
    K's World


  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    I don't paint my nails bc my right hand always looks bad bc I used my left hand I paint my toes though I'm running low on nail polish though of the color I use and I might ask for some of ur stuff for Christmas. 2020. Any suggestions on what I should ask for.

  • CJ Smith
    CJ Smith

    “This may get demonitized-“ I got an add directly after she says that lol

  • CJ Smith
    CJ Smith

    “Is that Logan Paul??” No that’s beetle juice lol

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    Sanavi Naik

    Who here in 2020? 👇🏻

  • Kevin Tretter
    Kevin Tretter

    Cristine: "Is that Logan Paul?" Me: " No that's Beatle Juice! Know your Movies girl.😒 Love your videos!💕

  • Alisaishere

    The monochromatic nails at 2:23 are glue on nails from Walmart. I know because I bought them a few years ago for a Halloween craft. Not as much talent as you would think.

  • WaterTribeWeeb

    fun fact, she posted this video today 1 year ago

  • Serena Smuckers
    Serena Smuckers

    Say it with me... HAL- oween. Not hollow-een

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      Edie Moore

      its a joke cos she loves holo...

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    godzilla teries

    I love ur vids BEEEEN

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    Allyssa Knack

    That is scary AHHHHHHH

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    I was just waiting for u to recreate one and then u said bye and I was like what

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    What the hell r u doing wasting so much time trying to find scary nails when we already know that the scariest nail of all is a broken one!!!!?

  • ݀

    "i'd like to see his bones, if you know what i mean". I'M CRYING

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury

    I must admit it's the first time I notice how much Logan Paul looks like Beetlejuice

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    Irene Wang


  • Lenka Howes
    Lenka Howes

    so um i made fake nails out of hair and clear nail polish and i got a long hairy nail but it works lol

  • Lenka Howes
    Lenka Howes

    the second nails were beatlejuice nails lol

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    Audrey Hamby

    Right after you said demonetized it plays an add haha

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    Neveah Marks

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    Mimi K

    Sexy janitor nails would be those shitty 5 min crafts recycling bin nails.

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    Kayla Sanchez

    Painting nail polish on your cuticles

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    LeaAnn Young

    just do 1 nail of your face please like if you agree

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    Lyssa F

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    Lyssa F

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    Maggie Roberts

    What if you were born without nails?

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    gacha kight :3

    At 2:19 i have that book and read it over lockdown btw im 8

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    Maple Taffie

    If you were to paint yourself on your nail all you need to draw is a sock 🧦🧦 and maybe something to do with tea ☕️☕️

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    ash :D

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    Erin G

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    Austen Cox :D

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    Mandy Cook

    I don’t watch scary movies either. I’ve watched this awhile ago but according to LV-home, I haven’t. So I’m rewatching.

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    Vanesa Schmidt

    7:10 I watched IT and it wasn’t that bad it was the old one though

  • AimieLPSandgaming6473

    I watched the shining yesterday

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    lily rose

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    The man who says HEY

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    TheXoxO Anime Gurleys My little Anime peeps

    I should have not clicked this when I was eating

  • Amber Pants
    Amber Pants

    Ever seen someone take out an ingrown nail. I did last week... At the pediatrist. I'm not ashamed to say it was terrifying and I cried because I'm sane

  • Matt Lanky
    Matt Lanky


  • Aveen Bertrand
    Aveen Bertrand

    Teeth turned to nails. Then I could paint them

  • Melissa White
    Melissa White

    i am mad you thought that beetle juice was logan paul whell darn

  • Meowsers :]
    Meowsers :]

    These are the scariest nails:

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    Keana Zemke

    I love how she doesn't know how Shane Dodson

  • Roree's Stories
    Roree's Stories


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    joni idk

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  • Hello I am Nothing right Now ;3
    Hello I am Nothing right Now ;3

    You know what’s scary That she said SHAN DAWSON does she not know king Shane

  • Kristen Claassen
    Kristen Claassen

    Ok but imagine tapping your fingers with those teeth nails oh my goodness the N O I S E that would make

  • Xan

    Cristine, I have actually had my thumb nail fall of before. I’m not going to get into details, because it was kinda gross, but it is not bloody or anything like that. It just feels weird and tender in that area. I mean, unless your nails get violently ripped from the bed, it doesn’t bleed or anything like that. And then eventually it grows back just like normal.

  • J M
    J M

    drowning is litteraly my worst fear

  • Aneri Patel
    Aneri Patel

    1:48 I agree terrifying

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    Jade Sherman


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    Choco_girl 17

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    ᗰᗩᗪI ᑭᗴᖇᗴᘔ

    Omg every time I watch a horror movie I just close my eyes and cover my ears and ask to leave XD

  • Rowan Bice
    Rowan Bice

    The most horrifying thing was a trump ad in the beginning of the video

  • JustinK 14
    JustinK 14

    “May get this video demonetised” *Cue ad playing*

  • Kaleen Ann
    Kaleen Ann

    "Some people have nightmares about falling or drowning. I have nightmares about people plucking my nails out of my fingertips" .....yep, gonna have nightmares about that now...

  • yes i did that
    yes i did that

    my whole reaction to this was just no❤️

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    Floof MyMoo

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      Floof MyMoo

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    Zodiac Kitsune

    Cristine: Talking about The Shining Me: realizes I'm wearing a shirt with the twins on it

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    Anjelica Verlin

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    Yonnie Marshman

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    Those Beetlejuice nails were HELLA HYPE! The true horror was mistaking my King Keaton for some stupid logan paul. This is sacrilegious to everyone who ever ventured someplace scary even though they should be weary.

  • daisy foreman
    daisy foreman

    Cristine: omg yes this truly terrifying me: well your the one that did in 2016 way before holo taco was even born Cristine: who did those nails this is disgusting me: well you did it in 2017 before holo taco was even born

  • Angelina George
    Angelina George

    Her makeup tho

  • M a t i
    M a t i

    The face on the nail just looks like the face in the book of the forbidden part of the libary 🥳where are the potterheads? 😉

  • Beeble


  • Katty Artist
    Katty Artist

    Scary stories to tell in the dark... omg I read that in high school and since I love horror and my main language is Spanish I loved the book and the illustrations


    Try recreating one!

  • dustinXdaisies

    Cristine: "Old Movies aren't That Scary" 3020: Yeah "Wrong Turn", "It", Yeah, those are not scary anymore

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    Mathilda Wallin

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    Freddie Mercury

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    Sama Dadash

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