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  • Thegrungefreak_90

    Yasss something gay🌈🌈🌈

  • kobe Charles
    kobe Charles

    I’m waiting until Christmas to either ask someone to get me this or to get it myself as a gift 😂

  • Mr Phil
    Mr Phil

    My name is Zoe and I need that color collection because I have a birthday party and I do rainbow themed and I want my friend to appreciate when I got her in our address is 16001 Warwick Road

  • Mr Phil
    Mr Phil

    Hi whoever is your name and I’m wondering if I can have that that rainbow collection if that’s OK with you it doesn’t have to come in a package I just want to like the colors.

  • nakea simone
    nakea simone

    $14.00 for the set? That’s actually not bad. I just dropped 29.00 on a gel nail polish set. btw do you think you will ever have gel polish holo???

  • Angelina Blenman
    Angelina Blenman

    These nail polishes are so beautiful! Is there a coupon code I can use?

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Rainbow holooooooo

  • Adlee Brinda
    Adlee Brinda


  • Z R
    Z R

    Simply? What rainbow has 5 colors? The rainbow has always had 7 colors.ROYGBIV When has it ever had 5 colors?

    • Kelsey

      She was taking about how her collections are typically 5 polishes but this one has more for the rainbow.

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S

    The things I would do to have a relaunch for this collection. I’m late in the holo taco game but this collection is everything

    • Kelsey

      The polishes are permanently on the wwbsite. It was just the box that was limited edition.

  • \little Nugget\
    \little Nugget\

    The orange tho 😍

  • Eowyn bla
    Eowyn bla

    Cristine should make lemon nail art with lemon zucker

  • Sami Dalton
    Sami Dalton


  • Harry Halle
    Harry Halle

    u don't do shipping to Vietnam , that's so sad Christine 😦😰🏳️‍🌈

  • Mcky McObvious
    Mcky McObvious

    I ordered the set less than an hour after she posted this video and they must not've had hardly ANY boxes cuz they were already out of the collectors box :( the polishes are amazing tho

  • Allie Mcbride
    Allie Mcbride

    I've been subscribed for a year and I'm just know watching this channel

  • Infusion Health
    Infusion Health

    Have you thought about a comparison to this company lv-home.info/the/aJmAhKnNdXFnxpw/video.html

  • Renaldi Kota
    Renaldi Kota

    Do you guys ship holo taco to India

  • Ashlee Matus
    Ashlee Matus

    We need a holo space taco!!!!

  • TToca BBoca
    TToca BBoca

    Why does it look like a huge bottle of nail polish

  • Mercedes

    Thank you💖 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾

  • Eugenia Lopez
    Eugenia Lopez

    8:09 now i want a popsical

  • Mystik Monark
    Mystik Monark

    Will these holo boxes ever come back?!?!?!?

    • Mystik Monark
      Mystik Monark

      @Kelsey I know, but I'm just wondering if it's miraculously possible that she'll come out with a special edition box relaunch??? Wishful thinking?

    • Kelsey

      No, they were limited edition

  • Arpita Shevade
    Arpita Shevade

    Why isn't it available in india

  • ammzz mak
    ammzz mak

    Taste the rainbow - skittles

  • Potato Maximus
    Potato Maximus

    loving the transparency! It's such an important part of a company, I'm sooooo proud uwu.

  • please kindly help me reach 1000 subs
    please kindly help me reach 1000 subs

    magenta jelly,purple slushie,orange drink and red licorice is soooooo pretty♡

  • Uselessly_Trash 2028
    Uselessly_Trash 2028

    *just because it's not marketed for pride, doesn't mean I can't enjoy it while I'm showing my pride.* (Yes, it's been almost half a year since june, but whatever)

  • Mac Tilghman
    Mac Tilghman

    I wanna get my nails done by her 😣

  • Ka.smiley in Hawaii
    Ka.smiley in Hawaii

    Damn she just blew my mind

  • Adhya Kejriwal
    Adhya Kejriwal

    it just made me so happy when she said, "vegan, cruelty free"

  • Miyo Lo
    Miyo Lo

    Christine’s honesty and not wanting to use lgbtq and pride month to gain extra coins is just amazing

  • Ferchyz­­­­­­­­ cv
    Ferchyz­­­­­­­­ cv

    No shipping to Mexico!!??? 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Court

    i love that she also released this during pride month :)

  • Becker

    I recently got a few of the shades and even though they're meant to be a summer collection, Orange Drink is the best fall shade, because it looks like pumpkins.

  • Sam

    We love SimplyFacts

  • Abby Cover
    Abby Cover

    Er met ger

  • Elina Valentina
    Elina Valentina

    the scenes where shes wasting the nail polish :((((

  • Elina Valentina
    Elina Valentina

    when i ordered a holo polish it came all dirty with holo all over the handles :(

  • Ariana

    I've painted my nails 3-6 times this channel makes me want to paint them again 😭😂😅

  • Arrowflight

    Literally insane the price you charge for these. I'll stick to the sally Hanson.

  • Amanda Klepsvik
    Amanda Klepsvik

    Nail polish stand to display you'r holo taco collection. Dotting tool, nail vinyles cleanupbrush.

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :)

  • Aidai Sevigny
    Aidai Sevigny

    Too bad I’m broke...

  • greenetaa aa
    greenetaa aa

    Maaan I was waiting for her to name the yellow one "banana beyn"

  • The Journey
    The Journey

    SO! It’s a rainbow within Rainbow TACO? By the way Mrs. TACO, i’m a guy. AND i’m using you’re TACO’S! Perhaps you could work on some more masculine colors that could appeal to the male audience 😋 Oh and, I’m definitely going to lick them rainbow TACO’S

  • Loren Simpson
    Loren Simpson

    shorturl.ca/xxxcool711lady ඔහු ලිව්ව

    • Radish


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    Linette Hudson

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    Noodles Rabbit

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  • Miss Nikki
    Miss Nikki

    I Wonder If A White Or Pearlescent Or Even A Black Holo Taco Will Be Coming Soon

  • Jennifer Porter
    Jennifer Porter

    I think you should do a pastel collection. Like a pastel holo rainbow I know that’s kind of hard though. By the way my favorite polish is the indigo holo. But I do like all of the polishes.

  • eatketchup

    I loooove these colors! It would be so cool to see a creme rainbow collection in the future

  • Anika Theis
    Anika Theis

    3:30 She's sooooo cute!!!

  • Thë_çhøšėñ_pøtåtøtöė_ Thät_ïš_böøtïfüł_1
    Thë_çhøšėñ_pøtåtøtöė_ Thät_ïš_böøtïfüł_1

    more collection ideas that could be cool: summer autum birthday spring halloween 🎃 new year thanksgiving u could make stickers or like something that could help us to make it look fancy

  • Trey Stewart
    Trey Stewart

    I love you

  • Cami - Dan
    Cami - Dan

    Just ordered the polishes!

  • Sxmmer Lilac
    Sxmmer Lilac

    Im too poor for this xD

  • Alyssa C
    Alyssa C

    I love it

  • Only Mha
    Only Mha

    I don´t use make up nail polish etc but i need this i need this

  • Margaret MacKechnie
    Margaret MacKechnie

    This is an idea for next year's possible pride month release: maybe you can do another rainbow collection, but it could be glitter rainbow colors or the colors of the rainbow, but darker than this first rainbow collection, or both. For example, you could have either a dark, red-velvet-shade linear holo, or a red velvet or regular red glitter polish. You could also have a darker, evergreen-green, a blue that's closer to navy blue, a dark, autumn orange, a gold/golden-apple yellow, a dark, galaxy-nebula purple, and a dark-lipstick pink, or, since you did a magenta in this release, you could do a lighter pink in-between Menchie's pink and magenta jelly. It would also be really cool if you made a teal blue linear polish. I love Holo Taco, I received it for my birthday, and have since purchased two giant orders of Holo Taco nail polish with more to come. I'm also bisexual and I appreciate the LGBTQ+ representation from you and Holo Taco. ❤️

  • SuperMega GiantCupCake
    SuperMega GiantCupCake

    just bought mine yay

  • Life With AK
    Life With AK

    awww i was gonna ask my mom if maybe i could get it if they were cheap until you said they were limited edition 🥺

    • Life With AK
      Life With AK

      Kelsey oh okay thank you! sorry for the misunderstanding ☺️

    • Kelsey

      The box was limited edition. The individuals polishes will be restocked.

  • sumeet pendharkar
    sumeet pendharkar

    I want to buy this so badly but I can't because the whole box would cost me over 7000 rupees and my mother will never give me this much money All my Indian friends must be knowing the struggle

  • lesbian slut lol
    lesbian slut lol

    Cristine the holo Queen

  • Saintly2

    So sad when you find the video and go to the store & it's SOLD OUT! 😭

    • Kelsey

      They are working on restocking them. It's just taking a while because of COVID.

  • shreya sharma
    shreya sharma

    Cristineeeeeee ship to INDIA please

  • Nicole Diaz
    Nicole Diaz

    That orange one is calling out to me with pumpkin vibes and I wanT IT

  • Curious Wanderers
    Curious Wanderers

    M watch all episode purchase none ...coz i don't like putting nailpolish but love cristine

  • •AmandaDaWeirdo•

    Imagine how much nail polish wasted when you do the dripping thing..

  • Ada villela
    Ada villela

    Last time i watched my queen was about a year ago

  • IMBwildrd

    I love that you did the REAL rainbow colors and included indigo. Indigo is my fav color. :) The new product looks AWESOME!!!

  • Aliza's Diys
    Aliza's Diys

    Please supply these to Pakistan too with cash on delivery.

  • Natalia Radke
    Natalia Radke

    I loved Cristine's channel, but stopped making nail decoration videos

  • Cutie Always
    Cutie Always

    I was gonna bye it till I Sean it was a $100

  • mary83642

    I just thought you should know there is an insanely disturbing song, in the 1977 animated classic Raggedy Ann and Andy : a musical adventure, in titled, What’s In The Box...you could probably use that sometime

  • BuffChookin

    2:46 I thought she said wipe up my juul

  • Rauna Fleming-Shelford
    Rauna Fleming-Shelford

    Please start shipping to New Zealand 🌸 I’ve been wanting to buy your collections for so long but the closest you get is Australia I think lol 😭😂

  • Amanda Bartoy
    Amanda Bartoy

    I was very excited to get mine but it didn't come in the special box 🥺 it was in 2 of the little black boxes...I was super sad. But, the polish is great.

    • Kelsey

      The collection boxes were limited edition and they sold out quickly.

  • Heather McDonald
    Heather McDonald

    I really hope the restock comes because my obsession with these is so real and I need the whole set. 😂

  • Fnaf Fan
    Fnaf Fan

    😮 Thousand years later still staring like this 😮

  • Jacquie Timms
    Jacquie Timms

    Wait you ship from the U.S.? I thought you were Canadian. Whatever I don't care you're awesome!

  • Cami - Dan
    Cami - Dan

    I'm so pissed these are sold out.

    • Kelsey

      They're working on restocking the individual polishes. It's just taking a while because of COVID.

    • Malena Majcherczyk
      Malena Majcherczyk


  • Ria Shadows
    Ria Shadows

    I don't think she realizes this, but Cristine is an absolute angel sent by god.

  • Brittany Bettcher
    Brittany Bettcher

    You should do a HALLOWEEN line!! That would be so amazing!!!🎃🎃🎃

  • Ronja Rubröder
    Ronja Rubröder

    Hi everyone! First: i love that collection and I'm so glad to have it! I just watched a review and got aware of a problem i never noticed before :( Lots of people are sad, because until today the only swatches are done by Cristine on her own nails, and POC don't have the possibility to see, what the polishes might look like on their nails :( So I think in general companies should react on that issue and I'm sure Cristine can absolutely understand. Maybe she can serve as an example :) Here is the link to a video from a small LV-homer that talks about the rainbow collection and the lack of swatches for people of any colour :) lv-home.info/the/lYaempuvYWSnwtM/video.html

    • Kelsey

      Cristine has talked about this and is looking into hiring POC swatchers

  • Missy Gardiner
    Missy Gardiner

    I love your brand, but it don’t ship to me.😭 I would have to pay to ship it to Germany, then pay for my friend to ship it to me in New Zealand.

  • Ribbitz

    $98?! WHAT THE FU- I still want it :

  • Dragon Slayer 15
    Dragon Slayer 15

    I love the red, such a beautiful cherry red!

  • Claudia Carranza
    Claudia Carranza

    Ok.. I loved the holo, but these?! I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE!

  • Space.ii_puff

    Holo Taco nail polishes are "animal cruelty free" but they AREN'T "BENN cruelty free" >.< [love your videos ♡]

  • Amy Michelle
    Amy Michelle

    I’m dying for a pastel collection! Also I know it’s kind of in the brand, so I understand if not, but do you plan to release more solid (non holo) polishes? I love the sparkles but I’d also love more base colors to wear alone or with topper polishes.

  • TsubakiiHime

    Can you bottle a gradient and sell it to us? I don't have the skills to do that lmao

    • DangerousDandelion

      Unfortunately that's not possible. If she were to bottle it, the colors would mix into a solid shade.

  • sharkwmn

    Are you going to restock the rainbow collection, I am so in love with it and been trying to find it?

    • Kelsey

      Yes, there will be a restock. They don't have a date at the moment. Getting the ingredients right now is difficult because of COVID.

  • Joey Canadian
    Joey Canadian

    Why isn't the yellow called banana crazy

  • mpnacaranda1

    When is it going to be back in stock? I didn’t have enough money before 😢😭 that’s why I couldn’t buy it, But I scrambled the amount 🤗 take my 💴 and give me my Halo

    • Kelsey

      They don't have a specific date and it probably won't be for a while unfortunately. COVID is making restock super difficult.

  • Anushka Pandey
    Anushka Pandey

    Bath in holo

  • venus c:
    venus c:

    i think she is the grown up version of joanna cedia :p lol

  • Eva Meyer
    Eva Meyer

    Please restock them! 🌈

    • Kelsey

      They're working on it

  • EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!
    EdWaRdO, aNdElE lEtS gO!

    😔 It’s already sold out, I really wanted it.

    • Kelsey

      They are working on restocking the individual polishes.

  • Amanda Christensen
    Amanda Christensen

    I'm guessing this is a regular nail polish only collection? Bummer :/

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