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♥ Protective Peel liquid latex
♥ Unicorn Skins: 👀
♥ Dotting tools:
Nail art brushes:
♥ Crazy glue: (used in place of nail glue I couldn't find for rhinestones, to me they're basically the same, just be careful not to glue fingers together, and do not use glue directly on nail, only on top of layers of polish)
♥ Rhinestones:
♥ Rhinestone picker tool:
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    Simply Nailogical

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      Love al the way from Indiana (USA TRUMP SUCKS)

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    Chocolate Bar

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  • Lara

    Love the opal nails but I feel the black nails ruined it a little bit. Oh btw, you should look at ALL your star signs cos you're not only a Libra. Your Chinese sign is the Dragon, which is the equivalent of Aries :D. You will also have a Rising sign and a Moon sign, which you can find out by the time you were born. Your Rising sign is more your personality and your Moon sign is what your heart wants :)

  • Live with AA
    Live with AA

    3:53 I am a pisces and that's kinda true

  • Shan.R

    what website did you use

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    emo anikin

    I very badly want to grow my nails out but I play viola☹️

  • emo anikin
    emo anikin

    Cristine, Lucky alphabet G, S, K and chh, chh is not a letter in the alphabet. me well you obviously haven't studied Latin, that bitch of a language

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    Quenna Li

    Welp according to my research the dates have changed she is now a Virgo the dates have changed and Ben isn’t an Aries anymore he’s now an Pisces :/

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    lacey Triplett

    I am a libra also. Libra Sisters

  • Klara M.
    Klara M.

    I decided to comment now so here it is: 3:12 it is č you dont have it in your alphabet but we have it in Croatian alphabet:) So in fact the leter ch exist😂

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    Erin Yell

    Happy 1 year to this video!

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    Adelaide Pearson

    1 year ago today this vid was posted

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    Ben had a fortune. And his fortune was “One Day You Will Be In A Relationship With A Beautiful Woman” Bens fortune came true. And her name was Cristine :)

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    Amanda Soika

    im a pisces i love you so much but im a PISCES. And i love waching your videos.

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    Vi Winchester

    Who else wants Ben to get an Aries manicure?


    wait fuck, shes a libra?

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    Cecile Hebert

    THIS TURNED OUT BEAUTIFUL!!! wish I was that good at nails 😢

  • Bamvoice

    Does she know, that Opal's are actually naturally Holographic. So it's very funny to me, how the Opal is her birthstone. As if it was destiny.

  • Larissa Kat
    Larissa Kat

    Love this!💕 I am also a Libra! ♎️

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    Rolf Hansen

    im also a holosexual libra

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    That's good she didn't say holoscope that's weird

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    Meredith Procops

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    P A S T E L - F L O W E R

    :o I'm a Libra Too! :3 Meh bday is on October 10th UvUz

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    Emma Robinson

    Facts about Aquarius’s 1.We poor water of “wisdom” and “health” or something on you We are literally a person who gives you a shower

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    Anneliese Pare

    Is it normal that I’m Canadian, a Libra, holosexual, and love tea ☕️. Like wow how did 8 not find your channel sooner

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    Stephen Tuthill

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    kristine when the horoscop said she liked selfindungance but she has so much nailpolish for her self

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    Your classic English toad

    Wow I had know idea the me and simply are both Libra ♎ and both are birthdays are coming up

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    Tahseen Zaynab Yusuf

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    Minikiakia _

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