Throwing Myself a Children's Birthday Party (ft. ~Demonetize The YouTuber~ game)
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  • Andrea Flores
    Andrea Flores

    I already did 🥰

  • Verity Newcomb
    Verity Newcomb


  • Zac Biggert
    Zac Biggert

    Did Ben say he needed to take a dab? 👁👄👁

  • Hockey Lady
    Hockey Lady

    this was my first video i saw of her.

  • Daisy Warner
    Daisy Warner

    ben seeing if it's real holo is actually the sweetest thing i ever seen in my life

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    “Holo guys it not cristine again it’s beyyyyyyyynnnnnn’’!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Aquaticlandshark 35
    Aquaticlandshark 35

    5:36 “did you wrap this yourself?” “uh, yeeeaah...”

  • Grace Rix
    Grace Rix

    I have a nickname for Cristine and Jen: The troublesome twins Even though they aren’t twins🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mihika Tillu
    Mihika Tillu

    Menchie only came for cake lol

  • juliana sanchez
    juliana sanchez

    simplynailogical's birthday is tomorrow

  • Ava Laygo
    Ava Laygo

    Ben blink if u need help

    • Grace Rix
      Grace Rix

      If Cristine isn’t wearing holo slippers send help

  • dawn molloy
    dawn molloy

    I laughed too hard at this!!

  • Y Nieto
    Y Nieto

    This video made me laugh soooo much!!! Thank you for being weird!

  • Laurel Dunn
    Laurel Dunn

    am I the only one who's watching in 2020

  • Maria Spin
    Maria Spin

    Too bad this video wasn't out when Cristine did her "Ben acting like a dad" compilation.

  • Fiona Thorn
    Fiona Thorn

    Don't we all remember when we.could go shopping without a mask and the days we were allowed to go over for partys.

    • Caylee Does Art
      Caylee Does Art

      i miss it too

  • Nadeya Price
    Nadeya Price

    YOU! YOU OLD B*ITCH!!!!!! I love Jen

  • Star_Boba

    Why was this the most hysterical thing ever

  • Idk Y I have this channel
    Idk Y I have this channel

    One like equals one prayer for Ben

  • Cats and Cappuccinos
    Cats and Cappuccinos

    I literally started crying why Menchie started boxing. 🤣

  • Olivia Dubois
    Olivia Dubois

    2:46 We have all done that with our siblings.

  • Emma Nilsson
    Emma Nilsson

    i thought the cake looked holo..... forgive my ignorance... but isn't it? it was rainbowie shifts... no?

  • feeroza khan
    feeroza khan

    The fact that beynn knows how to check real holo is real deal bitch 😂

  • Rosie

    WeLl ThEy GoT a LoT oF tHeSe LeFt In StOcK

  • Silke Van der woude
    Silke Van der woude

    Hey dad I really want that to

  • LeaAnn Young
    LeaAnn Young

    its belle after diying from the beast

  • LeaAnn Young
    LeaAnn Young


  • LeaAnn Young
    LeaAnn Young

    good job BEN

  • Emma Drew
    Emma Drew

    6:23 is Jen drunk?! 😂😂😂😂

  • Kate

    I like how Ben calls her Honey. It’s sweet (pun not intended)

  • Tim Olana
    Tim Olana

    At 11:27 what bus that song called? I keep forgetting

  • Natalie Gervais
    Natalie Gervais

    Ben and Jen are not even friends they are family and Jen was probably only there for the cake

  • Mei-Lu Bakker
    Mei-Lu Bakker

    Ben: Ellen is like the least funny person in the world. Damn he predicted the future

  • Kayla West
    Kayla West

    11:22😂 🤣😂🤣😂😂

  • XxBiyeE XX
    XxBiyeE XX

    Am I the only one who noticed- yes of course I am I’m the only one who knows but we have the same b- day XD

  • Teagan Moffet
    Teagan Moffet

    jen: maybe a couple more friends at ur birthday party next year me: *laughs in 2020*

  • Navya S
    Navya S

    Jen : wish for maybe a couple more friends at ypur bday party next year Me watching this in 2020 : uhhhh are you sure about that?

  • madii hills
    madii hills

    ben dissing ellen before it was cool 😎

  • FR0G CUTIE :3
    FR0G CUTIE :3

    Menci the cake crasher (party crasher just for the cake)

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio


  • BlockGirly Gamer
    BlockGirly Gamer

    No one: Not even Beyyyyyn: Jen: iT lOoKs LiKe sHe eAtS hEr FrUitS

  • lily ann
    lily ann

    watching this on MY birthday lol

  • kayla zamolodchikova
    kayla zamolodchikova

    oh how i wish jen was gay

  • Epic Potato
    Epic Potato

    Jen - oh this f*cking idiot Cristine - automatically says Jake Paul

  • Epic Potato
    Epic Potato

    1 year later and it’s not demonetised Yet

  • Lucille Ramsey
    Lucille Ramsey

    Im glad that your birthday was better than mine.

  • 『hxneyx milk』
    『hxneyx milk』

    Your not supposed to use it like that- *HONKKKKKK*

  • Random Asian Girl
    Random Asian Girl

    “Maybe a couple more friends at your birthday party” The next year was just Beynnn and Cristine

  • Nahoreen Vassoly
    Nahoreen Vassoly

    I feel so sorry for Ben...

  • Masabah Saeed
    Masabah Saeed

    That Ellen joke... Ben knows his shit damn 😂

  • Sheryl Liu
    Sheryl Liu

    One of my favorite vids on this channel!

  • Sofia Peterson
    Sofia Peterson

    happy birthday holo queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u sooooooo much!

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      It’s not her b-day today.

  • an0th3r.r0s3

    Jen & Cristine: *continue to glow the party things and whatever in his face* Ben: Am I a joke to you?

  • veellia

    I like how Ben just casually checks if it's real holo

  • Super Power Piggy
    Super Power Piggy

    This is how many times you thought "That's what she said" in this video: | | 🔻

  • Trixie B
    Trixie B

    Beyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnn you are an awesome boyfriend

  • christina porciello
    christina porciello

    10:41😂😂😂😂 cristine: whos turning 30? jen: you, u old BITCH 😂😂😂

  • Megan Miyazaki
    Megan Miyazaki

    Me watching Ben in a store: ur not wearing a mask! Me a second later: wait

    • Angela

      This was way before that and masks don’t help

  • Arielle Rodricks
    Arielle Rodricks

    Cristine should redo the nail art they did on the edible thingy wingys Like if u agree

  • Le_ Potato
    Le_ Potato

    *Me attending Cristine's birthday* Cristine: Oh look a card! The card: *yea*. Cristine: did you give this to me, Anita? Me: maybe. Cristine: OH LOOK SANDALS! Ben: Why does it say Bucci and not Gucci- Me: offbrand tings. Besides, it's like 5 dollars, so..

  • Betzy Castillo Lopez
    Betzy Castillo Lopez

    No one Ben:disses ellen

  • Joy Sanchez
    Joy Sanchez

    Dang Jen is a savage

  • Jennie Whitten
    Jennie Whitten

    Oh sh****

  • Kemit The Frog
    Kemit The Frog

    The fact that beyyyn actually checked to see if it was real holo to make her happy 🥺

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      I know 🥺 goals!

  • Pure Trash
    Pure Trash

    In the car I told my dad "every birthday is a year closer to death" my dad said "Every day is closer to death" me 'dArK'

  • Makenna Yeary
    Makenna Yeary

    Jen: you, ya old bish Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eve Grace
    Eve Grace

    They could be drinking alcohol yet here they are 😂😂😂😂

  • Kaiden.Lotfi

    It’s my birthday in 3 days

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      It’s mine in 9 days!

  • Cotton Kaitlyn
    Cotton Kaitlyn

    She heard her sister say ugh this fcking idoit and she went JAKE PAUL!🤣😂

  • Catherine Mary
    Catherine Mary

    official petition to have Ben start a vlog channel link in comments

  • Dk.Nails16

    I love how no one will get the " Hey look I'm Jim Carey" (Or however tf you spell his name) when ben puts on the mask at the store, Its a reference from one of his movies, points if you know!


    I laughed when Ben asked her if she raped it and she’s like yeeaa

  • vinay sukhija
    vinay sukhija

    At 3:00 am my last two brain cell (2:54)

  • Simmer to the Soul
    Simmer to the Soul


  • 666spider Girl666
    666spider Girl666

    I love Ben vlog

  • Nat Cha
    Nat Cha

    Any one from 2020?

  • Nat Cha
    Nat Cha

    Ben looks SOOOO done with the world😂

  • -*Choco Milk*-
    -*Choco Milk*-

    Ben is like the dad who wants to kill his kids with love....but still want to kill them.

  • dumb bitch
    dumb bitch

    ben roasting ellen was really ahead of his time

  • life as Farida
    life as Farida

    And throw her a kids birthday party ..... Because that's what my life has come to ..... 〜 Ben 2019

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      life as Farida it was made in 2018 :)

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      life as Farida your welcome! :)

    • life as Farida
      life as Farida

      @Juliette Palacio omg thank you for telling me

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      This was not made in 2020

  • life as Farida
    life as Farida

    Cristine : I'm getting olderrrrrr Jen : Cristine is a lonerrrrrr 12:44

  • Rebekah Brook
    Rebekah Brook

    *picture of dolan twins* Ben: 2 f**I boys that 12 year old girls like Me: 😭😭😭😭😭.....bitch

    • Rebekah Brook
      Rebekah Brook

      @Juliette Palacio

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio

      Do you love them?

  • Stationery Lover
    Stationery Lover

    What a cute family!

  • Alice Allyn
    Alice Allyn

    Have you noticed any time been stands up there’s a balloon behind him that says bananas

  • The cutest cat
    The cutest cat

    Don’t worry Christine we are at your birthday

    • The cutest cat
      The cutest cat

      Oh my god why auto correct I literally know I spelt it right

    • Juliette Palacio
      Juliette Palacio


  • Zoe Head
    Zoe Head

    7:41 the amount of ✨s h a d e✨is hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  • iAurq

    2:44 *aggressive blowing sounds commence*

  • Bobbys Point In Life
    Bobbys Point In Life

    At 5:34, this is funniest thing EVER🤣🤣🤣

  • Madhavi Patel
    Madhavi Patel

    I would have totally LOVED that party on my 10th birthday

  • Tara Stanković
    Tara Stanković

    I like how dissapointed Ben sounds when Zyler and Menchie are fighting "guyss.."


    9:30 her eyes

  • Tess _
    Tess _

    Jen constantly sounds intoxicated 😹💀

  • Becky Crabtree
    Becky Crabtree

    Party time🥳🤠

  • Becky Crabtree
    Becky Crabtree

    This video is my favorite video with beeyyyenn in it

  • TikTok Compilations
    TikTok Compilations

    Ben: Ellen’s the least funny person in t world Me being name Ellen: go s to cry in corner

  • Julia Vo
    Julia Vo

    her sister sounds just like her at 10:42 when she says “u old b*tch

  • it's just lea
    it's just lea

    30 isn't old my mam is 30

  • lorenx. co.14
    lorenx. co.14

    -over- ㋛︎

  • sofie .k
    sofie .k

    Me singing the song when Ben was shopping for supplies tUTuDudu tu pfffFffFfF tuduTuDu tu pfFfffFFf

  • Nayelys Sastre
    Nayelys Sastre

    Poor Ben has to deal with all this bs but it’s so funny 😂

  • May Plcs
    May Plcs

    Was this cake before or after Holo taco nail polish??? Easter egg maybe??