Adults Review Children's Banana Piano (he wants to spliT up)
We're thirty years old.
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  • Marina Ramos
    Marina Ramos

    I am 8 years old oh my gosh

  • Marian Wilkinson
    Marian Wilkinson

    how does beyyyyn deal with this im suprised

  • Verity Newcomb
    Verity Newcomb

    If Menchie can rock the banana boat I can rock the banana yacht

  • Fry Basket
    Fry Basket


  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    You should’ve said menchie

  • Mia Kange
    Mia Kange

    Who else is watching and drinking tea at the same time

  • Nova Resmiyanti II
    Nova Resmiyanti II

    I'm 10 not 8

  • Aggeliki Athanasiou XD
    Aggeliki Athanasiou XD

    You can make a Video where you try taking singing Lessons from LV-home

  • Houda Niffer
    Houda Niffer

    The part where Ben banana was playing I was laughing my ass off😂😂😂

  • Sukaira_Kuruzu

    I wanna just see a 1 hour video of Bens Piano, Baking, and druming skill😂😂😂

  • HugoAgility

    Glad to know ben is an Hila Kliener

  • Sarria Butler
    Sarria Butler


  • Nova Smarts
    Nova Smarts

    Great song... lol 🤣🤣

  • 「 Môon Beë 」
    「 Môon Beë 」

    Nobody: Description: *We're thirty years old.*

  • Weirdo

    Marry had a little lamb Abc And twinkle twinkle little star have the same beat that is why cristien got confused

  • Natalie

    The banana republic is actually pretty interesting. The effect it has on their country's economy and politics is astounding. Sam O'Nella made a good video on it, I recommend watching it.

  • Ananya Das Sharma
    Ananya Das Sharma

    i honestly just want cristine to watch project mc squared on netflix and review that

  • charlotte Leigo
    charlotte Leigo

    How old is cristen (ReAlLy Loves cats Loves tea Loves oats Loves comfy clothes Hates children Hates technology Always asking people if they have done thire homework Has a reasonable boyfriend I don't know about you but I hear 96 year old

  • Artemis Papasyfaki
    Artemis Papasyfaki


  • Shayna Barak
    Shayna Barak

    “Tea” shall be the next album name

  • Eowyn bla
    Eowyn bla

    baniano: banana/piano benana: no explanation needed

  • Elaine Pytel
    Elaine Pytel

    I remember doing something simalar in my STEAM class, but we used wires to play a simple online game, but it was possible to use it to make music.

  • cheesy dylla
    cheesy dylla

    Is she singing about loving Ben or about loving tea?? 😂😂

  • Ivy Engel
    Ivy Engel


  • 500 Subscriptions with random videos challenge
    500 Subscriptions with random videos challenge

    You should really make a HOLO BANANA!!!

  • Cali Morrison
    Cali Morrison


  • Christi Camba
    Christi Camba

    Cristine: look at all the dongles beyn: It's Steve Jobs' dream 😂😂😂

  • Life with Loki
    Life with Loki

    I'm a 10 year old but when this was posted I probably was 8 and I can say as a 10 year old and use to be 8 I can say.... no

  • Jenni D
    Jenni D

    This is so random, but I'm just now seeing this and my husband is sitting beside me playing a death scene from walking dead on his phone... the difference is extreme 😂

  • julcifer 95
    julcifer 95

    10:15 dont mind me

  • Jodalis Montalvo
    Jodalis Montalvo

    This comment doesn't have much to do with the video but today is one of those days where my anxiety is so bad it's making me sick and I'm just binging all of cristine's videos and while it doesn't make my anxiety go away it's a great distraction. Thanks cristine and beyyyn 😭🥺

  • madii hills
    madii hills

    what made me interested in science as a kid was watching bill nye, mythbusters, and steve spangler science experiment videos on youtube lol. Seeing a pro explain something in a way that actually MAKES SENSE TO PEOPLE is the best way to get people interested in something, in my opinion :3

  • Cookiee _
    Cookiee _

    When she sing the « pee out the tea » i was drinking water and laughed so hard that it got in throat 😂 I was going to die because of cristine peeing out the tea she drank all the dayy Uh whatever i still love you you bring a the “special sugar” to my teaa 😉 😂

  • bash

    makeup is more ripe mango 🥭

  • Romily Lockwood
    Romily Lockwood


  • Romily Lockwood
    Romily Lockwood

    you as a child is sooo cute EEEEEEEEE

  • Ella Bains Young
    Ella Bains Young

    yes it does

  • Kokichi Ouma
    Kokichi Ouma

    The tea pee song is beautiful truly amazing music.

  • Kamryn Carder
    Kamryn Carder

    Ok, so I’m 13, and I would loved to have gotten it a bit ago, and I’d love to play with it, but it wouldn’t get me into science, and it’d get boring hella fast. Also, I do love science anyways. And I love your vids, and you’re low key one of my role models

  • Aoi Hoshiko
    Aoi Hoshiko

    I mean, to be honest I don't like the way Project Mc2 is trying to get girls into science. They should be showing that Science can be a girl thing, not that "girly" things can be science. (I know the show was doing good I'm talking more about the toys)

  • Kaylee Mills
    Kaylee Mills

    Ben is a saint.

  • Hermana OGC
    Hermana OGC

    Bens really good at this

  • Courtney Naghten
    Courtney Naghten

    One like helps this poor doggo feel better

  • Raynka

    The song was good until you sang :D

  • Adam Mac
    Adam Mac

    If this was your first video that you saw of Christines what were your first thoughts I’m curious ?


    *Ode To Ben* is my new ringtone

  • Ivy Ellis
    Ivy Ellis


  • radiophononut

    Pls do what do you think!!

  • annapoorna s
    annapoorna s

    You can indeed be a singer , if you try ?😂😂😂😍😍You have beautiful voice .

  • Claudia Carranza
    Claudia Carranza

    Dear Cristine, I am 41 years old and I sat down to watch this video with my daughter, but she rolled her eyes and gave me that face that says 'I am way too old for this b*ullsh!t'. I was sad, because I wanted to hear the banana piano! And now, I have no excuse as to why I'm watching because I'm aNiCeNt!!! Ps: my daughter is 12.

  • Jasmine Claire
    Jasmine Claire

    7:00 UwU

  • Stori Everlasting
    Stori Everlasting

    Anyone here rewatching videos because of quarantine ? 👇

  • FireIntheKrypt

    I am sooo getting this for my boyfriend as well haha. I cant find it online in european shops tho 😒😒😒

  • vlada

    there needs to be a compilation of the ben loves bananas joke or related to that

  • Isla Sarah
    Isla Sarah

    When I was 8 I would of loved this😂 but now....not at ALL

  • Evelyn Crouse
    Evelyn Crouse

    So I new to this weird family. When did the ben loves bananas joke start. Can you give me a video

  • X_despresso • peaches_X
    X_despresso • peaches_X

    If you see someone drowning: lol

  • TwilightLover

    I've seen this fucking video at least 4 times and I just realized that it was made on my birthday!

  • Gaming with Sabah
    Gaming with Sabah

    6:58 lol

  • John kenneth Carillo
    John kenneth Carillo

    I wish simplynailogical made dumb toy shit reviews again huhu

  • Stephanie and Justin
    Stephanie and Justin

    i’m honestly still surprised that ben is still with cristine after all of this 😂

  • Honor Tate
    Honor Tate

    Project mc squared is on Netflix

  • Treesa

    Cristine: Can u like swipe across the bananas like on a piano Ben: sure **runs hand across bananas** **makes noise** Cristine: YEEAAAHHHH > v < Us pianists out there: **facepalms**

  • Bree-Anna Kennedy
    Bree-Anna Kennedy

    I know who you should write a diss track about all the companies who sold fake holo

  • Diya Isha
    Diya Isha

    13:23 Menchie has the Electra complex, y'all👀

  • Daisy Scally
    Daisy Scally

    In legit wheezing about the beyyyn bit

  • CityKatter

    I can annoy my big brother with this! 😂

  • Lily Kramer
    Lily Kramer

    Make a Troom Troom diss track on the bananas

  • K G
    K G

    12:12 🤣🤣🤣 such contrast. I think Ben is awesome.

  • Georgia Williams
    Georgia Williams

    Honestly we can all agree the ode to Ben was the best song we’ve ever heard

  • Dead Show
    Dead Show

    ey cris ! plug that shit in to ben f*cking d*ck anh play it

    • ZillmoPig

      mmm. No.

  • Anne

    A full version of "BEYYYYYN" please

  • Anne

    Whos here after finding out that BEYNN can play the guitar very well from Cristine's tiktok video

  • Shadow Okami
    Shadow Okami

    I HAVE THE BEST CHALLENGE FOR ALL SIMPLY FAN!!! Watch one of her review toy without laughing!!! Good luck🤣🤣🤣

  • cop calls
    cop calls

    This actually does interest me because I like piano, guitar, and drums! Lol

  • LeviosA Slime
    LeviosA Slime

    You should try the one of lies detector is mmmm well mmm....

  • Margrethe

    This is so stupid. I’m laughing so hard here😂 Couplesgoals, no doubt!

  • Danielle Aquila
    Danielle Aquila

    I’m not sure if Anne Murray would be flattered or insulted at that song😂

  • Mio Nozomi
    Mio Nozomi

    ehem, ba nana pi ano half of my heart is a banana piano bayyn loves bananas he can never get enough i think bayyn's heart is a banana baayyn's heart is a banana ba nana boonana

  • elsie mack
    elsie mack

    no one: absolutely no one: Cristine: RiFiNg My NeW bAnANa BeAT!!!!!

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    Lil Q-tip

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    James O-Face Charles

    BRUH ITS A BIANO!!!! No? Just me? Oh😔 ok.

  • SailorFuruba

    so i’m a little older than eight years old, but i remember being eight and having physics and math interest me in science. physics still interests me, a beynana piano does not

  • OT Animals
    OT Animals

    “Wow the best music ever “and holo

  • Areej Anwaar
    Areej Anwaar

    *ben and I have been busy*😅😅😅

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    Alter Ego

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  • Amanda Piccolo
    Amanda Piccolo

    Is it just me or is Crinstine actually a good singer, she has a really good singing voice!!!

  • slappedbylegal

    I'm an adult. I'm an adult. I'm an adult. I'm an adult who's laughing about that damn song in the middle of an empty room late at night.

    • slappedbylegal

      @• todoroko • You're a Greg too?

    • • todoroko •
      • todoroko •

      Ooo a Danny Fan!

  • Jenny beans
    Jenny beans

    That music video was a fake your finger wasn't plugged in

  • Jenny beans
    Jenny beans

    I can't believe Ben and Cristine are just talk about breaking up casually

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    Ava Cunningham

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    Danielle Burton

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    Jasmine EDGERTON


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    Elisabeth Emmi Tamberg

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    Viktória Frank

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    Persephone Clark

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    ellie namie chan

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    claudia Morales

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    Izzy Bella

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  • X_ Squidalib _x
    X_ Squidalib _x

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