A Very Troom Troom Christmas Special (Pranks on Boyfriend! Prank Wars! oH nOo)
What if Troom Troom IS the sly prankster Grinch and the girls must be freed to save Christmas?!
Also, we had so much fun Troom Troomin' around that there's outtakes: lv-home.info/the/iaxqsYDZqGOlpr0/video.html
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  • occams razor
    occams razor

    Ben: Why would you eat that? Christine: TrOoM tRoOm ToLd Me To

  • Gwen Learn
    Gwen Learn

    Santa makes no sense to me, he’s a man that brakes into your home and steals your milk and cookies like what the heck

  • Perry the Platapus
    Perry the Platapus

    That was Insalting when she said Crist-mad not Christ- Mas

  • sxna. editx
    sxna. editx

    Whenever I see Cristine's theme thingy video in the beginning I always think its a porn hub but nail polish lmao

  • Alice Freital
    Alice Freital

    Christens wishlist Groom trooom vids Holo Holo Tea

  • Sarah Dale
    Sarah Dale

    More Troom troom!!!!!!!

  • 「M x q a S t a r 」
    「M x q a S t a r 」

    You know what youll never find *troom troom reacts to troom troom*

  • Nails by Alis
    Nails by Alis

    1:14 😱😱😱😱 You write christmas with "h"!!!!!!

  • Justice Bush
    Justice Bush

    Ben seriously needs to be in more videos with you because u guys are sooooo funny together 🤣

  • Kaylin Krampert
    Kaylin Krampert

    after watchingthis vidio i sereched up the blue eyed girl from troom troom and was actully suprised

  • natalie0385

    Watching in 2021

  • Thomas Zeer
    Thomas Zeer

    The vivacious coffee sequentially like because dinghy bioinformatically complain throughout a cagey aftermath. squealing, foamy ophthalmologist

  • Ahsan Mughal pussycat
    Ahsan Mughal pussycat

    Happy H💿L💿days

  • Lucy Huffman
    Lucy Huffman

    No matter how many times I watch this video end up peeing myself lmao

  • Stella Zeigler
    Stella Zeigler

    “I miss playing video games.” Beyn gave us corona. He wanted to stay in forever.

  • Royale Sushi
    Royale Sushi

    Meowy Catmas everyone :D (if you don't have a cat then ur weird) also, if u have problems then use troom troom ITs NoT a PRobLeM anYMOre

  • Reyhan

    and dAd

  • Yoonyia Chang
    Yoonyia Chang

    it was a great year of 2018 i miss it 2020 is... not the greatest, at least it almost over!

  • Emma Scott
    Emma Scott

    I think Ben gave up in this video! Ha ha! 😂

  • Doglover9

    Please Please do a video on researching the weirdness of troom troom. 😁🥰🤪

  • child_ofanime

    me- wakes up at 2 am ; watching Cristine all morning my parents- hears nobody- what could be worse than your daughter walking in your room, saying "good morning gremlin" and wadling back to her extremely loud computer "IS IT A GOBLIN? HMMMM LETS REFLECT ON THAT- Benana

  • Crystal 3.0N
    Crystal 3.0N

    Ima say somthin right now; Troom Trooms disembodied narrater voice after it's slowed down is TERRIFYING

  • Khelena Gronskaya
    Khelena Gronskaya

    I only realised that Grinch girl is my friend's wife by the end of the video 😁

  • MEERAB FATIMA Stargate Campus
    MEERAB FATIMA Stargate Campus

    i wonder what ben will play more like super mario

  • catlover 3456
    catlover 3456


  • redkite


  • RandomEverything

    2019 I don’t have time to play video games 2020 um well ....

  • lol Queen
    lol Queen

    Simply prank logical

  • Yeetskeetmageet

    4:34 The only time Cristine tries to flirt with beyyyynn is when she is trying to prank him. Sorry Cristine

  • Geno Richie
    Geno Richie

    In 2020 they all left and got replaced with new people

  • youtube chicken
    youtube chicken

    Is noone going to mention "DoNt uSe tHesE bAllS fOr dEcOrAtIng" Nevermind: "tHerE aRe sTrAngE bAllS iN my sToCkiNg"

  • Zilla Art Pauley
    Zilla Art Pauley

    Troom troom: we make the grinch to drink tasty milk Me:...no just no

  • kitteh12 1
    kitteh12 1

    I think it was the golden haired girl with the pin in the left hand in the living room. Troom troom cluedo

  • Iris Justus
    Iris Justus

    The inquisitive profit pathologically applaud because ukraine italy trouble astride a far apparatus. messy, elderly ikebana

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The concerned cotton currently love because hot histopathologically flash within a pathetic claus. descriptive, broken plastic

  • SuperDamaris23

    Ben: Not being able to play video games cuz no time 2020: Watch this ..

  • Rihanna Miriam
    Rihanna Miriam

    Plane guard : are u from Canada?show your passport. Cristine:I dont have too (grabs SUGAR IN A CUPBOARD BOX FROM A MYSTERIOUS BACK PACK) Cristine:see? Plane guard: iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The instinctive ukrainian macroscopically complain because brian likely report throughout a strong snail. plucky, jittery fall

  • TeaganTwilight

    "2018 was a good year" Wait two more years and you'll see just HOW GREAT OF A YEAR 2018 WAS

  • Mia Gonzalez Garcia
    Mia Gonzalez Garcia

    wHaT dO yOu ThInK???????????

  • Linda Forss Lindoff
    Linda Forss Lindoff

    2018 Ben: I wish I had more time to play video games 2020: You got it bro

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Yes I would watch ben play video games

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Love the gifts u got for each other's

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Simply eats wrapping Me: 😂😂😂

  • Autumn Boycott
    Autumn Boycott

    “Troom Troom told me too🥺”

  • Hannah Vinitsky
    Hannah Vinitsky

    um actually, Jeff Langum is the best known bearded man of the world, I googled it too

  • Tīna Dālberga
    Tīna Dālberga

    I'm such an idiot that when Grinch popped out of that box, I got scared and banged my head on the wall. 😅

  • Dương Linh
    Dương Linh

    postmodern jukebox

  • error code: 1733934
    error code: 1733934

    Chocolate and mustard is actually good tho...so is chocolate and hot sauce

  • Alyxm Brown
    Alyxm Brown

    Zyler 😂😂😍

  • Michael Quinn Gacha
    Michael Quinn Gacha

    I love how atheistic Ben's singing voice is. Its amazing.

  • Kavi Weaver
    Kavi Weaver

    Truly can't tell whether Jenna rubbed off on Cristine or Cristine rubbed off on Jenna or if they're just cosmic vibe twins

  • Gwen Lefchak
    Gwen Lefchak

    They probably also used water ballons

  • Jagai Mandal
    Jagai Mandal

    When you call Ben you like "BennnnnOhhhhBennnnnn"

  • Emma Robinson
    Emma Robinson

    I love how fun they both r together. They r amazing together

  • Jennifer Hartley
    Jennifer Hartley

    Zyler gotta get that troom troom milk

  • Training With Number 70
    Training With Number 70

    Simply sock love

  • Noelynn /Nugget
    Noelynn /Nugget

    www.amazon.com/Best-Choice-Products-Artificial-Decoration/dp/B07Z62QSB5/ref=pd_sbs_201_12?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07Z62QSB5&pd_rd_r=5f26ef26-8073-45f2-865d-395518051907&pd_rd_w=UbcgH&pd_rd_wg=ARQcH&pf_rd_p=ed1e2146-ecfe-435e-b3b5-d79fa072fd58&pf_rd_r=7722R8019EYY1PF8M7G7&psc=1&refRID=7722R8019EYY1PF8M7G7. Here is a “holo” tree

  • Aria Peek
    Aria Peek

    Zyler really was like GIVE ME THAT MULK BISH!!!!!

  • Kelmore ARTméthyste
    Kelmore ARTméthyste

    Ben: " I wish I had more time to play video games " 2020: " its not a problem anymore ! "

  • Athari Najeeb
    Athari Najeeb

    Why at the beginning she looks so innocent

  • ATom Cat
    ATom Cat

    i enjoy being roped up... HAHA

  • Cleveland Ranapia
    Cleveland Ranapia

    I'd love for Gandolf to come down my chimney 😂 he might bring me a staff 😂

  • Kizzie Jeffcoat
    Kizzie Jeffcoat


  • elizabeth hanna
    elizabeth hanna

    Zyler doesn’t have manors cause he only learned from college kids

  • I'm_bored_today

    hey used water ballons I think

  • Bloodredshu

    Banana Bondage 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chelsa Conley
    Chelsa Conley

    I guess Ben finally found time to play more video games this year

  • liz craft gamming
    liz craft gamming

    ben may seem so done but u know he truly loves her lol

  • Grace Rix
    Grace Rix

    Beyyn: why would you do that Cristine: TrOoM tRoOm ToLd Me To

  • Bradley Byrne
    Bradley Byrne

    I love how Zyler's always too cool to be in his mum's stupid videos but as soon as she has food he's suddenly the star child and hanging out with her on camera 😂😂😂

  • Yashvi Dua
    Yashvi Dua

    15:40 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Yashvi Dua
    Yashvi Dua


  • Linggy Shane
    Linggy Shane

    2020? Cant wait to see their new Cristmas video

  • gachaidiot

    Oh well youll have alot more time to play video games now


    Sometimes i just feel bad for beyn HAHAHA

  • Marina Stegantseva
    Marina Stegantseva

    I love how determined Zyler was to get that milk

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    I know this might sound sappy but after my dad was diagnosed with cancer, your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I love your videos and thank you so much for making them :) Sometimes, they might seem silly but (as cheesy as it sounds) they have made a big difference in my life... and I suspect I'm not alone in that :)

  • Tia RsBeanie
    Tia RsBeanie

    “ I enjoy being roped up “ Me: ummm Ben, is that a bondage kink I see there?

  • Donia Sulyman
    Donia Sulyman

    i want to see ben play video games. thats it

  • Gabrielle Magnante
    Gabrielle Magnante

    I would watch beyyyn play video games!

  • Scott DeVries
    Scott DeVries

    surprise santa is actually lacktose intolorant and just gets more evil the next day as for the anoying girls.... ITS NOT A PROBLOM ANYMORE

  • Laurance Rippy
    Laurance Rippy

    fortnite funny moments

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    Chloe Belcher

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    Verity Newcomb

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    Lisa Johnson

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    Olivia Tiefenbrun

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  • Maddie Anna Jones
    Maddie Anna Jones

    As troom troom says and I quote “the prankIng milk”

  • grace elizabeth
    grace elizabeth

    i love how she still gave ben the milk even after zyler drank some...

  • Gacha Trollz
    Gacha Trollz

    Maybe instead of regular balloons, use water balloons. Seems easier to pop :/

  • Elluka Kurookuwooka
    Elluka Kurookuwooka

    “Cause you re hot” *wink wink* loved that part 😂

  • Mettaton Ex
    Mettaton Ex

    I Surely would enjoy simply game logical

    • Eva Peirce
      Eva Peirce

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    Harnoor virk

    You are the best

  • Sadie Bondurant
    Sadie Bondurant

    The red head channele: hey guys welcome back today we are going to be desscusing why i left troom troom. *intro* Red head: because i didnt get paid enough. Red heads face the whole time👁👄👁 bye bubbles

  • lexie hope
    lexie hope

    i laughed sm omg

  • Hannah Forseth
    Hannah Forseth

    You should make a video where you follow a troom troom nail video, but don’t watch it, like the nail art one you did a while aago

  • Rowan N
    Rowan N

    Cat just wants the milk give it to him or if he’s lactose tolerant

  • Rose _Lee
    Rose _Lee

    Ben, still waiting......