A Very Troom Troom Christmas Special (Pranks on Boyfriend! Prank Wars! oH nOo)
What if Troom Troom IS the sly prankster Grinch and the girls must be freed to save Christmas?!
Also, we had so much fun Troom Troomin' around that there's outtakes: lv-home.info/the/iaxqsYDZqGOlpr0/video.html
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  • Laurance Rippy
    Laurance Rippy

    fortnite funny moments

  • Chloe Belcher
    Chloe Belcher

    Run...run it’s your friend in green face paint

  • Verity Newcomb
    Verity Newcomb

    Milk isn't good 4 kitty cats

  • Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson

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  • Olivia Tiefenbrun
    Olivia Tiefenbrun

    Yeah I know I guess it’s not a problem anymore

  • izzy

    3:39 3 shots of vodka 🤣

  • Maddie Anna Jones
    Maddie Anna Jones

    As troom troom says and I quote “the prankIng milk”

  • grace elizabeth
    grace elizabeth

    i love how she still gave ben the milk even after zyler drank some...

  • Gacha Trollz
    Gacha Trollz

    Maybe instead of regular balloons, use water balloons. Seems easier to pop :/

  • Elluka Kurookuwooka
    Elluka Kurookuwooka

    “Cause you re hot” *wink wink* loved that part 😂

  • Momus - God of Mockery
    Momus - God of Mockery

    I Surely would enjoy simply game logical

    • Eva Peirce
      Eva Peirce

      So would i

  • Elfuego95

    Liked that salty Milk? try Ayran !

  • Harnoor virk
    Harnoor virk

    You are the best

  • Sadie Bondurant
    Sadie Bondurant

    The red head channele: hey guys welcome back today we are going to be desscusing why i left troom troom. *intro* Red head: because i didnt get paid enough. Red heads face the whole time👁👄👁 bye bubbles

  • lexie hope
    lexie hope

    i laughed sm omg

  • Hannah Forseth
    Hannah Forseth

    You should make a video where you follow a troom troom nail video, but don’t watch it, like the nail art one you did a while aago

  • Rowan Newman
    Rowan Newman

    Cat just wants the milk give it to him or if he’s lactose tolerant

  • Kirra Martin
    Kirra Martin

    Ben, still waiting......

  • Isabel Watkins
    Isabel Watkins

    I loved Cristine's wholesome and innocent look on her face while she chomped on wrapping paper lol

  • Katharine Hampton
    Katharine Hampton

    get that milk Zyler

  • Lisa Fasse
    Lisa Fasse

    did anybody notice it sayed 11 months ago then when ben came it say 12??

  • Pagie Blueberrysmith
    Pagie Blueberrysmith

    Ya this year was so happy lol

  • Lui Flores
    Lui Flores

    Mom simply are you CHRISTMAS HOLO TACO IS THAT YOU

  • Awesome girl Jenkins
    Awesome girl Jenkins

    15:39 “run baby run”

  • Lol Me
    Lol Me

    cristmas dosent look right

  • Kali Hudson
    Kali Hudson

    The goodbye 2018 part made me cry bec were stuck inside the house we have to wear a mask I miss 2018

  • Luna Glanzberg
    Luna Glanzberg

    Omg im dying from these

  • Dani Thomas
    Dani Thomas

    no one: Absolutely no one: Me: watches this 2 years later around almost Halloween

    • Kate

      Dani Thomas You know what, Me too but shit up

  • Febina Shahan
    Febina Shahan

    Ben should be a singer

  • Ross Wallace
    Ross Wallace

    Funny AF

  • Daisy Sanchez
    Daisy Sanchez

    pov: ben is kinky 😳

  • Jacqueline correa
    Jacqueline correa

    "Troom Troom told me to " LOL 😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams

    Ben's going to get them both sent to prison for tax fraud 😂😂😂

  • toxic

    im bingewatching cristines older videos and i- quarentine.

  • Lewzer Bby
    Lewzer Bby

    "...in real life" glitch in the simulation-

  • Emily Lindsley
    Emily Lindsley

    RIP Ben he can’t play video games

  • Life As A Mystical Creature
    Life As A Mystical Creature

    Ben: y would u do that Cristina:troomtroom told me to

  • LeaAnn Young
    LeaAnn Young

    i loved 2020

  • Victoria and Sarah
    Victoria and Sarah

    Name a more comedic due ill wait.......

  • Alexa Boecklin
    Alexa Boecklin


  • Hriday Krishnan
    Hriday Krishnan

    watching this 2 years later

  • potatopouf

    18:20 me too, ben. me too.

  • areddish1586

    Christine I think you should make a fake break up video with Ben and say when he asks “why are you breaking up with me” say troom troom told me to

  • lena UwU
    lena UwU

    When santa became a grinch i said "i guess he got salty"

  • Curly the Dinosaur
    Curly the Dinosaur

    I think troom troom used water balloons for the ornament "prank"

  • Tommy Watts
    Tommy Watts


  • Allianna08

    5:38 when you nod your head yes but you wanna say no

  • Kylie The Great
    Kylie The Great

    I laughed way too hard I bit my arm to stop myself from laughing It didn't work

  • Cupid1144

    It’s not a problem anymore 🤪🤪🤪

  • Edmond the bunny
    Edmond the bunny

    19:58 this is when I cried

  • Valkyr_E

    Simply: “is it thanksgiving?” *yes LV-home I am American with my American house and my American life*

  • •Linda Playz•
    •Linda Playz•

    Wait wot it’s been 2 years but I still reminder VIVIDLY when I was In New Hampshire skiing and this came out

  • beaut am
    beaut am

    I really felt that *oH nOo* in the title.

  • Eloïse Basso
    Eloïse Basso

    Girl In Australians is SO HOT

  • Isabelle Mclean
    Isabelle Mclean

    Zyler realy whanted that milk

  • EnglishCAT 17
    EnglishCAT 17

    0:04 Christine: eats real wrapping paper Ben: WhY dId YoU dO tHaT? Christine: Troom Troom told me to Ben : IF TROOM TROOM TOLD U TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE WOULD YOU!!! Christine: As LoNg As ItS hOlO Ben : all this nail polish... Ben : * looks at the lighter fluid * Well .... .... I guess ..... Also Ben : ItS nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE

  • Marija Gnjidić
    Marija Gnjidić

    7:46 the hell was that sound?? 💀😭

  • Ms Mixy
    Ms Mixy

    I saw my little step sister watching troom troom and i said “iTs NoT a PrObLeM eNyMoRe” and she ran away

  • wolf pawz
    wolf pawz

    Troom troom:ugh! It's Gastly! Me:...... I don't think they know their Pokemon and it hurts me

  • Hadlie Rowton
    Hadlie Rowton

    You should do Harry Potter nails.

  • vonisgame

    Troom troom: your water Bottle Doesn't open add water and sugar and you can open it

  • Anxiety_Ghost_Cos

    I FOUND WITH VERY LITTLE RESEARCH THE BLUE EYED GIRL'S AND RED HEAD'S INSTA AND REAL NAMES. Red Head's real name is Yekaterina Musmova Instagram: @kate_musmova Blue-Eyed Girl's real name is Alevtina Martina Instagram : @alevtinamartina.

  • Madden Creamer
    Madden Creamer

    Omg did you know that troom troom has a tIk tOK ?!?!!??!?

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    Alysha Chapman

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    Gabe Tree

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    Mariah Skrrt

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  • a skull-full of chocolate
    a skull-full of chocolate

    7:10 wow, Ben's gettin a little too comfortable on camera

  • Kyle Smuth
    Kyle Smuth

    Hate fake holo? iTs nOT a pRoBLeM aNYMorE

  • Pusheen life
    Pusheen life

    Cristine: (eats wrapping paper Ben: why would you do that? Cristine: TrOoM tRoOm ToLd mE tO

  • Ellie

    He looks much better with a beard. Just my opinion.

  • the devil cat
    the devil cat

    If you want to know what Orby’s are this is what they are I think: (orby’s are round very squishy you cannot break One they are very small but you can break them when they’re very big and they look like candy but you can’t eat them so don’t eat them or else you might die) my description of Orby’s

  • bitch


  • Alexis

    Y’all should create a channel simply pranked

  • Kate Menz
    Kate Menz


  • Lizey Goldglitter
    Lizey Goldglitter

    15:35 - 15:46 in playback speed 0.25x is so funny please do it 😂

  • Tylor Cammarato
    Tylor Cammarato

    Little did Beynnn know that 2020 would hit, and he would have more than enough time for video games.

  • Omg Yay
    Omg Yay

    In 5th grade I went to this camp and people in my cabin wanted to prank another person so they put salt in his milk and he actually liked it so we all did it too and it was really good since it was powdered milk

  • Evan Meredith
    Evan Meredith

    piano man

  • Zelene Wong An An
    Zelene Wong An An

    A Christmas goblin!?

  • PsychoticPANDA 03
    PsychoticPANDA 03

    I’m watching these at 3 am even though I’ve seen them and I forgot that zyler follows been as he moves the milk😭😂. I just hit my vape and I started dying. It killed me. Almost destroyed the lungs.

  • Angie Gaming
    Angie Gaming

    Omg this is the BEST HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

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  • sliphand lennon
    sliphand lennon

    On the first day of troom troom my true love gave to me 1 stupid life hack 2 find pranks 3 nail hacks 4 cats 5 unicorn food hacks 6 voiceovers 7 bananas 8 8 superhero school supplies 9 Holo eating 10 snow globe 11 makeup hacks 12 hot gluehacks

  • Emilie Desroches
    Emilie Desroches

    We all seen simplys family (except her mom sorry ) so why do we only see bens brother and not other family members

  • Mich! :D
    Mich! :D

    At the beginning instead of “Troom Troom told me to” she should’ve said “BrOwN HaIr GiRl CaN eAt tHe WrApPiNg aS WeLl”

  • YeahShaw

    In 2020 Ben will have plenty of time for video games.

  • Angel Chuu
    Angel Chuu

    Santa claus with boobs

  • Jordyn J
    Jordyn J

    When he said I enjoy being roped up I spit out my Dr Pepper

  • Bella McHoul
    Bella McHoul

    Ben: wHy WoUlD yOu dO tHaT? Cristine in a small voice: Because troom troom told me too Ben: *why am I still here. Just to suffer? Sure seems like it* ⚠️this was just a joke! Ben and Cristine are happy I think!⚠️ ilysm ❤️

  • Fury Vlogz
    Fury Vlogz

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  • Quick Cut Vinyl by Stacy Gribble
    Quick Cut Vinyl by Stacy Gribble

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  • Quick Cut Vinyl by Stacy Gribble
    Quick Cut Vinyl by Stacy Gribble

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    Cupcake Animations

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    Jhila Allyna Paltao

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    K M


  • B E N U
    B E N U

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    Egle Tronina

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    alan sixx

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  • bariatric multi-vitamin
    bariatric multi-vitamin

    “I’ll put him in a box. And then I’ll put that box in another box, and then I’ll put that box in another box, and I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives? **cackling** I’LL SMASH IT WITH A H A M M A H ! !