I Broke My Nail Again
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  • Shoto

    "Life isn't gonna fair in 2020" Can you see into the future?

  • Ralion

    I could watch Cristine cut her nails short for hours. I found my weird thing.

  • krt30

    I feel so bad for her 😭😢

  • Aurora Carrssco
    Aurora Carrssco

    My name is Aurora

  • I am me and me is I
    I am me and me is I

    5:42 No one: No one ever in the history of humanity: Safyia and Tyler: synchronized Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh Ps no hate i love both of them

  • I am me and me is I
    I am me and me is I

    Matt is literally the most huffly hufflepuff and he is the exact definition of the “stereotypical” Canadian lmaooo we stan you matt

  • JadeInABox

    When Cristine's shortest nails are still longer than your longest nails you can stand to have...

  • Rose's Arts
    Rose's Arts

    No one Not a single soul Not even me Cristine's dad: Candy Who?

  • Sarah Black
    Sarah Black

    Calling her friends about her broken nail it us so ridiculous it is funny.

  • Elma Thörnqvist
    Elma Thörnqvist

    just use ramen noodles lmao

  • Claire Babbiitt
    Claire Babbiitt

    Cristines sister looks the same her

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    You have broken your nails like 5 times already😭😭😭Cristine stop breaking your nails we can’t live without your nails 😭😭

  • Haineko Mikemalcom
    Haineko Mikemalcom

    I love Cristine's family 😂

  • Jamilla Cabonce
    Jamilla Cabonce

    Wait... is it just me or did I just hear Cristine make a Grey's reference?!?!?!

  • Ava Holmstadt
    Ava Holmstadt

    I love how everyone's acting like Christine does nail art on this channel 🤣😂🤣

  • Caroline Arthmann
    Caroline Arthmann

    Cristine: I broke my nail Safiya and Tyler: awwwwwwwwww😭

  • Wilma Engstrand
    Wilma Engstrand

    Cristine listening to old tik tok dance the SAY SO bc I heard the melody and I just knew is was Doja Cat

  • AriTheWolf Does Gacha
    AriTheWolf Does Gacha

    Omg Safiya and Tyler in unison: “Awwwwwwww :c” #couplegoals

  • AriTheWolf Does Gacha
    AriTheWolf Does Gacha

    Matt handled it like it was the 5 stages of grief, and I am so appreciative of that lol

  • Piper

    The way Matt says “oh sorry!” Is the most Canadian thing ever

  • Melinda Sweet
    Melinda Sweet

    Her: I have terrible news. Everyone she called: *gasps* Her: I broke my nail. Them in their minds: why why do I like u 🤣


    I love how safiya and Tyler were making the same faces all the time, well almost, love them tbh♥️


    i wish rob ended the call as soon he heard the news

  • Amelia Garrod
    Amelia Garrod

    When she started talking about the sponsor I bet her dad was like yeah I don’t care 😃

  • Melina And gee
    Melina And gee

    I love you you make the best video😍

  • Samantha DeVries
    Samantha DeVries

    New nail new style

  • cadence bach
    cadence bach

    nail meth lol

  • Siya Chawla
    Siya Chawla

    Troom Troom: BrOkEn nAiL? uSe RaMeN NoOdLeS tO FiX iT

  • Steele Stár
    Steele Stár

    Omg matt is awesome lol

  • C l a r a a
    C l a r a a

    7:54 im romanian :)

  • Jenna Petrillo
    Jenna Petrillo

    “wow.. that’s terrible:))” LMFSKGIGI

  • Chrissy717 Olivant
    Chrissy717 Olivant

    Silk wrap and nail glue has save many nail cracks for me so I dont have to go short.

  • Ava Deng
    Ava Deng

    "the rest of 2020 is gonna be great! ...right?" oh boy

  • Danae Azucena
    Danae Azucena

    my bad news i broke my futt

  • Zoe’s ASMR
    Zoe’s ASMR

    I also broke my nail too 😨

  • Iconic Ari
    Iconic Ari

    Don’t tell me this is the third time

  • Tulay Shaban
    Tulay Shaban

    There is something that I think is a little sad it is because she had her nails so long for a pretty long time and when she cut them short she was like *it feels weird because I feel my fingers on my poem*

  • Khloe Carr
    Khloe Carr

    i feel like everyone who she face timed probably thought she was pregnant

  • Haya Dua
    Haya Dua

    Sisters are a blessing. Your sis is super cute❤

  • SunnySkys

    “The rest of 2020 will be great right” no.

  • live laugh and make vlogs
    live laugh and make vlogs

    Why doesn’t she just not have her nails like 2 inches no hate I love her channel

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones

    At least her nail break is not has painful like the other time s when she broke it ha ha

  • Cecilia Pizarro
    Cecilia Pizarro

    That is the length of my nails wow but I liked her long nails better

  • live laugh and make vlogs
    live laugh and make vlogs

    Is that the same nail as the one when she had on the unicorn 🦄 one

  • Ivy MoonKite
    Ivy MoonKite

    Use Ramen 🥡

  • Allicraft

    Omg I love Matt, 😂😇, he needs to be in more videos

  • Z R
    Z R

    Safyia and Tyler had the same reaction!!! Down to the movement of their heads!!! They are literally soul mates!!! Such couple goals!!!!!

  • Xiena Lexis
    Xiena Lexis

    That one dramatic Grey's Anatomy reference had me dying 🤣🤣

  • JB Beatzs
    JB Beatzs

    Always breaking your nails 😂😂😂

  • Daisy

    how the heck do her nails grow that long in 3 weeks?

  • Random In The Making
    Random In The Making

    Cristine telling people she broke her nail Me: wow we have the same pillow

  • Emily DeJesus
    Emily DeJesus

    i googled it and on that day she made this video, she would have 7,452 levels of candy crush left. There are a total is 7,865 levels...... damn thats a lot, so it does kinda "go on forever" lol

  • Phoenix Pitchanum
    Phoenix Pitchanum


  • Andrea Macias
    Andrea Macias

    We all need a friend like Corinne, like come on.

  • Lily

    Grey’s anatomy reference?

  • Nooby Flooby
    Nooby Flooby

    I broke my nail too :D WITH A KNIFE

  • •mimi dount•
    •mimi dount•

    Wait why did she feel upset when she broke a nail YOU HAVE TO CUT IT BECAUSE OTHER WHY'S YOUR NAIL IT IT WON'T LOOK SMOOTH and it takes 2 days for my nails to grow


    Puts "link blow" right over your dad's face

  • ERINmaisie

    Matt is so much more Canadian than Beyn? Or am I just used to Beyn’s voice 🤔

  • kayla acaedmy
    kayla acaedmy

    Fix it with ramen and super glue

  • tom 123
    tom 123

    I am a male but i hate cuting my nails anybody recommend any nail files for me

  • dhiksha s
    dhiksha s

    I can feel you , as I am watching this with my broken nail it hurts

  • Rose Taylor
    Rose Taylor

    i love that rob cared the most XD

  • Jenny Yeet :3
    Jenny Yeet :3

    Jen just doesn’t give a shit😂

  • Elissa Jorski
    Elissa Jorski

    Re-watching this...at 7 :03 you can see she's wearing zyler the cat polish

  • Hannah Galliford
    Hannah Galliford

    Everyone’s reaction to the nail Dad: ohh that’s terrible😕 Sister: I don’t care 😒 Matt: what are you gonna do about your channel🙁 Girl friend that I don’t know the name of: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!😫 Safiya: ohhhhhhh😔 Tyler: ohhhhhhhh😬

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones

    Your so funny

  • Ashley Angel
    Ashley Angel

    My pinky nail broke on my nail bed and it was the most painful thing that happen to my nail:(

  • erica k
    erica k

    Why didn't you call your mom too Cristine?

  • humininnn potat
    humininnn potat

    Her nails look like sunsets naturally

  • humininnn potat
    humininnn potat

    The only person I know is sophia

  • My life online With laughter and excitement
    My life online With laughter and excitement

    Wait wait man l am washing my hands 🙌 wait

  • Adhya Kejriwal
    Adhya Kejriwal

    there is this tune in 12:47 could anyone tell me where its from?

  • Sarah Wulf
    Sarah Wulf

    saf and tyler having the same reaction to cris’s news is simultaneous ultimate couple goals and ultimate friend goals

  • Sarah Wulf
    Sarah Wulf

    “i’m sorry” -matt being the most canadian ever

  • Vivian Shen
    Vivian Shen

    A pianist watching, can’t relate

  • Jessica Hiatt
    Jessica Hiatt

    matt was so sympathetic lmao

  • Anisia Rachel
    Anisia Rachel

    I love how she says i suffered a break like a sporting injury

  • yourlocalhoodielover

    shes on levvel 413.. hello felloww homestucks

  • Lola Ayres
    Lola Ayres

    Fix it with ramen

  • Amal Akram
    Amal Akram

    Do you think we don't know what candy crush is?

  • WarriorCatFan2007

    Christine: “I broke my nail..” Her sister: “I don’t care.” (1 like equals 1 pray for each time Christine’s nail has broken..)

  • alyssa taplin
    alyssa taplin


  • just nerd 06
    just nerd 06

    Simply gardelogical

  • Pikamander 98
    Pikamander 98

    Dad: it’s like hair it will grow back! *is bald

  • Toca life
    Toca life

    "CaNdY wHo??"

  • Tasmyn Jean
    Tasmyn Jean

    Fixing my own nail break while rewatching this (by total coincidence)

  • Depressed Liz
    Depressed Liz

    Is it me or is coziness shirt is blured

  • MøchaCat

    *Her dad is the one that pretends to care.* *Her sister is the one that doesn't give a shit.* *Matt is the sympathetic one.* *Corrine is the one who acts devastated.* *Rob is the concerned one.* *Safiya and Tyler are the friends that act like parents.*

  • Rimonoku

    “Candy whOoO”

  • Rimonoku

    -cries- rip christens nail cri

  • drhowdyman

    wow I didn’t know anyone else knew a Corinne but me 🤣

  • Addyson Moyers
    Addyson Moyers

    2020 really is a jerk

  • Sunflowerrr Sunsettt
    Sunflowerrr Sunsettt

    Cristine:ty candy crush for sponsoring this video Cristines dad: cAnDy WhO?

  • Rabbit Hole
    Rabbit Hole

    Why don’t you use nail scissor

  • Hannah Rose Hill
    Hannah Rose Hill

    When you call your dad 4 emotional support. ❤❤🖤❤❤

  • Anika B.
    Anika B.

    hahaha its the "the rest of 2020 is going to be nice" for me

  • Hazelchu

    *Duck nails oo woo oo*

  • jasmin sheng
    jasmin sheng

    how r ur nails so long mine cant grow for some reason

  • Alessandra Uribe
    Alessandra Uribe

    Her sister is a mood😂