I Broke My Nail Again
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  • c o c o g o a t
    c o c o g o a t

    “And I have something very important to share with you..” *INCLUDES PAID PROMOTION*

  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris

    I blame the pants

  • Emily Norris
    Emily Norris

    Safiya and Tyler's reaction was the best one 😂

  • jason nelmes
    jason nelmes

    "cAnDy WhO? " that made my day😂

  • killua zoldyck
    killua zoldyck

    i have horrible news... *paid promotion*

  • Seaunicorn

    this vid almost made me fail my test because i was late for class but not to late for my test but i ended upp with the last questen being half done and half not done lollllll

  • Sleepy Yoongles
    Sleepy Yoongles

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  • Oof King
    Oof King

    Dad: it’s like hair, it’ll grow back. Also dad: half bald.

  • Harley Pack
    Harley Pack

    Her sister 🤣 that would be be if my sister called me and told me that

  • Rima Pumpkins
    Rima Pumpkins

    Corinne and Rob's reactions are just fckin' adorable, and that's totally why I follow 'em. I discovered ur chanel thanks for them and don't regret it ! (I took a while to check it out tho, since I'm not into nail polish...)

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    Her filing down her nails with that glass nail file is so satisfying

  • Ag Faw
    Ag Faw

    It genuinely felt like every person she called was expecting cris to be pregnant when she told them she had news ahaha

  • Skylar Rosio
    Skylar Rosio

    do the tea bag trick

  • Keara S.
    Keara S.

    Cris: “I have some really bad news.” Matt: “Uh oh...” Cris: “I broke my nail!” Me: “first world problems...” 😂😂😂😬🙄

  • Mistress Chief
    Mistress Chief

    I live that her dad is all about it 🤣 he's like ya I'll do this

  • Galaxy wolf
    Galaxy wolf

    lol my sisters name is marnie

  • Emily Santiago
    Emily Santiago

    “The rest of 2020 is gonna be great right” Us in 2021: 🧍🏻‍♀️

  • Taleen Abdullah
    Taleen Abdullah

    Wen evar cristine calls someone and showes her broken nail ots like shes dumb like me when i call my frends n show them something 😂😅 noooooooo hate ❤︎

  • fluffy marshmallow
    fluffy marshmallow

    Christine, the rest of 2020 is gonna be alright, isn't it all of the people in 2021 NO!!!!!!! This port innocent young soul isn't ready for the torture of 2020



  • Katy B
    Katy B

    0:28 is just a leeeetle to close to the Truman show for comfort 😆

  • taoyaki mochi
    taoyaki mochi

    my mom is a candy crush addict what

  • Allan D
    Allan D

    I still can't tell if that candy crush ad was real or a bit

  • Kylie Saephanh
    Kylie Saephanh

    Thad video was on my birthday

  • strawberry milk
    strawberry milk

    " like not .... dumb"

  • Tabitha Rodela
    Tabitha Rodela

    My biggest takeaway from this is how amazing it is that she had the energy to call that many people in one day.

  • Hannah Montgomery
    Hannah Montgomery

    Wow I think the brother was the only one who cared about the nail And her friends

  • Laura Farr
    Laura Farr

    When you realize she’s demoing the monochrome nail tools and rainbow holo set. 😆

  • Alisana Darling
    Alisana Darling

    I just realized that she always finds menchies hair and never finds zylers hair 😐

  • Just a person
    Just a person

    *watches this with a painfull broken nail, tears and tea*


    Her: says saga like saega Me: its saga and dont even make excuses on being Canadian!! ( not trying to be mean or anything its just a joke ) plus i love Simply

  • DoraTheExplora

    Aw f*ck

  • toastandducks

    14:55 no...

  • Laura C
    Laura C

    I just broke my nail and I’m devastated 😫 I’m going to Sally’s to get silk nail wraps to fix it!! I’m not giving up hope yet

  • Storm Playz
    Storm Playz

    Rip Cristine's nail

  • RyanaBoki sct.
    RyanaBoki sct.


  • RyanaBoki sct.
    RyanaBoki sct.


  • Rooster7102

    I need to make merch

  • Antonina Andrzejewska
    Antonina Andrzejewska

    I broke my nail today, so I came here to watch this. I feel understood now

  • Julia Beyer
    Julia Beyer

    who is watching this technically in 2021? like if true

  • Bhavya Saxena
    Bhavya Saxena

    "I got my nails too long in the first place" . Me: * looks at my own nails, same length as hers, not broken yet* 😶

  • 『sxgarcxbe』

    I’m the only one who thought the nail filing ASMR was lowkey kinda cool

  • Lizzie Dunlap
    Lizzie Dunlap

    I love that she called Safiya for this XD

  • hunie


  • jillian elizabeth
    jillian elizabeth

    the hockey stick while she’s working out✋😭

  • angeldance5

    I love that Cristine pronounces Saga as Sega XD

  • Lexi Lex
    Lexi Lex

    Who else think Crusty, Menchie, and Zyler should do a collab


    My mom reached level 2057 and I am proud of her

  • stephanie hopkins
    stephanie hopkins

    It's an aggressively Canadian video

  • Emma Johnson
    Emma Johnson

    i love how here own sister was the one who cared the least lol

  • Nidal Koumiza
    Nidal Koumiza

    What's the point of being happy when you're gonna die anyways…The harsh reality we live in.....

  • Victoria Butler
    Victoria Butler

    14:55, no.

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    Kar Tanesi

    Bi oje surmede tırnakların hava alsin artik sapsarı olmus

  • Aliza's Diys
    Aliza's Diys

    Is that the cuticle pusher that she used a prototype of the one in the manicure kit she just released....? Little sus there....! 👀👀👀

  • dailybujo

    She’s the only youtuber that actually stays home. Respect. pEriOdT

  • Zoe Campochiaro
    Zoe Campochiaro

    I’ve had a game for five years and I’m at 200 Thousand

  • Sa!ah

    I thought I looked up simply Nailogical not "the most dramatic video ever" 😂😂😂

  • foreverkanade

    In the workout video where Cristine is examining her broken nail (8:04) you can hear Say So by Doja Cat in the background.

  • Colleen Carr
    Colleen Carr

    2:07 I want that shirt. 😍😍😍

  • Artisor

    Dad: "oh no" Sis: "i dont care!" Bro: "im so sorry" Friends: "NOOOOOO!!!" Rob: "what the fuck!" Safiya: "why are u smiling then?... awwww.." Us: " omg"

  • The electronic Avatar
    The electronic Avatar

    It's so cute that Matt was actually nice and sweet

  • MadxMikey

    Well now we can see she was testing the nail tools she released later in 2020

  • Emily Duran
    Emily Duran

    I like how she says that she called her dad

  • Rozálie

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  • Martina Debelak
    Martina Debelak

    This hapens to me alottt

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    Noor Sarah

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  • Harry Mak
    Harry Mak

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  • Olivia Borgia
    Olivia Borgia

    I love how she tells everyone about her broken nail 😂😂😂 And everyone fells so bad and understands The pain

  • sana kapila
    sana kapila

    i love how she’s wearing a jacket inside

  • Chloe Rambarran
    Chloe Rambarran

    Simply nailogical-the rest of 2020 will be great Me-um it has the corona virus and it is not great

  • Skully

    wait....was that the same nail she broke the last time she broke one?!!

  • Sandra N
    Sandra N


  • Ayla Orge
    Ayla Orge

    10:30 Girl, I feel your pain, I have eczema on my middle fingers too. It sucks 😕

  • Nora McCallister
    Nora McCallister

    Does it annoy anyone else that she paints a side of her hand a different color than her other hand no hate but it's just annoys me

  • Alba de la Fuente
    Alba de la Fuente

    14:54 ...what did you do cristine

  • Isabelle Smeraglia
    Isabelle Smeraglia

    Am I the only one that all ways watches these and wonders what she thinks about nails scissors instead if filling

  • Zaniya Junious
    Zaniya Junious

    My mom okay crush Candy She's on 5,000

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    Valerie Vasquez

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    allison Gundel

    WHAT U LIKE THE toPlay the stupid game on the toilet

  • lps creepypasta
    lps creepypasta

    Everybody else: whatever Cristene's friend: WHAT NOOOOOOOOOO


    my nails always broken they never get tall

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    Tala Maggio

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    raisa ifrim

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    Mollie Saunders

    why are sisters all the same!! hahaha i legit feel like I'm watching me and my sister talk! lol

  • Lonely Death
    Lonely Death

    when i clip my nails, i clip little bits at a time, instead of the full nail at once because most of the nail clipper is too dull to clip and instead rips my nail

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    boba tea

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    Melted Snowman

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    Mckinleigh Mcrae

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    Grape and strawberry YouTube

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    Gacha Rhythm

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    Jae Rae

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