Painting My Nails in a Power Outage (answering the most Googled questions about me)
When a tornado destroys the city power grid, make a LV-home video🙃
After filming this video we decided we want to donate all the ad revenue from this video to those seriously affected by the Ottawa storm - the donation will be made to the Red Cross’ #Ottstorm tornado relief fund ❤️ Thank you guys for supporting by watching the ads!
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    Update! Thanks to your support in watching this video, we were able to donate $12,000 to the Canadian Red Cross' Ottawa Tornado Appeal, which will go towards helping those affected by the storm by providing shelter, relief and comfort. We also donated $3,000 to a local charity, the Ottawa Food Bank, which will go towards replacing lost food during the days-long power outage in order to provide food for those in need, including for homeless shelters, small community food banks, and school meal programs. Thank you guys so much again for your support through watching this video - it looks like many of you sat through multiple ads or at least more than normal for this one😂 so thank you again ❤️ Also life update: We got our power back at the house after a 3-day outage, had to throw out so many frozen bananas🙃 Donations made to:

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      ☆ Aesthetic Honeycomb ☆


    • Carter Capps
      Carter Capps

      Lol banana

    • Erin Stacey
      Erin Stacey

      I remember this tornado. I was home alone, looked outside and was just like, oh shit better call mom cause I’m scared. But I wasn’t aware of the tornado until after

    • Liberty Flagg
      Liberty Flagg

      Your a good person to everyone you need it 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    • Kim Jeanes
      Kim Jeanes

      Simply get Ben to do your nails but give him instructions in french

  • Irena Simic
    Irena Simic

    The only ever time I was scared for tornados in my life was the tornado warnings and that scared me more than the tornado in Ottawa

  • haley iixtca
    haley iixtca

    "Vacation from civilization" years later and i feel that in ways not intended

  • Anuschke Fourie
    Anuschke Fourie

    When the power goes out in SA we say f*k you eskom. And also eskom jou p**s. In SA we hate eskom. It's true.

  • Anuschke Fourie
    Anuschke Fourie

    Oh your so lucky that you only get power outage when you have tornados. In SA we have power outages almost every other day we call it loadsheding

  • Lkc Toms
    Lkc Toms

    Well they survived

  • T Joffe
    T Joffe

    At around 7:23 when cristine is speaking in French, I highly recommend Turing on sub titles because it’s halarious what the English subtitles think the words are

  • Atinkyboo

    "I can't roll my R" "You aren't Canadian. Go back to the U.S." 41 Million people in the U.S. who speak Spanish: ???

  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl

    Alternative title: Cristine has many many fire hazards all around her ft. Menchie

  • Meghan Starr
    Meghan Starr

    Little did they know

  • The Ginger
    The Ginger

    Wait. How is Ben googling on a laptop without power? How do you have internet?

  • Emily Oldham
    Emily Oldham

    Video Idea: Cristine guesses tea flavours blindfolded

  • Yessenia Gonzalez
    Yessenia Gonzalez

    Did anyone else worry about the acetone next to the candle 🤣

  • Yasmin Mirza
    Yasmin Mirza

    I remember the tornado! I had no power for a week ;-;

  • Carter Capps
    Carter Capps

    Simply nailogacal “How else will I get the tea” Ben “ postmates “

  • Carter Capps
    Carter Capps

    I live in North Carolina,Experience at least one hurricane a year

  • Blazej jeka
    Blazej jeka

    The disagreeable thing contrastingly turn because emery cytopathologically undress aside a abrasive ferry. groovy, absorbed christmas

  • Zion Koval
    Zion Koval

    6:44 menchi kneeding bread

  • Claire Paulsen
    Claire Paulsen

    People only care about you getting married so that we can see a holo wedding dress

  • Ophellia Hayes
    Ophellia Hayes

    thank you

  • A BZ
    A BZ

    Bravo pour ton français tu est très forte

  • Alexander

    the acetone next to the candle flame is giving me so much anxiety

  • Autumn Judge
    Autumn Judge

    Fun fact: in San Francisco, every night there are earthquakes of 0.2-1.6 lmao

  • aiza usmani
    aiza usmani

    I love it when cristine is singing and menchie is busy licking her bed

  • Adrianna Deschermeier
    Adrianna Deschermeier

    Any one in 2020

  • a_ random_person
    a_ random_person

    wait wait okay- i,m just gonna say this bc no one else does. Why the hell is Cristine so beautiful- like just think about it- she's so damn pretty i wanna look like that when i'm on her age too


    im srry

  • Misaki Aogane
    Misaki Aogane

    Meanwhile me is freaking out coz nail polish remover is beside fire

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    "No, I don't smoke cigarettes." I see you girl... Only one kind of people answer this question in this way XD

  • llGraciellthingsll

    Was I the only one who got really confused when ben plugged in the phone and thought it was there phone???

  • Holly France
    Holly France

    I hear you!!!

  • Sofialca 2009
    Sofialca 2009


  • Harmony Whitescarver
    Harmony Whitescarver

    No not Quebec

  • Pongpubate Charoensinputthakhun
    Pongpubate Charoensinputthakhun

    Best LV-homer I’ve ever subscribed to.

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith

    Aaaaa chai tea lattes are my jam

  • Ibrahim Hakami
    Ibrahim Hakami

    Cristine you are bi cuz your straight and holosexual

  • Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}
    Vibecat OFFICIAL {draws}

    I like how the video just stopped midway because of WiFi

  • lazybee

    Simply: **speaking french** Captions: *huge pants*

  • Issa H
    Issa H

    The bi question is prob from your tinder video 😂

  • Royale Belle
    Royale Belle

    When you realise Cristines camera view is better than you're eyesight

  • Ice Antonio
    Ice Antonio

    Imagine being in quarantine beacause of Corona and having no power? I don't know what we'll do 😂😂😂

  • Zofia Kong
    Zofia Kong

    Cristine:No, I’m not bisexual Also Cristine: is married to Menchie(a female) and is commonly lawed with Ben(a male)

  • Liberty Flagg
    Liberty Flagg

    What about Zyler.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • bella bee
    bella bee


  • Crawlspace_ Cosplay
    Crawlspace_ Cosplay

    I've watched 3 videos of Cristine in a row and it all of them I hear her say "I'm a crime statistics analyze for the government" in I just think its funny

  • Rheann Turner
    Rheann Turner

    14:47 menchie's eyes omg 🤣🤣

  • Marie Hessevik
    Marie Hessevik


  • Veniece Chan
    Veniece Chan

    One good thing that comes out of this: if Cristine runs out of candles to burn, she can light old nail polishes and acetone to use as light 😂 although it is probably a bad idea to burn chemical mixtures that smell terrible 😅

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack


  • Ecak Muffin
    Ecak Muffin

    Good thing in Canada you don't really need a fridge anyways, especially in the colder months... wait-

  • Riana Conklin
    Riana Conklin

    So I haven't even finished the video yet but I just wanted to add to the whole marriage topic, I live in New Hampshire USA, and even with the whole not being able to speak for your partner if they are sick in the hospital unless you're married or having a say in ANYTHING unless you're married here, my husband and I were not planning on getting married because we felt the same way as you guys, but my husband's parents are Jehovah's witnesses and when we wanted to live in an apartment on their property (when our 2 youngest daughters were very little and we were looking for a place) they said that they couldn't let us live on their property in good consciences unless we were married because it was against the bible, so my mom (whose pagan lol 😆🤣) and is a legal justice of the peace, married us so we could live in an apartment on his parents property . We never had an actual wedding or rings or anything, it was just so we could have a safe place to raise our kids at that point, but I totally agree, you shouldn't have to feel that your relationship is only validated if you're married, I know tons of people who have true beliefs and feeling behind the institution, but the fact that so many people are made to feel as if their long term commitment and relationships are not validated unless there is a marriage license is total crap!! I have tried to raise my girls with the same mind set that you Express all the time, respect everyone unless they are assho#@!, and just be proud of being your own unique crazy weird self, it's awesome to be crazy and weird, so be proud of it, and yourself 😁 I think that this is why I love your channel so much, both you and Ben, and even your family always Express how important it is to be yourself and that is the message I want my kids to absorb most, so I appreciate everything that you do, your channel, your personality, and your candor and bluntness. Thank you for sharing hun, and I look forward to your next video 😊❤

  • Etta Stone
    Etta Stone

    Is she actually bisexual!? 😱💗

  • carlygaming101

    I think my house flooded when the tornado hit.

  • Jenny Eikre
    Jenny Eikre

    Every time I watch this and they wonder why the "is simply Nailogical bisexual" question comes up, I wonder how she doesn't remember her Tinder video where she put "men and women" and laughed about it. That's why 😂😂

    • Ruby Red
      Ruby Red

      Oh good point, she probably did forget

  • London Hughes
    London Hughes

    I get London Fogs too!

  • Fatima Nayani
    Fatima Nayani

    the beginning of the podcast!!

  • Deidrianna Jacobsen
    Deidrianna Jacobsen

    "Smoke what?" Now we know 🤣

  • Jazzy Robertson
    Jazzy Robertson

    This cant be worse than 2020

  • StruggulZ

    this is the ben show

  • ConnerLuckz

    Why does Ben sound like Bob Belcher?

  • Kim K.
    Kim K.

    This might be a stupid question, but how do people eat in a power outage? And like does the food in the fridge go bad?

    • Ruby Red
      Ruby Red

      Depends how long the power outage lasts. You have about four hours as long as you don't open the fridge door. Might depend on how hot it is too, I'm not sure

  • Aleena Ahmad
    Aleena Ahmad

    15:36 I was so confused Then I remembered that this was from 2018

  • Mackenzie Jade
    Mackenzie Jade

    12 37 the cat clocks eyes move

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith

    "Yellow-stained nails are one of the biggest tell-tale signs that you're a smoker or that you used to smoke. This is because the nicotine and tar found in cigarettes stains both the nail and surrounding nail bed

  • Miyo Lo
    Miyo Lo


  • Kat Vxbes
    Kat Vxbes

    How did i understand everything she said in french when i don’t know french 🤯🤯

  • Arcan_you_stop Please
    Arcan_you_stop Please

    The whole video it looked like both of them wanted to cry the whole time, so they just joked around.

  • •bëłïvë ïń Gød ØwØ•
    •bëłïvë ïń Gød ØwØ•

    cristinextea lol BenXCristine 👌 😎

  • Bill Ten-Dollar
    Bill Ten-Dollar

    tornados suck, sorry bout that😕

  • Nichole Parker
    Nichole Parker

    The only reason I get some people complaining about demonetization because it does affect the video because demonetized videos are suppressed and it can cause a channel lots of harm if it’s chronic especially for channels like Philip deFranco

  • Vanessa Newbold
    Vanessa Newbold

    “It’s not that common here.” Says the woman who lives slightly north of New England.... we get ALL the weather. One day it will be cold and rainy and the next super hot and sunny followed by snow the next day. It’s great fun.

  • Starlight Gacha
    Starlight Gacha

    On today's episode of: Cristine paints her nails for once

  • Ashley Angel
    Ashley Angel

    When they did the this video l think that the power didn't go off cuze if it went off then the camera wont work


    Your not alone! I’m British and love milk ing green tea 🍵

  • Sophie Pfefferminz
    Sophie Pfefferminz

    If Cristine was one of those LV-homers: HOW MUCH MONEY DO I MAKE??? - I paint my nails in the DARK?? CALLENGE!!

  • Jillian Tung
    Jillian Tung

    “A vacation from civilization” *laughs in coronavirus*

  • Gloria D'Souza
    Gloria D'Souza

    omg did i jus hear Ben say "chai tea" at 13:43.... my desi self is so dissapointed lol

  • avdr3y

    idk if i wanna get married... the only benefit is getting a fancy dress and getting yummy food and cake

  • Paige Is Cool
    Paige Is Cool

    She’s so smart she has an open flame next to a bottle of acetone Jk nothing but respect for my holo queen 👑 💿

  • Ally Waite
    Ally Waite

    My cat loves your videos. He watches them with me but he gets jealous of menchie and zyler and tries to block my screen. He especially likes it when Cristine sings

  • Meppie P
    Meppie P

    The acetone near the candle is giving me A👏N👏X👏I👏E👏T👏Y👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • unixmelxo

    Ben really loves cristine they r adorable 😍

  • Gbks Gbks
    Gbks Gbks

    “And we are extremely appreciative for everything that has come for Cristine acting like a psychopath for 8 million people on the internet.”

  • Dan_the_haikyuu_fan

    In my state if you're dating someone for over 7 years you're legally married

  • Vanesa Schmidt
    Vanesa Schmidt

    Simply: I’ve never experienced a tornado Me: Lucky you I experienced one when I was 10 😫

  • Marianna Dawson
    Marianna Dawson

    We go through tornadoes every Spring and Fall. Sometimes in the summer because Alabama. Huntsville is so much fun and bipolar sometimes

  • iiOrexo _O
    iiOrexo _O

    15:10 mwAh

  • Anna

    Does Cristine not know the British were the first to put milk in tea lmao

  • The Majestic Unicorn
    The Majestic Unicorn

    Imagine being a CRIME statistics analyst... in CANADA...what crimes do people even commit there...stealing maple syrup...or somethin

  • Tharighaa

    Crisitine your prettier in dark

  • lizzy Rank
    lizzy Rank

    the auto-generated parts where she speaks french are funny

  • Leah Walton
    Leah Walton


    • Flying Dolphin 101
      Flying Dolphin 101

      She posts bloopers on her 2nd channel Simply Not Logical

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    Nina B


  • Aspen Lytle Pridmore
    Aspen Lytle Pridmore

    Cristine: ‘The British hate me’ Me: no I’m half British and I love you your one of my favourite LV-homers!!

  • Life with Loki
    Life with Loki

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  • Paulina Candelaria
    Paulina Candelaria

    I was 6 months without power because of hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico 😐😏

  • Sophie Pennington
    Sophie Pennington

    'Vacation from civilation' 2020 quarantine entered the chat

  • Zoya_hehe

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  • YURO Chan
    YURO Chan

    Who knew Cristine works for the fbi- *guys cover the cam-*