Finally Gave My Boyfriend a Vacation After 4 Years
Gave my drink slave a week off🤗
Watch Threadbanger's video to see what we gave each other for Cristmas😱:
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Video where we made the vacation deal:
Painting my nails at the hockey game:
Gif of Ben:
Making Maple Taffy a couple years ago:
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  • Julia De Oliveira
    Julia De Oliveira

    how fantastic that you did this for him before the pandemic. imagine how infuriating it would be for ben if you never gave him a vacation until 2020 and then boom quarantine

  • Akio Kuro
    Akio Kuro

    BEYYYYN sleeps like a dad

  • Ambitious_Reader

    I haven't walked in snow is soooo long cuz I moved somewhere with warmer climate and I miss it so much.

  • Totoro Chan
    Totoro Chan

    I would like to have a set of Ben's 3rd fangs teeth things xD

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    That was a sweet thing to do cristine 😄😄😄

  • izzykitty 99
    izzykitty 99

    I'm happy they went on a vacation befor this corona crap

  • Trixie Pixie
    Trixie Pixie

    I literally started watching this and asked "why are they wearing masks?" Quarantine has really changed me 😂

  • Trixie Pixie
    Trixie Pixie

    Raise your hand if you watched all three videos made about this vacation in a row several times. 🤚

  • Trixie Pixie
    Trixie Pixie

    1:24 I bet Rob is thinking "The f*** is a zed???"

  • Smokeykat 29
    Smokeykat 29

    Wasn’t sure if that deal was actually real or not Lol

  • Alexa

    lmao when ur here in 2020 watching your favorite youtuber ski/snowboard when your ski competition that was SUPPOSED to be in Canada was cancelled cus of cOrOnA xd

  • Steve the roblox gammer
    Steve the roblox gammer

    What hotels did she go to

  • Kayla L. Sanchez
    Kayla L. Sanchez


  • Keira McDermott
    Keira McDermott


  • Samara Sodhi
    Samara Sodhi

    A vacation? I haven’t heard that name in years....

  • lisa beston
    lisa beston

    When you’ve always assumed Ben’s surname is Logical 🤨

  • Nem um dia de paz
    Nem um dia de paz

    Isnt it still working if u have a youtube channel ?

  • Matthias S
    Matthias S

    I miss vacations

  • OrreMIDI

    Best nail tutorial on the internet. Period.

  • H*ck

    7:34 his little post poop hop is like so so cute

  • Only Mha
    Only Mha

    How to catch a simplynailogical step one: buy tea step two:buy milk last step: m i x

  • M Gilmartin
    M Gilmartin

    this my moms account and i am the won who comments

  • Jilian Rotor
    Jilian Rotor

    Banff really is beautiful cuz there are so many mountains and beauty spots there. Btw I live in Alberta

  • potatopouf

    i wanna go snowboarding again!!

  • deni

    W-why does she act like me. I'm thirteen.

  • iamsriracha

    you can not trust someone that’s comfortable with falling asleep in jeans

  • Courtney Chesterman
    Courtney Chesterman

    You should come back in the summer time so you could go do the teahouse hike at Lake Agnes!

  • Zenobia Williams
    Zenobia Williams

    I love how she bleeps out "fuck" but kept "pussied out" 😂😂😂

  • Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts

    Next vacation should be to Asia, the motherland of tea!

  • Pure Trash
    Pure Trash

    You know-My mom had a bad time with Ice skating when I mean bad time She had to get fake teeth because she knocked out her teeth

  • tony g
    tony g

    4:58 aww he looks so happy 🥺🥺

  • Unique Gachatuber
    Unique Gachatuber

    My mom hasn't been on vacation for 11 years and we're FINALLY going on vacation 😁 ugh I can't wait to camp

    • Angela

      I hasn’t been on vacation in a good ten years 😂 I finally went last year and again this year

  • Ag Faw
    Ag Faw

    Menchie and zyler watching this be so jealous that Cristine and Ben cheated on them 😾😾

  • Andie Sodini
    Andie Sodini

    It’s watching this that makes you realize how talented cristine really is! She has a day job, she can snowboard and ice skate beautifully as well as bench press over 100 pounds ❤️

  • Kelly He
    Kelly He

    go to texas in the summer

  • Riley Aguilera
    Riley Aguilera

    I have seen the unseen footage video maybe 500 times? But this is my first time actually watching the og video 😂

  • rosie

    back when everything was normal..

    • Angela

      Depend where you live. In Texas everything is almost normal

  • Maddie Shay YT
    Maddie Shay YT

    10:04 OH NOOOOOOOOO 😂

  • Heather Henry
    Heather Henry

    The part where Beyyyyn got high fived by the hockey player was so wholesome :D

  • Addison Wolf
    Addison Wolf

    I am watching in 2020. I keep thinking 6 feet apart! Masks! Ahhhhh

  • Ida U
    Ida U


  • alicia

    am I the only one that thinks taking warm vacations near Christmas is evil? like snow just makes it more Christmassy and holiday-like

    • alicia

      Angela I know, but I’d rather take warm vacations in February which is when I always go, Christmas is more of a ski resort thing or just a stay at home thing to me. Although I did once go to an indoor water park in freezing weather, but still

    • Angela

      You’d be surprised how many people travel to the beach for Christmas

  • alicia

    why does it shock me that Canadians go somewhere else in Canada for a vacation when me as an American, goes to other states in the U.S

  • Teagan Moffet
    Teagan Moffet

    bro i was in banff yesterday 😂

  • Isabella Hairston
    Isabella Hairston

    God’s way to go to work I want you cannot cannot was I want a little bit to get you cannot I want you to be a little

  • hisblueside

    omg i think i was there at the dog sledding place :')

  • April Pasion
    April Pasion

    WHY AM I SEEING THIS SOO LATE 😭😭😭 YALL CAME TO CALGARYYYYY OMG!! Imma cry 😢, well to Banff but shiiiiii 😭 I’m still gonna cry! If you guys do come back to Calgary or anywhere in Alberta, go to Jasper Lake, Canmore or if you come to Calgary in the summer time (July-Aug, hopefully COVID is clear) attend the Calgary Stampede!

  • Erica Erixon
    Erica Erixon

    Ben definitely deserved that vacation. You should give him another one

  • Kiwi Fried chicken Aka ShizukiTheFox
    Kiwi Fried chicken Aka ShizukiTheFox

    go to Hawaii for your next vacation

  • Ria Shadows
    Ria Shadows

    lol... me watching in 2020 be like... I want to go and explore the world!!!! And then... me thinks... oh wait. I live in Calgary. This stuff is an hour to 2-hour drive away. *leans back and sips some tea*

  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith

    She roasts Americans when north Dakota is the exact same as this in the winter

  • Canadian Weirdo
    Canadian Weirdo

    When you realize you live on Calgary and go to Banff almost every month: 👁👄👁

    • Canadian Weirdo
      Canadian Weirdo

      In gosh dang it

  • {kõigest. vares}
    {kõigest. vares}

    This literally looks like the best vacation😍✨❄️

  • Feersum Endjinn
    Feersum Endjinn

    Remember when traveling was legal? Frick 2020

  • Elza Grenina
    Elza Grenina

    Ben and Christine beeing cute for 14 min straight

  • Fri Fri
    Fri Fri

    Ben is just having ThE tImE oF hIs LiFe!

  • Sha sha
    Sha sha

    I feel sorry for the dogs tho🥺☹️😔😅

  • spooky beezz
    spooky beezz

    You guys should go to South Florida like Fort Lauderdale

  • Samriddhi Nepal
    Samriddhi Nepal


  • Moonlight Wolf Studios
    Moonlight Wolf Studios

    This was posted on my birthday!

  • Watermelon _Mermaid11
    Watermelon _Mermaid11

    *im a giraffe*

  • Rhiannon Doe
    Rhiannon Doe

    You guys should go to the Cayman Islands, I went there for a week once and it’s BEAUTIFUL THERE!

  • Nicolas E
    Nicolas E

    I am curious what was the song from 0:43 to 1:20

  • Emily Gu
    Emily Gu

    I feel proud that I’m Canadian and I live in Calgary

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez

    i like how at 12:07 you hear underneath the tree by kelly clarkson hope you had a great vacation ben :)

  • Manon Van Engelenburg
    Manon Van Engelenburg

    Wanna hear a fun skiing story? So I was skiing with my school and I was in a lift, but I was scared to jump because there’s no way I would’ve landed, so I just kept sitting ;< so they had to stop the lift XD

  • Miriam Greene
    Miriam Greene

    I went to banff once

  • Kitty Cookie
    Kitty Cookie

    Who’s watching this video in quarantine just because they miss going outside of there house 😂😅

  • StormFrost17 Games
    StormFrost17 Games

    Try Texas during the summer. You will discover the opposite. Or Hawaii if you actually want to have a good time 🤣

  • GiGi W.
    GiGi W.

    The dog sledding looks like such fun! 🐺

  • Donna

    I never knew Cristine can simply snowboard and skate

  • Sadie Kongorski
    Sadie Kongorski

    He looks so happy!

  • BuZgal

    after 4 years the best u could do was other side of Canada? lol u guys too cute

  • Joan Chay
    Joan Chay

    Cristine keeps Ben young and fun

  • elmo's anger issues
    elmo's anger issues

    You guys should try going to a warm/tropical country, somewhere in south east Asia or Hawaii would be a good place

  • Bri

    The skiing looked like so much fun! Personally, I've been skiing in the Rockies, and it was fun, but I would like to try skiing in Canada sometime

  • Fuchsmädchen

    best dad ever.

  • Cheyenne Yew
    Cheyenne Yew

    U all could go to Singapore and f**k no

  • Aaliya Deshwal
    Aaliya Deshwal

    Who else saw the toe nail polish video before the vlog and when the spa day came the focus was on the blue toes. If yes like

  • Drew Esteban
    Drew Esteban

    where's the link of the GIF of Ben 🤣 (the one in the description box doesn't work anymore)

  • Super Power Piggy
    Super Power Piggy

    Cristine the Snowboard Queen 👑

  • Jazzy Lee
    Jazzy Lee

    10:01 you can hear the "oh nooo"

  • TheMadHatter _19
    TheMadHatter _19

    I think if Canadians leave their native environment of unbearable cold and way to much snow they'll just die. That's why they just don't go on warm vacations.

  • Rose Poppy
    Rose Poppy

    When its 2020 corona pandemic and all i saw was "I GIVE MY BF A VACCINATION*

  • Vickie

    Take Ben on vacation more! He looks so happy

  • Eric Hen
    Eric Hen

    watching this on the pandemic days.. trying to imagine I'm having vacation 😭

  • Alison Gonzales
    Alison Gonzales

    7:03 be giving me Iron Will vibes

  • Ruby Ruby
    Ruby Ruby

    I read the title as: Finally gave my boyfriend a vacation after 4 years Me: Wtf okay might as well watch

  • Maggie Martin
    Maggie Martin ben is only 9 behind Liza Koshy 👀

  • Maggie Martin
    Maggie Martin

    Simply and ben being a cute couple for 14 minutes and 12 seconds

  • Janey King
    Janey King

    10:01 ooOooOOh NoOoooOO XD that got me

  • Unicorn Mads
    Unicorn Mads

    Every day must feel like Christmas because there's so much show

  • zarhii

    12:25 Can we not ignore that perfectly smiley face Cristine did? Absolutely beautiful.

  • Henrietta Ball
    Henrietta Ball

    I know im watching this late but u guys should go to Bermuda for vacation when quarantine is over. Beautiful and sunny. BRING SUNCREAM

  • I dont know yet
    I dont know yet

    I FeEl LiKe I'm oN VaCATiOn

  • Felicia Brumley
    Felicia Brumley

    That place is so beautiful

  • Pip

    Christine is that mother trucking iridescent on you ski goggles I am disappointed 😳🤭😔😅

  • Lilian foreverfriends
    Lilian foreverfriends

    Ben is a very pretty drag queen

  • sydney smiles
    sydney smiles

    Did you go to the buffet at the other faramont? It is the most amazing buffet ever

  • Yara Jasim
    Yara Jasim

    Why is no one talking about how adorable the sled dogs are!?