I did something to my hair
This video is longer than my hair
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  • Iris Little
    Iris Little

    She looks like Barbie. 1,000/10 😏

  • A Keyowski
    A Keyowski

    WhAt dO yOU tHinK?

  • Raine Staer
    Raine Staer

    "You look tall." *remembers Jenna hairspraying herself into a fan brush*

  • Raine Staer
    Raine Staer

    "Well now I'm hot. And my arms hurt." Why I just let it air dry, LOL.

  • nana's nyaw
    nana's nyaw


  • Jill Vasquez
    Jill Vasquez

    My hair is shoulder length and I cut it myself, but it is curly so not a huge deal if it doesn't come out perfectly even.

  • Josephine Ammons
    Josephine Ammons

    blonde cristine reminds me of blonde Lexi from greys!

  • Lacie Turner
    Lacie Turner

    I thouht that maniquin was a person

  • Julia Huertas
    Julia Huertas

    more cut more

  • bat c4t
    bat c4t

    I just watched to boss video when she told you to widen to hair and I literally belly laughed

  • Jada Gomez
    Jada Gomez

    Cristine is so beautiful i can't

  • Grace hannah Dryden
    Grace hannah Dryden

    It’s crazy how beautiful she is and she doesn’t even realise it... you are amazing in every single way🥺❤️

  • ShutterBugged

    "Now I look like a wet rat. Cool"


    Small anxiety attack when Ben was brushing her hair. Like daym stopppp YOUR RIPPING IT.

  • Danish Naqvi
    Danish Naqvi


  • tahltan1910

    She used to dye her hair just like she used to do nail art 😂🤣

  • tahltan1910

    My hair is straight and I don’t want it curly

  • Liza Mouffock
    Liza Mouffock

    2 years ago i cut 7 inches of my hair and my hair was horible i hated it

  • Amy Schroeder
    Amy Schroeder

    Dear beyyyyyyyyyyyn, The asmr was beautiful. Sincerely Holo

  • Liezle Heath
    Liezle Heath

    i think you would look good in every natural hair color Cristine! idk how to spell i hope it spelled it right

  • Liezle Heath
    Liezle Heath

    a few days ago i was like "hey, mom? why do curly haired people always want straight hair and why do straight haired people always want curly hair?" and my mom says, "because people with curly hair know how annoying it is to brush!" (my mom has very curly hair.) lol

  • Verity Newcomb
    Verity Newcomb

    Cristene Cristene Let down you hair

  • MD MOSHIUR Rahman
    MD MOSHIUR Rahman

    Why do we have the same exact hair like every thing is same

  • X*marvel Wolf*x
    X*marvel Wolf*x

    I dare you to cut your hair to your shoulders

  • Jack-Jack's Life
    Jack-Jack's Life

    As a blonde she kinda looks like Heather Morris (Brittany from Glee)

  • Nahim Saad
    Nahim Saad

    I need to know the name of the song during the narcisistic montage

  • Anushka Sana
    Anushka Sana

    15:39 she kinda looks like Hermione Granger on the left...but with blonde hair

  • Rumman Raya
    Rumman Raya

    Don’t ever cut or let beeyyyn brush your hair

  • Tara McQueeney
    Tara McQueeney

    I was cringing when she was detangling her hair

  • Mt Dew Kitty
    Mt Dew Kitty

    I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE PART WHERE SHE MENTIONS THE USED do you think she ever checks up on the used? because i go back every so often and re-listen to old music i used to be obsessed with! its fun

  • Constanza Cuevas
    Constanza Cuevas

    Brad mondo is crying on this video hahahahahahahahaha

  • Kerry Jones
    Kerry Jones

    she should have her hair down more it suits her

  • galaxy star squad
    galaxy star squad

    at 20:30 she looked like Daphne from Scooby-doo

  • Riri Reyes
    Riri Reyes

    I admire people with long hair for being able to maintain it well. Having my hair grow pass my shoulders makes me irrated and uncomfortable (I live in a tropical country) so I have a haircut every couple of months to keep it short (except during this pandemic). I hope you're doing well, Cristine! ❤️

  • Stan Van Schoor
    Stan Van Schoor

    You have long hair 💇‍♀️ and long nails💅

  • Kat Lindner
    Kat Lindner

    Have brad mondo style your hair

  • ElfBoyOrian 999
    ElfBoyOrian 999

    Nooooooooooooooooooo I loved your hair

  • Rəd princəss
    Rəd princəss

    I love your "long ass" hair. But do what you want to do.

  • taejin's gucci pant
    taejin's gucci pant

    Imagine Brad & cristine collab

  • bottomofastairwell

    i so feel you. i know it's a year old video, but i SO feel you. I honestly can't remember the last time i got my hair professionally cut. no, wait, i can. I was 15, and i wanted a short kind of piecey long bob (like near my chin), but i was traumatized when the woman misunderstood and gave me a pixie cut instead. Haven't visited a hairdresser since, and i've spent the last 16 years since then growing out my hair. I always wear it up at work and around the house mostly (gets tangled too easily) otherwise, so it takes most people months before they realize how long my hair actually is, but it's all the way down to my ass too, almost as long as yours. but pretty thin so it isn't super weighty. Anyway, i TOTALLY understand everything you do. I give myself a trim every month or so too, and i cut an inch or so off the bottom (just the dead ends that curl up on their own). Pro-tip, i would actually recommend dry cutting your hair (wet hair is weaker), and then you can see how it naturally lays and do a better cut. Just put it in a pony tail and run it between your fingers. As long as it naturally hangs over your fingers it's healthy, but when it starts sticking out to the side on it's own and not falling over your fingers, that's the dead ends that need to go. and NEVER let anyone brush your hair like that again. Like nails, wet hair is far more delicate than dry hair, and that will just damage and break it

  • Mimi 2010
    Mimi 2010

    Color ur hair plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Kristen Anderson
    Kristen Anderson

    GUY TANG . HALP lol

  • Paige Sherman
    Paige Sherman

    You seem like you would listen to a Avril Lavigne please like so cristine can see this

  • xoxoLucas_Avacado

    "do u like when i pull ur hair" i- whys nobody talking about that

  • Radhika Gupta
    Radhika Gupta

    Your hair are beautiful

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Beautiful 👍👍👍

  • Iris Gacha
    Iris Gacha

    Why are u so preeeetttttyyyyyyyy 😫

  • Madelyn Herteen
    Madelyn Herteen

    AYYYY!!! I just saw a political ad with nice music and I was dancing because I couldn’t skip it

  • Mackenzie Kuntz
    Mackenzie Kuntz

    Hey you know that those “scary scissors “ that you stayed away from are used for layers

  • Loren Whidby
    Loren Whidby

    FYI: we cut our own hair in my house

  • Breadstick Enthusiast
    Breadstick Enthusiast

    Cristine is literally drop dead gorgeous and doesn’t even know it 🥺

  • Amanda Fell
    Amanda Fell

    Ben-I’m a savage Me-Classy, Bougie, Ratchet

  • Lexi But Better
    Lexi But Better

    Okay but Cristine as a blonde has MASSIVE bad bitch energy. 🥴🤤🥵

  • Ellie Eveningthunder
    Ellie Eveningthunder

    Oh my god did u played in Jane the Virgin,cause in one of the photos I look exactly like her

  • Jasmine Abbott
    Jasmine Abbott

    She actually looked rly good as a bleach blonde

  • stewart watt
    stewart watt

    Christine your so funny

  • Gabriel Electra
    Gabriel Electra

    Tbh i personally think your hair us better short just ne ?

  • Chøcø Bøba
    Chøcø Bøba


  • Chøcø Bøba
    Chøcø Bøba

    Bruh me is Sikh or punjabi whatever u wanna say I'm indian too and I'm a girl and in my religion me can't cut our hair or anyone else can't too and if they or we do cut them we are no longer sikh we Hindus so ya- (It's not dumb)

  • cloudy bear
    cloudy bear

    I used to have hair that went down to my butt freshman year of high school but I cut it all off because it's VERY thick

  • Awesomelittlegirl

    Rapunzel WHO???

  • Magali Panneels
    Magali Panneels

    OMG i love your hair !

  • Erin Yell
    Erin Yell


  • T Joffe
    T Joffe

    When Ben said “I’m a savage”, immediately thought, “classy, bougie, ratchet.”

  • Hailey Berrie
    Hailey Berrie


  • Alianuel diaz negron
    Alianuel diaz negron

    im from puerto rico!!!!!!!!!!! ik this video old but me dont give a shoot

  • 9 8
    9 8

    please donating your hair short

  • Akane Fernández
    Akane Fernández

    I feel bad now that I cut my hair. My hair was 30 inches. I cut it because it was getting out of control ;-; Took me 2 years to let it grow. ( I have super thick hair) Now I look like Edna from the Incredible. -_- (Also I'm going to donate my hair so that's good :)))))

  • Tricia Hess
    Tricia Hess

    I have very THICK hair

  • Nancy Bachmann
    Nancy Bachmann

    Other LV-homer take risks and I not. (Just cut my hair.)Yes simply logical. 🙄😒🤔💇‍♀️🤯

  • jingqh

    To me after certain length long hair is not a charming point anymore its a burden

  • shadow. playz_
    shadow. playz_

    I have straghit hair and i want it to stay like this xd

  • Saarah Singh
    Saarah Singh

    omg! christine looked like one of the mean girls, being a blonde

  • Alice Monroe
    Alice Monroe

    19:01 Perry the platypus is that you? 😂

    • Alice Monroe
      Alice Monroe

      More like 19:04 or so

  • Chelsea O'Daye
    Chelsea O'Daye

    Cristine you should do a heartless wave you do it with damp hair before bed and wake up and have a nice curl


    not telling you to cut your hair but the curls don't stay because your hare is too heavy to sustain them but you are still my favorite LV-homer

  • Franziska Weber
    Franziska Weber

    Holo I just noticed when your hair is normaly hanging down your face gets a different shape but not a bad thing looks good

  • tomuchcamoflauge

    Cristine is trying to get the Crytal Gayle look.

  • h Weasly
    h Weasly

    How many months did it take you to grow your hair long?

  • Tanya B
    Tanya B

    It is actually called layering

  • 209 063 Shareen Vanya Lobo
    209 063 Shareen Vanya Lobo

    my hair is thick and my mom wants me to keep it long

  • 『crunchy tøast』
    『crunchy tøast』

    Cristine saying “BENN” reminds me of oikawa saying iwa chan anyone else?

  • Lillian Fox
    Lillian Fox

    Lol 🤣 she could go fishing with her hair 😂 tee hee hee

  • Vivian Hutson
    Vivian Hutson

    wait so I'm not the only one who's had a person just come up to you and touch your hair? it was weird, it was picture day and this girl just came up to me and just started playing with my hair and whenever my hair is down(almost never) I'll be sitting in my desk trying to diagram a sentence and my friend just starts touching my hair and whatnot, I honestly don't get it my hair's frizzy and wavy(although I used to have natural ringlets until I had to cut my hair when I was 3 due to a candy incident) but i suppose it can be amusing seeing that my hair is really thick😅

  • Reni & Ammu
    Reni & Ammu

    Cristin how do u grow such long hair Omg ! My hair is so short

  • jennifer Ferrell
    jennifer Ferrell

    Ben: im a savage me: classy bougie ratchet lmaooo

  • dumb bitch
    dumb bitch

    The pic of Jen and Cristine in their dance outfits @ 19:40 is giving me Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler vibes

  • Kelly Lange
    Kelly Lange

    Cristine's hair is taller than my little sister

  • Audrianna Facemire
    Audrianna Facemire

    Who just acadentley stumbled up on her and has watched her ever since?

    • iamsherlocked345

      Me lol it’s 3 am and I always end up watching her videos when I can’t sleep 😂


    Who watching this in covid

  • Nuria H.
    Nuria H.

    The reason why I have medium length hair it’s because there is less maintenance: less trouble detangling, not hot or heavy to carry around, it doesn’t get in the way, etc. I can’t imagine if I had so much hair on me, even if it’s long and bootyful like yours, I guess my lifestyle doesn’t justify it

  • Simply Yellow Roblox
    Simply Yellow Roblox

    ASMR? That is not Asmr no NO

  • Just a person On the Internet.
    Just a person On the Internet.

    38 inches is by the way 96,5 cm for anyone who does not know

  • Madelyn Herteen
    Madelyn Herteen

    Ben: I’m a savage Me: 🎵 classy bougie ratchet, sassy moody naAsty 🎵

  • Janitzia the best artist Sanchez
    Janitzia the best artist Sanchez

    CUT YOUR hair 💇‍♀️ 🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Juan José
    Juan José

    When Cristine had her hair covering her face I was just waiting for my phone to ring with a voice telling me "seven days"

  • Cherlyn Laurencia ng
    Cherlyn Laurencia ng

    Some people have straight hair and they like straight hair like me not every one hate their hair

  • Cool Person
    Cool Person

    You are so pretty and your hair is beautiful!!!! And I can’t forget you do you beautiful nail Art!

  • Billie.eilish6621

    Brad mondo has joined the chat

  • Lotta Collier
    Lotta Collier

    me: (i have straight hair) why can't everyone just wake up one day with straight hair and the next day its curly? god: i can't do everything for you i am not your mum!