Will It Watermarble?! Cristmas Edition | Watermarbling 5 objects in nail polish!
Your favourite awful gameshow is back... it's a Cristmas miracle🙏
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  • Karley

    I missed this

  • Lps Dog Paws
    Lps Dog Paws

    Ben you where so entertaining omg you need to do more of this

  • •G̸ingerB̸read _G̸acha•
    •G̸ingerB̸read _G̸acha•

    I have an idea for your next video! Just how's James Charles did his makeup with among us... You should try to do nail art with among us!

  • Pan_ic

    The time Ben spent in quarantine is slowly turning him into Cristine

  • Zoë Smith
    Zoë Smith

    I used to watch you when I was like 9-10 I'm turning 14 this year

  • Ally P
    Ally P


  • Sulabha Ajgaonkar
    Sulabha Ajgaonkar

    Why does Christine's dvd watermarble look like a demogorgan before she dipsthe dvd in??😂 12:01

  • Scott Bennet
    Scott Bennet

    me before watching the video: oh no, this isn't nail art, is it? D: me 0:17 seconds in: oh phew B)

  • maphy

    I also rehearse future conversations in my head, if that makes you feel better, Cristine

  • Echo neko4life
    Echo neko4life

    I like Bens better

  • Softedits.102

    Fun fact mi sister used to watch you and I really wanted to watch you and I said “ Chloé who’s the 30 year funny yt”

  • Eesha Kaushik
    Eesha Kaushik

    i laughed so hard

  • alluri pranitha
    alluri pranitha

    Why does ben always talks about eva guttowski like some inside joke

  • Water

    i thought we all rehearsed casual conversations

  • jm army
    jm army

    beyyyn is gonna take over this channel one day 😂

  • TeaLily

    This episode was hilarious and im still on first half. Why does cristine's things also put in the back? Lol corrine told her her pumpkin was a back porch pumpkin and the now beynn. Lol

  • LemonadeFaCe

    This video is the flashback episode

  • Hannah olds
    Hannah olds

    No one: Actually no one: Me after Cristine says somthing about chad: "Harry styles is that you"

  • Ty Dagenfelder
    Ty Dagenfelder

    Yay, nail art!

  • -[ Alpaca ]-
    -[ Alpaca ]-

    we stan confident Ben in this household

  • flirting gracefull platypus
    flirting gracefull platypus

    loving your moose antlers

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    niri munsamy

    This is like hydro dipping

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    The Apple

    Wait did the watermark leave us

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    Saima Rashid

    I haven't seen y'all in a so long with heck LMAO

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    Indeed this rich are getting richer

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    Itsdanielson *

    Why did I read it as “will it watermelon 🍉”

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    Cutie pie khan

    You should play the game named hello kitty nail salon it has holo and stnsils 🙏

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    Londons. land

    What👏 is 👏the 👏next 👏ob 👏ject👏 sis👏

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    Paige Lambert

    Please do polish mountain... but paint all of your nail peelies on top of eachother

  • Abigail Carr
    Abigail Carr

    I bought 2 thing off your brand.

  • Joanna Rutter
    Joanna Rutter

    here for the casual dash of worker power. i love these Canadian comrades :D

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    You forgot WARM WATER!!

  • Sophia Utterback
    Sophia Utterback

    excuse me sir fred clause is a lovely movie

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    Victoria Rodriguez


  • Exspoiled Milk
    Exspoiled Milk

    bens on straight tiktok

  • Byaain Ryan
    Byaain Ryan

    8:22 Me and other people with anxiety 😂

  • Jasmine

    what’s 👏🏽 the next 👏🏽 ob 👏🏽 ject 👏🏽 sis 👏🏽

  • Mystiqueivy

    this was hilarious

  • Nathaliajoan

    Is Ben drunk? Hahaha loved this video!

  • Xia

    It's been 3 years since the last will it watermarble??? Maan

  • Marguerite Bonnie
    Marguerite Bonnie

    Ben’s character transformation is truly iconic and beautiful 🥺❤️

  • Agatha Petersen
    Agatha Petersen

    Ben just doesn’t give a shit no more what a legend😂😂😂😂

  • Peyton Raines
    Peyton Raines

    This is Ben’s channel now

  • kenny potato
    kenny potato

    this is one of the only good things to come out of 2020

  • Aneri Patel
    Aneri Patel

    6:36 yea Ben ur gonna get cancelled like those Tiktokers

  • Megan Boyd
    Megan Boyd

    Hi Cristine when I was a toddler I drank nail polish remover and does that make me a nail polish queen

  • Olivia Håland
    Olivia Håland

    I’M DYING? I’m 14 and I didn’t know half the people Ben referenced WHAT THE HECK

  • carol rafter
    carol rafter

    Ok so a lot of people may have already asked Cristine this but oh well. Cristine please play Among Us with BEYYYYYYYNNNN.(Btw Cristine's name keeps autocorrecting to Christine but i made sure I changed it )

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Good nail polish? Girl

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Ben doesn't rehearse conversations? Imagine being that calm.

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    The water needs to be kind of clean otherwise the nail polish sticks to the reminence

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    Isn't Eva like 15 years younger than Ben? Also my name is Eva so I'll take the stocking please ❤️

  • Miss B
    Miss B

    So Ben HAS an accountant?

  • Candidly Candace
    Candidly Candace

    I'm watching this while painting my nails with holo taco ☺️

  • Sharanjeet Kaur
    Sharanjeet Kaur

    Theory: Ben's skill's went in Cristine and hers went into Ben. Idk 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Nicole Peña
    Nicole Peña

    when Ben sneezed he look like he spit in the water

  • L4YL4 Z33
    L4YL4 Z33

    Christine:oh no it's boyaunt . Me:laughs uncontrollably for a thousand years and instantly subscribes . Simply 2.0: my arch enemy got a subscriber . I shall kill them .

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    I love y’all so much but how dare you diss on Fred Claus like that?!?!?!

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    Es Leigh

    This is great

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    Mochi- Nochi

    is it sad that i have a cat named Chad ?

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    Sam B

    You should use hot topic nail polish and put on some emo or goth stuff

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    Ruby Earles

    Ben knowing more about tiktok than Cristine is a mood

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    Christina Willson

    When she says " Ben where 32 years old" i thought she was going to say "Ben shut the fuck up"

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    Angelica Farias

    Wow I stoped watching your videos for like a year and I remember when she made her first LV-home video ☠️

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    Sanji Simp

    Ben has had the most character development

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    I searched ben today just out of curiosity and I seen his last name and I feel like I violated his privacy

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    gogy rights

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    Artist_In _The_Making

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    Lisa Alslev

    When corona is over you should make a collab With laurenzside because you guys are both so funny♥️😂

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    Genesis Kettl

    Ben gets funnier and funnier each video! I love it 😂

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    Giavanna Mosquera

    waching your channle is o funny you make my ister and me laugh but we stop waching you for so long im so glad that i found your youtube and i was trying to find but i forgot your youtube channel called but at least im laughing now AND BEN BRING HER SOME TEAA JUST A HOLD LV-home VIDEO JUST ABOUT HER TEA

  • Binx Greene
    Binx Greene

    www.etsy.com/listing/816215979/sun-and-moon-hand-drawn-press-on-nails?ref=notif_psffl These are gorgeous, maybe you could try them/try to recreate them!! 🥺🥺

  • 80s floww
    80s floww

    I know you read all your comment so i have a suggestion.. Can you blind fold Bens Eyes and walk him through a Basic Nail Routine. 💕

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    Savannah Blue stars

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    iNight Flight

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    stephanie ross

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    ɢʀᴀᴘᴇ ᴄᴀᴛ

    Yes I've been waiting for watermarble~

  • Cristin Barna
    Cristin Barna

    i hate you you hate me lets go and kill barney with a 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4 no more purple dinosaur

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    John Klatt

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    Nia Fenwick

    Hi can I get a shoutout on1-8-2021

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    Sissi Huang

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    Atsushi Itsuki

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    Solange Prata - ASMR

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    yourkawaiibestfriend hehe

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    Hannah Macbeth

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    Kirsty Darbyshire

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    Ariana Frias

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      Taylor Jade

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    Michelle Lee

    This video is a prime example of what an entire year of 2020 could do to someone, look at ben, he's a changed man.

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    S M

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