Giving Safiya Wedding Nails
Something old, something new, friends forever, thanks to LV-home💕
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  • Sophia Zheng
    Sophia Zheng

    Lol omg my brothers name is Tyler and my name is Sophia OMG can’t get over

  • Shannon Clarabelle
    Shannon Clarabelle

    Me : years history from saf Also me : is that friend that tells about history help

  • Sleeping Babie
    Sleeping Babie

    Cristine- “I mean, nail polish doesn’t really expire” Me-*finds nail polish in my cabinet that’s completely separated even after shaking a lot*

  • fruity wolf
    fruity wolf

    i got simply clickbaited

  • arty shweta
    arty shweta

    waaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiit a minute simplynailogical has friends??? lol edit: she said she goes to her FRIENDSSSSS houses lol this is a joke dont take it seriously she is one of my faaaaave youtubers

  • Payton Bailey
    Payton Bailey

    Christine: I heard your getting married Sophia: yes I am Christine:wuy Sophia: mostly for Love and..... tax benefits

  • •Dėvìłėd Døñùtś YT•
    •Dėvìłėd Døñùtś YT•

    Can’t relate. I got some crusty ass nails.

  • Jack F
    Jack F

    Get some edible holo glitter and put it on a taco 🌮, and eat it!!

  • harnoor

    when is the crusty, zyler and menchie collab coming tho? 🙃

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Those are really cute

  • ii Simply strawberry ii
    ii Simply strawberry ii

    please promise me youll never *ever* end this amazing friendship you guys have

  • Zobia Zaman
    Zobia Zaman

    Cristine : I think this one should represent our wedding night so I'm gonna leave it naked!! - Cristine 2019

  • Laura S. Bondy
    Laura S. Bondy


  • Laura S. Bondy
    Laura S. Bondy


  • drarry 07
    drarry 07

    We mostly just send nudes back and forth What?

  • Whitney V V
    Whitney V V

    I love how it focuses on the ring and not the nail polish

  • Keeendall Kittysss
    Keeendall Kittysss

    12:44 XD

  • Areeva Debbarman
    Areeva Debbarman

    So I am going to leave it naked 🤠


    wHaT dO YoU tHiNk?!

  • Bts fan #7
    Bts fan #7

    something old something new something borrowed something blue she should have done "something you"

  • Yihan Qin
    Yihan Qin

    During the wedding: Something new: Saf's wedding dresses Something blue: The backdrop??? Something old: the building Something borrowed: Tyler's shoes. Lol

  • 『crunchy tøast』
    『crunchy tøast』

    Me and my BFF are just like Cristine and Safiya we make dirty jokes then laugh about it 🤣

  • Györgyi Szakmár
    Györgyi Szakmár

    Me, 12, who ABSOLUTELY ADORES DOCTOR WHO, watches it whit my mom every night, hearing her say: something old something new something borrowed something blue, almost fell off my bed I love u guys so frigging much ;^;

  • Eduart Kabashaj
    Eduart Kabashaj

    Saf by ading simply HALO TACO

  • Eva Bowen
    Eva Bowen

    We did the rainbow fish play at my primary school and it was mainly just my dumbass walking across the stage pretending to be a fucking fish 🤣

  • Delna Balsara
    Delna Balsara

    Christene: i aM NoW A pARt oF yOU Safia: ooh

  • Indianna Slaughter
    Indianna Slaughter

    not to be weird but ppl who grow their pinky nails out are often ppl who do coke they put it in the nail lol

  • Kai Baucom
    Kai Baucom

    This video is their wedding simply and sof are now married

  • Tessah Cameron
    Tessah Cameron

    4:25 did she just say ... TOP COAT cristine is everything ok

  • Jesus Trying heh
    Jesus Trying heh


  • BlockGirly Gamer
    BlockGirly Gamer

    Cristine: *walks up to security* Guard: ma’am we’ve found a suspicious item in your suitcase Cristine: oh it’s my peelie bag! Guard: a what now? Cristine: When I paint my nails I put on a base coat so I can peel it off and add to my everlasting collection of nail polish peelies Guard: .......Y-you can go through ma’am

  • Maanasa Miriyala
    Maanasa Miriyala

    7:01 This is the moment you were waiting for. Don't lie

  • anukrati seth
    anukrati seth

    Is she gonna wear these nails on her weeding 🤨

  • ZeldaWarriorPrincess

    Wow, she's hilarious. She gets a sub from me.

  • Abigail Wallis
    Abigail Wallis

    this entire video is just Safiya dying inside

  • posy lui
    posy lui

    These two women are really witty. Sarcasm and Puns at next level ➡️

  • Sophia Chen
    Sophia Chen

    Chinese people still do this...sorta. Some of us (not really ‘us’ because I’m from America) leave our pinkies about half a centimeter longer than the rest of our nails.

  • Leaping Creaks
    Leaping Creaks

    Nail art on this channel? Never heard of her

  • megan mininni
    megan mininni

    The peely other shirt be like “i am lost... i am lost”

  • Emma Romero
    Emma Romero

    who else wants ben and christine to get married

  • XxCloudyDogoxX

    Mostly for love....... also for tax benefits 😂😂😂

  • Monkey Dude
    Monkey Dude

    I just had the worse nightmare and I can’t sleep so just watch her videos and fall back asleep.

  • Kirsten

    you actually can get a snap off dress, the ballroom skirt tears off to reveal a short slim skirt

  • Anastasia Nava
    Anastasia Nava

    You should mix all of cristines Holo tacos together and she mixes your lipsticks next time y’all collab!

  • Katie Wood
    Katie Wood

    She is my laughter twin #loveit

  • Zayma Ashraf
    Zayma Ashraf

    now that I'm watching this knowing what went down, I realised the sadness in cristine's eyes. shes so strong

    • Zayma Ashraf
      Zayma Ashraf

      The invisible me: This was filmed right after her holo taco launch so she was very overwhelmed by the response of it all. Along with that one of their very close friends rob had a just had a heart attack.. they explain on one of their podcasts about the whole ordeal.

    • the invisible me
      the invisible me

      I'm recently following Cristine... can you please tell what was happening?

  • Ominous Narwal39
    Ominous Narwal39

    Wait- is Crisfiya a thing..? I ship it

    • Ominous Narwal39
      Ominous Narwal39

      Small & Tiny bro it was a fcking joke. Dumbass. Unless....

    • Small & Tiny
      Small & Tiny


    • Small & Tiny
      Small & Tiny

      I- the video is literally about the others wedding

  • S S
    S S

    Safiya and simply are literally the definition of bestie


    Why does cristine look like she works at Walmart

  • Loulou Bear
    Loulou Bear

    So it was called water marble before hydro dip

  • Eden Lynn Ming
    Eden Lynn Ming

    i read simply nyagard

  • GayJayy

    I love these two's friendship.

  • E Harland
    E Harland

    As a Brit I find it pretty hard to tell the difference between Canadian and US accents so this video was weirdly helpful

  • Deina Leigh Campos
    Deina Leigh Campos

    Im suprised cristine isn't a bridesmaid

    • No

      Well bridesmaids are supposed to help with organizing and stuff too most of the time, so that would be pretty hard for Cristine to do, plus all of Saf's other bridesmaids were her friends from back in college so I'd guess those took priority, plus also bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually supposed to be matched in numbers so maybe that's also a reason

  • Rebeka Pusztai
    Rebeka Pusztai

    Christine: Come on wish come on Me: Ugh but ugh "Wish" is litrally the worst company... You might wanna think that over hon

  • Sabrina H
    Sabrina H

    Does anybody agree that not that she did it but when you go to a nail salon and they miss like the whole side of the nail and you dont want to point it out and at the end you regret it lol

  • Alexis Howard
    Alexis Howard

    This video is gonna be the most famous I can tell 🙃

  • aiva reed
    aiva reed

    me watching vids years after they come out

  • Craft Queen
    Craft Queen

    I love you guys

  • Adrian

    This is my favorite video of hers lol

  • Maddy Moore
    Maddy Moore

    “No cheating on your wedding night.” *long pause* “I had no plans on doing that.” 😂😂😂

  • Lavender gacha
    Lavender gacha

    The heart meals from February 2016 is when I was five years old Edit:i was born in 2010

  • Yap Thiam Lim
    Yap Thiam Lim

    It should be: something old, something new, something 💿holo💿 , something blue

  • UZ1 or Zuki?
    UZ1 or Zuki?

    So in the words of Christine there is a thing called a “vintage peelie”?

  • Anabelle Garcia
    Anabelle Garcia

    I have uh a question you should collab thread banger safiya and with your sister jenn :3

  • babushka's Jam
    babushka's Jam

    safiya needs a collab with holo taco

  • Celeste Mc Pherson
    Celeste Mc Pherson

    Did she actually do nail art

  • cadeelynn

    safiya: am i in a holo commercial

  • Isla Lochtie
    Isla Lochtie

    Christine for my wedding can I borrow the Dolan twins one pleeeeeeaaaassseee

  • Isla Miller Saucedo
    Isla Miller Saucedo

    you're getting married yeah WHY

  • Eva Doodnath
    Eva Doodnath

    I didn’t even mean to but I’m watching this exactly one year after this was posted 😂

  • Noa Maddie
    Noa Maddie

    You know, when someone's like I'm gonna give my friends wedding nails, USUALLY you get some white nails with some flowers, not a peely nail from 2015

  • 7 7
    7 7


  • Dorian Grecu
    Dorian Grecu

    ItS nOt aPrObLeM aNyMoRe aNyWayS wHaT Do YoU tHiiik me: WHATS NEXT!!

  • Keira Britt
    Keira Britt

    The nail on simply’s shirt

  • Mikayla Craghead
    Mikayla Craghead

    “Be nice to her she’s my friend!”

  • The_Lonely_Hufflepuffle_3614

    Safiya: *accidental touches simply Me: Simply, Safiya, get ready for all the lesbian fan-fiction coming your way.

  • Lily Elliott
    Lily Elliott

    I thought Cristine was doing classy actual nails fo a wedding and then I see this.. XD

    • No

      Well she did nice classy nails for Saf for her actual wedding as well lmao

  • Quarantine And Chill
    Quarantine And Chill

    It’s Sophia! The Cunts name is spelled wrong.

    • Kelsey

      No, it's not you piece of shit. Safiya is the Arabic/Middle Eastern way of spelling it.

  • Pickle The Dinosaur
    Pickle The Dinosaur

    The last bit of the saying is “and a silver sixpence in her shoe” and for the last nail it should have been like silver nail polish

  • Abdullah King
    Abdullah King

    omg can we stop making saf feel insecure about her nail i,ve seen her i real life and she is so sweet

  • B̶l̶u̶e̶X̶B̶e̶r̶r̶y̶z̶

    she has a bag of nails

    • ashleigh ! ?
      ashleigh ! ?

      nail peelies*

  • Hello Giraffe
    Hello Giraffe

    Giving Safiya wedding nails: One nail longer than the others

  • Mizty Wallace- Jones
    Mizty Wallace- Jones

    Awwwwww... I LOVE her! Idk who she is but she looks familiar 🤔 And well u already know i love you Cristinewiff no H lol

  • Natalie Gugeshashvili
    Natalie Gugeshashvili

    I paused at 12:44 to go get a bag of chips and I come back to see saf's face like that.

  • Elizabeth Mcgovern
    Elizabeth Mcgovern

    You should do a video when you eat an acctualy eat a holo taco.

  • sxlar. moonlxght
    sxlar. moonlxght

    I was looking in the description and I tapped into the link of what she edits with and the app is $500! TF , IM SHOOK

  • Suman Kaur
    Suman Kaur

    They r both really crazy 😝😍🤘 I love both of u so much!!!

  • bland darwich
    bland darwich

    7:56 what’s the music?

  • Dramatic Ballerina
    Dramatic Ballerina

    Anybody else want a Ben and Tyler video?

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    Does no one see the peely on Cristines shirt? At the end of the video

    • No

      I think it's a tag on the side of her shirt's breast pocket but it really does look like a peelie lmao

    • it's Brittney bitch
      it's Brittney bitch

      She has a nail on her shirt

  • Lydia Villanueva
    Lydia Villanueva

    1:18-1:22 I was dying

  • Hamster Love25
    Hamster Love25

    Cristine: hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO hOlO tAcO x100

  • Shadow Night
    Shadow Night

    I’ll bring the TEEAAA

  • Olivia Boyette
    Olivia Boyette

    0:04 “something borrowed”

  • Anonymous

    i knew she was gonna do a holo taco on the new

  • Theresa Huynh
    Theresa Huynh

    is there a peelie on cristen's shirt?

  • Rhiannon


  • Selena Tellzeez
    Selena Tellzeez

    Bruh the moment the words “say yes to the peelie” were spoken i instantly said out loud “say indeed-ie to the peelie”

  • sapphira21345 AJ
    sapphira21345 AJ

    Peel off wedding dress, trade mark by Beyyyyyyn