Trying Pregnancy Hacks All Women Relate To (WooHoo! by Troom Troom)
Brb gotta have a baby for LV-home
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  • Victoria Roklicer
    Victoria Roklicer

    11:59 nobody talking about him vacuuming a wall

  • Jana Topf
    Jana Topf

    Me doge will abandon me like menchi abandoned the diaper

  • Natalia Rivera
    Natalia Rivera

    My step mom is having a baby But it's not my dads Edit: I'm joking it is my dads

  • Ilumi Sandra
    Ilumi Sandra

    I love the chaotic mixture of "FUCK HAVING BABIES/KIDS" and "Shout-out to all the struggling parents, I dunno how y'all do it but I commend you."

  • Fool With Too Many Names
    Fool With Too Many Names

    Yes of course *AMAZON.COM* is my baby daddy

  • mata ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ
    mata ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

    I'm watching this shit 5th time and I' m dying becouse I laugh for 5 miinute straight

  • Shylie Arts
    Shylie Arts

    I had to reread this a couple times because I was reading two separate videos titles together and I thought the video below this one said pregnancy hacks with Michael sheen"

  • marie garibay
    marie garibay

    cristine do you think troom troom is not not troom troom but it's troom and they thought that adding troom backwards was cool?

  • Nur Tri Alifiyah
    Nur Tri Alifiyah


  • DeadHeadGamer

    Squirmy little monkey just ended me 😂😂😂

  • Lizzie Ironlion
    Lizzie Ironlion

    Is it just me, or are these not even hacks. Actually the vacuum one was a hack, the rest are not. I'm like so confused😂😂

  • Dinara Wehrmeister
    Dinara Wehrmeister

    Actually i am here cus i just got bored

  • Jane Preeti Valeti
    Jane Preeti Valeti

    99% of the time woohoo, troom troom and 5 min crafts show the most useless hacks ever

  • Ruby Grivas
    Ruby Grivas


  • SilenceIsViolenceGoVegan

    "Adopting pets, most people can relate to" That sounds like a better title.

  • Randy Butternubs
    Randy Butternubs

    I wish other people understood that even if you love your own kids, not everyone does. Don't make people hold your child. Don't force them to baby talk your child. Not everyone likes children. A lot of people dislike children. Don't make people feel bad for not wanting children. Like seriously, how hard is it? If they don't seem interested, then don't force it!

  • Catreena Green
    Catreena Green

    I love you guys.

  • Robinhood 02
    Robinhood 02

    You know daddy05? I heard it from a reaction channel

  • Caameron

    its not a problem any more

  • Nicole Svensson
    Nicole Svensson

    i literally got an ad for diapers as you put the diaper on menchie lol

  • werewolfsong moonca
    werewolfsong moonca

    Who else is looking to see messages where nerdycrafter sent us to spam her that she was turned into a creature?

  • Juana Romandetto
    Juana Romandetto

    I love that they called Menchie a squirmy little monkey 🐒😂

  • sophia fiorillo
    sophia fiorillo

    I held a baby once it was against my will

  • Zoë Murray
    Zoë Murray

    As a person who just finished my OB nursing course I do not agree that expecting a baby is 100% thrilling💀

  • BiztosAngol

    I was LOLing my ass off😂😂🤣

  • Avamoochu

    I'm a teen and still hear "When you have kids" and "For my grandkids" (by my parents) and "You'll change your mind. I am 15 and know all the hardships of having children as well as raise them, i know for a fact i do not want kids. even my mother knows i most likely wont. i mean i never once had maternal instincts., i never even played with baby dolls, as well as thousand other reasons as to why it is NOT for me. and before you ask i have had an open mind to it for so long and have concluded it is not what i want.

  • Lu

    I think Ben does want to be a father, deep deep down. But he adores Cristine and he won't risk what they have for that.

  • Ariana Blandon
    Ariana Blandon

    the people that are watching theses troomtroom vids are young children bc the bright colors on the thoumb nail caches there eye unlike 13+ bc children are more likely to watch something with color other then something with less bright colors

  • Sessa722

    So I'm a semi truck driver, and I was shut down in Georgia, had a state trooper bang on my truck and demand to see the driver (I think he thought I was a hooker lmao). I told him I was the driver, he didn't believe me (I was in my nightgown getting ready to sleep). Finally he asked to see my CDL, which I show him, then he proceeds to yell at me, saying "what do your husband and kids think about you gallivanting around the country by yourself, instead of being home taking care of them like you should be?" I was seriously shocked that he said that to me. My dad's a cop, and he'd never say something like that to someone. I responded "I'm not married and I don't have children, but if I was, I'd assume my husband would be thrilled to be able to stay home and take care of the kids while his wife brings home lots of money." He left after that. I still don't know why he banged on my truck. I repeatedly asked him what the problem was, but he never told me. I'm assuming either he or someone else saw me climb into a semi in a dress and assumed I was a hooker instead of a driver, but seriously, a lot of drivers have their partners with them, sometimes they're both drivers, so making that assumption is ridiculous.

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    It’s 12:00 am right now and I have school tomorrow 😬😬😬😬😬

  • Sarah Perez
    Sarah Perez

    They have like 50 channels

  • Josie’s Show!
    Josie’s Show!

    Troom troom is creepier then u

  • Drew Shulas
    Drew Shulas

    guns n roses

  • Amanda Fell
    Amanda Fell

    “The power of a pregnant woman!!😁” Simply something-something else

  • bob

    theres actually 2 other troom troom channels, “123 go” and “give minute crafts”

  • Strawberry Mxxn
    Strawberry Mxxn

    'HELP' on the pillow XD

  • Anja Mägi
    Anja Mägi

    the asexual in me is screaming.

  • Mei Li
    Mei Li

    Imagine if this was the way simply told us that she was

  • Nolan Arnold
    Nolan Arnold


  • SIL Lipari
    SIL Lipari

    no holo tacos will come for da troom trooms

  • Zainab hatim
    Zainab hatim

    i have seen my older sister pregnant and its really really tough u cant see ur own feet at some point and cant bend down and the contractions are really bad also u cant find a comfortable position to sleep plus the kicks and the pain its really bad my sister had started contractions at 11 am and they got to the hospital at 7 pm and he was born at 9 pm have kids if u want to dont get pressured like u will regret it pls but honestly i love my nephew so yeah

  • Lillian Lunt
    Lillian Lunt

    Ben: "BABY DADDY!? I dont know where this thing came from!" Cristine: ""

  • fried rice
    fried rice

    I like that Cristine is a big fan of troom trop but soes not know that 5 min crafts and troom troom have the same People behind them

  • Ellie Edmonds
    Ellie Edmonds

    Ben:wow it’s like the troom troom universe Me: THE TROOMIVERSE!

  • Elizabethhh_ xoxo
    Elizabethhh_ xoxo

    I’m surprised they didn’t touch on the stereotype that all men DON’T want to have kids. My boyfriend & I have been together 6 years and I’m super anti-children, meanwhile *he* really wants them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ So, that stereotype bothers me too!

  • Ally Murphy
    Ally Murphy

    you can tell troom troom didn’t consult any person who’s ever been pregnant in making these “hacks”

  • Morgan Jentry
    Morgan Jentry

    I love her room troop videos so much. Like if you came to this video just binge watching simply nailogical. ->

  • Allie Authement
    Allie Authement

    Ben: “the human race depends on having children to some degree” In my head: to some degree?

  • Gabrielle Carroll
    Gabrielle Carroll


  • I’m Stupid
    I’m Stupid

    “Pregnancy situations every women can relate to” *laughs in acesexual lesbian*

    • Sprout _11
      Sprout _11

      I’m Stupid lol

  • oh no you found me
    oh no you found me

    BEEEEEYYYYYYNNN you are not the father

  • Brandon

    sometimes when i'm living my daily life i think about how that diaper would have stayed on Menchie if it had a tail-hole/she was tailless

  • Lauren O
    Lauren O

    Is Ben wearing a teddy fresh hat

  • Jessica Harman
    Jessica Harman

    nOt a PrObLeM AnYmOrE

  • Katherine Mpho
    Katherine Mpho

    These WooHoo/TroomTroom videos actually make me nauseous to watch

  • teascalessia 2008
    teascalessia 2008

    Im calustorphobic, thats why i was born pre-mature

  • elizabete e
    elizabete e

    do y'all know what woohoo means in simlish?

  • Anika Kelley
    Anika Kelley

    Please check out “123GO” -also by troom troom

  • j-boi bernhardt
    j-boi bernhardt

    barbie girl

  • Lisa Fasse
    Lisa Fasse

    And there is 123go

  • YugiohFreak TaeHao Devil Bidder 707 Ray GazettE
    YugiohFreak TaeHao Devil Bidder 707 Ray GazettE

    I am someone who doesn't really care to have kids. if I have one then ok. if I don't then thats ok too. after help taking care and/or help raise my nieces and nephew that are my world to me from when I was 9 which is why I don't care even further. (my sibling are 10+ years older than me) after your simply reflection: I did realize you two would have had the best children being raised by such open and supportive parents. I know those kids would've thought you two are the most understanding parents that they would love so much. its a shame but I fully respect both of your decision of what is right for you and your life. take care, stay safe, stay healthy, stay as happy as you can.lots of love

  • aileenpi73

    WTF is up with that channel?

  • Maddison Duncan-Taylor
    Maddison Duncan-Taylor

    People who have kids because of social expectation can possibly end up regretting it too, and that's not beneficial to the child or to the parent :/

  • Ashlyn Sims
    Ashlyn Sims

    I changed diapers when I was four and when I was nine I started to take care of baby’s and toddlers and here I am to day knowing what to do

  • Plain Cake
    Plain Cake

    At 6:35 he has whatever that is in his OWN hands, and then in the close up its the GIRL'S hands, and then when they zoom back out again its HIS hands- I-

  • pigsscanflyyy

    im Ukrainian

  • Artistvsworld

    Thank you for talking about kids and kids being a choice. I would love to have people ask me why I want kids instead of why people don’t want kids.

  • Sophia Cadbury
    Sophia Cadbury

    Wait that's the zozo baby

  • live laugh and make vlogs
    live laugh and make vlogs

    I love how she calls Ben in lol

  • KitKat Kenna UwU
    KitKat Kenna UwU

    There’s also 123 go and they have multiple channels it’s a whole conspiracy theory soon troom troom will take over every channel on LV-home

  • Lenka Howes
    Lenka Howes

    whoo hoo is troom troom is 123 go

  • joansito sanchez
    joansito sanchez

    abc song

  • Kate

    I’m so glad you two exist on LV-home and are open about not wanting to get married/have kids. It makes me feel less..... unnatural if that makes sense. Thank you so much. Love you guys

  • Little Bat
    Little Bat

    Seriously I do not enjoy kids. Like in passing, I was smile and do a silly face cause often kids like how I look (facial piercings, and a green fluffy Mohawk, instantly stops crying when I do a funny face) but I can not stand loud noises like crying. Plus I have too many disorders so raising a child is never gonna happen. But because I’m only 17, EVERYONE thinks it is just a phase and I’ll grow out of it. Oh you just say that now, just wait! Like no. When I hold a baby and it starts crying I freak out and beg people to take it so I can hide from the loud noise. That and I’m enby and pregnancy sounds sooo dysphoric plus so many people touch you!! But no not everyone wants kids, some people just know that they wouldn’t cope with one and know they couldn’t care for one. Stop making us feel guilty for it!

  • social anxiety
    social anxiety

    I used to just think I had to have kids someday but only after I started watching cristines videos did I realize I don't want to have kids. I think the message they're spreading is more important than they realize

  • Holo Holo
    Holo Holo

    cristine the holo queen pick a trick hearted your comment

    • Itsjustdanny_xxx AndRoblox
      Itsjustdanny_xxx AndRoblox


  • ryan fire
    ryan fire


  • ryan fire
    ryan fire

    ben: “how many weeks along are you?” cristine: “aaaaARHRGAGHH”

  • Esther D. B.
    Esther D. B.

    The pillows, hahaha!

  • George Mimi
    George Mimi


  • Idk Y I have this channel
    Idk Y I have this channel

    8:34 the girl looks kidnapped

  • Claire Audient
    Claire Audient

    Did you realize you actually have the troom troom logo on the pillow behind you to the right?? (the o’s are the same) 👀👀👀 Was that on purpose? 🙀

  • Gracie Compton
    Gracie Compton

    Five minute crafts are Troom Troom . They are too strong 😂

  • Loserwithason !
    Loserwithason !

    First of all Troom Troom OFFENDED ME I am a SINGLE MOTHER and APPARENTLY IM NOT INVITED TO THE HAPPY PREGNANCY PARTY!!!! And I call BULLSHIT on it being 'happier' together pregnancy is HORRIBLE your MISERABLE the whole time I mean come on....puking ...heartburn......congestin for no fucking reason other then hormones.....back pain...... CONSTANT urination......mood swings...... CONSTANT tiredness and feeling weak af.......your boobs fuckin HUUUURT and.....MORE PUKING like there's so many more symptoms but so far both times I've been pregnant those are the worst to me I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant with my second baby my first pregnancy was WORSE by a LAND SLIDE that one is my son who is now 3 years old and VERY excited to be a big brother BUT my pregnancy with him I swear hands down was worse ONLY because his father was constantly there.....VERY annoying and at one point I hated him cause he did it to me this pregnancy has been a MILLION times easier in that sense like I got my own space to deal with it how I want on my own....WERE OREGNANT NOT FUCKING DISABLED STOP TRYING TO DO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING FOR ME UT yes help me off the couch and put my shoes on cause I can't reach and pick things up off the floor for me so I don't accidentally face plant the floor but other then that LEAVE ME ALONE lmao 🤣🤣🤣 edit: just wanna make sure everyone who reads this knows I love children they are a blessing and I couldn't imagine my life with them BUT pregnancy is horrible at least in my opinion it's diffrent for everyone I personally find delivering (and this is coming from someone who delivered a 9lb baby with NO pain meds my FIRST baby) easier then being pregnant

  • Penelope Martinez
    Penelope Martinez

    Me watching this while I have 9 siblings: THAT'S NOT HOW YOU CHANGE A DIAPER!!

  • Con Mohr
    Con Mohr

    What commercial were you in??

  • Tim Olana
    Tim Olana

    1:41 and every woman has a uterus or the ability to give birth or become pregnant.

  • Green Fields
    Green Fields

    It’s actually a nightmare seeing Cristine pregnant, even if it’s fake!

  • Jennifer Franklin
    Jennifer Franklin

    what really sucks is smart people like you don't want kids and the idiots of the world do

  • The Child
    The Child

    I can not be the only person who thought 's child' when she said she bought something off amazon

  • Ishita Jaipersaud
    Ishita Jaipersaud

    I love how the troon troon Guy has a shirt dat says fawaka and that he probably doesn’t even know that it’s means hey in Suriname

  • Coffee

    2 types of food isn't enough, i have toast and cream cheese and smoked cheese with strawberry jam and bread and butter pickles on top and it actually tastes good people are like wtf is wrong with you coffee lol

  • Franny worldxo
    Franny worldxo

    I had cloth diaper... In Australia we call diapers nappies (nappy) I had a lot of cloth diapers so.... It's really not that gross, well to me it's not

  • Cayleigh Woollums
    Cayleigh Woollums

    this made me want to watch troom troom.

  • GachaFnafUwU

    1 2 3 GO?

  • Kitty Sommerfeldt
    Kitty Sommerfeldt

    This is my third time watching this video and I just noticed the pillow on the left says help. 🤣

  • Jeannie Gage
    Jeannie Gage

    I had two kids. Thiese videos are bs lol. Dont have kids it's a trap

  • XxNoddle TwinsxX
    XxNoddle TwinsxX

    “I cAn See yOuR biG beLLy” ~ Ben “Nooooooo” ~ Cristine

  • little-did-sheknow

    When it cuts to Ben trying to balance the plate on the watermelon

  • 「DrawingMiny 」
    「DrawingMiny 」

    all the dislikes are all the troom troom acounts...

2,9 milj.