Trying Pregnancy Hacks All Women Relate To (WooHoo! by Troom Troom)
Brb gotta have a baby for LV-home
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  • izzy summers
    izzy summers

    if you had weird food cravings it would be nail polish cake

  • izzy summers
    izzy summers

    Your baby could be the new blue eyed girl

  • grace shilpa
    grace shilpa

    i love simply nailogical


    10:55 WTFFFF 😂😂

  • Paige Kuhn
    Paige Kuhn

    im impressed on how stupid and useless troom troom is..

  • K A
    K A

    dddanger out to find you there’s a nail break right behind you

  • Rice Draws
    Rice Draws

    10:13 *club penguin dance?*

  • Youtube Boy
    Youtube Boy

    ben is right my cousin is addicted to troom troom, she just cant stop watching all the troom troom makeup and sneaking food in to class videos, its ridiculous.

  • Melanie Barnes
    Melanie Barnes

    These aren’t hacks their situations, they don’t require testing. I think the video was meant to be funny

  • OhWhale

    I’m a trans woman but holy shit did my girl Hormones make me have baby fever. I also really want a cute family with my lesbian partner. It’s probably gonna be hell having kids, but whatever.

    • G B
      G B

      That's just straight with extra steps.

  • Gaming Emma
    Gaming Emma

    I like that you were like I don’t anderstand baby’s and everyone in their life is a baby

  • Snow Storm
    Snow Storm

    If there is Troom Troom, and there is Woo Hoo, is Cristine HOLO HOLO?!?!?

  • Siobhàn Anderson-Judkins
    Siobhàn Anderson-Judkins

    As a previously pregnant woman, I can confirm the baby bump is great to old food and drinks. Although, my autistic brother hated it XD He would come up to me, take away my mug or plate, place it on the table, and tell me "NO! TRY AGAIN!" So naturally, I would put it back on the bump because he told me to try again XD (My dad questioned my maturity and if I was ready to have a baby a couple of times)

  • kady heron
    kady heron

    I know that it’s a serious reflection, but I can’t take Ben serious with the watermelon on his stomach

  • Sasha Englebert
    Sasha Englebert

    Ben: *crunch crunch* YEAH!

  • The dancing Dino
    The dancing Dino

    Pregnancy hacks: do anything other than troom troom

    • The dancing Dino
      The dancing Dino

      Sorry I can’t spell

  • Ominous Narwal39
    Ominous Narwal39

    Minor here! Adults have been telling me for years whenever I tell them I don’t want children “well you never know! You might change your mind” I’m a non-binary pansexual impulsive anarchist that would make the absolute worst parent for any child that comes in my reach, let alone me *wanting* a kid. I don’t want to lose any more sleep than I already do, and I definitely don’t want to dedicate my entire life anyone other than my partner and pets. I may live for chaos but not *that* kind of chaos. And that doesn’t even include the birthing part, but even if I adopted I’m still good for the aforementioned reasons. So no, I don’t want a child. Not everyone wants to procreate. Not everyone wants to go through raising another human. Some just want to live quiet peaceful lives alone. And it is your job to respect that. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go finish creating my pride flag with legos and drink my coffee. Au revoir!

  • The Welch Family
    The Welch Family

    I really don't want kids.

  • Lia Grmi
    Lia Grmi

    3:35 *Gives birth

  • Phoebe H
    Phoebe H


  • KRose and Pen
    KRose and Pen

    Christine: make it stop! Make it stop! Me: is it real or just a prop?

  • L4YL4 Z33
    L4YL4 Z33

    At this point I won't be surprised if troom troom are aliens that have come to earth to make people do crazy / dangerous things undercover as "LiFe HaCkS ".

  • Anthea CoolWolfie
    Anthea CoolWolfie

    Let’s hope my mom doesn’t watch this 😂😂 she has 7 kids and 1 on the way

  • tainted truffle
    tainted truffle

    time to delete this from my history so my parents don't kill me

  • Amanda Ferris
    Amanda Ferris


  • Kawaii Polar
    Kawaii Polar

    I know, this video is old. but, when i got the notification i was like "hol' up" cuz bitch u cant do dat without context

  • S_ SpiritStar
    S_ SpiritStar


  • summer bell
    summer bell

    Cristine should play among us or roblox 😼

  • xxMiDniGhTgAmErhEhxx YEET YOOT
    xxMiDniGhTgAmErhEhxx YEET YOOT

    That other dad was like: "I liKE uR cuT G"

  • Sonia Coad
    Sonia Coad

    Content farm!!! Troom Troom is part of 5-Minute Crafts who is owned by Soul Publishing

  • CheyAnn Long
    CheyAnn Long

    I'm watching this in 2021 and this was made 2 years ago

  • ARA cz
    ARA cz

    So you guys planed childrens, do you want children someday?

  • Sangwoos right eyebrow
    Sangwoos right eyebrow

    Me when my mom finds out I read yaoi 11:54

  • emma lmao
    emma lmao

    week AHHHAHEG was the hardest on me during my pregnancy too! i feel your pain sister!!!

  • The electronic Avatar
    The electronic Avatar

    troom troom is *subconsciously* sexist and they enforce a lot of stereotypes in young girls, although I haven't conducted an experiment I think that a lot of the girls who DO watch troom troom will probably end up allowing sexism against themselves. A lot of the time I think if troom troom was more intense they would just be saying that girls are only good for their bodies e.g. only good for making children, looks, their breasts, and male pleasure. I also don't like their male depiction of what a man should look like because if you haven't noticed the only guys on their channels (that we see) are white guys with blue eyes and blonde hair. I really detest troom troom for these reasons and I would list the many more but I would rather not make my comment as long as the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. I really love Simply Nailogical because instead of just ignoring these issues she sits down and talks about them and to be honest Reflection period & a lot of simply podlogicals have become part of my education

  • natalie0385

    Since I was little I always though I don’t want kids at all, I always saw how teenagers behave. Now that I’ve grown I got diagnosed with premature ovarian failure so I can’t have kids

  • ShiYee S
    ShiYee S

    Ahhh... that's where she keeps her stock of Cat Clocks (lower left)

  • Sțåăŕďųuşţ ツ
    Sțåăŕďųuşţ ツ

    Cristene trying to suck up that remote control thing ( 3:35 ) Me:Your giant chicken breast fell out of your stomach And of course like always I'M LATE A YEAR

  • #Allycat #kitty power
    #Allycat #kitty power

    ??troom woh??

  • #Allycat #kitty power
    #Allycat #kitty power

    i love oats alot to :D (me cringeing while i type that)

  • Mackenzie Parker
    Mackenzie Parker

    You already have kids mention Zeiler and all of us

  • Sammy_Garden

    Wait hold up did she say you go first daddy?

  • Ronell’s Art
    Ronell’s Art

    ItS NoT A PrOblEm AnYmoRe

  • Paige Mintz
    Paige Mintz

    this just proved that the troom troom/ woohoo guy is not fit to be a father and the fact that the entire pregnancy hack video weren't even hacks like at all it was just torturing the father and the mother suffering from a dickhead baby daddy. poor girl lol

  • Savannah Finley
    Savannah Finley

    Yo why does the woohoo chick always look like shes about to cry??

  • MischkaKara

    2020 Aboutta end in 12 min and im just sitting here watching a video from last year- with coke- COCA COLA CHRISTINE-oki bye happy new year xD

  • Hayli Petty
    Hayli Petty

    At 12:43 I am scared

  • mimi rose
    mimi rose


  • Eliza Seiler
    Eliza Seiler

    Inever thought troom troom and Whoo who were funny until i saw Christine and ben watching it

  • Ella_ Cinder
    Ella_ Cinder

    Cloth diapers: that's why we have washing machines! I could go into more detail....

  • TopFurret

    I knew I didn't want kids when I was a kid. People would always say I'd change my mind. I'm 25 now and still no urge. In fact I want kids less than ever. Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something you don't want to do.

  • Pink Bandit
    Pink Bandit

    The Almighty been picking up a remote while having them watermelon taped to him

  • Daniela N
    Daniela N

    And now this place is a gym hahah

  • Copycat 83
    Copycat 83


  • Jaclyn Lessard
    Jaclyn Lessard

    Wait... Am I seeing things or was the dad wearing a diaper at the end?

  • Mackenzie Mclaughlin
    Mackenzie Mclaughlin

    1-3-996-4013 in 2020 holo he I told you I knew her password I mean not her password her phone number to stupid

  • RandynSteph Clements
    RandynSteph Clements


  • Cryxtal

    "But you dint shit in your pants" Uhm who doesnt

  • Rhianna Johnston
    Rhianna Johnston

    The amount of baby shaking is amazing

  • Lillian Scaggs
    Lillian Scaggs

    these are not hacks

    • leiyah

      @Lillian Scaggs maybe

    • Lillian Scaggs
      Lillian Scaggs

      @leiyah RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leiyah

      no way

  • Maya janae lane
    Maya janae lane

    Nobody: Ben: Your baby’s falling out. Cristine: its fine 😂

  • messibessi11

    Oh my god I never saw the help on the pillow

  • Paula Mercedes Alonso Jalil
    Paula Mercedes Alonso Jalil

    I think there's a misconception of women who don't want to have children. People think those women hate children or can't stand being with them. I strongly disagree with that. I do like kids, and I enjoy being surrounded by them, I just don't want to be a mother because I want all my time for my own, and raising a child is a full time commitment that you shouldn't enter unless you're 100% sure you are capable of doing it.

  • kyeong lee
    kyeong lee

    The wary meteorology rhetorically agree because reaction particularly concern an a good raven. male, ignorant santa

  • Jane Stack
    Jane Stack

    It looks like pizza doh

  • avery xo
    avery xo

    Woo hoo sounds like a thing the Sims call s3x

  • Marah Alhijji
    Marah Alhijji

    9:47 is it just me that heard the pregnant woman’s voice? she said *oops*

  • Leypot Gacha U3U
    Leypot Gacha U3U

    no one: the people who haven't watched the whole video "congratulations on the baby!!!🥰"

  • Animeobsessedfreak

    It’s a coincidence that the channel is named “woohoo” If you’ve played sims you’ll understand

  • Kiriya Lowell
    Kiriya Lowell

    “Pregnancy hacks all woman can relate to!” Me: *laughs in hysterectomy*

  • Natalie Roberts
    Natalie Roberts

    watching this in 2020 while 5 months pregnant 😂

  • Red crewmate
    Red crewmate

    0:22 There is one imposter Among us

  • Dark Bomber playz
    Dark Bomber playz

    narrator: let's play hide and seek *guy runs away* the dude's thoughts: I'm going to get milk! see ya never!

  • Nat_ Inferno
    Nat_ Inferno

    U know what I think troom troom should be a cult


    Cristines face at 3:47 😂😂😂

  • Myles Latham
    Myles Latham

    Your brother

  • Aliel Bunny
    Aliel Bunny

    “Pregnancy hacks every women can relate to!” Me: laughs is lesbian minor

  • Hayzel Bailey
    Hayzel Bailey

    Do you want to have kids?

  • Rui Alves
    Rui Alves

    Imagine years later they decide to have a baby. He/She grows up and looks they're parents videos and find her saying 100 times « I don't want kids » just imagine

  • Kaery Ochoa
    Kaery Ochoa

    Simply: sit down brown eyed boy. Ben: ok. Me: lmaoo

  • 「Rictoria Ravioli」
    「Rictoria Ravioli」

    I see his Teddy Fresh hat Or maybe I’m just hallucinating cuz my brother has that hat ...hHmmMmMMmm

  • vanii

    *me, a lesbian, who wants a kid but cant have one: 👁💧👄💧👁*

    • vanii

      @haha no ik lol

    • haha no
      haha no

      Well u can adopt

  • Annalese Bell
    Annalese Bell

    I love that The Mueller Report is in the background.

  • lemon lime Gonzales
    lemon lime Gonzales

    your cat was like "l'm here to hehe

    • lemon lime Gonzales
      lemon lime Gonzales

      when you said let's see what you got you said let's what you got moo whoo

  • Amber Squires
    Amber Squires

    I thought she was prego

  • ARMY Girl
    ARMY Girl

    When your pregnat belly false out🤣🤣

  • loli_ cvnt
    loli_ cvnt

    Can we just appreciate that they built a whole ass set for this?

  • Maha Nadipally
    Maha Nadipally

    I learn more life lessons here than in school.

  • Meredith Mitchell
    Meredith Mitchell

    3:55 Dang it, Bezos! Stop getting my girlfriend pregnant!

  • Forest Blue
    Forest Blue

    17:10 yessss that the environment doesn't need more people. nobody asked to be born. social issues make life suck. you can't control their life and them and make sure they end up happy, so you're subjecting them to inevitable pain. soooo I don't believe that having babies is a human right.

  • Lolo Gray
    Lolo Gray

    I don't wanna have kids ever and this video is only pushing that narrative.

  • Vaani Loves Hobi - Vobi
    Vaani Loves Hobi - Vobi

    I thought this was an recent video and Cristine was pregnant 😭

  • Solange C
    Solange C

    I most definitely want to be a mother when I'm an adult.

  • RedSus

    ben:how many weeks along are you Christine:*breathe* RRRRRRRRREEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Pallavi Kajrekar
    Pallavi Kajrekar

    "Touch me and die" THE CAT IS A MOOD

  • Secretary Satan
    Secretary Satan

    The baby daddy is speechless 🙊 😍 😳

  • Meg Scrabble
    Meg Scrabble

    Random thought: it's great to see a couple who don't want human baby. So relatable.

  • Jilly Bean
    Jilly Bean

    Boobs are great for resting food

  • Katelyn O shea
    Katelyn O shea

    I watch this Video and I get PREGNANCY ADD'S Ana ooppppp

  • Shadow Sovereign
    Shadow Sovereign

    8:32 I like ya cut g