I Take A Nail Technician Exam (pass or nail?)
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  • Priscilla Wheeler
    Priscilla Wheeler

    Susies part😂😂😂😂 she said “I think not “ lmaooo

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    Cat Ahlersmeyer

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    Veronica Sicoe

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    Potatoey Yesharooney

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  • Harini Nat
    Harini Nat

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  • DailyDeviant

    title should've been "nail or fail" lol

  • Kimmie W
    Kimmie W

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  • Katya Withrow
    Katya Withrow

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    Shelley Goforth

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  • Queen V Ervaren
    Queen V Ervaren

    "I don't even take halo beauty" 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Queen V Ervaren
    Queen V Ervaren

    You're correct about Ontario. Every other province has their own regulations for nail technology

  • Niki Williams
    Niki Williams

    my mom is a pro nail person .And love your vidios your so funny.Please right back if you need my mothers help.

  • Mitch Larsen
    Mitch Larsen

    Im disappointed you didnt use "failed or nailed"

  • Jennifer Groom
    Jennifer Groom

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    Avacado 22

    Any one else watching this during quarantine

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    Abigail Stoney

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    Addison Rodriguez

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  • Family Styles Nunes
    Family Styles Nunes

    I live in Connecticut, and from this video, I guess you don’t need a valid state license to be a nail technician. This explains so much.

  • Mya owns it!
    Mya owns it!

    Who else started jamming out during the time laps??????

  • Lillie Nguyen
    Lillie Nguyen

    Y does she take this more seriously than me with my sat practice tests??

  • Victor Munhoz
    Victor Munhoz

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  • water.

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    Analey Dragon

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      Analey Dragon

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    Mohammed Anwar

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    • bubblekpop

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  • Annie Gillen
    Annie Gillen

    I always forget the Cristine is in Canada and at 14:46 when she says 65% is almost a B I’m like “what in 80% is this??”

  • Bella Lewkowicz
    Bella Lewkowicz

    ...nail or fail?

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  • Midnight Shadow
    Midnight Shadow

    you had missed an opportunity for rhyme, it should have been 'Nail or Fail'

  • Kelly H
    Kelly H

    Ok Cristine I'm taking my national nail tech test tomorrow so I'm watching this vid in prep! Ok honestly it's as a repreive from studying, but still

  • Effie Tripp
    Effie Tripp

    I’m a cosmetology student in Oklahoma and it’s 75% to pass all state board tests (for cosmo, nail, and esthetics) and let me tell you for not going to school for it you did amazing ❤️


    Hey Cristine do you know where is Safyia

    • Kelsey

      Safiya said on her Twitter that she is having a hard time right now. People need to stop asking and leave her alone. She needs time to herself.

  • Chloe Guillette
    Chloe Guillette

    So nobody’s gonna talk about the Christmas tree in the back

  • Blue_ nightshade
    Blue_ nightshade

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  • Danica Haithcock
    Danica Haithcock

    12:18 When she said grade 10 I'm like what y'all be doing in Canada I learned that shit in like 4th or 5th grade

    • Leer Wesen
      Leer Wesen

      When I was in Uni in Canada there was a chick from Eastern Europe who was like "yeah; we were doing this yeeeaaars ago!" Maybe that's why Asians (especially those who are international students, which is common from countries like China due to the 1 Child Law) seem to outperform.

  • Teagan Hazard
    Teagan Hazard

    The fact that she could of put nail or fail in the title but didnt haunts me to this day

  • Susann E
    Susann E

    Watching this because LV-home is such a mess right now and I wanted to go back to good times. When I say I almost cried when she mentioned Jenna and the parafin wax😭😭 I hope shes okay :(

  • getsy espinoza
    getsy espinoza

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    Jesica Tims

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  • Sherrie Davenport Nail Art Designs
    Sherrie Davenport Nail Art Designs

    Here in Uk you don't need a license but you do need proof of certification to be a professional nail tech. Maybe Canada is like that :-)

  • D Oggie
    D Oggie

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    Simone Large

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    Dayne Bell

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    Raya Patel

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    Shania Unitato

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    Emily smith

    wish u woulda been there when i was in school so i woulda stayed in school. i “graduated” legally but not mentally or experience wise. started college then had mental break down and haven’t gone back

  • Rachael Valuk
    Rachael Valuk

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  • Hoseok’s verse
    Hoseok’s verse

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    Megan Bernheim

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    Azzy Taylor

    yo i died when i saw suzies part in your vid. i know it was all in good humour but she did it SO well that it was hysterical.

  • Kris Rockwell
    Kris Rockwell

    Suzy's reaction is so funny. She just has to look at Cristine's name and go 'nah.'

  • GGonC29

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  • Madisyn w
    Madisyn w

    As someone who is gonna be taking their cosmetology state board test this year, this hurt to watch 😂😂😂

  • Lexz Thatcher
    Lexz Thatcher

    I’m not even watching the video, but I had to say that the title should’ve had (nail or fail) instead.

  • shauna aghasi
    shauna aghasi

    8:01 Christines head looks like it’s been photoshopped in the frame

  • Kenzie Knapp
    Kenzie Knapp

    I’m going to be trying to get a nail certification soon at my local nail salon!

  • kimberly ann
    kimberly ann

    Academy Canada is a college!! I go there in nfld🥰🥰

  • pikkigonehippie

    This video convinced me that going to nail school was very much needed. There’s a reason for everything we need to learn. I loved this 💕 lol

  • Rosie Parish
    Rosie Parish

    Is it just me, or is Cristine the representation of what goes on in my head during exams. "How did main character change during the text, and why did he need to?" My response: HE DIDN'T. HE'S STILL AN A-HOLE.

  • Angely Gutierrez
    Angely Gutierrez

    Why’d they do Connecticut like that?

  • Anna Wilson Equestrian
    Anna Wilson Equestrian

    I work at a nail salon in Georgia. I have been there for 5 months and was hired without any nail tech certification and without any intention of getting certified. Honestly, you really don’t need to be certified to do nails, anyone can do it if they have patience and attention to detail. I think the whole‘being certified’ thing is probably just more comforting for the clients to know that you know what you are doing. I had literally zero experience and they trained me from the very beginning. I just went to the salon for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 weeks for training. After the 2 week training period the let me start doing customers.

  • Liza Skywalker
    Liza Skywalker

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    Storm Leader.x

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    Lauren Cokias

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    Olivia Porter

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  • Tiffany Huang
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    Katie_53_ plischke

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    Melissa Thompson

    you just need a nail tech license 😂 its not even a lot of hours my cosmo license was 1600 in california but nail tech is somewhere between 250-400 hrs

  • Me Only
    Me Only

    I didn't study at all for my trigonometry mid term in grade 10, and I got the highest score in my school district

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    Sylvie Barger

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    layla was never here Aight

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    Caroline Dahlhoff

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    Lucy Tibbs

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    Temporary Panic

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