Curling My Hair With Bananas
At this point I am Banana Guru🍌
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  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    Lmao 'your Aries is showing' 🤣

  • Tia Smith
    Tia Smith

    14:29 aw the way they look at eachother 🥺

  • Little Froogy
    Little Froogy

    And yet beyn still has that conditioner in his hair...

  • Proton Pkm
    Proton Pkm

    Her hair is too pretty to do anything to! Just let it be! 😅

  • Suchitra Joshi
    Suchitra Joshi

    I may bee late but- LET BEN TAKE YOU ON A VACATION ALREADY!!!!

  • Meadow Herlehy
    Meadow Herlehy

    What about the watermelon 🍉

  • Hridya Nadappattel
    Hridya Nadappattel

    * Earnestly looks into each others' eyes * Ben: * Proceeds to sniff and eat simply's hair *

  • Gwen Learn
    Gwen Learn

    I watched this on the big screen tv aka the ceiling using a projector lol

  • Averi Flippo
    Averi Flippo

    did simply just say " what do you think?" WITHOUT PUTTING HER COMMERCIAL AFTER ?!?!

  • Bilien

    I thought this gonna be another vroom vroom video

  • Julissa Valencia
    Julissa Valencia

    After so many years of being together the way Ben looks at her and fantasize about her makes me melt 🥺😏🤤

  • Emily Wang
    Emily Wang

    5:7 I thought the first step was wet your hands

  • Emilea Aitken
    Emilea Aitken

    The Canadian jenna and julien

  • Emilea Aitken
    Emilea Aitken

    7:53!!!!! MY HEART🥺😩❤

  • Wilber pIG
    Wilber pIG

    You know that people love the LV-homer when it has less than 1000 dislikes 😊

  • Aadi Anand
    Aadi Anand

    R u sure beeeeeen loves you? I mean him liking bananas is making him gay XD dont worry he is cute and I'm sure he loves you(not)🤣😂

  • All about Us !!
    All about Us !!

    This this is what quality content is

  • Kermitt

    You should have said *benana*

  • Sam L
    Sam L

    I'm kind of surprised they haven't overdosed on potassium

  • Courtney Yancey
    Courtney Yancey

    Lol 😂 I like Ben with long hair the attitude tho

  • ʀǟƈɛɛ ȶɦɛ ʀǟƈɛƈǟʀ
    ʀǟƈɛɛ ȶɦɛ ʀǟƈɛƈǟʀ

    wHaT dO yA tHiNk?

  • PiercedBitxh Aila
    PiercedBitxh Aila

    He used enough to do cristines entire head in his barely haired scalp 😂😂

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya

    9:45 xDD when he just started panting it made it 10x funnier

  • ckilbarger01

    She couldn't do nail polish peel porn because she was testing Unicorn Skins, NMW, and IGA

  • Grace Icaza
    Grace Icaza

    This makes my head hurt watching this 😞

  • DelaneyNamastay

    I always find these videos interesting because I have a natural Afro 😂

  • Aneri Patel
    Aneri Patel

    14:22 is funny 🤣

  • Don't_ask

    okay but the hair at the front said kamakura kamakura yass queen.

  • Jake Hartline
    Jake Hartline

    The prickly authorization immunohistochemically spray because sausage biomechanically look since a quarrelsome mass. outstanding, muddled geese

  • Cailin Ikking
    Cailin Ikking

    Cristine is Bananas get it? I dunno if that's in the video so don't come at me plz

  • Stuti Jain
    Stuti Jain

    Ben was enjoying Cristine's look here

  • Elize 295
    Elize 295

    Me with curly hair: there’s people that walk around the world without leave in conditioner?!

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    B A N A N A S. Cool.

  • Itz_Cat Queen
    Itz_Cat Queen

    i never get bored of this video i watched it over 10+ times now-

  • Catss Eighteen
    Catss Eighteen

    It would’ve probably worked better if her hair had actually dried

  • Briana Honeybee
    Briana Honeybee

    The way Ben was looking at her... he thought she was so pretty with that hair.

  • Siriusly Sam228
    Siriusly Sam228

    Bananas are like people. All different skin colors, all delicious on the inside. Ben eating people? 👀

  • Korah Rose
    Korah Rose

    how deep of youtube did I go!? lol


    beynn: can you fit that all in your mouth? cristine: NO! friendly channel..

  • some_metalhead

    Cristine, it would have stayed curlier if you slowly lifted the banana straight out instead of unraveling the curl, kind of like you would with a curling iron. Looks cute doe

  • Pumpkin

    Funnnnn hackkk you can use any cylinder shape thing to curl Your hair lol

  • Pumpkin

    The intro clip tho lol I love it

  • K Davis
    K Davis

    Ben is is feeling Christine big time in this video. She looks gorgeous!!!

  • Cake Pops
    Cake Pops

    How did I miss this video. I’ve rewatched her channels videos like 5x

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    9:49 youre so preeeeeetttyyy

  • Alyxm Brown
    Alyxm Brown

    Who eats bananas when they are that ripe, it is basically wallpaper paste!?!?!? 😱

  • Sensai

    I love beynnana so much

  • Kaito Yuu
    Kaito Yuu

    Ben needs to come to Malaysia and try our pisang emas (golden banana), it's so tiny and simply delish! Can't be exported because it ripens too fast, or so I've heard

  • Jade xo
    Jade xo

    😂 w-😂w-😂wHaT aBoUt tHe wAtErMeLoN!???!???!??!?!????😂

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues

    I literaly got an ad about bananas

  • Angry Grandma
    Angry Grandma

    Brad Mondo has entered the chat...

  • Elandré Steenkamp
    Elandré Steenkamp

    😂 Ben's comment about 'the colour of a person's skin doesn't matter, we all taste delicious on the inside' can lead someone to believe Ben condones cannibalism😂😂

  • Jaelyn

    Ben: Bananas are like people, all different colors but all are delicious on the inside. Ad: *Kitchen supplies*

  • chumg chia
    chumg chia

    Ben is having more fun on camera now (recently subscribed and catching up videos from 2-3 yrs ago)

  • Bella Lovett
    Bella Lovett

    WhAt AbOuT tHe WaTeRmEloN

  • Ilumi Sandra
    Ilumi Sandra

    Me: I remember this video, that was a long time ago. Cristine: "We have a podcast-" Me: *remembers the podcast being announced* whaT YEAR IS IT

  • Cy Giraffe
    Cy Giraffe

    Ben be looking at that banana like 👁👄👁

  • LogicianMagician

    Okay all the jokes aside, the hair actually suits her pretty wellll!!!!

  • GewoonAdriaan

    6:35, i can't 😂

  • Cindy Kruger
    Cindy Kruger

    Cristine, you're absolutely gorgeous. With beautiful hair, don't listen to the other people don't dye or let them cut your hair. Stay the great, funny, beautiful woman you are! You and Ben are so adorable together 🤗 luv from South Africa

  • Jade Albarran
    Jade Albarran

    Why is it so Weird to me when Ben said “ohh baby” like it’s sounds so weird and not normal!!! I can’t be the only one (7:54 is the time btw)

  • SlimeNstuff

    Why did I laugh so hard when the banana's fell off the stems cause they were so ripe. 😂

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Banana curling iron

  • Roxy Lee
    Roxy Lee

    I go to Starbucks for the free water.

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    9:57 I would have loved to be part of your friend group in high school

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    6:53 omg yes. Hair people are the worst

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    3:42 When we used to curl our hair with cheetos..... what

  • Anja Mägi
    Anja Mägi

    me, a person who's alergic to bananas; nO tHeY aReNt AlL dElIcIoUs On ThE iNsIdE

  • Caroline Patricia
    Caroline Patricia

    next : mangoes

  • Katmuss Woodwind
    Katmuss Woodwind

    SO. MANY. 'NANA. PUNS *head explodes*

  • Fuzzy Bunny
    Fuzzy Bunny

    4:08 my dream beyyyyyn my dream

  • Luka Vujosevic
    Luka Vujosevic

    and then your mom asked why do you have bananas in your hair

  • Rebzy Rebz
    Rebzy Rebz

    ‘Ben, your Aries is showing’

  • Miss Anin
    Miss Anin

    12:15 Im agreeing with ben, like she looks realll pretty, almost like...idk...royalty ish? She looks fancy 14:28 That LOOK...idk, they just look super happy or in just looks sooo sweet

  • N Rose
    N Rose

    3:13 Everyone watching rcl beauty’s video

  • ava

    ben are you gonna propose already cmon man

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P


  • Jennifer Franklin
    Jennifer Franklin

    hun it may actually be time go get a haircut. I mean you could cut 8 inches off and donate it a still have way too much hair.

  • Maddison Duncan-Taylor
    Maddison Duncan-Taylor

    *Brad Mondo and Guy Tang crying in the background*

  • Autumn Fox
    Autumn Fox

    Am I the only one that caught it at the end “can you fit that whole thing in your mouth” and she just ends the video 😂

  • Madison Riley
    Madison Riley

    Why does she look so pretty even with bananas in her hair

  • Brianna Terese
    Brianna Terese

    Wow the algorithm really knows everything. Listened to the new glitter conspiracy theories podcast today in which Ben mentions Alex Jones and the frogs and then I’m recommended this video. 🤔

  • Anabella Fernandez
    Anabella Fernandez

    Imagine if Cristine has curly hair but they brush them out 👀

  • Mara J
    Mara J

    Okay but 7:52 was cuuuteeee

  • Jazzy C
    Jazzy C

    i think cris looks really pretty always! but this looked really nice, it’s down and a little messy, it’s very pretty

  • Romina Witschnig
    Romina Witschnig

    Best way to get easy beach waves: wash your hair and dry it but not completely, braid it (only one braid in the back) and leave it that way for 24 hours. Afterwards you have perfect long lasting beach waves 🥳

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :)

  • Lady Azurafied
    Lady Azurafied

    These two are a match made in heaven.

  • Sarah Anne
    Sarah Anne

    This is so much more entertaining on 2x speed

  • Anita Burke
    Anita Burke

    I'm so happy I could eat a banana sideways

  • Eeriel Constantine
    Eeriel Constantine

    I died laughing the whole way through this vid

  • Jillian McGauley
    Jillian McGauley

    Ben being so fascinated by leave in conditioner is so funny to me

  • Sofia Feria
    Sofia Feria

    Why does cristine look so done when she said " I jUggLed"

  • Tina B
    Tina B

    *with benanas*😗👌🏻😂

  • Tyson Dembowski
    Tyson Dembowski

    Us when Ben use the whole bottle of conditioner:👁👄👁 Her: BENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  • Rochele Smith
    Rochele Smith

    Ben is a vampire !!!!!!🧛🏻🧛🏻🧛🏻

  • Masabah Saeed
    Masabah Saeed

    Ben is sooooo into the look, you can tell 😂

  • Akuma

    i love how assertive ben got, its really funny.

  • Janie Ivers
    Janie Ivers

    Ben get old and losing his hai

  • Dumb person
    Dumb person

    Fun fact: i had to explain what i did in the weekend but since i didnt do anything itrestimg so i said i watched a yt vid and my teacher said what video and i said a girl curled her hair whit bananas ;v;