HOLOween Jack Skellington BOOty Gooru Tutorial
We're all just skeletons on the inside 🤯💀
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  • Ciara Jenson
    Ciara Jenson

    my birthday is on halloween

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    one day a woman will die because she loved holo so much that she injected holo glitter into a vane and guess who that is going to be simply nailogical 🤣🤣 love her 😍

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    Josie Staples

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    Pink Wolfie

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    Liberty Flagg

    I like your hair short and pink

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    Sydney Stipe

    4:32 She realizes that the second she finishes it

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    I love how Cristine talks in her videos as if we can have a conversation with her 3:09

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    2:37 Cristine demonstrating that the brush is wet by waving it in the air

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    I saw this video in my recomemded and I didnt even realize it was a naillogical video until I l clicked it

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    I am me and me is I

    9:39 You missed the perfect opportunity to say; dAb DaB dAb MaKe YoUr FaCe FaB

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    Sherry Lona's

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    Morgan Naviaux

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  • Calyssa Knott
    Calyssa Knott

    Omg im in 2020 right now and I'm really exited to be Hermonie Granger this halloween! And yes I have seen the nightmare before Christmas!

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    Whatever Whoever

    OK but the wig looks so good

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    real gaming sisters

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    desirae alyssa

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    Skill Reveal

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    poppy rose

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    Frankie Jacob

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    That One Danganronpa Weirdo

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    Astrid Pöldme

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    Mojca Malina

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    You actually look good

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    Akio Kuro

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    Valentina Dalo


  • Mimi Grabner
    Mimi Grabner

    OMG!! I was 10 years old!!! It is 2020 and I will dress up for Halloween no matter what quarantine and Covid-19 tells me. Then me and my husband will just watch scary movies for 24 hours and eat candy!!! Happy Halloween!!!

  • pretty B
    pretty B

    If Harley Quinn and Joker had a bedazzled baby

  • Jane Cronkhite
    Jane Cronkhite

    One year later: so I have this undiagnosable illness on my face.

  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith

    How do you not know nightmare before christmas

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    ROBLOX girl 888

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    per haps

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    Ruby Carlile

    Was anyone else really uncomfortable during the intro or is it just me??

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    it's not scary until you have to get the holo off. its cool until its impossible to hug your cat. its multiple nightmares at once.

  • Saintly2

    You look so freaky with just the black on. Tell me you went to work for Halloween like this!!!

  • Maddie Shay YT
    Maddie Shay YT

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  • A wild triangle
    A wild triangle

    She's been having problems around her eyes, as big as those black circles. Do you think it's the paint that causes the reaction?

    • Mehlsuppe

      But this video is much older.

    • lizzy Rank
      lizzy Rank

      It might be the reason but it could also be bacteria. I've heard that the pollen up there is really high and some people react differently to that. As for the paint, I think she already ruled it out and for reactions like this as long as you 1 don't overexpose, and 2. don't use the same products or products like it, then you shouldn't have a continuous reaction. I really think it's related to pollen allergies or something seasonal since it keeps coming back around these times.

  • Jurrasic Bunny
    Jurrasic Bunny

    Cristine: what if it stains me.....? Continues painting on the black..

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    Toni Gill

    I watch nmbc every other week of the year im SIMPLY obsessed!! To say the least 🖤🎃

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    Jackie Vance

    my sis wachis that movie evry 2 weeks

    • jungkookscoconuthead


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    • AimieLPSandgaming6473

      I’m going to a wedding on Halloween


    9:59 T-the song even says Holo!!!

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    I really want to know if it stained and someone at her job noticed

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    Emilija Sata

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    Lunar Todoroki

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    Afra Abdouli

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    Lucy Gale

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    That creepy narcissistic montage hits different, like the floor in my face when I laughed so hard I fell of my chair-

  • Complicated Nailogical
    Complicated Nailogical

    I know no one cares but I like being being a smart ass so here we go. Halloween came about from the celts who originally thought that that was the night that the evil spirits and demons came out so if anyone came to their door after dark they would offer goods in order for the evil spirits to leave their family alone. Anyone going out after dark on that night would wear scary clothing and masks so if a demon saw them they would be mistaken for another demon and be left alone. The word Halloween is derived from the phrase hallows evening. No cares Becky 😂😂

    • Phoebe H
      Phoebe H

      before the christianization of the Celts and their holidays, it was known as samhain and was one of the four Celtic fire festivals. To this day, it still celebrated as a Wiccan cross-quarter sabbats and in pagan and witchcraft traditions

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