Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN
Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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Videos referenced:
When Ben broke a nail polish (2020):
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World record largest nail polish collection:
And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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  • HeyJessie

    Next time you have the urge to reorganize them, please hire me. I would love that job lol

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    Ace Rdgz

    LV-home says i already watched this but I don't remember and didn't even notice that the rainbows were gone in your recent videos 😭

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    Bill Cipher

    To echo probably everyone, I'm only at 14:05 and already my soul is soothed by your nail polish wall. I would love to help, it looks like fun :(

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    Serine Benzouina

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    Serine Benzouina

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    Ruby Cavanagh

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    Safi Draws

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    Stephanie Civic

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    Squirrel Kiln

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