Re-organizing my 2,000+ Nail Polishes AGAIN
Do I have too much time on my hands or do I have too many bottles of nail polish?
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And no, I did not count how many nail polishes I own because that would take me another 3 days. But it's definitely over 2,000🤡
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  • Berlin

    I'm wondering how much that costs in total... probably thousands of dollars...

  • Jennifer

    omg this is sooooooo much better - I was so triggered when you put them in rainbow order before. Plus, now you have lots of rainbows instead of just one! Kind of a scattered holo vibe ;)

  • Amanda Magner
    Amanda Magner

    OMG you should make a nail polish cat bed

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R

    I love the fact that she has multiple cat beds and her cats lay in them all and my one cat won’t lay in the one cat bed I have for her. My cat prefers to lay in the bathtub and on bath mats then the cat bed I have

  • Mckenna Levad
    Mckenna Levad

    didnt know how perfect they were until this video

  • Princess And Kat
    Princess And Kat

    Hmm I think she has 2 million nail polishes she probably missed some 0 s in the title?

  • Morgan Evans
    Morgan Evans

    At this point Ben has put up with too much of your bull shi* for you guys to break up

  • chiaki. milk
    chiaki. milk


  • Picklesbunny

    Should have weighted it all while they were down, just for fun. Then play 'what weighs the same as all my polishes'

  • ~~cheerless waves~~
    ~~cheerless waves~~

    simply nailogical should make art using nail polish

  • Autumn Judge
    Autumn Judge

    beyn with a beyrd :)

  • keyla ¿
    keyla ¿

    She needs docter Phil,she needs help docter phil

  • Hannah H
    Hannah H

    I don’t like the rainbow.. all the different caps make it too messy. And I hate it all because I’m a minimalist. I throw everything away if I don’t use it regularly

  • SunnySkys

    Cristine my nail cracked and it cracked on the pink part help I can’t cut it because it’s high up I’m going to did

  • Bella Mlodzinski
    Bella Mlodzinski

    my birthday is in october too!

  • Ana Maria Cratib
    Ana Maria Cratib

    ''we can just move the cat off the table'' SIR...DO NOT...THE CAT!!!

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    vbddfy euuyt

    “i don’t think safiya would be willing to do this, even for money”

  • Ma. Francheska Cua
    Ma. Francheska Cua

    We horder people can easily make excuses to keep anything👌😂

  • Shanehbleh Pinehbleh
    Shanehbleh Pinehbleh

    Having it in the order she's putting it back into is more pleasing to the eye than just colour bc the polish lids match in their brand section making it look neater. Very satisfying

  • ayesha arshad
    ayesha arshad

    No one: No even a single soul: Cristiana: GeT BacK tO wOrK

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      I think cristine should try banana hair mask . Like if u agree😁😁😁😁

  • Rachel Jackson
    Rachel Jackson

    all i heard when i heard Cristine say her name was Christine Daae going ThiNK Of MEeEe

  • HoneyJayne

    My mum walked in and asked if i was watching hoarders again🤣🤣......... I said yes, something like that.

  • Sara Johnson
    Sara Johnson

    I love reorganizing things I also have 13 cats

  • Joash Avellanoza
    Joash Avellanoza

    Ben showing holotaco's limited edition nail polish for Cristine's bday!

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Honestly, the symmetry of bottles of the same-brand nail polishes together looks more satisfying than the rainbow.

  • Moira Donahoe
    Moira Donahoe

    9:00 Wow words I never thought I would hear come out of christine's mouth

  • Natalie -
    Natalie -

    Ahh here we are again.

  • Jaylynn Rosenbaum
    Jaylynn Rosenbaum

    Colab idea: you and Moriah Elizabeth. Like this comment if you would want them to do that colab! It will probably never happen though...

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      grow to love them.”

  • Emily Westlund
    Emily Westlund

    You should check out Painted Polish Cosmetics at! I’m not 100% sure if she ships out of the U.S., but she does a lot of crellies and stamping polishes, with some holos and they’re such great quality with cute bottles too! 😉😂

  • Maddie Gwyn
    Maddie Gwyn

    you should do a video were you don't edit the video

  • Maya Idem
    Maya Idem

    Mr Baker

  • Mun-Kit Choy
    Mun-Kit Choy

    Happy early Holoween 🎃🎃🎃

  • Moon_Spells

    Thumbnail:I Have A Problem Troom Troom:iTs NoT A ProBleM AnYmOrE

  • Kate Moore
    Kate Moore

    ladies and gents shes done it again

  • jessie rithika
    jessie rithika

    I think cristine should try banana hair mask . Like if u agree😁😁😁😁

  • Kirra Martin
    Kirra Martin

    I had to match you tea for tea in this one Cristine, which was alot of fin! And I am so surprised you only had two teas before midday!! Is this normal? I think I drink more tea than Cristine?!?

  • Lauren Rickerd
    Lauren Rickerd

    this video is basically beyn roasting christines nail polish addiction

  • M.J .L
    M.J .L

    i probably have 1/48 of her nail polish, i littlerly thought i had alot until i watched her videos

  • Lesly Portillo
    Lesly Portillo

    You should take your old nail polish and make art with it! Just get a large canvas and pour the old polishes on there. I think it would look really cool

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    Mearra Franklin one is gonna talk about how much Cristine’s hard work in the gym has been paying off? I see CAKE EVERYWHERE 👏👏

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    Felecia Simon

    Anyone know what kind of tea she drinks? I’ve been looking for new tea to try 🤣

  • - Leafy -
    - Leafy -

    Menchie: ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m gonna make a Ben quotes comment from this video and add to it as I watch, feel free to add as well: “Couldn’t you hire someone to to this? Like Safiya had her closet professionally organized.” “Why do you have so many holo tacos? Shouldn’t you save some for the customers?” 😂 “What’s it called when someone kidnaps someone and they grow to love them.”

  • Dawson Meier
    Dawson Meier

    Did she keep the moldy one?

  • Disha Sagar
    Disha Sagar

    tell me why it looks the same-

  • Tracie Galante
    Tracie Galante

    Holo I love your video bye and please give me a shot out

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    I just realized Jenna Marbles is older than Simply

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    Teagan Brown


  • Teagan Brown
    Teagan Brown

    i want her to do some among us nails

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    Mimi Thus

    Answering ben’s question about kidnapping and the person learning to love their kidnapper: Stockholm syndrome ✨

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    Tawni Sowell

    Such an upgrade

  • Edie Black
    Edie Black

    Would love to see a declutter....... pls It is so satisfaying to watch ppl throw stuff away :))

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    work work work work

    Nobody: Me: Watching Cristine My Teacher on Zoom that I'm Not Paying Attention to: BEWARE THE JABBLEWALK

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    Vanessa Downs

    How many nails can you paint with one full bottle of nail polish?

  • Gina Nosal
    Gina Nosal

    Omg thank you for doing this. I liked the rainbow but this looks so clean and organized it’s calming me haha

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    I much prefer this "by brand" look than the rainbow one. Bottle sizes matching up is so pleasing.

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    Erika Lukàcs

    “I thought I was just coming over for dinner what the hell is this” honestly 'JEYYYN' is such a mood

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    Erika Lukàcs

    Cristine: Ben left me Jeyyyn: I'm not surprised (an absolute savage) 😎😎😎

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      qopoy dnon

      I just realised she can leave Ben at any time without paper work

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    Caitlynn Moore

    How the hell do you have some much pacince

  • Just me : Svöö
    Just me : Svöö

    I guess this is what happens if you sniff too many nail polishes XD

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    Nova Moosewater

    You need 10.00000000000000000 thousand billion trillion subs cos u amazing

  • Taijah Young
    Taijah Young

    All the nail salons be jealous of Christine and her nail collection

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    Amy Cosgrove

    Can we get an update polish collection now they're organised? 🤞😍

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    Sonya Diodorus

    I wonder if she would notice if Ben had just thrown some out...

  • Georgia McAdam
    Georgia McAdam

    Hi I visited Ottawa last year for a hockey tournament and I saw you at a drug store buying nail polish, I remember this because I was there for so long because my mom and I were buying snacks for the drive back to Toronto, we were there for over twenty minutes and we were surprised you were there as long as we were, I didn’t realize it was you at the time and now I wish I went and said hi

  • Emmalee Crick
    Emmalee Crick

    Ben: I’m NOT doing this! Immediately after: *Time-lapse of Ben doing this*

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    Rachel Bell

    We have accepted your nail polish obsession, but can we talk about the cat beds?

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    gracias Theclown

    cristine: i am the stair master *almost falls*

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    13:41 Ben w the influencer hand

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    Lil IchigoASMR

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    Cassieopia Kavuri

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    moon seeker

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  • moon seeker
    moon seeker

    I just realised she can leave Ben at any time without paper work

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    squa-squa the dragon

    Uhh...... is it..... better..?

  • Zoe Isabella
    Zoe Isabella

    Imagine having simply as your mom. You wouldn't have to pay $30+ for your nails they would be free and professionally done. A win win in my book.

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    Leiny Love

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    Vicky Chen

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  • Vicky Chen
    Vicky Chen

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    Vivianna Marcolini

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    lol cutie

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    lizzy Church

    Thank you for finally re re organizing that wall. I thought I would like the rainbow but the different sized bottles gave me more anxiety.

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    child goose

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  • ꧁† Gloomy sunday †꧂
    ꧁† Gloomy sunday †꧂

    that was my favorite thing to do when my boss was asking me to reorganize a 4 feet the way i wanted to because yes i was the best at organizing in awesome ways 😌😜 god i miss working there sooo much 😔 i left because of health issues😔

  • Stoned beauty
    Stoned beauty

    Can you do a video putting soft paws on one of your cats!

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      I would end up throwing them all off the shelf and break them all

  • Sao Mai Bui
    Sao Mai Bui


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    Kalle Cat

    You should paint a wall with polish.

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    Mr Sinister

    I used to watch your videos all the time then I just stopped idk why now I’ve come back and it’s so nostalgic

  • Nirrrina

    I think Menchie just wants all her beds back.

  • Полиша Андреева
    Полиша Андреева

    Tbh I don’t like Jen and I am so pleased that she gained that much weight😅

  • Nirrrina

    I love how Jen complains while she sets a blanket on the floor to protect her sisters polishes.

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    chill mode

    their relationship is couple goals tbh

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    Kristen has more nail polish than my nail salon-

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    How the almighty fuck does Christine keep all her bajillion nail polishes in working order? I have just three bottles with filled with the goop Snape prolly uses for his hair.

  • Manreet BUTTER
    Manreet BUTTER

    oh my god, it finally feels normal now

  • alo

    it’s called stockholm syndrome ben 😂😂

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    Madison S.

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