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  • Ashmita Ghosh
    Ashmita Ghosh

    'Sali' 😂😂😂 my Indians will understand it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blackoreanfemale

    Its a banana color... the inside of the banana

  • Sammi Hagg
    Sammi Hagg

    I think the banana one looks like the inside, like the part you eat, of a 🍌

  • Rebekah Johnson
    Rebekah Johnson

    You should now do top results ❤️

  • Meena

    That’s definitely the color of a banana...

  • Nintelda -
    Nintelda -

    I got an ad for a vacuum cleaner after the clip of you vacuuming your self omggggg

  • Shy Shy
    Shy Shy

    I tried the worst-rated cat products

  • Em Stronach
    Em Stronach

    The first item is supposed to be built into a table, that’s why it had a top part. You turn it on when drilling a costumers nails so it sucks in the dust as you go. My mom is a nail artist and she has bad allergies to the dust so she got something similar

  • vena solo
    vena solo

    LMAOOO i got a vacuum ad when she was using the nail vacuum on her pants XDD

  • Kallan Eboi
    Kallan Eboi

    I got a Dyson commercial in the middle of the nail vacuum section LOL

  • BillyMadisonsShampoo

    I have been on a quarantine binge..corrine and rob..now simply..I need to write like 86 essays for school...but I really need to c this...like really..m

  • Menja H
    Menja H

    You should let people send you bad nail products to test. I feel like I've bought way worse products from my German local drugstore 😂

  • QcMaggie

    0:05 you sounded like that italian looking girl in orange is the new black !!

  • Helen Chen
    Helen Chen

    Wha- I thought she was gonna recreate them but better...

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    Sorry if I sound dumb but where can I get holo taco stuff I need some my nails be boring basic

  • Avery Riley
    Avery Riley

    I need holo taco stuff

  • pummichell

    $40 bucks to shake a nail polish? Gurl, I'll do it for you....

  • SunflowerPower

    The color are like Patrick, SpongeBob, plankton and mr carbs

  • AnHeC

    Nail polish shaker - arthritis. Most useless things are for people with limited mobility etc.

  • Kutluhan Kalabak
    Kutluhan Kalabak

    I think it's not yellow polish!!!I think you can wear some black polish and put the banana polish but put just one !!!!!!we love u

  • Patricia Johnson
    Patricia Johnson

    Unrelated topic I feel like the nail polish shaker would actually be a good vibrator if you just attached a nail polish and wrap it in tissue like really securely it would be a good vibrator

    • Shilpa Nair
      Shilpa Nair

      Girll we think the same 😂

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    I love amazon

  • Helena Robbins
    Helena Robbins

    Did anyone see the dust vacuum got a new price of 72 dollas!!!!

  • Emily-Sue Bellin
    Emily-Sue Bellin

    I wanted to buy your one coat black nail polish but i sadly can't 😪 because I don't live in the USA so I wouldn't be able to pay 🥺 cuz I live in Germany

  • Peep

    7:06 - I don't get why people can't see it. It looks exactly like the inside color of a banana.

  • Shawn Barry
    Shawn Barry

    Hey Cristine! I'm a law student who watches your channel, and something you said stands out to me. I'll preface this by saying I am not a lawyer, and you should consult independent counsel for any potential case you wish to file. The information provided here does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, i'm providing is for general informational purposes only, and may not be the most up-to-date legal info. If you suspect that Amazon is using your trademark as a search engine keyword for other products that are not yours, you might be able to get a court order to stop that use. Rescuecom Corp. v. Google Inc. 562 F.3d 123 (2nd Cir. 2009) is the primary case that came to mind, where Google was indexing the company's name on products other than theirs so that it would show up in a search.

  • Lainey Sherdan
    Lainey Sherdan

    The 🍌 banana polish is the colour of the actual banana not the skin

  • Craft a spell with Ishita Arora
    Craft a spell with Ishita Arora

    Nothing to criticize or anything... I love your videos and you but I think that probably your foundation is not matching your body/neck color... (Don't take this negatively) I love you.❤️

    • Elena Potters
      Elena Potters

      Why do you care?

  • UwU. O.o
    UwU. O.o

    I’m keep failing to sleep but it’s 11 am did I miss anything in the video

  • Hannah M.
    Hannah M.

    Honestly anyone who uses indie polishes would enjoy the polish shaker. So full of flakes and glitters that tend to settle.


    I guess its the colour of Banana withiut the Banana peel😅

  • Emma O'Connell
    Emma O'Connell

    The banana color looks like the actual banana not the peel

  • Ecstatic_Egg

    I seriously just got an ad for a shark vacuum...

  • Michelle Laidler
    Michelle Laidler

    Bananas nail polish technically is the colour of bananas, an actual banana just not the peel/skin. 😂

  • MRSanonymous Flower
    MRSanonymous Flower

    You made me forget about my problems for a little bit thank you simplynailogical your are literary utter sunshine 🌞 💛

  • DaStupidFerret

    15:11 tho i ligit jumped it scarededededed meeeeee

  • ItssLexii !
    ItssLexii !

    Ironically I had a vacuum ad after she said dyson who when she was testing that dust sucker.

  • Eva do Couto K
    Eva do Couto K

    Okay what if the banana color is talking about the inside of bananas tho...idk

  • little Josika
    little Josika

    you have to do your body make up cristeeen

  • Evitta The fur
    Evitta The fur

    The strangth is big

  • Nanthawat Jiranuwatana
    Nanthawat Jiranuwatana

    Nail vacuums are meant for acrylic. When you use the drill there is a lot of dust, the vaccum is supposed to suck the dust out of the air

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez

    The unicorn glitter must be very sticky

  • CHRISTINE Briggs
    CHRISTINE Briggs

    Here cool person

  • Lovely Disaster
    Lovely Disaster

    Petition to not throw out the low quality halo taco and just sell it as Lower quality clearance?

  • Stella Ling Ling wannabe
    Stella Ling Ling wannabe

    The banana colour is more like the colour inside the banana

  • co lo
    co lo

    i never do my nails yet i love watching this lady’s videos! 😂

  • Guitar Lessons 101
    Guitar Lessons 101

    My mom bought the unicorn polish for me not from amazon and it was 10 dollars you got ripped of 😨

  • Myles da Big meme
    Myles da Big meme

    The bananas for you polish is not the color of the peel... it’s the color of the part of the fruit you eat....

  • Brianna Trevino
    Brianna Trevino

    The banana one is the inside of a banana 🍌!!!!!!!!

  • Sally Beavers
    Sally Beavers

    As soon as I heard you say sally I was so happy my name is sally and I love your videos I ride horses so I don’t really have time for nails but love your nail art vids can you please give me a shout out

  • Di M
    Di M

    Christine I want to buy a cup like yours 😢 it's so purple and pretty help

  • Kirstie Samnath
    Kirstie Samnath

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  • Kirstie Samnath
    Kirstie Samnath

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    Dilip Dhanecha

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    srija pabba

    She's got a purple monochrome look in this video

  • Katie Thanos
    Katie Thanos

    Bananas for you looks like pus

  • daftoptimist

    Cristine, I have to disagree about wide brushes. Some of us have very wide nail beds, and wide brushes are awesome for us.

  • K's World
    K's World

    can you try products from aliexpress????

  • Barbara Bell
    Barbara Bell

    It's like the inside of a banana

  • Sonia Scott
    Sonia Scott

    They’re talking about the inside of the banana 🍌

  • sondra hill
    sondra hill

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and even my skin hurts most of the time, and my grip is nonexistent I think I used to shake it into my other hand and that hurts now 🥺 it's very hard to shake a bottle of nail polish for me, that's one thing I think is pretty cool about it if it works.

  • KateTheWolf!

    WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Cristine I absolutely love you, but I have to disagree with you here. The color was TOTALLY the color of bananas. I mean if we talking about the peel, then yeh that would be incorrect, but that looks like what the inside looks like- The part you eat, duh!!!

  • FreosChae

    recently my mom has been purchasing a lot from amazon and she said she likes it cuz she can get the items for cheaper or even free cuz they tell her to leave a review and she’ll get her money back 💀 recently she got me an LED light strip for my room as a birthday gift. i didn’t expect it but she saw it in someone’s room and wanted it for me i guess. anyway she ordered two and we only used one of them but she got refunded for two and sent only one back. amazon so sus 🤣

  • Alexis Florence
    Alexis Florence

    “Karen over here” lol

  • Mai Zany
    Mai Zany

    In that banana polish’s defense it is the color of a peeled banana 🍌

  • Juliet Albano
    Juliet Albano

    Im on to you* points finger 5 times i know who you are ( dunt dun dah

  • Megan

    Bro, when she applied that unicorn polish though. 😂

  • Hima Sindhu
    Hima Sindhu

    Then u are the grate to have so many But not like you I havr anly 79 But u ma have like 1000 or what

    • 1-800-TRASH-ELVES

      youre 10.

  • Hima Sindhu
    Hima Sindhu

    I have a dought that all your baground are naile pollish

  • Adhya Kejriwal
    Adhya Kejriwal

    ohmylord that purple nailpolish that she was wearing....DOES SHE SELL IT?!?!?!?

    • Kelsey

      Yes, those were Holo Taco polishes. I believe she was using Indigo Away with Aurora Unicorn Skin on top.

  • ɢᴇᴏʀɢᴇ ʜᴇʀʙ
    ɢᴇᴏʀɢᴇ ʜᴇʀʙ

    10 minutes later - ad for the US Air Force

  • Zaeda June
    Zaeda June


  • Donut Productions
    Donut Productions

    Me: is drinking water and watching the video Video: 17:00 Me: chokes on water 🐴🐴

  • HermieTheTortoise

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  • RandomRob

    Cristine "QUALITY CONTROL." Jaclyn Hill has left the chat.

  • Lanie me
    Lanie me

    I almost said "it's good for people with no hands" 🤦‍♀️

  • Fiona Perez-Hart
    Fiona Perez-Hart

    With bananas for you, it seems to be the color of the actual banana itself not the peel, but i get how people were just looking for a paler banana peel yellow and got confused

  • Melly Moko
    Melly Moko

    I thought Sally Hansen is a legit brand. I've seen them in shops here and they're not cheap

  • Dinesh M N
    Dinesh M N

    Ben : enters with tea ... Me : you should have brought the lowest rated tea 🍵.....

  • Lily Tessier
    Lily Tessier

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  • Adic Onie
    Adic Onie

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  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :)

  • Rachel Golubiewski
    Rachel Golubiewski

    I was always like "what's the big deal with holo nail polish?" Yesterday I put on my first holo polish an this morning I spent like 3 minutes staring at my beautiful holo nails instead of doing my math test

  • josie mericle
    josie mericle


  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf

    I feel like by "banana" they ment like the inside part of the banana that you actually eat not the peel

  • Kawaii Sparkly
    Kawaii Sparkly

    Ben: 9:16 "Okay *KAREN* " BEN ROASTEDDD

  • Chloe :3
    Chloe :3

    3:03 Size: *w h i t e*

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    Kaylah Equestrian

    Can you do low rated cat products on wish or amazon, and test it out on Menchie and Zyler?

  • Okiedokie

    7:03 I think they meant to make it "inside of a banana" colour lol

  • Michelle M
    Michelle M

    You are so funny 😂😂😂

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    Faith Hornsby

    Read the reviews on sugar free gummy bears

  • Stephanie Lopez
    Stephanie Lopez

    The vacuum is supposed to be on while you file.

  • Lori Gill
    Lori Gill

    I think the banana nail polish looks more like the meat as a banana nuts feel when you think of the color of banana he think of the peel which is yellow

  • Sue Clemente
    Sue Clemente

    You are funny as F 😆😆💅 🖒💋

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    Jota C

    This has to be one of the worst manicures you've ever had lmao These colors are all so ugly

  • Lahna Flore
    Lahna Flore

    "Quality control is important". Jaclyn left the room.

  • Radhika Dutt
    Radhika Dutt

    who thinks that the bananas for you looks like the inside of a banana?

  • MonsterManda89

    The banana nail polish looks like the inside of the banana not the outside. I wish Christine would make a Ben line and would make a banana scented yellow polish and call it BEYYYYNNNNN!

  • Yazdhena B.
    Yazdhena B.

    Maybe you know that, but with glitter nail polish I apply it with a foundation makeup, it soaks the "glue" and let the glitter, and you just have to put it on your nail ^^

  • itsjustz_7602

    *its skipping the base coat for me*