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  • Atre Bodnárová
    Atre Bodnárová

    Cristine, the nail polish shaker might be useful for a disabled person who doesn't have the mobility or the strength to shake their nailpolish! Yes, it might not be for an average consumer, but pls don't forget that disabled ppl exist!

  • random

    It's the inside of the banana

  • Nany Ardila
    Nany Ardila

    It’s peeled bananas!!

  • changelingchild

    that nail polish shaker would be great for people who dislocate things or get fatigued easily!

  • Louise Johnson
    Louise Johnson

    The polish shaker would help the handicapped.

  • Louise Johnson
    Louise Johnson

    It's the inside of the banana, not the peel.

  • Minty Hippo
    Minty Hippo

    Maybe it’s the inside of the banana

  • Evelyn Lewis
    Evelyn Lewis

    My dad actually works at Amazon 😅

  • Limonlexi Lolo
    Limonlexi Lolo

    Actually I don’t cringe when you file your nails I think it’s satisfying

  • Lily Betman
    Lily Betman

    I think the “Bananas For You” polish was meant to look like the INSIDE OF THE BANANA 🍌. Maybe not and I’m just open minded 😂

  • Vivian Grandy
    Vivian Grandy

    Amazon is not a good place to trust reviews, positive ones anyway. Companies reimburse customers for 5* reviews no matter if the product stinks or not.

  • snapple

    i think the green is pretty! it's a bit of light jade green i'd say, which is one of my favorite colors

  • Lola vlogs
    Lola vlogs

    i feel like the banana nail polish is the inside of the banana that you eat not the peel

  • Gacha Wolf
    Gacha Wolf

    I chipped my toe nail bad it hurts like hell

  • Angelica

    Review Wish nail polish next!!!

  • Mees


  • Delta Trooper
    Delta Trooper

    This was on my birthday

  • Brazen Spirituality
    Brazen Spirituality

    Hey now... I grew up in Minnesota, and now that I live wouth of the amason Dixon, I CRAVE snow every winter! :) And I am a Pamela, who actually has not been a Pam since 1991. LOLs so... Be nice to Pamelas, we are not Karens!

  • Samriddhi Gogwal
    Samriddhi Gogwal

    Legends of the lost with Megan fox

  • Ellary Hileman
    Ellary Hileman

    omg j just noticed after watching this for the thousandth time that her unicorn skin collection box is hidden behind the 2019 holo-day collection box cuz she filmed this before that launch

  • Michelle Crawford
    Michelle Crawford

    The banana nail polish is the color of baby formula

  • Pixie AG Studios 398
    Pixie AG Studios 398

    Did anyone realize that when she searched up “holo taco” it showed up with a literal holo taco 🌮😂

  • Saucy Dalrymple
    Saucy Dalrymple

    I got that unicorn in Poundland for £1 jeez

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood

    You filmed this on my birthday!!!!!!!!

  • Chimmy Jimin
    Chimmy Jimin

    I got that unicorn one ur supposed to get a lot on the brush and dab it on the nail not brush it. It’s actually good :)

  • Rusty Wiz
    Rusty Wiz

    I know I’m a couple months late but that bottle shaker might be useful/handy for someone with a disability 🤷‍♀️

  • ImaCutePinkFluffy Unicorn
    ImaCutePinkFluffy Unicorn

    3:34 she got innocent for a second 😂 " *iT's LiKe A sLiNkY* " 😂

  • Martina Debelak
    Martina Debelak

    If ure nails get suked in just grow them out😁148 iq smart right

  • Tehreem Akram
    Tehreem Akram

    She is a Cheap promotor

  • DelaneyNamastay

    Menchie getting freaked by the nail polish shaky thing was for sure the highlight of this video 😆

  • Amelia S
    Amelia S

    omg just went onto cristines amazon favs and im getting a fib finder😲😍😎

  • Mantas Dapolskas
    Mantas Dapolskas

    3:14 "size: White" *what*

  • Kalopsia

    That Sally hansen sure can twerk

  • Mythical Savages
    Mythical Savages


  • GachaAg

    The banana one actually was the color if bananas, just the inside if them.

  • Nina Ganß
    Nina Ganß

    I like the color of the banana polish. It's just an unwrapped banana😂🍌 ly Cristine

  • Ahmad Faisal
    Ahmad Faisal

    Cristine the banana nail polish wasn’t the peel it was the actual banana

  • blem

    ok this was so interesting that my cat is sitting in front of the screen right now watching your video.

  • Lucci gang
    Lucci gang

    15:11 OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH it might not work well but it looks really cool

  • Katie Walter
    Katie Walter

    Just a thought: someone with chronic pain in their hand/wrist/arm might find the polish shaker useful!

  • Sophia Yapparova
    Sophia Yapparova

    This was filmed on my b-day!

  • Heliana Banes
    Heliana Banes

    I get the bananas from it, just the edible part, not the peel.

  • Bertha Thomas
    Bertha Thomas

    The lucky timer socially owe because fowl acromegaly shade amid a laughable liver. teeny, mammoth curler

  • Red Randomness
    Red Randomness

    When u give your nails more vacations than Ben

  • M Pesio
    M Pesio

    I think they made the banana polish look like the inside and not the peel, maybe

  • Emma Bean
    Emma Bean

    i love your videos so much for me to watch your videos for 2 hours straight syas a lot

  • Kaydance Young
    Kaydance Young

    me got a question- would u ever make gel nail polish? if so i want some pls cuz my mom only uses gel and its low key annoying🥺

  • LPS Phoenix
    LPS Phoenix

    The glittery one from Sally Hansen it's supposed to be something you put on top of a manicure like when you did those different manicures and one was black with Halo on top it's kind of like that but it's not Halo. Sorry this dumb voice thing keeps misspelling Halo and it keeps saying Halo instead.

  • Rosewolf29

    Some people just put mean reviews on amazon and if I know the brand I buy and try and their fine.

  • kristal m
    kristal m

    LMAO I got a Dyson add right after the Dyson who🤣

  • Jen Jen
    Jen Jen

    She keeps buying shit stuff lol 😂

  • Iva Fisher
    Iva Fisher

    The supreme capital accordingly rinse because protest rarely stop next a green grey grieving slash. sassy, didactic unit

  • xXdabearXx Lol
    xXdabearXx Lol

    Ur cat is like “What the F-- is the BullS--

  • Ella Rzepecki
    Ella Rzepecki

    my volume was a little to high and this scared me soo bad 15:05

  • Sarah Mathers
    Sarah Mathers

    That nail polish shaker could be good for those with certain physical disabilities

  • almayleth 89
    almayleth 89

    i feel likw the banna one nail polish is likd the inside of the banana not the peel i think

  • dureshehwar amin
    dureshehwar amin

    ummmm does someone know what oil dis is?

  • sunlit raven
    sunlit raven

    nail shaker: paralyzed person? amputee? tired as all hell person?

  • Sara Elzaree
    Sara Elzaree

    U dance like u mean it gurl

  • M W
    M W

    It is the inside of a banana 🍌

  • Ashley Meaney
    Ashley Meaney

    That green is actually really pretty and the banana isn't entirely wrong. Did they specify the outside or the inside of a banana color? It looks like the color of inside a banana, to me 🍌

  • *Cloudy Bear Roblox*
    *Cloudy Bear Roblox*

    Ngl I think by Bananas For You they meant the inside of a banana, and not the peel. Just me?

  • Ruben Valdez
    Ruben Valdez


  • Asta

    what's on your other hand??

  • ItzPinkuChan


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff


  • Anindita Chowdhury
    Anindita Chowdhury

    Her foundation is darker than her

  • devils spawn
    devils spawn

    She should make her own cuticle oil😱😱😱👍👍👍

  • Sean Montgomery
    Sean Montgomery

    The vacuum is great for foot nurses who are treating fungal toe nails and need to avoid inhaling any of the dust.

  • Lexi Lou
    Lexi Lou

    The banana looks like the inside of a banana. Pale lol instead of the color of the peel

  • Theresa Tonev
    Theresa Tonev

    I got an ad for a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the first product. 😆

  • Alexus Foster
    Alexus Foster

    I have

  • Shanta Lewis
    Shanta Lewis

    I think the color Bananas for you is the color of a peeled banana 🍌 😂

  • Xinfeng Chen
    Xinfeng Chen


  • Obionemore Slice
    Obionemore Slice

    Do you think that vacuum comes with a lip attachment? Asking for a friend 😅

  • C Rivera
    C Rivera

    Why not just get a little portable vacuum

  • Marie Gliva
    Marie Gliva

    You guys Fib Finder is on her Amazon recommendations; I’m dying 🤣

  • Rachel Little
    Rachel Little

    At least in the US you can sort by star rating as well. 1, 2, 3, 4+. It’s usually in a different spot than the “sort by”

  • Kaitlin Rose
    Kaitlin Rose

    Go into the URL link, find the page number and change that to an enormous number until you get to the end.

  • Confused Person
    Confused Person

    That unicorn was so expensive for what!?

  • Lena Melkonyan
    Lena Melkonyan

    But the nail polish is banana color....it‘s not the banana peel but the banana itself

  • Malani Obrien
    Malani Obrien

    0:05 Why does she sound Australian at the end of that sentence??

  • Chloe Plunkett
    Chloe Plunkett

    So Cristine, I think the nail polish shaker is meant for people with Carpoltonel or Arthritis... Love how nice you are with these reviews tho❤️

  • Jack Furb
    Jack Furb

    I have the exact same polish as the one in the unicorn bottle and I paid one dollar for it at my dollar general

  • Drawing Freak
    Drawing Freak

    Wait im not sure if she never did watermarks 7 months ago but there is no watermark for some reason which idk why i pointed out

  • Mary Gates
    Mary Gates

    I was surprised to see a Morgan Taylor polish in this! Waaaaayyyyy too overpriced on Amazon, but I’ve loved the bottles I’ve purchased from Sally’s. To be fair though I’ve only tried reds and they can be pretty idiot proof

  • From a Different Mold
    From a Different Mold

    15:02 Nail polish twerks 😁

  • Nouran Ayman
    Nouran Ayman

    Am I the only one that is pissed that the foundation color isn’t matching her neck

  • BellaBlaze

    Amazon totally hides bad reviews, I tried leaving a review on a crap product and was flagged for it 😂

  • muffin 2008
    muffin 2008

    lmao right after she tried the nail dust vacuum thingy I got an ad for a vacuum cleaner 👌

  • Bailey Giese
    Bailey Giese

    I love writing reviews on Amazon tbh. When I get something I use it for a bit, write a review. Cause I read the reviews and it can definitely influence me if I buy it or not. So when I buy one and review it I always hope that my review can help tip someone’s scale or not.

  • tyler balfour
    tyler balfour

    I love that when Kristine says nailogical. My subtitles say analogical. Just think of that Kristine

  • Mia Bacigalupi
    Mia Bacigalupi

    That corona joke is even more relevant as time goes on 😭🥴

  • Joseph Phillips
    Joseph Phillips

    I fell in love with glass files because of your videos lol

  • nad

    i work at *insert beauty supply store* and that morgan taylor polish is suuuper overpriced-

  • Dearyvette TN
    Dearyvette TN

    The polish is the color of a “peeled” banana Bad color name 😐 guess they were trying to be ...unique?


    What do u feed ur cats, I am trying to get my cat some good food 😭😭. This is so random bye-.

  • hisoka simp
    hisoka simp

    (this might not make any sense but I think my comment got deleted because my comment said that the bottle Shaker would be a good vibrator so I think comment got deleted because I don't see it and it's not all the way down with the old comments or the new comments and I don't really know)

  • Ayah Sardani
    Ayah Sardani

    Omg I’m dying when she shows the Clip of the robot painting her nails

  • shelbybear09

    I got that unicorn one and I got it for 2 $

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Markiplier Is Real
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