I Steep Myself in a Bath of Tea and Address the RuMoUrS About Me
Next time you guys assume the worst of me i'll try iced tea (:
~~~Today on SimplyNailogical I answer your bURNing questions about my real personality, making that LV-home money, how often I wash my hair, my first kiss, and how I feel about my boyfriend proposing, marriage and kids :0
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    Everybody asking WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BATHTUB lol - the real tea has now been uploaded on my second channel: lv-home.info/the/ooiigqzShah3s8s/video.html

    • Pika Plays
      Pika Plays

      You aren't sweating your makeup off, it's just a glossy taco.

    • Hi

      Ik u like sweatpants, so do I. But that water was hot as heck. So my question is couldn’t you have worn a different underbody clothing instead of of sweatpants when u decided to this

    • long nguyen
      long nguyen

      *spills tea*

    • Katelyn Knutson
      Katelyn Knutson

      Simply oh Simply if you don't want to get married or you kind of do do the Vikings promise and wear a key necklace like the one you have to saf

    • caecilia pantow
      caecilia pantow


  • Polly A.
    Polly A.

    "I like to top myself every weekend" same

  • Black Bunny
    Black Bunny

    I would actually say “partner goals”. Having a partner in your life with same view of marriage and having kinds. I don’t want get married just because I had a bad experience with my parents. And same for kids. I do not love kinds at all. I don’t like the idea of another human being exiting my body. This is what I was not able to find in all my ex boyfriends. I was always pressured, by a religious reasons (I’m not religious at all) that I need to marry and give birth to kinds as well. And Ben is supporting all her idea. Thats so nice. Really.

  • Dinara Wehrmeister
    Dinara Wehrmeister

    My phone just attacked me lol Acually my hand got caught on my headphone coard

  • Leia Feilds
    Leia Feilds

    Ben.what are you doing Nailogical.its not what it look Me.what does it look like

  • Dilly Bar
    Dilly Bar

    Am I crazy or did 2004 simply kinda look like Lindsey Lohan in mean girls???


    You should do a Q&A but for Ben. Like assuming but for him.He need RESPECTTTT.

  • Andrea Carima
    Andrea Carima

    My daughter loves you so very much she subed

  • Andrea Carima
    Andrea Carima

    I am 30 too

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    Breanna Johnson

    How many cats do you have 3465

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    muz¡q str¡ked

    Can i have some peace and _prosperiTEA_ here?

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    The tea ☕️ looks like blood 🩸🤣🤣🤣another way to tie dye your clothes 😱😱👍

  • Arielle Bilins
    Arielle Bilins

    Tea is good for skin

  • 7lil7

    I had my first kiss when I was in kindergarten.🙀

  • 7lil7

    So do I girl lol

  • Brookalina Toothatina
    Brookalina Toothatina

    Me: sees thumbnail Me: just another day with Christine.

  • 「ZophiaHex」

    omg is that the bulk barn at billings bridge?

  • ꧁Grape Cat꧂
    ꧁Grape Cat꧂

    wOaH iTs So PrEtTy

  • co lo
    co lo

    when ben said “okay” in the parking lot after buying the tea 😂😂😂😂 what a sweetp

  • Lauryn Plummer
    Lauryn Plummer

    I love you nail polish but it is way too expensive

  • Jessica

    At 0:54 Ben has one of the patented Mythbusters “What the Hell am I doing?” moments. 😂

  • deleted account
    deleted account

    Cristine: - sits in a teabath- Beeyyyn: - brings her a cup of tea-

  • Salad Greens
    Salad Greens

    I was not expecting to hear Beck in this video but ok

  • Melissa Tran
    Melissa Tran

    Omg she has glossy taco on her face

  • Stop saying potato. Please
    Stop saying potato. Please

    Have you ever heard of tea-staining lace? I guess not. 😂

  • A.R. Mezger
    A.R. Mezger

    real hot tub not rap hot tub

  • A.R. Mezger
    A.R. Mezger

    I have a rap hot tub

  • Sophia Ruiz
    Sophia Ruiz

    so are we gonna ignore that simplys tea cup says “oh holo there”

  • The Night Walker
    The Night Walker

    She looks beauTEAful 😏😏 Ok i’ll stop...

  • Nessa

    you ARE the tea :)

  • sophie zhao
    sophie zhao

    Just imagine knowing your coworker once painted 130ish coats of clear nail polish on a pinkie

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    Karra McDonald

    You could just we're a swimsuit

    • Mr. Animal Gaming
      Mr. Animal Gaming


  • Evan Hickman
    Evan Hickman

    “BiTcH I aM iN tHe TeA”- Simply Nailogical 2019

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    Cristy Christensen

    2004 simply looks like cady from mean girls

  • live laugh and make vlogs
    live laugh and make vlogs

    It looks like she murderd somone then took them out of the bath and then bathed in their 🩸

  • Suga JungKookie
    Suga JungKookie

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    Tayla-mae Kotval


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    •p a s t e l•

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    Sasha Fisher

    Stayed to watch you get progressively sweatier

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    WolfKindom 1176

    I don't want kids because I don't like PEOPLE

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    Luka Vujosevic

    WhAT Do YoU ThINK?

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    sneha reddy

    3:08. I am dead.

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    Blobweirdo 54

    Christine in 2004 looks so different compared to now

  • Sakura Addicted
    Sakura Addicted

    4:32 actually bathing in (green) tea was part of geisha skin care routine

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    Pro create tutorials

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    Sherrie Kennedy

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    Chrissy Wheaton Zuber

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    Ellie Troyer


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    i never ever thought i would be so jealous of them walking in the snow without a mask. i’m just realizing. I LOVE SNOW!

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    Little Turtle

    Does anyone have any good recomendations on good tea in the US that isnt expensive?

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    Brennah Walkington

    💫✨🌟37 year old lady🌟✨💫

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    Peachyy Playz

    she was experimenting during this

  • Nathalie McDonald
    Nathalie McDonald

    8:25 washing your hair once a week is actually better for your hair then if you did it everyday. Because, your hair makes oil to keep your scalp moist and healthy, but when you wash it your getting rid of that oil, so your scalp feels the need to produce more oil cause it gets dry. I'm not an expert on this so I advise you look it up on your own time and do your own research, I mean i could be completely wrong.

  • Sage Pavus
    Sage Pavus

    I know I'm like Really Late, but anyone know the name of the song that comes on at 2:51 ? I've had that song stuck in my head for like, months, and I'm trying to figure out what it is! Also, tea bathtime sounds like fun. I might try it someday... even though it sounds really expensive to do lol.

    • emoghost :D
      emoghost :D

      Sage Pavus for the moment by almost here


    Simply,if you had another cat,would you name it SereniTEA? #TeaJokes

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    Anna Moss

    we have the same sized arms and im 11

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    Terrific Turtles

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    Anabel Guerrero

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    Those 28 stab wounds

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    starry night

    She should have bought Davids Tea and than get sponsored.

  • Mikko Cruz
    Mikko Cruz

    16:30 There’s a rumor that Christine pushed regina so the bus can hit her

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    ash the gacha wolf

    I had my first kiss in FIRST grade ÙWÚ

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    The odd canadian

    Cristines laugh tho

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    Jenna Nichole

    Hot tubs only go to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Grace

    Lol all teenagers that expected their first kiss this year are hella disappointed bcuz of covid 😭 aka meeee

  • Hope Jones
    Hope Jones

    It is going to help your skin from ageing

  • Lisa's Challenges And Games
    Lisa's Challenges And Games

    Omg this looks so fun

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    Kira aishi

    Question have you done tea nail art......? OvO

  • Nevada Comfort
    Nevada Comfort

    I showed my friend your channel the first thing she said was she swears a lot and why are her nails yellow they look gross and I was like ok let's go watch her why my nails are yellow video she said no she went from my best friend to my friend that day

  • Beanie boo Productions
    Beanie boo Productions

    I love tea ☕

  • Michael Edmonds
    Michael Edmonds

    Is it bad that I love her but I can’t see her being popular

  • Anouk Poirier
    Anouk Poirier

    The first thing in thought of wen I saw the tea was : the tea is on there period...

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    Rosie Giannitto

    But are you going to be with beyynn for ever until you dieqq

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    Ahmad Hamzany

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    Bob Austin

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    Joshua Coronado

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    Moises Quezada

    By the way to anyone wondering what her net worth is is $6 million

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    Isla Halsey

    When she said she was 13 I was like “I WAS 5 please help me”

  • Rayanna Ramoutar
    Rayanna Ramoutar

    I would consider “roots” a designer brand at least for me because it’s like 70 bucks for a pair for sweatpants-🥺

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    Erik Theresa Nermo

    “This is not what it looks like! I’m not having a baby” Me: 😂

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato

    I assume that if she had to choose between her LV-home channel or her day job, she’d choose her day job. Luckily, she doesn’t have to.

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  • Urvi Haval
    Urvi Haval

    Well actually that's how tea was invented. Some king was like really ill and a person dropped tea leaves in his bath. It smelles real good and that's how people came to drink tea. That was your daily lesson. You're welcome.

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    Yaritza Diaz

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    Denis Reyes

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    Alysa Gustafson

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    Felizia Shanks

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    James Nicholson

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    Georgia H

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    Elias COdoubleB

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    Middle Schoolers

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    Ryleigh Cox

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  • I like Lemonade
    I like Lemonade

    *Cristen The Science Queen*

2,9 milj.