Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)
"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  • Ava Alaban
    Ava Alaban

    With the bubbles , l was like Christiane Ur GoNnA ReUiN Ur nAiLs !! 😂

  • Scarletto the corneto
    Scarletto the corneto

    Do you ever just sit in your bed eating sweets and watching a simply video and you feel complete ? Same 🥰

  • Sarah Steele
    Sarah Steele

    3:54 i literally cut my finger open because of exacto blades

  • Moksha Mridini S A
    Moksha Mridini S A

    I was having tea and I was like lmao and spilled the hot tea all over my bed and me 😭😂

  • Tsukishima’s Bitch
    Tsukishima’s Bitch

    Cristine:"Im 31 complaining about school papers not even 20 seconds later:How old am i? cristine i have no idea what to say..

  • Katy Anderson
    Katy Anderson

    *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM is a God sent to me my account Hass been restored thank you sir you are recommended 💯💯

  • Katy Anderson
    Katy Anderson

    *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM is a God sent to me my account Hass been restored thank you sir you are recommended 💯💯

  • Flxxy Lxxy
    Flxxy Lxxy

    Sorry I forgot to get my sanity for this video..

  • The Slytherins
    The Slytherins

    I put this on my phone and then opened my laptop to see your face (I was already watching one of your videos lol)

  • Sugarplum Queen
    Sugarplum Queen

    When Ben blew the bubbles off of her nails.... couple goals 🤣

  • Isabella Schmidt
    Isabella Schmidt

    i am 11

  • Jane Crafting
    Jane Crafting

    Hi lv-home.info/the/lYiwbK6di5eJxLU/video.html Yep

    • zesty

      I KNEW IT

  • LulaSnake

    cristine: holodays limited :l me sitting here in 2021: i just got my fist holo taco! its the holoday collection!

  • kameswari pentapati
    kameswari pentapati

    BEYYN: are you gonna clean this u- CRISTINE: *blows millions of bubbles onto beyyn's face* BUBBLE BEYYN!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones

    chilled chaos

  • Lauren Boggs
    Lauren Boggs

    That whole “ school hole punching spiel... can relate

  • Bridget Allen
    Bridget Allen

    I didn't know this chanel is not for kids I am 9 years old

  • Hana art videos
    Hana art videos

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  • 花の息吹

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  • Jaden Buffalo
    Jaden Buffalo

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  • m m
    m m

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  • Laura

    Why does the troom troom guy remind me of Shayne Topp

  • Knara Knara
    Knara Knara

    The boss in hacking ⌨️🖥️📲 I appreciate *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM he guides me through recovering my account

  • Knara Knara
    Knara Knara

    The boss in hacking ⌨️🖥️📲 I appreciate *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM he guides me through recovering my account

  • Chelsey Cunningham
    Chelsey Cunningham

    I don’t care how old you are, EVERYBODY LOVES BUBBLES.

  • Sereoey

    Right after ad from christenes vid I got an apple ad

  • Ruthanne Marie
    Ruthanne Marie

    Ben: what the heck is this? Also Ben: *genuinely had fun blowing bubbles through his gfs nails*

  • Aurelia Gold
    Aurelia Gold

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  • Lauren Demon
    Lauren Demon

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  • Madison and Emma
    Madison and Emma

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  • Ugly Dinosaur Likes Musicals
    Ugly Dinosaur Likes Musicals

    Did anyone else notice Cristine and Ben were kind of matching?

  • Knara Knara
    Knara Knara

    I need help my account was hacked But thank God I met *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM he recovered it back for mi 🙏🙏🙏

  • Knara Knara
    Knara Knara

    I need help my account was hacked But thank God I met *cent_hakk* on INSTAGRAM he recovered it back for mi 🙏🙏🙏

  • SHIVEYA Pillay
    SHIVEYA Pillay

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  • SHIVEYA Pillay
    SHIVEYA Pillay

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    Cats uwu

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  • caroline williams
    caroline williams

    CRISTINE DONT KILL ME BuT I am a girl and i have short nails like what is the point of having long nails like they also break buuuuuuut i want long nails and also CAN I PLEASE HAVE MACHALE IDK HOW TO SPELL YOU CAT NAME!!!!!!

    • Melba Peach
      Melba Peach

      ...do you mean Menchie?

  • srinivi Vase
    srinivi Vase

    Is it just me or whenever she tells "HELLO everyone" I hear it like "HOLO everyone" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Melba Peach
      Melba Peach

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  • Mateo Hernandez
    Mateo Hernandez

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    Preeti Gowdar

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    Natt the Kitty Cat

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    Zoe McGuire

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  • Pearl the rebel
    Pearl the rebel

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    Lauren Markley

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  • Felis Reptilis
    Felis Reptilis

    1 time my dad nearly drilled all the way through his hand, it was at least a decade ago and he still has a scar to this day

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    Sami Ridi

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  • Makayla Smith
    Makayla Smith

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    Auguste Auguste

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    Joos Hungerecker- de Bruin

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    Meme Dragon

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    the wacky family

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    Kawaii Girl

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    Gypsy Locks

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    Kristine Stucker

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    Deathwolf Nonsense

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    Emilee Wren

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    Heidi Peters

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    • Heidi Peters
      Heidi Peters


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    jasmine dukes

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    Aqua _

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    Elise makes stuff

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  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl

    13:55 Beyyyn: (ranting about the laws and stuff) Christine: (thinking about holo and bubbles)

  • That Random Girl
    That Random Girl

    Does anyone remember when troom troom had a hack where you just cut out sequin fabric and put it on your tongue? (I’m Greg)

  • Nazlım Eylül
    Nazlım Eylül

    2:46 😂 I Love You so much ❤❤❤❤❤

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    Luis Lopez

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    Ireland Walker

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    Moa Nilsson

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    Sofia Cabrera

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    Bt Crack

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    The most Musical

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    Shruti Gupta

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    Becky Keller

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  • •『 c l o w n f i s h r a t t l e』• :3
    •『 c l o w n f i s h r a t t l e』• :3

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    Alexia Steenkamp

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    Kakyoin Noriaki but more feminine

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