Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)
"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  • Tina Sawyer
    Tina Sawyer

    Cristine: BUBBLE BENNNN !!!! Ben sitting there regretting stuff: 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Valentina Jovanović
    Valentina Jovanović

    As if troom trooms other content isnt pure shit I hate troom troom

  • s0ftboba

    Who’s watching dis the same day it whas upload but a year ago 😭😭😭 I miss her old vids so much 😭❤️🥺🥺

  • Helen Chen
    Helen Chen

    If a lifehack is useless, it's not call a lifehack. It's just useless.

  • justin commack
    justin commack

    The spoon eyes was based of the vine

  • FullSpectrumNails

    I love how bayeennnnnn Plays along with your shenanigans... You are awesome together..

  • Kiiten Giirl
    Kiiten Giirl

    christine: i’m 31 what am i doing 2 seconds later: hOw OlD aM i?

  • Grace hannah Dryden
    Grace hannah Dryden

    Oh no... the teaaaa! It’s so milky!! You can tell your not british😂love you tho❤️

  • Citrus Sadie
    Citrus Sadie

    I remember when troom troom hacks actually made sence-

  • D'Angelo Tringali
    D'Angelo Tringali

    I got an add right after she said they got adds.

  • Dawn Dunn
    Dawn Dunn

    That tea looks like Horlicks !!! Sorry I'm a northern Brit and my tea doesn't look like that !!!

  • The Disney Fan
    The Disney Fan


  • Nitya Mundra
    Nitya Mundra

    The fact that they both were so happy like children fills my heart!!!!

  • Ai Sa
    Ai Sa

    Lmao right after she said "they've got ads" I got a headspace as

  • shannon menendez
    shannon menendez

    Ben and Cristine just having the time of their life blowing bubbles

  • natti mac
    natti mac

    Wow she really is having the time of her life

  • ripgut

    poor bens. always subjected to pain.

  • huriyyah firdaws
    huriyyah firdaws

    ben loves bubbles

  • Lara

    Those nails remind me of the movie Earth Girls are Easy. That was the first time I ever saw nail art in my life. Love that movie

  • Holly Aylwin
    Holly Aylwin

    Troom troom: iTs TiMe FoR A TeA PaRtY Christine: I lOvE TeA!!!!!!

  • Ulises

    the troom troom boy can like get it

  • Kendra Booms
    Kendra Booms

    “The theme is braces “ me omg who the heck themes there party braces 😑

  • Lovepreet Narang
    Lovepreet Narang

    the most useless is the braces nails one who agrees like or comment

  • Thela M Olson
    Thela M Olson

    Simply: "Well They Got Adds" Me: **sIPs TeA** cOUld SaY thE SAme tO yOU

  • amy ccameron
    amy ccameron

    I'm a kid and I watch your videos

  • Lila Torres
    Lila Torres

    Mom: me having 5 small bottles of nail polish* Me later: can I have more mom?? Mom: NO u HAVE ENOUGH !!!!! >:(

  • Elsa Rineck
    Elsa Rineck

    simply not qualified

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    The blowing bubbles was really cool 😎

  • MrBeebleboose L
    MrBeebleboose L

    Her laugh after she says like a toddler “BIBBLE BENNNN” 🥺🥺🥺

  • Ty Sparkles
    Ty Sparkles

    They know simply they know hide

  • Tina Smith
    Tina Smith

    I were fake nails every day sooo....... I want those fake nails so baddd

  • meowsbeforehowls

    Catnip bubbles next time!! Not sure if someone else already said this... and I’m not going to read through 10k of comments. Sorry not sorry.

  • Sofie Gumaelius
    Sofie Gumaelius

    I broke my hole punch doing this

  • Drita Trajanovska
    Drita Trajanovska

    Cristine: my videos are not for kids!! me be like: oh them i am unsuscribing baii bi*C

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat

    When she said they've got adds I immediately got an add


    1:58 She laughs like an old woman.

  • ReverieRose

    seeing ben being all excited 'do it again do it again' was so heartwarming

  • izzy

    chris:this is not for kids Me:oop

  • Brianna Anex Masucol
    Brianna Anex Masucol

    The bubble went up her nose. HAHAHA

  • Suborna Akter Liza
    Suborna Akter Liza

    Bubble Ben is very cute tough

  • Suborna Akter Liza
    Suborna Akter Liza

    I really can't stop smiling when Ben said, Do it again do it again Like a baby

  • amazing talented group
    amazing talented group

    Proudly though .... proudly??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • A.R. Mezger
    A.R. Mezger


  • DragonFruiTea

    Ben’s “So it again do it again!” Was like a little kid it was so funny

  • Eden Ortiz
    Eden Ortiz

    "But now I want a duck headband! WHaT aRe yOU dOinG to mE?"

  • Juan José
    Juan José

    "Soap Opera" actually made me laugh and I think my brain is unable to process the idea of laughing WITH Troom Troom instead of AT Troom Troom.

  • Sunny Gao
    Sunny Gao

    2:08 Wth is wrong with her face, she looks like a frickin wuss

  • Samantha Ng
    Samantha Ng

    Did she just say yo ??😦😦😦

  • Noft - way
    Noft - way

    I used to binge watch her nail videos and then I forgot about her :( NOW IM BINGE WATCHING THEM AGAIN

  • Fab H
    Fab H

    This is the most wholesome simply video ever

  • Maritza Alvina
    Maritza Alvina

    Troom troom is high af😂😂😂

  • Kata SkyBerg
    Kata SkyBerg

    5:34 “and by my nails I mean Be- fale nails”

  • Liannasupergirl

    "How old am I?" Literally everyone in quarantine

  • Lola Williams
    Lola Williams

    simply: "they got ads" AD HAS EnTERED SIMPLYS CHAT

  • Sam

    "i thought these were supposed to be nail hacks, but now I want a duck headband" same, same

  • Shawntel Atkinson
    Shawntel Atkinson

    TroomTroom:comment below which hack is more useless Meh:ummmmm all of them

  • K.iera.h X
    K.iera.h X

    The glasses that say stop hate he looks like Logan Paul with his hood up

  • Dino Ness
    Dino Ness

    troom troom Ben looks like my cousin

  • Rae L
    Rae L

    Lol when Ben walks in.

  • Zaria Bennett
    Zaria Bennett

    Hollow season is in a season it’s on the Fourth of July because I see so much sparkles in the air and hollow is Michael

  • JB Beatzs
    JB Beatzs

    I think your enjoying troom troom 😏

  • Freda Playz
    Freda Playz

    First it was 5 min crafts Secound it was troom troom Now it’s 123 go Who’s turn is it now 😡🙄😑😑😑😑

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose

    honestly there was something kind of wholesome and romantic about ben blowing bubbles through christines nails 😂

  • Remisa Akther
    Remisa Akther

    I have 12 million subs on my channel and you have 7 loser

  • Brianna Burnett
    Brianna Burnett

    Just a random question if you took a bottle of your own nail polish out a store without paying for it would you get arrested?

  • C Denny
    C Denny

    Ben: “where’d you get this idea?!” Cristine: “tRoOm TrOom!” Ben: *hysterical laughter*

  • Jaz LU
    Jaz LU

    Does anyone think that troom troom named that guy Ben because they know Cristine watches their videos?

  • Verenice garcia
    Verenice garcia

    I laugh so much that my sister told me to be quiet

  • xenonXJK

    cristine was watching the advertisement and taehyung's singularity popped as a advertisement in mine how amazing 💀 YES i'm rewatching her vids 😔✋

  • Loligacha 0w0
    Loligacha 0w0

    Who else thought she was going to get Ben to put on the fake nails and put the holes on that 😂😂🤣 just me ok

  • isabella G
    isabella G

    the haters are holophobic

  • Joe Ondusko
    Joe Ondusko

    You and Ben acting like a bunch of 5 year olds and getting bubbles up your nose while doing it.... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • BitOfTrouble

    TroomTroom: "Comment below what one you think is the most useless!" Me: "Okay" " *TroomTroom* "

  • Subs without a video please
    Subs without a video please

    Troom Troom is trying to get your trust Cristine!

  • Idk Y I have this channel
    Idk Y I have this channel

    Ben teaching spimply simply blowing bubbles and not caring lol

  • Bryn Buseick
    Bryn Buseick


  • Mikayla Craghead
    Mikayla Craghead

    i love menchie vs the bubbles

  • Anime4ever #1
    Anime4ever #1

    They're such big kids 😂

  • SisterWorld

    i love how she says my “real hand” like her other hand isn’t even a thing 😂


    lol my dad drilled a hole in his hand dont worry hes ok his hand is normale but its funny to look back on

  • Sheri Garbutt
    Sheri Garbutt

    at the end it's just two kid's XD

    • Sheri Garbutt
      Sheri Garbutt

      more at the end they are just two smart idit's

  • Vinny

    that guy looks so sad and depressed

  • Love Shot
    Love Shot

    My heart are broke right now, and i watching your video and that make me happy. A bit 😂

  • Stephanie Harris
    Stephanie Harris

    When your dentist says you need braces: 😁 Me: **shows him my nails* ahem no sir I already have some on my nails Dentist: you need them for your teeth Me: **trys to actually put what's on my nails on my teeth**

  • Stephanie Harris
    Stephanie Harris

    I LOVE TEA (omg simply you didn't have to remind us)

  • Max Smith
    Max Smith

    5 minute crafts, YOU'RE EXPOSED!!!!!

  • Ashabriel Nadiva Candialmeera
    Ashabriel Nadiva Candialmeera

    Tbh, It's kind of true that I learned something from this channel, I really liked nail art but sucked at it and after watching your video I feel like I'm a nail guru

  • {U•N•K•N•O•W•N}

    no one: ben: ah yes i blow bubbles through my girlfriends nails

  • I sneek in your pumpkin for COOKIES!!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    I sneek in your pumpkin for COOKIES!!! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    But I’m 10 years old but I still watch these and Christine is a beautiful lady and makes exquisite nail art Btw: I’m a girl I’m just a fan of dark sonic which is my profile

  • Justine

    i love how much she is against nail drills xd


    Ben: where did you get this idea?! Cristine: TROOM TROOM!!!!

  • Xx 地图集 AtlaSxX
    Xx 地图集 AtlaSxX

    Who else is waiting for troomtroom to comment on this

  • Erin Mohnkern
    Erin Mohnkern

    “They got ads” - gets deafened by her vids ad-

  • grayarea

    15:01 when you said "you can buy some nail polish to support me" the closed captions wrote it as 'you can buy some nipples to support me', took a left turn there

  • AFa

    Whoever commented "Simplynailogical, where are you??? " on troom troom's video is a damn GOD!

  • Lily Tessier
    Lily Tessier

    *guys the captions spell cristine with an “h“ what do we do*

    • Tina Toon
      Tina Toon

      it's auto generated

  • Just me
    Just me

    Nail hacks, tea party, ben. whos missing?!😂

    • Just me
      Just me

      Cats are missing tho

  • Just me
    Just me

    Just when you got a ad i got a ad that was almost just like yours!

  • Doria Peng
    Doria Peng

    OMG simply nailogicl

  • Doria Peng
    Doria Peng