I Gave Myself Halo Eyebrows (and I’m taking a break from YouTube)
Don't call me angel cause I'm a devil off camera baby
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  • Legacy of Lore
    Legacy of Lore

    "there are a lot of jobs harder than being a LV-homer for a lot less reward" - me, screaming internally, because I'm a teacher... I related to this. I'm glad you took a break, and decided to care for yourself. No matter what job you do, if you're tired or burnt out, you deserve to rest

  • KatThorn

    We love you

  • magin10011 hills
    magin10011 hills

    Tip. If you have light hair, you go slightly darker for eyebrow products. For dark hair, you go slightly lighter.

  • OG Crazy Cat Lady
    OG Crazy Cat Lady

    I could see her dying to flip that hoodie up and cinch those strings together and return to the sock from which she hatched... albeit a holo sock. ❤️

  • TheNormalAsian

    All the edits of what do you think put together!! 🤣🤣

  • Frankie Bigler
    Frankie Bigler

    This is part of the reason honestly that I watch your videos know other LV-homer is honest (not the ones I watch) about their feelings and stuff like this

  • It’s Henka You Psycho
    It’s Henka You Psycho

    I started watching Cristine when I was only 11 and now I’m graduating high school in 2 years She was such a big part from my transition from child to teen and I’m so thankful for that Her views (along with Ben’s) on important topics plus their humor really helped me through tough times and I don’t know what I would have done without them.

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    🤣🤣🤣I love this cristine

  • chief 1 redwolf
    chief 1 redwolf

    All good gifts and perfect gifts comes down from the Father of lights in who there is no variableness or shadow or turning. James 1:17 ❤️😇 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity. 1 John 2:17 . NKJV ❤️📖🙂

  • feeroza khan
    feeroza khan

    Cris is such a smol cute baby🥺 Cris hun it's okay we get it totally we support you through it all

  • feeroza khan
    feeroza khan

    Whenever Cristine does simplymakeup I always remember my annual days in school when we were toddlers and had to put on ton of makeup just to jiggle on the stage infront of hundreds of people😂😂😂

  • Jaela Lacey
    Jaela Lacey

    Stay strong and keep doing what you are doing don’t let anybody tell you different on what you believe!!!!! We love you Cristine

  • Jaela Lacey
    Jaela Lacey

    You are human too if that’s what you have to do do it but we LOVE YOU AS A PERSON AND SEEING YOUR FACE GLOWING AND BEING SO STRONG CONFIDENT AND JUST HAPPY I FUCKING LOVE IT !!!!!!!! Don’t stop being you Christine you have your supporters no matter what

  • Julie Gutierrez
    Julie Gutierrez

    Sitting here in tears 😭 such a sweet video!

  • awkwardalex

    2019: Taking a break 2020: Hold my tea...

  • xXVanillaBeanXx

    Was I the only one that thought she had misspelled holo, and was seriously concerned?😂

  • Sadie Bondurant
    Sadie Bondurant

    Simply: *just causuly talking*. Ben: you know you really have to think. ............... Me: oh gosh here we go again

  • crybaby

    i know this is of topic but im pretty sure now that its out shes wearing the multicrome collection on her OtHeR hAnD

  • Gina Victoria
    Gina Victoria

    Ok but how did she make the halo eyebrows actually look good? XD

  • wanqi tan
    wanqi tan

    this is so wholesome :')))

  • Evaani

    Cristine has a unique persona. Even when she's crying she's making jokes and being funny. I love you Cristine with no H. Thank you Ben for taking care of our Simply. If you ever decide to quit youtube one day im sure its gonna be hard for us (crying even thinking about it) but at the end we'll be proud that you were a part of our lives and were a positive influence. I can speak for myself - you are the only youtuber that makes me happy. I want you to be happy and content with your life with or without youtube and I will always support you ❤

  • Traci Sikkes/Just Livin' My Life
    Traci Sikkes/Just Livin' My Life

    Relationship goals.

  • William Rucyahana
    William Rucyahana

    What do you think hahaha

  • Sambhavi Priyadarshini
    Sambhavi Priyadarshini

    We love you so much! Thank you for putting yourself out here because a lot of us look to you when we can't find joy in our own lives. I hope you have found balance in your life and only returned because you felt ready. I hope that your videos bring you as much joy as they do us. ❣️

  • Sarah Kehr
    Sarah Kehr

    I turned on this video to glance at and enjoy kinda in the background. Now I'm crying. We want you to be happy with your content AND the process of giving us that content. Thank you for being fabulous to us

  • nat0523

    As a sympathetic cryer THIS WRECKED ME!

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace

    I love you so much. And Ben of corse. You guys are so sweet and influential. And it is okay to take breaks and do the content you want. I love nail videos and funny videos with you in front of the camera. I will always love and support your channel

  • fried rice
    fried rice

    I love that they talk about so important stuff with holo halos on their foreheads

  • Ashley Sorcia
    Ashley Sorcia

    This is literally a serious topic but I couldn’t take it seriously because they are talking with HALO EYEBROWS

  • Christi Camba
    Christi Camba

    Cristine knows what's up! You're actually supposed to buy a shade or two lighter of brow color than your hair if it's dark, and a shade or two darker than your hair if it's light. 💕

  • Olive

    I thought it said holo brows- Edit: wow they really did that0.0

  • Nicole Stroman
    Nicole Stroman

    I’m just seeing this video because it was mentioned on the podcast, which I just started watching, and you two just put the biggest heart felt smile on my face...actually made my eyes water. I love you and Ben’s chemistry and this video definitely shows how much you both support each other. I’m not much of a commenter ( I probably smelled that wrong if it’s even a word) when I watch LV-home but I just had to get that out.

  • Jenni D
    Jenni D

    I know this was awhile ago, but yes do what you have to do to be happy!! I would totally watch you just doing your nails! That's why I subscribed in the 1st place! I'm glad you took a much needed break.

  • Srushti Kulkarni
    Srushti Kulkarni

    Omg Cristine you're making me cry we love you no matter what❤️

  • Keily S
    Keily S

    This may sound a bit sappy but when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was rough and your videos were the only thing that could make me laugh out loud. I'm sure you won't see this but if you do, I love your videos and thanks for making them!!!! :)

  • Iamconfused 19
    Iamconfused 19

    I'm on my lunch break for school my dad looked at my tablet and asked if you were my teacher i-

  • İpek

    Awww i’m watching this a little late but love you so much Cristine🥺🥺 hope you are happy and content, you deserve the very best

  • faith

    I would date Ben in a hot second if he was single

  • Angel Down
    Angel Down

    I totally get being sick of yourself honestly, I make singing videos on Instagram (no self promo I swear) and cropping and editing those video and hearing myself gets so tiring 😂😂

  • Jai W.
    Jai W.

    Btw we have less hair cause we don’t need it we use fat as insulin for the cold. Which is why in anorexia when there’s no fat your hair gets thicker.

  • dark pink MiniCrewmate
    dark pink MiniCrewmate

    cristine: **crying** me: **starts crying beacuse I hate seeing my idol crying**

  • unixmelxo

    Beyyyn is a sooooo great bf isnt he

  • Riot Grrrl
    Riot Grrrl

    Ben looks at her so lovingly.

  • sienna morris
    sienna morris

    they are talking about life and youtube and im just here because the halo holo eyebrows

  • Masabah Saeed
    Masabah Saeed

    Awww... I want a Ben. And I want to be a Cristine.

  • Masabah Saeed
    Masabah Saeed

    Ben: you're my angel. Cristine: *ignores him and starts singing*

  • KarinnasKorner

    Ben is just such a supportive partner. I’m glad she has him there to help her through times like this. They’re both such genuine souls.

  • Διονυσία Κατάνου
    Διονυσία Κατάνου

    We love you Cristine whatever you decide to do 😍

  • Caticorn 555
    Caticorn 555

    It's almost 2020 , me watching in 2020 trust me bad things are in store...

  • Derpy Nail artist
    Derpy Nail artist

    Cristine: and I hope you all have a amazing start to 2020 Coronavirus: haha nope

  • Desiré Schlögel
    Desiré Schlögel

    cristine: cries me: 👁️👄👁️ 💧

  • ~ hiyokuma ~
    ~ hiyokuma ~

    idk why but Ben in this particular video keeps reminding me of Chris Evans

  • Madden Creamer
    Madden Creamer

    Awww it makes me sooo sad seeing you guys in pain🥺😣😖😔😟😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kiterpuss

    You know what, it's been a while since this video was released, but I recently came to a conclusion. If a youtuber builds a successful multimillion following and branches this into their own successful brand launch, they should have the freedom to stop and take care of themselves if they need it. Otherwise, what's the point?

  • Greg Ochelski
    Greg Ochelski

    You talk so seriously doing this with Harlow and Halo eyebrows😂🤣😅

  • MyShadowWatcher

    Watching this in Aug 2020, and I was wondering where you went, and I was missing the content. But I am so proud of you for setting boundaries and doing what makes you comfortable. I really admire that about you, that you are always yourself. And with 440+ videos, it's not like I can't find anything from you to watch!

  • Grace V
    Grace V

    0:01 I love the comments on that

  • The Apple
    The Apple

    Cristine, you need a editer.

  • Hawkeye's Coffee
    Hawkeye's Coffee

    I know this vid is 9 months old and the world has gone to hell without the handbasket since then, but I wanted to comment to say a few things. It's important to take care of yourself first and foremost, and when that means taking a break then do that (screw the algorythm)not going back to your nail art roots...then do that. It's important to do what you enjoy. That said, maybe you could look into getting a professional editor like Jackie (NerdECrafter) did so you can just focus on making the vids you want to? At least that way you don't risk getting annoyed/fed up with listening to yourself for 4 days a week and just focus on creating.

  • Shugoluver 2228
    Shugoluver 2228

    I actually love this

  • Cory Seeger
    Cory Seeger

    i love how ben said "we'll do a podcast in 2020, no faces!" but y'all did end up filming the podcast haha (which i prefer to watch than listen to)

  • CookiiDoh

    if yall made a podcast, i would listen 24/7

    • Kelsey

      This is a delayed response and you might know this by now but they do have a podcast. It's called Simplypodlogical.

  • Sara J. Hudson
    Sara J. Hudson

    I didn't want to see this video till now because I knew that I was going to cry, and yes I did. I feel like Cristine is such a beautiful person and I love her content, she is my favorite youtuber and when she started crying, I started crying too.

  • Charlie Adam
    Charlie Adam

    This is why I love her. She is honest and she is not afraid to cry on camera. Love you Cristine! AnYwAyS

  • Marisha Dube
    Marisha Dube

    Cristine was fighting herself so hard not to cry out loud towards the end of the video....This video makes me cry everytime I see it. We all love you so, so much Cristine. We want you to be happy, cuz that's what makes us happy. Do what you wanna do when you wanna do it. We will always love you, all of us, no matter what you do.

  • Alan Dickinson
    Alan Dickinson

    I thought it said holo eyebrows

  • Insert name Here
    Insert name Here

    Cristine - "Don't buy the actual shade of your eyebrows, buy two shades lighter" Me - but my eyebrows are invisible...😂 Also love you cristine, you're so genuine and I feel bad that you're putting so much weight on your shoulders 😓 do what you wand and enjoy when you feel motivated bc that's when you'll make the best videos and well enjoy them more💜

  • Luna the wolf
    Luna the wolf


    • OliviaPlayzGames


    • Kelsey


  • Jenna Katz
    Jenna Katz

    im watching this like eight months later and SOBBING IT'S FINE

  • Katmuss Woodwinds
    Katmuss Woodwinds

    Oh Cristine! Ben's right, it's your channel! Signed, a fellow introvert xxx

  • Christy

    Aww. Ben's so sweet. You can tell he really loves and cares about Cristine.

  • Jocelyn Lowe
    Jocelyn Lowe

    Imagine the people from the Ice Age watch this video and wonder where it went wrong

  • Katkat Manansala
    Katkat Manansala

    blonde christine???? a look i never thought i needed

  • Stefano Gomez
    Stefano Gomez

    21:48-21:57 SAME

  • Marina Mizell
    Marina Mizell

    Beyn is SUCH a supportive bean

  • Cheese

    Cristine actually has very nice eyebrows

  • Gracey Elaine
    Gracey Elaine

    Ben sounds like greystillplays 👀 🤔 🧐 🤨

  • Awholelottaclickbait

    Lol this was awkward to watch because 💿 🌮 rainbow came out

  • Anahid Dominique
    Anahid Dominique

    She tells us to buy eyebrow pencils two shades lighter but what do I do with my blonde eyebrows

    • Anahid Dominique
      Anahid Dominique

      Olivia Kingston haha good idea maybe that would work 😂

    • Olivia Kingston
      Olivia Kingston

      Setting powder compressed into a pencil😂

  • Knot Just Knits Niagara
    Knot Just Knits Niagara

    19:58 I'm not crying, you're crying 😭😭😭 I love how serious this got with the H💿L💿 Halo Unibrow!

  • Knot Just Knits Niagara
    Knot Just Knits Niagara

    Isn't this just a glorified unibrow?

  • Knot Just Knits Niagara
    Knot Just Knits Niagara

    I see the word Halo and my brain thinks it's a H💿L💿 typo. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Drachenherzfaser

    "Why are you crying?" "Because I see you crying" now I am crying ♡

    • OliviaPlayzGames


  • Drachenherzfaser

    Oh guys, I love you ♡

  • Raven Blue
    Raven Blue

    Love how real it got at the end. ❤️ Thanks Cristine. This really helped me think more about LV-home.

  • chcodog1357

    This is a little late, but thank you for being brave, Cristine, and sharing your feelings with us. It means a lot to me and your followers for you to be honest about your emotions. I cried too

  • AceCosplays

    Mum and Dad talking about serious shit while looking like neutral coloured Teletubbies kinda thru me off.😂

  • Drea Tube
    Drea Tube

    "WhAt Is A BeArD oN yOuR FoReHeAd" .......Bangs

  • Bubba E
    Bubba E

    Plzzz dont gooooo i loooovvvve ur videoosssssss

    • Kelsey

      This was posted in December....

  • Rosie Parish
    Rosie Parish

    Baby how you feeling? Ben - Feeling dead inside! Don't deny it, we can all feel that on a personal level.

  • Isha Biswas
    Isha Biswas

    Why exactly does this cute af video have 911 dislikes

  • Alicia Roberts
    Alicia Roberts

    I always want to know who Ben is trash talking!

  • Youmna El Idrissi
    Youmna El Idrissi

    This is June now and it's been more than 6 months since Cristine posted this video and she uploaded a lot of amazing and entertaining videos. And I still cried over this. I hope she's doing well and she's happy of what she have become today because I'm so proud of her.

  • Kirsten Harner
    Kirsten Harner

    CRISTINE!!!! This is why I love you and your channels!!!

  • Fatter Cat
    Fatter Cat

    "why are you crying?" "because I see you cry." bruh my feels T-T

  • shaista khurshid
    shaista khurshid

    Simply I hope u r not quieting the youtube

    • Hey Person
      Hey Person

      She's not

  • Micah Endres
    Micah Endres

    HaLo? HaLo? We DoNt NeEd HaLo BrOwS wE nEeD hOlO bRoWs!

  • Amanda Piccolo
    Amanda Piccolo

    This is a video that we finally saw a more emotional side if Cristine, but this is a note to Cristine: Cristine, you are a very inspiring person to me and a load of other people. You work so hard for us viewers and I really appreciate that, but sometimes it is good to stay back and relax yourself. Thank you for working hard for us and I really want to let you know you inspire me to paint my nails and do certain things I never thought to do, thank you ❤😊

    • Eamonn McShea
      Eamonn McShea

      Cristine no h

  • Elina Salameh
    Elina Salameh

    I see a pattern with all you tubers taking a break...

  • Dog With Thumbs
    Dog With Thumbs

    I think big reason this side of you is becoming such hard work is that you two are doing this all alone. No team like the others on youtube that have around the same subs. Maybe you just need to delegate some of the tasks that a video might require. If you ever need help making thumbnails to take something off your plate let me know. 😘😘