Reading Mean Comments With My Dad (unexpected reaction)
When your Dad agrees with the mean comments
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  • Doosty Pie989
    Doosty Pie989

    8:30 hahaha 😂

  • •Wolf_Deer• グリッチ
    •Wolf_Deer• グリッチ

    Cristine's dad: who would send a mean comment that's just mean! Me:well shit!

  • marthe137

    Don't ever change Cristine, we love you so much because you are the way you are, and you are hot with and without makeup! 😘

  • Reema Bandyopadhyay Das
    Reema Bandyopadhyay Das

    I love your dad....he reminds me of my own dad...

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Why would they do that to Menchie

  • darkfox1

    Her dad is a savage-

  • Chiyori Fukushima
    Chiyori Fukushima


    • Chiyori Fukushima
      Chiyori Fukushima


  • Mynenisreal shiyung
    Mynenisreal shiyung

    your dad is so funny🤣 and adorable I can see where you got your humor Simply👍 nail art videos or not we still love you 💕

  • Kxtîę Çhxvēż
    Kxtîę Çhxvēż

    Cristine’s dad reminds me of Ben ngl

  • Esmee Harmsen
    Esmee Harmsen

    hahaha your dad is super funny

  • Jaime Seiler
    Jaime Seiler

    All of the hate is people who are jelous of Cristine

  • Morgan Naviaux
    Morgan Naviaux

    I was *going* to leave a joking mean comment here but your dad destroyed you. None of us can compete. Show's over, y'all.

  • Cindy Kruger
    Cindy Kruger

    I love your attitude towards the mean comments. Your bigger than the people who obviously didn't realise they can change the channel if they don't like you. You're great!

  • Adelaide Molitz
    Adelaide Molitz

    Dadlogical has more of an 11 head instead of a fore head.

  • tl G
    tl G


  • Jassi Jasbir
    Jassi Jasbir

    Dad reading comments:- bicht u are fucking dumb ... that,s ture Simply:- triggered 🔥🔥

  • luna The Storyteller
    luna The Storyteller

    Jeynn brings out my lesbian side so bad. I've had a crush on her from the first time I saw her. Like if you agree.

  • Steele Stár
    Steele Stár

    Me looking for hate comments 🤡

  • mackinzi elizabeth
    mackinzi elizabeth

    Internet troll: Mechie is a lil bitch Cristine and her dad: This has gone to far we must put a stop to this Jen: Stop being so over dramatic

  • -Gacha Lavender-
    -Gacha Lavender-

    Jen's eye roll when Ben said that there were a lot of positive comments recently lol that's wholesome and funny

  • Ain-drila

    Can we mention how quiet and cuteeeee BENTLEY is????

  • SaiBoiAnimates

    Yknow it's only 4 more years until 10 years of youtubing

  • Zoe Reid
    Zoe Reid

    I’m here at the middle of the night cracking up please bring your dad back 🤣

  • Lea Lapple
    Lea Lapple

    People if you dont like it dont watch itt

  • Alison Emmert
    Alison Emmert

    Man I wish I could be as tough as Cristine.

  • Annika Singh Raghuvanshi
    Annika Singh Raghuvanshi

    Don't listen to them your the best person after my mum.

  • Kenna Terry
    Kenna Terry

    i could listen to jen say “ya heard” on replay forever

  • •Julie Plays•
    •Julie Plays•

    Simplynailigical those comments are just people that are jealous of ur amazing talent of painting nails. And for the haters I want to say that words hurt y’all!!!!

  • imogen swordy
    imogen swordy

    who thinks her dad deserves more credit😅

  • Jhila Allyna Paltao
    Jhila Allyna Paltao

    her dad arm looks like Menchie tbh

  • Léa Blv
    Léa Blv

    her dad is dressed like a lesbian BEHTEHSW

  • Scarlett Hickey
    Scarlett Hickey

    This is sad stay strong

  • Stephanie

    Who would say such a thing about Menchie?!?!

  • Stephanie

    Why is her dad hilariously cute? Is this Canada's version of Grumpy Old Men? Because I like it

  • Esme Mondragon
    Esme Mondragon

    I love your dad can i adopt him as my second dad pls

  • A U T.
    A U T.

    Just a dad babysit 3 kids who wants to record a yt video

  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen

    Her dad reminds me of a nicer George Carlin. "THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY TO YOUR DAUGHTER!!" *continues to laugh uncontrollably*

  • Katie Jones
    Katie Jones

    Your dad lol to funny

  • Sydnee Baczkowski
    Sydnee Baczkowski

    I don’t think that you are ugly you are so nice and pretty

  • ina dada
    ina dada

    McLovin congratulations! You are the firts youtube comment that Cristine's dad has ever seen👏👏👏

  • Lucky Ventriloquist
    Lucky Ventriloquist

    Does she realise how pretty she is?

  • CaffeinatedWeirdo

    *"Don't listen to someones critique of you if you wouldn't go to them for advice"*

  • NoName No
    NoName No

    aww her dad loves her. he'll roast her but also defend her if some one else does that sh**

  • mimi

    why did everyone get like so many likes on their coments ?

  • Deniz Temiz
    Deniz Temiz

    I wish I was a part of this family they're so beautiful

  • Chase Ferrell
    Chase Ferrell

    I want more dad roast

  • Chase Ferrell
    Chase Ferrell

    You are the prettiest girl I ever seen

  • Taya Girard
    Taya Girard

    Her: Seniors Discount Dad:AMEN! Me:*dying of laughter* XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Nature Art
    Nature Art

    Your father is such a funny person 😂😂

  • Ryann Durant
    Ryann Durant

    To me I think you are very beautiful, and although I personally dont use profanity, you are you and what you do obviously makes people keep coming back. Even people who are negative seem to come back just to keep being negative. I do like when you do nail polish tutorials, and would like for you to do more, but I also like how funny and happy you guys are. I can genuinely tell that you all are very happy together, your fur children are so adorable. I really like their names and think they are very unique.

  • Alex V
    Alex V

    dads a savage

  • bunnixo

    im totally alois trancy

  • DOM

    Why Jen always sounds drunk 🤣

  • -weeb-

    “who sends a mean comment? that’s mean!” i mean... *yeah*

  • Taraneh

    such a god damn cute family

  • Sip da RM's Tea
    Sip da RM's Tea

    The fact that if menchie would be a dog That wouldn't even be offending for her but just a truth lol

  • Yael Ginzburg
    Yael Ginzburg

    I like how Jen appears in the backround in the middle of the video

  • Lina Sato
    Lina Sato

    Cris I feel baD l love your pice of shit OMG love you

  • We5 Kings
    We5 Kings

    All this is not true

  • We5 Kings
    We5 Kings

    Omg i love you. You're the most amazing person 💛 ❤ 💗 💕 💖 💙 😲omg 😲

  • Sanaya Choudhury
    Sanaya Choudhury

    U r so prity

  • Piraye Yaman
    Piraye Yaman


  • Aradhana Singh jhala
    Aradhana Singh jhala

    I don't know about others but you r one of the most Beautiful and confident person i have seen on youtube. You give a very positive vibe. If i ever started my youtube channel i would like to be like you. You are funny, cute and kind person. God bless you and your family, also all your success grow with every minute of the day. All the best for your future. ☺️😇

  • CrafTee Paws YouTube
    CrafTee Paws YouTube

    You take those comments very well

  • Ashley Angel
    Ashley Angel

    I think that she told her fans or some people that can you say bad things for a video

  • Curious Unicorn owo
    Curious Unicorn owo

    Your dad's laugh adds so much holo glitter to my life. 😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Dee's Bees
    Dee's Bees

    The fact that Cristine didn’t recognize the vine reference

  • Eden Pave
    Eden Pave

    (Someone says something mean about Cristine and calls her a c***) Cristine's dad: Yeah u r pretty f*cking annoying Cristine: Yeah and I'm an ugly b*tch too (Someone calls Menchie a b*tch) Everyone: That's it you've taken this way too far. 911 I need to report animal cruelty.

  • Kurnzie Norman
    Kurnzie Norman

    I love these earrings please if anyone knows what they are pass it on!

  • banana theadore
    banana theadore

    Beach ur a frickn dumb oh that’s true- father

  • oddballcrafter

    Dad: BWAHAHA

  • artist_ girl
    artist_ girl

    *Why does he look likes he's Ben's dad*

  • lorella banozzi
    lorella banozzi

    Canadians be like:at least she said please

  • Crystal Stover
    Crystal Stover

    Cristine: "What are you? From 1997?" Me: Ummm.... yeah.

  • Ghania Kittyy
    Ghania Kittyy

    jen is the only one being serious

  • ꕥ b u m b l e b e e ꕥ
    ꕥ b u m b l e b e e ꕥ

    her dad is amazing

  • maya shemer
    maya shemer

    all you people that tell her she's ugly or die please I have something to say to you get fucked. find a life and find a way to live yourself without shiting on other people. well, it will be hard when you're such an ugly hideous persin then go jump of the roof and leave her alone. if her dad won't defend her I will

    • Selyn Selyn
      Selyn Selyn

      Thank you! She's not ugly at all she's gorgeous, and you can't help how you look and it doesn't matter anyways. And you can't just tell people to die that's the cruelest thing ever, every human only got one chance to live. ANYWAYS, ignore them they're just bored

  • •Lemon Drop•
    •Lemon Drop•

    Omg Cristines dad is the star of the of the show here

  • Marissa

    “Who would send a mean comment that’s mean” 😂

  • Aoi Hoshiko
    Aoi Hoshiko

    Her dad: Why would you send a mean comment, that's mean Twitter: **nervous laughter**

  • Heidi PDX
    Heidi PDX

    It's our just ME...?! I love your cussing--it makes me laugh my ass off!! AND you're really pretty! Pssh Haters gonna hate.

  • Boomistirr

    Ur ugly

    • Boomistirr

      @Selyn Selyn lololololololololololol idc

    • Selyn Selyn
      Selyn Selyn

      You're just jealous...

  • Jillian McGauley
    Jillian McGauley

    You can definitely tell this is the man that raised Cristine and Jen

  • Julia Magro
    Julia Magro

    Do you have a mom because she very Is on the video

  • .;-;

    “Like how old are you 30? Get off LV-home” Me: *wait my mom is 42 and she’s tryna get a yt channel...*

  • areddish1586

    You shouldn’t be mean if you just don’t like somebody don’t watch their videos you don’t have to give a mean opinion just don’t say anything at all also if you think she should get off LV-home just stop watching her you don’t have to see her and other people like her so deal with it

  • Neisha Bateman
    Neisha Bateman

    Its hilarious how most of these people literally can't spell

  • Sobia Zahid
    Sobia Zahid

    I so sorry for that

  • Akuma

    u dads funny, u should have more videos with u, jen, and ur dad


    Your Dad is a God, tell him he is awesome for me!

  • Rose gamer
    Rose gamer

    But I love her soooooooooooooooooooo much no one can insult her

  • thotithehotti

    1:11 waitress soundtrack starts playing

  • COroNaVIrus Terminator
    COroNaVIrus Terminator

    We still waiting for the Dad & Jen Video..

  • WolfMusic Xxx
    WolfMusic Xxx

    Who the heck is sending hate comments if u don't like somebody then don't watch don't make others feel bad about themselves just because u insecure!! Love your videos 😂

  • Gleeful Lyrics
    Gleeful Lyrics

    Plot twist: simply nailogical's dad has written all these mean comments

  • ihatepoetryandmyself

    I love this guy🤣🤣🤣

  • BB Figueroa
    BB Figueroa

    Am I the only one who thinks Christine looks like Avril Levine??

  • Sweetest Bitch
    Sweetest Bitch

    Have I mentioned that I fucking love your Dad?!😂 I wish he was my bestie!!!😆😆🙌🏻🙌🏻🖤🖤🖤🤙🏻

  • Local Dissapoinment
    Local Dissapoinment

    I love how her dad roasts her but is also really protective of her 😂

  • Alice Campbell
    Alice Campbell

    Jen in the background at 5:51 bahaha