Testing "holographic" face masks (couples therapy: what he really thinks of me)
I don't care much for self-care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  • Shep

    What ben said at 9:02 was what i was literally thinking recently

  • Lizzy's Fizzy
    Lizzy's Fizzy

    Me: Is casually drinking tea Edit: I SPILLED MY TEA HELPPP!!

  • Renée

    I love that Ben actually got offended 14:02

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Ohhhhhh Beyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnn

  • su padiyar
    su padiyar

    9:03 the answer is, british isn’t a race lol.

  • Stella Bella
    Stella Bella

    Ben: “one face mask, everybody knows the rules” Me: 🤯 this man is truly a fucking man of culture

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    Holy crap. I just realized that Zyler kind of looks like Garfield.....

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    14:38 "Did you know there is an Australian frog that can live five years without drinking. We are not frogs." *casually my senior quote*

  • Ellie Edmonds
    Ellie Edmonds

    You think your life was a lot back the

  • Libby Houdek
    Libby Houdek

    1:54 Zyler has an announcement: "MEROOOW" Which is honestly such a mood.

  • JinsBae

    You should have Ben edit a video just to see how it turns out

  • FayStar Dunaway
    FayStar Dunaway

    *me saying im going to sleep early *Also me at Three am : -imma kale you

    • Frankie Jacob
      Frankie Jacob

      I said I’m gonna fall asleep in 30 minutes and I’m still awake the next morning😀

  • Sandra Sherman
    Sandra Sherman

    So cute and funny.

  • Itz_Cat Queen
    Itz_Cat Queen

    I think that's why Cristine has an eye rash now...

  • Holo Holo
    Holo Holo


  • Holo Holo
    Holo Holo


  • Cara Feeley
    Cara Feeley

    part 2?

  • Laura Carthew
    Laura Carthew

    Christine: We need friends for this one. Me: Where's Saf and Tyler!?

  • Mad Dance
    Mad Dance

    me evry time they peeled: eh little cristine in my head: its time for some peeeeeell pppoooorrrrnn

  • that gay girl
    that gay girl

    it was not a good idea to watch this while eating my 3 am snack(s)

  • The CraftyCorner
    The CraftyCorner

    11:38 I can't stop wheezing 😂😂

  • Grace Springer
    Grace Springer

    Hyram has entered the chat

  • Autumn Fall
    Autumn Fall

    Cristine: I been working on things behind the scenes Me now that I know what she did: 😏

  • Adellia Combs
    Adellia Combs

    The disco kitten from the same brand as the first one is more holo

  • G0 th1x
    G0 th1x

    13:50 "I'm all wet can I come in?" NOSKKSLALAISRRZYC 😭

  • Matthew Lares
    Matthew Lares

    i wonder if ben is a freak with cristine???? ;()

  • Matthew Lares
    Matthew Lares

    go to 3:57 pause couple goals

  • SLynn Henson
    SLynn Henson

    "Beauty guru tears and charm bracelet hearts ground up"

  • Kaila 317 Aviado
    Kaila 317 Aviado

    I what to be buteiful person

  • Sophie Pophie
    Sophie Pophie

    SkinCareByHyrim is quaking

  • Rachel Golubiewski
    Rachel Golubiewski

    Honestly relationship goals

  • Rachel Golubiewski
    Rachel Golubiewski

    Honestly I was always like "what's the big deal about holo??" I just tried my first holo polish this week, I think I'm in love 😍

  • Those 28 stab wounds
    Those 28 stab wounds

    *It's like they're squeezing the last bit of juice out of the human*

  • Dr. Vasant P Shinde Shinde
    Dr. Vasant P Shinde Shinde


  • Ricky Maveety
    Ricky Maveety

    It’s called “adult onset acne”, and I started getting it in my 30s. They put me on Retin-A.

  • Coolest Nerd
    Coolest Nerd

    16:51 That's what she said

  • McKenzie E
    McKenzie E

    I want a part two! Y’all have plenty of face maks! Self care quarantine edition! 💓💿💓💿💓💿

  • satya joshita
    satya joshita

    FINALLY cristine does something to her face on camera

  • Victoria Rozenfeld
    Victoria Rozenfeld

    Ben: What do you wanna do? Wanna go ROB A BANK???

  • Michelle

    This reminded me of the nail cream polish remover video where she said it look like pre cream LMAO


    You think cats are silent ha meet mine!!🐱🐱🐱 Disclaimer that’s not what my cat looks like

  • iAurq

    Does anyone know the name of the song at 14:48

  • Pavithra Kanakath
    Pavithra Kanakath

    hey make a video about how you and ben meet ???????????????

  • Ola Cyrson
    Ola Cyrson

    ok, here in Poland we have masks with holo stars and glitter. They are not that good but they are really cheap so if you want some I can send you

  • Lana

    Will you still love me when I have an eye rash 😂

  • jungkookscoconuthead

    9:41 the sheet mask reminds me of the one Yoongi wore in a vlive with hobi- ( this is really off topic-)

  • mary jo rowbotham
    mary jo rowbotham


  • pxrxmore

    14:08 *iS ThaT A TrOOm TRoOm ReFErEnCe?!1!1?1!?*

  • dumb popstar
    dumb popstar

    me realizing that they did on this was damage their skin like 🌝

  • Smiley Jack
    Smiley Jack

    Omg did you here what shes said I have a dad now !!!!

  • Alex Wohlgemuth
    Alex Wohlgemuth

    I’m allergic to something in cheap face masks!

  • thatgirlaj

    Are ya there Clay Masks too Cristine 🤔 And for bEyNnN they are not targeted just for woman; in other countries, especially in Korea, men also wash their face a lot and take care of their skin and sometimes wear make up. In Korea, its normal for men to wear make up and take care of their skin because its normal for them to be “more feminine”. Growing up as part Korean with a fully Korean mom, she cared a lot about my skin and would comment on it and want me to have perfect clear skin when I’m like 12 (😂) but it’s normal because that’s part of the culture This got rlly serious I’m sorry 😂😂

  • Gummybear QUEEN!
    Gummybear QUEEN!

    Hen r you guys gonna get married!

    • lol


  • Charlotte Hay
    Charlotte Hay

    11.37 - 11.46 OMG THAT WAS SO FUNNY, OH MY GOSH. Omggggg.

  • Molly McConnell
    Molly McConnell

    Hi I am British and am not affended

  • Tyla-Jean le Roux
    Tyla-Jean le Roux

    Hyram has entered the chat.......

  • ellie king
    ellie king

    Hyram is probably screaming watching them both do 3 face masks in 1 day 😭🤣

  • Sambridhi

    Ben at 3:04 : People who watch hyram: 😏

  • Micaela OConnor
    Micaela OConnor

    nobody: simply:alot of companies say holo but its not real holo zyler:SHUT UP

  • 20. Kavya Choubey
    20. Kavya Choubey

    When beyn just applied peel of mask to his beard I was litteraly like beynnnnnnnnnnn what holo on earth have u done !!! For @simplynailogical fans

  • uwu uwu
    uwu uwu

    “i dunno... i dont really care about myself.” I FELT THAT TOO HARD

  • Sophia Stone
    Sophia Stone

    haha if u go to the comments of that video, everyone is talking about ChRiStInE!

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    luz Garfias

    Like if Cristine should make a mukbang video with Ben!

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    Julia Larson

    Skin care routine?

  • Kayelyn Griffin
    Kayelyn Griffin

    Me : im thirsty i want some starbucks Also Me: BEEYYYYYNNNNN Me again: where is ben at with my drink Me : cristine is lucky

  • sapphira21345 AJ
    sapphira21345 AJ

    “Did you know there is an Australian frog that can live 5 years without drinking water...... we are not frogs.” -Cris

  • im trash
    im trash

    Skin care by hyram? ya hello

  • Weirdonessboto 5000
    Weirdonessboto 5000

    3:13 10:00 11:38 13:17 13:49 15:41

  • Keira 2431k
    Keira 2431k

    I can’t believe mrs simply didn’t say what do u think to Ben for the first face mask

  • haven li
    haven li

    ok wait is ben seriously asking why it's offensive to attempt an asian accent..? cuz id expect better from him ngl

  • Dinar Elvira
    Dinar Elvira

    Lol my mom bought that unicorn holographic face mask at tj max when she’s in us

  • Luzie Loewe
    Luzie Loewe

    I would watch a video of you putting hundred layers of face masks on your face

  • Safae Riani
    Safae Riani

    do your nails blindfolded

  • lidengland

    when ben put it on his beard though.

  • Jessica

    In 2020 and I'm reminded of me and my boyfriend. I'm 41 and he's 51 and we've been together for 18.5 years now. And one of our favourite part is teasing each other, laughing and making stupid jokes. As you said you want to be able to enjoy being with your partner! And I'd be hella bored if mine wasn't like a 12-year-old sometimes LOL Also thanks to your channel I just started doing my nails. With sweet 41 I did my first round of nail polish and now am looking for holo nail polish because I need that sparkle in my life. Sadly Holo Taco is expensive to be shipped to Germany so I'll have to do that once I win the lottery! :D Keep doing what you're doing, it's brilliant entertainment.

    • lol

      You’ll win very soon!

  • Random Vegan Lady
    Random Vegan Lady

    You two are so great together.

  • Madelyn Herteen
    Madelyn Herteen

    12:07 to 12:15 Ben looks like he is in school not knowing what the teacher is saying

  • Arjun Vadrevu
    Arjun Vadrevu

    Uhh does Ben actually want an answer to the accent question? Because there is a reason

    • Ava

      Very insensitive :(

    • Ava

      The one about British/Asian accents :/

  • Tuscany Snow
    Tuscany Snow


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    Puppy Time•Gacha

    This video made me laugh so much I cried 😂 lol

  • Sam Aitken
    Sam Aitken

    Ben and Christine give relationship advise

  • Angela Moore
    Angela Moore

    Cristen! It's extremely bad for your skin if you do more than a couple facials under 24 hours

  • CrispySocks

    Get one of those black blackhead masks and put holo glitter and tea leaves in it Boom custom cristine face mask

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    Ada Grace

    Who’s here watching this. In COORNA

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    too many chocolate bars

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    exötic deliah

    Ben: I’m gonna give it a 4.7/10 Cristine: I’m gonna give it a 1/* Ben: what? Cristine: sorry ben I’m drunk 😂🤣

  • Vanessa Santacruz
    Vanessa Santacruz

    Do you know if you put on a bunch of masks on it’s bad for your skin

  • Victoria Edelaar
    Victoria Edelaar

    am i te only one who heard ben say: "a ver" in 9:15 ?

  • Little BIT Stupid
    Little BIT Stupid

    8:35 when you dad tells you to use the ruler but you say it’s not needed because theres a line you trace


    my tea is ofended theres no tea tch

  • Avaro

    turn on captions... its amazing

  • Saee Ajri
    Saee Ajri

    Ben.. From where do u peel it? Top or bottom Also ben.. Peels it from the sides

  • XxMidnight._ _.ShriekxX
    XxMidnight._ _.ShriekxX

    This was posted 15 days before my bday last year

  • 1-800-TRASH-ELVES

    What I learned- we aren’t frogs

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    gamer boy1901

    My day cant start without a simply nail logical video

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    Abigayle Layne

    She should make a Holo face mask Peley bag

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    - L e m o n J u i c e -

    i- this is reccomended to me after I bought one

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    Mathilda Wallin

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    eilis evans

    "My british accent does offend British people. " yeah shes right lol. Everytime she does it it annoys me

    • moose

      That's fantastic but no one gives a fuck