Gingerbread HOUSE TOUR (BF vs GF)
I don't think my holo gingerbread house is edible ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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♥ Baby cookies: (there IS A BABY ON THE BOX)
Compost cookie recipe from the Milk Bar:
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    For the 293751 comments asking, Merry goddamn Cristmas, here's the deleted toy review video, on my reject channel:

    • Veniece Chan
      Veniece Chan

      I love how you’re so annoyed and I can hear you saying that in your voice lmaoooo

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      Tara Stanković


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      Karens a Dog

      merry fucking christmas

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      Aksa Regi

      I am comment 101

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      Galaxy Girl

      Holo there

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    My favorite line.. what do you mean yet?!?!

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    Sidney Wang


  • Sidney Wang
    Sidney Wang

    From 3:50 to 4:00 there is so much love going on I'm there house hold

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    Allyssa Knack

    I love making gingerbread houses and then eating them 🤣🤣

  • Migle Douvia
    Migle Douvia

    Holoween is coming up🤭🍂🕷🕸🎃

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    Momiji Ashido


  • It’s Henka You Psycho
    It’s Henka You Psycho

    If Cristine and Ben ever broke up yes I WOULD cry because they actually seem like human beings with emotions and original thoughts and they’re just so goddamn good for each other. They both have such unique personalities that bounce off each other really well and quite frankly are a representation of what I would like to have someday.

  • Erin Yell
    Erin Yell


  • Kxtîę Çhxvēż
    Kxtîę Çhxvēż

    I can’t imagine Ben proposing or Cristine in a wedding dress but I want them to get married

    • Kelsey

      They don't want to get married

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    You should do a hide n seek vid!

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    Eva Lewerenz

    I know I‘m the 62825252846th Person to ask that, but seriously, where can I get myself a Ben?

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    Zoe Dawson

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    Charlotte Eldred

    Ben’s humor is so underrated

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    Ellie Edmonds

    Wow then Ben now had about 167,000 good child hood memories

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    onion fetus

    Ben is the new gordon ramsey.

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    Loda Watson

    when is cristine ever gonna marry ben like u culd be Mrs.banana

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    Sonia Martinez-Arias

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    Gayatri krishnan

    Mom and dad is flirting

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    Madysen DiTrani-Schowalter

    Out of all the comment sections i have been in, The Holosexuals have the best vibe 🙌

  • Harshita Maddi
    Harshita Maddi

    I think the reason people get invested in other's relationships is cause it's like watching a romantic movie and hoping for a guy or girl to do those things for you and to feel that love. Like when i see Cristine and Ben it's warms my heart as to how they are so nice. And Ben is so sweet. Like when I look at both of them i want to feel that doest hand with a person. It's like you liking seeing love.

  • Misha Quinrey
    Misha Quinrey

    Try the cool make go glam nail salon

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    Emma Riley

    I followed you teatorial and oh my gosh it was delicious!!

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    Aubrie Lynn

    I love how disappointed she was when Ben wasn’t dancing with her 😂😂

  • Abby India
    Abby India

    Ben: Tries to make a childhood memory Cristine: Let's light it on fire!!!

  • strawberryMxlk

    Cristine: why are these called baby crackers?? Ben: what? Why would they be called baby crackers?? Me: wait.. I thought they where called baby crackers.. maybe it’s the baby on the box..

  • Spoopy Boom Boom
    Spoopy Boom Boom

    Is it just me or was i the only one who died laughing when Ben "sniffed" crushes candy cane when he has the title of "dad"

  • potatopouf

    i like house tours cause i like to see the interior design and the architecture of the house

  • Julia Zielinska
    Julia Zielinska

    Ben is like harry potter he had not a good memory from his childhood

  • Fun With Priya
    Fun With Priya

    3:53 here i gotcha this is when they kiss/lick

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    Rebecca Beggs

    I LOVED simply teatotial

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    •hannah ayonoadu

    Thinking where gonna see them kiss for the first time on camera Simply happens

  • Marianna Dawson
    Marianna Dawson

    You can use almond milk for lattes!! I'm lactose intolerant and have been since birth. I hate my life but I didnt know it would froth like regular milk

  • Gracie Stevens
    Gracie Stevens


  • sunnyside_ ꧂
    sunnyside_ ꧂

    Everyone just agreeing that Christine and Ben are absolutely perfect together, I love it

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    Becky James

    why did i find when she said oh shush unbelievable funny 😂

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    Cristine: you pay your land transition taxes? Me: she knows those words?! 😂😂

  • unicorns 292
    unicorns 292

    4:05 in 2020 it should be Simply's holo Taco nail polish line *do it to the beat it makes sense Or u could have We are all bored and we are stuck inside *repeat the beat So we watch simply slowly die😅 Ok in no way was this Sirius it is only a joke hope I did not offend any1

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    Juliana Carmalene

    I want your videos to be longer like 30 minutes you make me laugh when I'm sad ❤️😔😭

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    taylor aha

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    Raina Rose

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    M Kidd

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  • Kenzie Backstrom
    Kenzie Backstrom

    Is corn syrup a Canadian thing. I am from America and i bake a loy and have never used it.

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    Anyone else watching in 2020??

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    Isabella Barajas

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    Twinkle,s chanel

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  • sudha rani
    sudha rani

    Is no one gonna tall about cristine's coming out joke at 5:10🤣😂😂🤣 P.S : Also I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings just take it as a joke.😄

  • That one art girl in class
    That one art girl in class

    lol i know this was like three years ago but this was premeard exsactly on my birthday

  • iAurq

    13:07 Ben sounds like the Kool-aid man

  • Vasundara Sourirajan
    Vasundara Sourirajan

    Please don't sing my ears hurting . No offense

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    maddie bear

    this video makes me miss christmas

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    Ruby Neal

    jeez ben has so many good childhood memories

  • Isidora Delgado
    Isidora Delgado

    One year and a half later I'm still waiting the mini tours

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    yael P

    2:56 Ben: *pretends to sniff the crushed up candy cane* Zyler and menchie going into the kitchen and sitting there like: 👁👄👁

  • Dani

    Tbh the Holo House is better than the Hype House (In my opinion )

  • Laure Coenraad
    Laure Coenraad

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    Claire Knollenberg

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  • Abby M
    Abby M

    Now Beyyynn has 165k good childhood memories

  • a simply fan
    a simply fan

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    maria oseguera


  • Sophie Bateman
    Sophie Bateman

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    Jocelyn Lowe

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    Yaz Başarslan

    Ben should have a channel of his own where he ACTUALLY posts

  • Nuray Vekarr
    Nuray Vekarr

    I've called G-Wagons Gucci wagons since I watched this video.

  • Super Power Piggy
    Super Power Piggy

    What happened to the mini tours????

  • ŁińdšeŸ Māgöø
    ŁińdšeŸ Māgöø

    Of course Ben didn’t have a good childhood, all his monkeys got copyrighted and he couldn’t use there names anymore

  • Namiraah Shaikh
    Namiraah Shaikh

    The reason Cristine won't give us a house tour is because then she will have to clean the house And as we all know she is one lazy woman So y'all just leave the thoughts P. S. We're still waiting for those mini tours 🧐🧐

  • Zoe Pressel
    Zoe Pressel

    And beat that shit for a minute

  • Adalyn Young
    Adalyn Young

    Simply Nailogical : “are you that invested that you’d like cry over it” Me remembering when I thought cole and Lili broke up : YeS I WoUlD cHrIsTiNe I’m NoT mEnTaLy StAbLe

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    Elly Lundquist

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    Ally TikTok

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    Jess Watson

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    Mary Lovell

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    Rosie Parish

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  • Big ._. Brain
    Big ._. Brain

    13:07 the kol aid man has entered the chat

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    Frankie Bowles

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  • Animations and Roblox
    Animations and Roblox

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    Felicia Wang

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    Ella Bender

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    Gabrielle Angelina Kangdra

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    Sofie Zandlová

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    Helga G. Pataki

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