Painting my Nails on Disneyland Rides (don't drop the bottle)
~*~I'll grow up when we get to Tomorrowland!~*~
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  • Heathers garden
    Heathers garden

    aha remember when we could go in public? *kill me*

  • Fuchsia Pasta
    Fuchsia Pasta

    Does Cristine know most parents consider it inappropriate to swear around children?

  • Space Time
    Space Time

    The table is used to spin the tea 🍵 cup

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack


  • Tavisha M
    Tavisha M

    2:37 are they twins??

  • Tavisha M
    Tavisha M

    0:58 THATS YOU????

  • Ezra Hernandez
    Ezra Hernandez

    Menchi is the best princess

  • Plain Cake
    Plain Cake

    Did anybody else hear what sounded like "Olivia" at 5:12???

  • Kyleigh Tan
    Kyleigh Tan

    This reminds me of when you could actually go to theme parks.😭

  • [insert creative Name]
    [insert creative Name]

    Mad at Disney but literally

  • Ada Productions
    Ada Productions

    Jens like: *I just want to enjoy Disney World in peace😪*

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy

    Ah, life before covid. So pure. So simple. So nice.

  • sweetiemay

    seeing all these people at disney before quarantine feels illegal

  • Catherine Roberts
    Catherine Roberts

    Ben giving off strong dad vibes

  • Yifan Zhang
    Yifan Zhang

    The world is so small, three sets of LV-home’s together

  • Aimee G.
    Aimee G.

    I was kinda hoping she’d try doing her nails on space mountain or splash mountain lol

  • Sara Takkoush
    Sara Takkoush

    Why am i jussst now finding out that safiya and tyler were with them at disneyland!

  • Ellary Hileman
    Ellary Hileman

    i watched this a few years ago because I lOvE DiSnEy, it was the first time i watched one of her videos, now here i am watching it again on my quarantine simply binge 😂

  • Anniston seltzer
    Anniston seltzer

    There is now all kinds of holo ears

  • CityKatter

    In treing me hardes!

  • Abby Marquez
    Abby Marquez

    Cristine I’m begging you please release the “what do you think?” Shirts again! I want one so badly!

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith

    I work the Astro orbitor(aka the rocket ride) and know the cast member that checked your seatbelt😂😂

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown

    Am I the only one who hates Disneyland?

  • Rubi Serna
    Rubi Serna

    Do a Coronavirus inspired nail art 🦠

  • Alisocks

    I'm surprised Disney hasn't come after you for posting a video with their music

  • Kirby Cat
    Kirby Cat

    I never went to Disney Land before and it looks so fun!❤

  • Pigdog lion
    Pigdog lion

    I just realized I have the same pants a simply lol

  • Icymaion .Icybella 2.
    Icymaion .Icybella 2.

    * Christine cusses at Disneyland* Me: o-o how do they Allow this????

  • LeviosA Slime
    LeviosA Slime

    How do you say it? Disneyland Disney world

  • PiinkBvnny

    I've never even been Lmao

  • Lucy Isaacs
    Lucy Isaacs

    Seeing beeeeyyyynnnnn wear a goofy hat made my day

  • Maja Kiara Spolnicka
    Maja Kiara Spolnicka

    All the 5 year olds hearing Cristine 👁👄👁

  • Hamster Love25
    Hamster Love25

    Imagine being a six year old on a dumbo ride and seeing a grown 30 yr old woman in front of you painting her nails holo and screaming while someone is filming her.

  • Hamster Love25
    Hamster Love25

    “Too many ppl here” That’s why u need a human sock dress. To go into ur sock and vanish from existence. You can zone out from the world and all it’s ppl

  • Olivia Denaker
    Olivia Denaker

    Omg I’m watching this during the pandemic and wow look at the people we can’t do that now

  • alexis austin
    alexis austin

    rip to the ride operators

  • gremlins are my vibe
    gremlins are my vibe

    Love how she cusses around children... great job mom 😂😂😂

  • Rhea Booth
    Rhea Booth

    Christine, just enjoy disneyland. You don't need to make content

  • sam legaspi
    sam legaspi

    It feels like everyone hated cristine

  • Simona Manasik
    Simona Manasik

    2:41 u meet Safiya Nygaard? Wow🤩😍🥰💞

  • Alpha Sugar
    Alpha Sugar

    Cristine, cussing in front of children since 2019.

  • Aesthetic Freak
    Aesthetic Freak

    Anybody else notice the guy in the back at 7:55....

  • Spöökïë wOmAn
    Spöökïë wOmAn

    cRiStInE?! DOING NAILS?!

  • Charmaine Williams
    Charmaine Williams

    Lol watching this in 2020 *cringes when she put the dotting tool in her mouth* 😅

  • Seneca Patchen
    Seneca Patchen

    ben said "im too old for this shit" while still wearing that hat

  • FuzzballZee

    We have the same Minnie ears!

  • Joci Witt
    Joci Witt

    Watching this with my 6 year old sister at 12:14 AM central time and my sister goes “ah yeah there’s children”. And the bad words!! My sis covered her ears. And beyn you know how to work the pole don’t you? Tyler it’s practice for later on also y’all are the parents of the group

    • Joci Witt
      Joci Witt

      Omg thread banger!!!!!

  • Stephanie Wilk
    Stephanie Wilk

    Next time you go to Disneyland try to paint your nails on the Incredibles roller coaster I’d like to see that it’s the most fastest ride in Disneyland

  • sunlit raven
    sunlit raven

    you wanna know my favourite bit? she brought her sister with her on every ride showing she really does care and i think this video was just an excuse for quality time with freinds and family.

  • Shadow Swirl
    Shadow Swirl

    I couldn’t even recognize Corinne from thread banger holy shit with sunglasses and blond hair I thought she was just some random bitch

  • Lucifer The Morning Star
    Lucifer The Morning Star

    When I was younger my mom convinced me if I swore that they would kick me out of the parks so I literally just didn’t 😔 and watching this made me realize that that was bullshit because if Cristine can scream “motherfucker!!” Then I can quietly whisper “shit” when I have silent panic attacks on tower of terror

  • Ruby Aurora
    Ruby Aurora

    Is when Tyler proposes?

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson

    the ist girl on the ride was like, " this B messing up my flow"

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    She didn’t do that bad actually

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens

    This was a cool idea this would be impossible for me

  • Eclipse Fall
    Eclipse Fall

    I knew when she said “what do you think?” I just joined along “what do you think? WHAT DO YOU THINK?!”

  • Lily Keith
    Lily Keith

    This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this video but I’ve been to Disneyland since the first time I saw it and all I’m wondering is HOW DID SHE GET GLASS THROUGH THR DISNEY SECURITY THEY TOOK MY STARBUCKS

  • Grace Croft
    Grace Croft

    She's kind of a genius. You can focus on painting your nails while in line

  • Elle Drew
    Elle Drew

    “Just like Minnie Mouse, bitch!” Says Cristine on a kid’s ride surrounded by kids 😂😂

  • Liv R
    Liv R

    Christine “I went a little out of the lines” Me”can’t even paint a freakin nail when I’m sitting down

  • Amy Rose 153
    Amy Rose 153

    Your nails look like when I try nail art 😭

  • Desiré Schlögel
    Desiré Schlögel

    next vid: _PAINTING MY NAILS IN THE MIDDLE OF WW3!_ * gone holosexual *

  • tweetthang96

    How did I miss this video?!

  • Charlie Cat
    Charlie Cat

    Why I this a thing?!

  • Jade Reaper
    Jade Reaper

    Still manages to get her nails neater than mine ever are

  • onion fetus
    onion fetus

    her nail art when shes literally in a tea cup is better then my nail art will ever be on solid ground.

  • onion fetus
    onion fetus

    So far i've had to like every comment I have seen in this comment section Im not suprised

  • onion fetus
    onion fetus

    Cristine on the teacup ride: "this is not safe for children!" Also Cristine: "omg what the fuck this is not safe for children!"

  • Lori Bowen
    Lori Bowen

    Its clear you are one of the people who would go for rides and not even care about the experience

  • SailorFuruba

    okay so how did no one recognize you lol

  • salamisis

    Safia is like:whatttt

  • sunflower edits
    sunflower edits

    Im 8

    • flamingo? ?
      flamingo? ?

      @Rose Graves what no

    • Rose Graves
      Rose Graves


  • Nicole D.
    Nicole D.

    How come cristine does her nails better on roller coasters than I can do mine not on roller coasters? 😂😭

  • Kayllie Gonzalez
    Kayllie Gonzalez

    *Painting my nails in a escape room*

  • Francine Ortega
    Francine Ortega

    Watching this gave me a headache☹️🤣

  • Grace King
    Grace King

    Where are all the hard core rides? lol

  • Lucia López
    Lucia López

    I would have done that even if i wasn’t on a ride


    People watching in 2020: Cris:*coughs on tea cups* 2020 people:6 FEET

  • Wolfhowl 144
    Wolfhowl 144

    One of the only videos that Cristine has a camera group and it is not just beeeeennnnn.

  • Maddy Weasley
    Maddy Weasley

    *finishes nails* *WhAt DO Ya THiNk intesifys*

  • Mermaid Angel
    Mermaid Angel

    This challenge don’t get demonetized 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lena Lombardo
    Lena Lombardo


  • eve

    Omg imagine if that was the seat I sat in on the bum or ride I hope 🤞 x

  • Tea and Coffee beans gacha
    Tea and Coffee beans gacha

    You should go to Disney world and paint your nails on roller coasters I’d watch it 😂

  • reading squid
    reading squid

    if the currency was changed into holo and nail polish then Cristine would be the richest person alive.

  • Kenzie Hany
    Kenzie Hany

    Wow Cristine do be having a whole filming crew😂😂

  • Kenzie Hany
    Kenzie Hany

    Who misses Disneyland rn 😂😂

  • Miss Makeup lover
    Miss Makeup lover

    I like how Cristine is nervous with everyone around at Disney, but she’s fine with being weird on camera with 7 million subscribers

  • UhOh Stinky
    UhOh Stinky

    Tyler filming Safiya while Safiya films Cristine, filming Safiya and Tyler is just... MINDFUCK OF THE YEAR

  • Confused Person
    Confused Person

    Cristine stop swearing there are children 😂😂

  • Toxic The failed science experiment
    Toxic The failed science experiment

    At 7:13 it’s rob

  • Toxic The failed science experiment
    Toxic The failed science experiment

    Me stuck cuz corona : the weird will never die also I want to goooooo

  • Ramon Time
    Ramon Time

    Is it just me or when cristine was talking the two ladies in the backround and one of them look like Trina from victorious

  • Kat Kaya
    Kat Kaya

    9:06 corona be like

  • Austin Creations
    Austin Creations


  • Vickie

    Cristine: "just like that b*tch!" Me: uhh I don't think it's good to swear on a kids ride 😂

  • Kiwi-Rin

    When she said: im i gonna be allowed on here again? I remembered about the time we litteraly were banned from is kids park in my country. Good ol timez

  • Olivia Shaw
    Olivia Shaw

    Isn’t Disney Land in Paris and Disney world America

    • Kendall Seward
      Kendall Seward

      No, There is 2 Disney's in America Disney world and Disney Land Disney world is in Florida And Disney Land is in California.

  • koko connell
    koko connell

    I'm not lying but people past way at DisneyWorld/land


    The teacup section was simply...hilarious. You really got me there.