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  • Madeline Bishop
    Madeline Bishop

    I love this so much how have I never seen this it's her best video

  • Sofia Zarlenga
    Sofia Zarlenga

    Everytime i see this video i can only think of "I DONT WANNA PLAY ALONE ANYMOOOOORE:

  • Katarina Bush
    Katarina Bush

    Watching in 2021 and all I can think is: “Cristine is before her time. A queen.” 🤣

  • Abby

    I feel like Bobby Duke and Cristine have the same energy.

  • Chesiree Desousa
    Chesiree Desousa

    i love her lip today!!!!!

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood

    Cristine just letting you know JENNA KNOWS WHO YOU ARE AND WOULD PROBABLY DO A COLAB WIT YOU IF YOU DMED HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiriya Lowell
    Kiriya Lowell

    ...I need that. I need it.

  • All about Us !!
    All about Us !!

    I love how Cristine bought a 700+ dollar mannequin then just painted it green

  • Yo

    Ok but like Ben wasn’t really felling awkward while assembling the body.... touching.... the body.

  • Grace Oney
    Grace Oney

    This is even more relevant right now

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    why does simply look like the bLuE EyEd gIrL?

  • madkatt333

    But like... Please collab with iDubzz after Covid.

  • Wasted Worgen
    Wasted Worgen

    This hits different during quarantine

  • Soni Aye
    Soni Aye

    Lol LOOOOOOOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!!!! Saffiyas was AMAZING!!!!

  • Philippa P
    Philippa P

    Iduubz appearance made me laugh so hard 😂😂

  • Some Body
    Some Body

    How was this not made during quarantine 😂 so ahead of your time, Cristine! ♥️

  • Rosie Manthey
    Rosie Manthey

    Please bring the Zyler and Menchie Christmas Sweater back!!! I never got one in time

  • Lara Steen
    Lara Steen

    Holotaco prototype spotted, I think 😅

  • bloodline_ butera
    bloodline_ butera

    *The title*

  • jintie

    So this hits different in 2020

  • Alanna Tanner
    Alanna Tanner

    this is the dumbist thing ive ever watched O.O. thanks you made my day

  • pretty B
    pretty B

    Safiya was the best 😂😂😂

  • GamerGirlsRule1771

    Don’t have any friends? ItS NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe!

  • Grandpear Aponiuk
    Grandpear Aponiuk

    I’m also in Canada

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    3:43 I would have NEVER been prepared enough for that...

  • wow

    i would love for christine to do a voiceovwr of menchie like how cory does for flyyn😂😂😂

  • UrsaGaming

    Omg she legit predicted 2020

  • Nightsgrow

    I love that the ears aren’t green screened so all the people facing the camera have super bright ears sticking out

  • Antara Naskar
    Antara Naskar

    the one with Safiya was the ultimate thing this vid needed😂😂😂

  • xxcotton_ heartxx
    xxcotton_ heartxx

    "Have you ever dressed someone before" "No,just you" "BEEEN"

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    Nobody: Cristine: Finds every editing comment and likes it Me: Scrolls so far down that I notice Cristine liked every editing comment

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Cristine = Awesome

  • crafty emo
    crafty emo

    I am 8ne whitby canada

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    9:09 *Safiya's whole face just turns into huge lips"

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    Running out of family members nails to paint? It's not a problem anymore! Just ask your fans to come to canada

  • Sydney Stipe
    Sydney Stipe

    1:53 Could someone please tell me where I could find one of those kinds of friendships?

  • Essence Glenn
    Essence Glenn

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Christine: oh I forgot- *laughs* I got a foot up my ass- *laughs some more Me: *laughs with her* Also me: *sad because my comment has no likes*

  • Soumeya Ningoo
    Soumeya Ningoo

    can you pls subscribe to my channel "Aparna ningoo" ? plsssss

  • Jessica Mattes
    Jessica Mattes

    I cringed so hard when she started "filing" the mannequins nails. The sound was ABSURD

  • Nidhi S.
    Nidhi S.

    No wonder I didn't have adds on this video

  • Jayla Fluff
    Jayla Fluff

    I love that shes using a tissue box as a paint pallet lol.

  • Gymnast_Forever 0925
    Gymnast_Forever 0925

    1 like = 1 vote that Ben should be Cristine’s boss. 🗳😆😆😆

  • Moustafa Attian
    Moustafa Attian

    So good

  • Click For Shii
    Click For Shii

    When I see Lizaaa :')

  • Dmitrijini __
    Dmitrijini __

    Honestly this would work even better in 2020

  • Lily's quarantine
    Lily's quarantine


  • Tatiana G
    Tatiana G

    my brain is still processing this

  • OrreMIDI

    Collaborating during COVID be like

  • Danielle King
    Danielle King

    ohhhh lord Cristine, whatever you do -- do *NOT* leave Ben alone with your new "friend" LOL

  • Deaco Malfoyy
    Deaco Malfoyy


  • Mikko Cruz
    Mikko Cruz

    Alternative title: cristine plays with dolls

  • Shannon Balogh
    Shannon Balogh

    I just had a nightmare and the book ghosts everywhere I'm scared I'm still scared I'm here in Canada 3:44 in the morning

  • Ailish O'Connor
    Ailish O'Connor

    this was so funny i loved the Safiya part 😂

  • Alisha Mastakar
    Alisha Mastakar

    Woah I just realized she’s using her holo taco nail file in this

  • Delwar sarker
    Delwar sarker

    She should've put a wig on her then she would've actually been A " person"

  • Kelly Biddulph
    Kelly Biddulph

    Best video made by anyone. 100%. Reeeaaaallllly good. Well done cristine with no h.😅😅😅😅😂😂

  • Yeliz G
    Yeliz G

    She was ahead of her time. Social distancing like this

  • Gay ass Datthijn
    Gay ass Datthijn

    For people who watched tua (the umbrella academy) the doll at the beginning: FIVE!? five: DELORES!?

  • 「sorrowfulsoul」

    cristine has lost her mind

  • 「sorrowfulsoul」

    the fact that cristine was just actually talking to a mannequin for hours

  • shurly jahan
    shurly jahan

    iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe!

  • Harriet Campbell
    Harriet Campbell

    You realise she talked to a peice of plastic for over an hour

  • Anika King
    Anika King

    Dr. Spencer Reid watching this video: actually most serial killers don't chop up their victims.....(more facts and stuff that I am not smart enough to comprehend)

  • Snake Eyes
    Snake Eyes

    cristine: this is how we do a spinal tap *que greys anatomy theme song*

  • Kayla Hendrix
    Kayla Hendrix

    Ben: “I wish you had some real naked friends to bring over” Me, naked eating a burrito bowl in bed: 👋🏿

  • azulasdirtyservant

    Quaratine day 64:

  • Benjamin Nieves
    Benjamin Nieves

    Me during quarantine

  • CityKatter

    "My friend is from IKEA!"

  • Tabitha Robertson
    Tabitha Robertson

    Did any one else see the holo taco nail file

  • Peacock Butterfly
    Peacock Butterfly

    Don’t have friends iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

  • ruby french
    ruby french

    1simmply should have a tv show 2 anyone watching this in 2020 3 like if u agreeeeee

  • Hannah Docking
    Hannah Docking

    I've always wondered where that random green faced mannequin in her house came from! It made a feature in her haircut and style video and I was like "WHERE THE HELL DID SHE GET THAT"

  • Hey, It's Syrup V3
    Hey, It's Syrup V3

    everyone in quarantine be like:

  • livin with maddy thum
    livin with maddy thum

    When the greys anatomy theme song came on I screamed I love that show

  • Vasundhra

    All the LV-homers out there, they got 1 job... *I got 2* *NO GIRL!!! YOU HAVE 4 DAMN JOBS!!!* 😂😂✌️✌️💙💜❤️💛♥️💚

  • Vasundhra

    Why is Nobody talking about how she got that the blue hoodie won't work because of the green *even before editing the video!!!* 😵😵😵😵

  • salty rainbow
    salty rainbow

    Oh cristine. You seem lonely.

  • Samriddhi Nepal
    Samriddhi Nepal

    When I cancel my plans to stay at home:

  • Vanya Singh
    Vanya Singh

    She talking to nothing

  • Ella D
    Ella D

    Damn this should be how youtubers collab In 2020 lol, just zoom and edit it onto a green screen lol

  • Sydney

    Lol was she using holo taco’s glass nail file on the mannequin’s nails in the beginning

  • SuhiSophie

    I loveeee how Creative Cristene is

  • SuhiSophie

    *iTs nOt a PrObLeM aNyMoRe*

  • Sara Lieben
    Sara Lieben

    I forgot how weird how this video is

  • Julia Goldstein
    Julia Goldstein

    people in 2020 quarantine be like wtf I should have thought of this

  • amirah limalia
    amirah limalia

    I loved her talking to herself 😂😂💛😂😂

  • Chloe Marwya
    Chloe Marwya

    8:45 made me laugh so harf

  • Jason Reyes
    Jason Reyes

    *(awkward situation rises) Cristine: “.... I’m on Google Preferred”*

  • Sxunshinestxrs _gacha
    Sxunshinestxrs _gacha

    I just love how every video Menchi licks the bed 😂

  • Adam Al-Husseiny
    Adam Al-Husseiny

    Let's just apreciate that all this madness came from Suzie using fake fingers to paint nails.

  • Nadia

    F Jenna Marbles

  • dead inside
    dead inside

    the grey's anatomy theme song got me 💀

  • vivian echo
    vivian echo

    is anyone else concerned by the fact that the mannequin came with perfectly blended eyeshadow?

  • mxxnlight

    1:10 The literal interpretation of the phrase "I'll shove my foot up your ass"

  • Savage Slytherin
    Savage Slytherin

    Greys anatomy theme: starts playing Me: has a dance party even after the song stops playing


    Look at all the Holo taco nailpolish

  • Finn Patton
    Finn Patton

    Waiiiitttt is that the holo taco glass nail file before it was released or am o getting my time wrong

  • Holy Moly Ravioli
    Holy Moly Ravioli

    The first 4 minutes of this video are actually comedy gold

  • Deborah xx
    Deborah xx

    Cristine says she dose not want to get demonised puts it right in front of the camera me😲

  • j3nnyb3anz

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Cristine: Talks to herself via green screen mannnaquim