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How do I delete a LV-home video from my brain
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  • Simply Nailogical
    Simply Nailogical

    🚨 Simply Scholarship Tuition Giveaway 2019/20 Winners Announcement🚨: Can I please get a big CONGRATS to: 1. Meagan, attending the British Columbia Institute of Technology for her BSc in Nursing 2. Kelly, attending the University of Alberta for her Juris Doctor (Law school) 3. Morgann, attending Lakeland College with a major in Business Administration-Accounting Thank you to everyone who entered and more generally for all of your positive support in this giveaway! Without you guys I would not be able to pay other peoples tuition like this, so thank you thank you thank YOU for your ongoing support in everything I do on the internet, even when questionable🙃 I wish everyone watching who's in school a successful year! Keep it up, work hard but stay sane, take on smaller tasks one at a time, try not to procrastinate but do reward yourself in-between goals, value the knowledge you're getting, think forward, and take pride in your achievements, you've got this! 🏫👌 💯

    • The Party Panda
      The Party Panda

      Simply Nailogical 👏 👏 👏

    • Ella Chadwick
      Ella Chadwick

      Wait, the tuition giveaway is a real thing???

    • Mariana Valentina Ochoa
      Mariana Valentina Ochoa

      Le doy like a tu vídeo por las becas y los consejos útiles, pero dislike a tu comentario porque tu video es molesto; mi comentario está en español porque tengo sueño. Ojalá puedas apoyar a más personas

    • Katie Wheeler
      Katie Wheeler

      Loved this randomly found you as I'm training to be a nail technician & I was searching for tutorials but your videos just make me laugh 🧜‍♂️

    • HG - 09FR 712778 Harold M Brathwaite SS
      HG - 09FR 712778 Harold M Brathwaite SS

      Simply dr

  • JerJer B
    JerJer B

    Wengie is 34 years old...

  • Tiegan Shopbell
    Tiegan Shopbell

    2020 anyone

  • caitlyn w
    caitlyn w

    "ive seen a few videos that start like that, but not on youtube" LMAOOO

  • bariatric multi-vitamin
    bariatric multi-vitamin

    I’m in my freshman year of high school and it makes me very sad that when I was younger i watched those kinda of videos a lot.

  • Stargirl 123
    Stargirl 123

    People ask me to help their work all the time, especially in computing, i do it so that when the assesment come around they ask for help and i can say im busy and they have to relearn everything for themeselves

  • X*marvel Wolf*x
    X*marvel Wolf*x

    I’ve never liked jake Paul

  • Sessa722

    I went to school for science, had a great job at a biomedical lab, hated it, and became a truck driver, which pays more and I love it. But I'm happy I went to University and have the knowledge I do. I've actually saved someone's life with my medical knowledge who got into an accident.

  • LIL Duck And Friends
    LIL Duck And Friends

    The Subtle Holo taco brand plug in the back

  • Tiera Daniels
    Tiera Daniels

    i'm not dumb!!! #favyoutuber

  • Kaitlyn Goodrich
    Kaitlyn Goodrich

    I absolutely love Niki and Gabi!!!!!!

  • Lisa Rowalt
    Lisa Rowalt

    Very good Advice! The internet needs more down to earth people like you. I wish I wasn't so distracted by the drama and bs that comes with school. I didn't do well in school and I wish I had tried a little harder. I am paying for it now. Someday I will be financially stable.... Also 32 btw! I know how you feel sister! Thanks again for the laughs.

  • Allyssa Knack
    Allyssa Knack

    Wasn’t that wengie

  • eihwaz359

    The way Brent Rivera presented "designated smart friend" like, WTF DUDE. The goal is to not be a douche AnD dont act like smart ppl dont have friends. We, they, whatever do not get that excited, why? Bcs we know ur an ass who just wants to be lazy! Jeez. Total rant 😂

  • the panda wierdø
    the panda wierdø

    I’m sorry is the thumbnail Wengie 😱

  • OlicityFan1

    Brent Rivera complains about going back to school also him played Chase a bionic who's power was being smart on Lab Rats

  • Zarika Jacobs
    Zarika Jacobs

    Watching these videos have strangely motivated me to take better care of my nails

  • Deva

    ohh god that school hack from Brent abt having a smart friend to minimize school work, IS SO MESSED UP oh godd

  • indigoastronaut

    i was procastinating by watching this video but aft that ending im just gonna go back to it

  • Ari Ayala
    Ari Ayala

    Another thing to note:). Not everyone with a masters degree can find a job easily.

  • Тая Юдаева
    Тая Юдаева

    One of my best friends of like three years ago asked me to copy a very big history assignment that i spend ab two hours the night before and i apologised and said no though she "gladly" offered me chocolate bar but i still said no One of the smartest decisions i made in my life so far

  • * Nebku *
    * Nebku *

    learning thing in middle school through high school is n literally stupid if you don’t want a college path

  • Noa Motto
    Noa Motto

    Ben: I have seen an intro like that but not on LV-home

  • Kaitlan Carter
    Kaitlan Carter

    Jake taught you shit that's what he taught you.

  • A.R. Mezger
    A.R. Mezger

    school is important

  • Some weirdo
    Some weirdo

    Honestly right now i have 0’s in all my classes and i want to end myself every time i open up my school work.

  • Solar

    6:09 'Thumbs up for BTS videos' my kpop ass: wai bts? like the kpop group? wai wat? im jungshook

    • Sarah Dar
      Sarah Dar

      Ikkk ksksksk

  • yorkshiregal

    I loved high school! I hated getting up early! (6:30am for school that starts at 08:40...stupid long commute.)

  • Devika Manoj
    Devika Manoj

    "I've seen a few videos start like this. but not on youtube"💀💀💀💀 I CANT👀👀👀👀😂😂😂😂

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    teal super Celia

    I watched most of these videos already lol

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    Markus person dropped outa high school to make video games.... Now he's a billionaire

  • Xx_Akani_Demxn_xX

    did you know, troom troom is one of five minute crafts 200 CHANNELS?! they also are a really big russian company, and i just learned that last night

  • Melissa Tran
    Melissa Tran

    Can you do a video just harping on the american system vs canada please and thanks

  • Brianna Bailey
    Brianna Bailey

    I have just a quick question, I am homeschooled and I need the answer. What does Fur Trading in Europe and Canada have to do with the American Constitution? My Homeschooling site gave me this lesson and I am very confused to how those events lead to the signing of the Constitution.

  • Ami R
    Ami R


  • Ranobk _36912
    Ranobk _36912

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    Ella Gilbertson

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    Ella Gilbertson

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    Rose Coykendall

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    Meme queen

    Fun fact: my birthday is the same as Brent Rivera and wengie

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    Mia B

    Most of these gurls do Black Friday hauls and one time it showed up in my recommended and I watched it oh boy was it a mistake and I thought to myself isn’t Black Friday to shop for Christmas gifts? According to them No No hate! Just an idea 💡

  • Widget Gerardi
    Widget Gerardi

    I am in jr. High and every day I watch cristine are I dislike school but she keeps having hopes to stay in school during 2020 and covid.

  • Genevieve Hill
    Genevieve Hill

    Why tf did we worry about grades before high school it doesn’t matter!!

  • Genevieve Hill
    Genevieve Hill

    High school so fun! Not like I got burnt out at the age of twelve and now don’t have the ability to store information in my brain for more than a week.

  • Bubble Booker Malcolm
    Bubble Booker Malcolm

    I love how Ben brings the shade but also the thought provoking discussions.

  • Positive Panda
    Positive Panda


  • One Weird Daydreamer
    One Weird Daydreamer

    It is illegal (at least where I live) to record audio or video of other people without their consent.

  • ashlyn miller
    ashlyn miller

    ben: hes done all the coke...caine

  • Ananya Das Sharma
    Ananya Das Sharma

    the dislikes are from the kids who actually sat on their teacher's table

  • Khloe Lynn
    Khloe Lynn

    Me being in school being the only actual kid who enjoys school and like learning

  • Maura Reilly
    Maura Reilly

    Hey, the reasons I don’t like school is bc of bullies, bad teachers, and getting good grades bc that pressure was put on me that I had to be smart since I always got good grades gave me anxiety and maybe even depression. Also I’m a lazy fuck and doesn’t care about the world and just wants to love animals it get on with life and not be stuck learning the same thing in each class over and over again each year 🙃

  • Phoebe Livingston
    Phoebe Livingston

    You guys would be great parents!!!

  • Jodie Wilcox
    Jodie Wilcox

    Yes, I'm way late in watching this video. However. I'd like to commend you two giving financial assistance to three college students. First, you not only encourage education but you are helping them accomplish that dream. Second, it is important to share the message that not all teens are made for traditional college and that's ok. Pursuing what inspires a person, that results in them affording life expenses, is worthy. The trades are perfect examples of careers that are needed and pay well. Lastly, there are still many people that literally cannot afford college. Your scholarships can open doors for those who might never get the chance otherwise. My husband and I put ourselves through college as adults while working, with little kids. Our families didn't have the resources to pay. I wish we would have had such a generous gift, like yours, to help us. Kudos to you!

  • noussa edits
    noussa edits

    I actually follow all those youtubers 😂

  • Charis MW
    Charis MW

    I never cared about being hot in school. My last two years i didn’t have any friends. I just focused on school and work. I wore sweat pants, a ratsnest on my head, and no makeup. 😂 i didn’t do back to school clothing shopping and got just the basics for school supplies. And honestly, i wouldn’t change a thing about those last two years. I would leave campus for lunch because i hated people. Honestly, your life will be SO MUCH easier if you just focus on school and sit in the corner away from people and distractions. I had a hard time with Econ/government and math (still do) so hanging out with those teachers was so helpful because they saw the EXTRA hours i spent doing worksheets that weren’t for a grade and were just to help you. (No one else did that) i worked my butt off on Econ and still didn’t pass, but my teacher passed me because she saw i put everything in it. STOP CARING ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA! Seriously, I’m only 22 and i could’t care less about any of the people i met in high school, even when i was more popular and had friends. It about learning and when they say all that HW and deadlines will help you in your future, they mean it. Sorry for any misspellings, I’m not wearing my glasses. 😬

  • Rotten Lemon
    Rotten Lemon

    Ben: I’ve seen a few videos that start like this but not on LV-home Cristine: BEEENNNN

  • Soozi at Earthmedicine
    Soozi at Earthmedicine

    I got surprised when I saw her nails done Me: Oh her and nails a painted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kayla Sanchez
    Kayla Sanchez

    You should've watched liza kolshy back to school video 🙂 o well I'll Cris and beyyn

  • Kayla Sanchez
    Kayla Sanchez

    Man I'm pretty sad, j was actually looking forward to high school and buying some clothes cus in elementary and middle school we had uniform in hs no so I'm really sad ☹️

  • Carissa Morales
    Carissa Morales

    I never whant to het up I like my dream abut anima which is my hero Academy

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      Carissa Morales

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    Coco V

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    mahnoor ganatra

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  • Kit

    Legit the advert i get is a Niki and Gabi one and the first bit of the actual vid is a snippet of them watching a niki and gabi video XD

  • Thirsty Leaf
    Thirsty Leaf

    My trouble in high school isn't the people there, it's having to deal with the people back home. If you wonder why some nerdy kids like school, maybe that's your answer

  • WinterSister05

    Cristine the internet isn’t willing to say anything honest we need more of Ben being shady and brutally honest lol

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Introvert
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Introvert

    James Charles wants to complain about drama does he

  • Dana B
    Dana B

    5:53 I'm triggered.

  • Hi Lmao
    Hi Lmao

    It pains me that I’m green

  • Giyu Tomioka
    Giyu Tomioka

    I just wake up, eat, pat my hair down ,and go to school. It’s that simple

  • Peachyy Playz
    Peachyy Playz

    i thought airpods were made in 2020

    • Ashlyn C
      Ashlyn C

      Nah they’ve been around for a few years

  • Pavan Mv
    Pavan Mv

    See 123 GO! LV-home channel its like troom troom

  • nature is beautiful, nature is life
    nature is beautiful, nature is life

    My idiot of a brother LOVES Brent Rivera and his friends. Idk if he has a girlfriend, or brother or sister but he probably watches them to. My brother. A 17 year old. Falls for the shit he says. Hes dreamed of being rich all his life but doesn't put any effort into what he does and demands me to do things like make him lunch. Idiots like him put that idea in his head that he can just order people around. He sees them flaunt their money and but or rent or whatever a HELICOPTER to fly around in when someone dates their friends girlfriend for a day. I'm 15. I've known rich youtubers were trouble when I started watching LV-home when I was 8. Its really sad but more annoying to see my brother act like he has all the money, stealing HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS from my parents and spending it in a DAY, attempting to steal my money I have, I have hundreds myself cause I dont use it unless I need to get something, but my parents pay for that, and I never WANT anything so it stays in my room. Hes not gett any tasks done well, and not look up from his phone for more than a minute at a time. He needs to take the trash out, he makes a 20 minute pit stop to walk outside in throw it away. Hes not going to be able to hold a job and hes gonna be loving on the streets asking us for money.

  • messibessi11

    Patiently waiting for this years back to school video

  • Riaan always
    Riaan always

    Hahhahahaha this is so funny !!!!!!

  • KingCK

    Lowkey irritating that I can’t even enter because I’m plan on going to college in the states

  • Eman Fatima
    Eman Fatima

    I'm 12 and I literally hate it when people think all kids are dumb. I get it, kids can be very annoying but not all of them are like that. When I go to talk on amino or instagram, I almost always lie about my age and say I'm 13. Even if it's just one year away, people think 12 year olds are dumb, they don't understand anything, and are completely oblivious to everything. It's just bogus. im gonna be so happy when I turn 13 in January. Then I don't have to lie anymore. Ever since I was little, I myself think that all the kids around me were stupid. They have a different point of view than mine. They speak in broken English and when I correct them they get offended. All they've watched since they were little are cheesy love stories, weird indian dramas, and those low budget animation movies. Sometimes I get really scared for them, because on a school trip, we had gone to the cinema to watch the new infinity war movie, all of them spent their parents money to come to the movie and most of them said they didn't understand anything. They were just watching the pictures and wondering what the hell is going on. Even cousins that are older than me. They love troom troom and want to try the "life hacks" and "pranks" but I'm literally the only one stopping them. I feel bad for my parents and stay quiet during family dinners and such because the noise of my cousins is already enough. I love studying. Not every kid hates studying. Unfortunately that's not the case for most of my classmates. They spend so much time preparing to cheat that they don't even try to study. Gosh, this is a long comment. I apologise for wasting your time, dear reader if you've reached this far. Anyway, thanks for reading my rant. Thank you!

  • Marely Ponce
    Marely Ponce

    Brent Rivera stile Liza Koshys target thing

  • Adrienna Hamblin
    Adrienna Hamblin

    AHEM Exuse me CHRISTEN I would like to sue you for LACK OF HALO I can not believe you christen dose ANYONE remember when this was a channel about oh I dont know NAIL ART Christian the halo queen you know what to do

  • GamerBoiKanoaOwO


  • Amber /Alex
    Amber /Alex

    Okay the Nikkie and Gabi one were I think Gabi had said Theres always got transfers we actually got one of those in my class lol

  • Sky mal
    Sky mal

    Lol school wat school i no know i know online school heheeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Andromeda

    it is so weird to see people acting as if school is such an important serious thing that determines everything (socially i mean, school is important but for other reasons than they think), when it is like.. a few years of your life, that go by far more quickly than you think, before real life starts. i also dont get this obsession with high school movies.

  • Maddie S
    Maddie S

    Isn't Niki or Gaby wearing the necklace that Cristine gives Safiya for her wedding?

  • Anonymous [26490]
    Anonymous [26490]

    Niki and Gabi are 25 so they would have been 20 when they made that video.. I don’t know if many 20 year olds in high school

  • Ida Tarpgaard
    Ida Tarpgaard

    Wengie is actually older than Cristine...

  • Valory Sargeant
    Valory Sargeant

    why does ben look like he wants to cry when she said "im noting having kids" at 17:48. i sometimes think ben wants kids...poor ben.

    • Anonymous [26490]
      Anonymous [26490]

      Ben was like that the entire video. Probably just having a bad day. They’ve talked about their relationship and Ben has never said he wanted kids

  • Lily Elliott
    Lily Elliott

    I was actually pretty popular in high school, dated a lot of boys, had a lot of friends, my friends that I hung out with did bully other people but I didnt. I know this sounds bad but they never betrayed me. I'm not friends with them now but I follow them on Instagram. Anyway I'm actually a lawyer now making a lot of money so the popular girl *did* become successful.

  • i_forgot_my_lunch

    At first social it was a beauty pageant and school wise it was a test but then c 19 made it more like the hunger games

  • Jenna Bee
    Jenna Bee

    Even to this day, I still crack up every once in a while when BEYYYYYNNNNNNN takes me off guard. Even though I’ve probably seen this video multiple times. 😆

  • Emily Hagood
    Emily Hagood

    Also what did Ben play in jazz band

  • Emily Hagood
    Emily Hagood

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  • Justcallme lex
    Justcallme lex

    Brents vids are mostly to be funny in case no one has watched his vids they are more comedy based

  • amphrixia

    now i feel like the only person that’s literally obsessed with learning life without learning for me would be absolutely terrible and boring

  • Liv Thomas
    Liv Thomas

    gabi demartino looks like a high school bully

  • Ally Estabon
    Ally Estabon

    I wish we could actually go back to school. Cuz like being home sucks. My friends are stuck with abusive parents, and were around our family members who’ve sexually assaulted us before. No ones gonna see this comment but overall staying at home is different for everyone but for me. All my anxiety, panic disorders, eating disorders, and depression are coming out again

  • Unicorn Zahra
    Unicorn Zahra

    Its hilarious to see christen make fun of wengi cause I use to watch her

  • Huda Younus
    Huda Younus

    U and nerdEcrafter r the Only LV-homers that care about education

  • Mona Mona
    Mona Mona

    I bet most people actually want to go back this year if you’re allowed. 🦠

  • •Clear Ocean•
    •Clear Ocean•

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    The Local Gay Boy

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