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  • Tyisha Lovell
    Tyisha Lovell

    Remote learning is getting weird

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      Simply a stan

      It really is

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      nah , just Rem

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    • Random person
      Random person


  • maddi notfound
    maddi notfound

    i lovecristines vids cuz i’m colorblind

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    *• Im Aqsa •*

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    Jeb _

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    Uncle Ben

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    Anime Paws

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    Alex Smith

    Here's how Matt can still win!

  • OhWhale

    That cheese puff nail polish honestly looks disgusting. It’s like if I painted my nails and then Immediately ate a bunch of Cheeto puffs.

  • Kyra Walter
    Kyra Walter

    When Cristine pretended to be spider man I almost died😂🕷️🕸️👨

  • Raquel Greep
    Raquel Greep


  • Corey

    I love how JEYYYYN was tired of your shit 2 minutes in, true sibling love

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    Gracie Coop

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    Matt was my favorite. "Can I.. EAT cat food?" LMAO

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    This is the best video I have ever seen. Peak comedy

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    Charis MW

    Bens brother is so cute! If he is still single i don’t know how!!

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    niamh rattigan

    Mom wanted the kids to do something together,the eldest was embarrassed for a while,the middle one was high,and the youngest didnt know what he was doing

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    Ann Ferguson

    More game show content please!

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    i wish i could watch this for the first time again, it was so funny

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    brianna uwu

    i love matt sm

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    KittyCat 11

    I just love your intro

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    Serena Stanger

    U should make food scented and flavoured holo nail polish

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    I just realised my new nail polish the brand is sinful color its this Rosie gold color

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    Copyright Abubu

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    This is the funniest video to exist

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    Marlee The Cloud

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    Nikou#4208 discord

    I feel bad for Christine bc her contestants are so sarcastic 😭😭😭 and annoyed

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    Martina Debelak

    I Don't like Jen sorry not a fan

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    Emily Hessey

    I love all of their humour

  • Emily Hessey
    Emily Hessey

    Is this the point where I tell them that they should ave restrict their vids because I went to school and asked the teacher when they will stop talking and I got expelled 😂

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    Marah Alhijji

    they should’ve invited simplydadlogical, no not ben

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    Anybody else noticed Ben always mouthing what Cristine's saying 😂

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    Aleena Ali

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    nah , just Rem

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    Ashley's Stars

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    Wow in this Jen does not look 12

  • Nate Abahazi
    Nate Abahazi

    I just wanna say that the reason they assumed a food for menchie the cat is because of a psychology principle called priming! They were primed to guess a food

  • sasha Lili
    sasha Lili

    "can we smell things now?" - ben

  • Emilea Aitken
    Emilea Aitken

    Beyyyn is so funny and wholesome. Boyfriend goals honestly

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    Gymnast_Forever 0925

    On my calculation, Ben got last, then Jen, and Matt won.

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    :.Kyoko.: :.Tsukishima.GL.:

    13:10 Ben : Cristine :

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    catlover 3456

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    Jenna Dale

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    Ella Rzepecki

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    Maddi Horsburgh

    Matt: “can I eat cat food?” 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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    This has a “mom on Christmas morning trying some new brunch tradition while her kids just keep playing along hoping they’ll EVENTUALLY open presents” vibes

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    trevor bell

    She has 5

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    Louisa Jenness

    I’m not really into nail polish, but I love simply’s videos! 😂

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    Shahida J. Nur

    By far my most favorite video from Simply ever

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    Cristine if you’re ever super lonely and want to hang out with another introvert stranger I have loads of tea, nail polish (even holo) and sailor moon stuff 🌙 😂

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    Saiya Taylor

    Did anyone notice at 3:48 Matt and Ben laughing sounds the same 😂

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    kitten z

    I just realised after my 9th time watching this that my favorite nail polishes I have are from the same brand as those (sinful colors)

  • kate


  • kate


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    Researcher Elliot

    The taco looked nasty

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    xXHello I’m.A.CrocodileXx

    What app do you use to edit? I’m just wonder because i make a ton of small videos for my family and it’s fun but one app it’s not cutting it right now. Do you have any recommendations?😂😁💩

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    Lynie Brown

    Matt x Jen = Ship - Don’t ya think?

  • StormBurnX

    not gonna lie I actually think that cookies & cream one is hella clever? the cheese puff one looks like it'd be hell after a few days of wear tho

  • Mynxiish

    This was so hilarious!!! Those polishes looked ugly though ngl

  • Sin Lauren
    Sin Lauren

    Beyn’s brudda is dreamy. Tell him I’m a 26 year old independent dancer. I have a house, a dog named, Blue... and a fetish for nerdy guys.

  • Aurora Charleston
    Aurora Charleston

    Imagine if jen and Matt get married

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    Kassandra Furtado

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    Kassandra Furtado

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    sapphira21345 AJ

    Ben: Can I get something to cleanse my palette? Cris: Sure.

  • sapphira21345 AJ
    sapphira21345 AJ

    Matt and BEYYYYN have very similar laughs and there’s one clip that freaked me out cause I thought you just duplicated BEYYYYN’s laugh and put it in over it.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff


  • Diane Michelle
    Diane Michelle

    Band career: In May 2000, she returned in Eurovision Song Contest in the song as I Love You, 100% in her sexy ginger.

  • Ana Rosa Reyes
    Ana Rosa Reyes

    Matt is great! It was very funny

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    The Amazing

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    Noemi Pulido

    Beyyyynnnnn cant last a whole min without laughing 😂😂

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    Kyle Burnett

    Love how you had to clarify it was fingertips and not any other sort of tip. 😂😂😂😂

  • Dont worry About it
    Dont worry About it

    Y would they make a nail polish that makes ur nails smell like cheese puffs?? That’s so annoying 😂😂

  • andrew wong
    andrew wong

    Im confused why this isn't sponsored by Best Fiends

  • Jojo Games :D
    Jojo Games :D

    Matt and Jen were actually tied for 1st and Ben was in last place before the false tie breaker round xD Matt got Cookies and Creme before anyone else got any points

  • ZombieGoddessxi

    Since Cristine has Holo Taco are Ben’s nails always going to painted now?

  • ZombieGoddessxi

    Those polishes look like an example of the different varieties of vomit. 🤢

  • _ Rainy Day Productions _
    _ Rainy Day Productions _

    why did i relate so much to her talking and just: 🖐👋✋👇👊👍👎✌👉

  • Willow _Song
    Willow _Song

    I feel like Matt should have gotten the point for the cake for the donut round cuz donuts are pretty much like fried cake in some regards (cake donuts).

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